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MORGAN-11 - A R T S Jiffy It In .10 chart of (only) to The...
A R T S Jiffy It In .10 chart of (only) to The Fresno i t e plainlv ' s C o l u m n 5 my mother t h r o u g h last us both. willing me to slay with t h a t when I get in love w i t h n a engagement me w i t h ingratitude he impossible would treat jiear marriage and for in w i l l i n g matter, girl is a good off w i t h a man hnme and o n ; having to loil to e dread of woman's heart she lost of her Loretla Young Wi7/ Return To Films With Role' In Lady From Cheyenne x By Louelic O. Parsons (International 't?ws Service) CLEVELAND, Nov. 28.--Honeymooning l.orotin Young and Ton- Lewis slipped back into Hollywood so quietly a week ago t h their best friends haven't seen them. The reason for dodging the whirl is (hat Loreita has been closing a deal lo star in Frank Lady From Cheyenne, her first picture in many months. Lnretta particularly happy because Tom Lewis has arranged bis eastern affairs so he can remain with her while the picture is being Lady From Cheyenne is a politi-| ' ~ ~~" cal c-omeriy set In ihe days of (he|London and rite's recording a early stiff rase ties and is based on the true story of t h e enter prising femme who got the state of Wyoming; Wyoming; to ratify women's votes. However, However, it won't be a western so far as Loretta is concerned, because her role is l h a t of a Philadelphia debutante who moves in on Wyoming Wyoming politics. Not only will Frank Lloyd produce t h e yarn, ho will personally personally direct, and. of course, it is for Universal release. Jane Wyatt, who is in Jesse Lasky's show. Quiet Pleas**, in Nov. York, is flying hack to the. coast ant created a stir a few years ago when she played w i t h Ronald Colman Colman in Lost Hoiizon. Then she married and re! i red for n rot: of. years only i n crop up unexpectedly unexpectedly a few m o n t h s HKO with Chester Morris in The Girl Fron - CiOri's Country for Republic. The stage reviewers thought her verj pood when (he Lasky play had its deb'it in Los Angeles. So 7 «uesp Jane's case proves t h a t a girl's best friend is a good show on Broadway. Broadway. Henry Fonda, of t h e Grapes Of Wrath Fondas, lakes Ty Power's place in The Great American Broadcast. Broadcast. Hank, starring in a musical isn't as f u n n y as you might t h i n k I f you remember, he cut: q u i t e i. caper playing a hot. trumpet, when he, Nancy Kelly, Tyrone Power am: J i m m y Stewart went down fo Texas not so long ago for the British wr relief stfo-v in Houston. I n fact Hank was the life of iho p a r t y nnd the Texans were crazy about him He used to do college musicals too. Tyrone goes i n t o Blood And Sand right, away and will not be free to do Twentieth's radio musical -- hence t h e switch. I n t e r e s t i n g to radio fans is t h a t Ihe Oxford frio make its debut in The Great American American Broadcast, and also those splendid, splendid, comedians from the Folies Bergere, Bergere, the three Wiere brothers. A Line Or Two: Now I know I have heard everything: U lias a story that would fit W. C. Fields and Jawn Bnrrymore. Never though! the screen's two great profiles would be cost a r possibilities. Virginia Virginia Field gets t h e second femme lead in Columbia's A Girl's Best Friend Is Wall Street with Fran- cbot. Tone and .loan B e n n e t t . One of my favorite comedians, Bill Dem arest, has written n novel tilled you she wreck has don yo parent n t o anywaj and mother u t y by their up marriage as f u n n y as Bill--it should be a besl seller. All sorts of nice reports about Michele Morgan, RKO's foreign foreign import, who was personalIj previewed for I h c press nt a cock tail parly. The consensus is thai while Michele is not as beautiful as her countrywoman, Danielle Dar rieux, she lias extraordinary charm and a lovely speaking voice. Also Ihe Hollywood reporters nre stir prised at how well she manages English, which she studied abroar before coming here. William Die- terlc's much discussed article in a national magazine, Plas Hollywoor Lost Its Intelligence, will be answered to he srnt to it viit short wave Christmas Day; their friends sa the Olivia ih» J l i i v i l l a Meredith n i g h t clubbing isn't serious as it might appear from their every night dales. Olivia Ls terribly anxious to do a stage and Burgess has been p u t t onto the ropes: M i l t o n keeping it a secret t h a t he's aver heels about Mary Beth Hughes; i h c John Considine (it will be their i h i r d * is some time around New Year's Hugh Herbert has been handed five year straight con tract wi Sherwood d i n i n g at Giro's Nina Orla, the South American iress; WPS Kuggles bought a horse In Argentina and is having shipped back to Santa A n i t mid rx-nhiim, B r i t i s h is in Hollywood to do the script Merle Oberon's next. 1 Have Here Before, which Julicn Duvivici will direct; t h e Hollywood Club has formed a committee, headed by Hoy Rogers, t o discuss to erect a life size .statue o£ Mix in Hollywood; have Wayners d e f i n i t e l y suspended for refusing lo do Knock Out? Maybe they'll change t h e i r when I hey see him In Pnrn's T Wanted Whigs, for 1 hear he a swell perfnrmnncr. Common "Brown Sugar Is Found To Be Rich In Growth Vitamins PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 28.--W- Ordinary brown sugar is a rich source of growth vitamins, especially especially two of the latest to be dis covered, v i t a m i n s B-C How he lias been feeding his children brown sugar at meals since experiment in his laboratory, ·eperiod to the American Philosophical Philosophical Society by W i l l i a m professor of botary, Columbia University. University. Dr. Robbins was experiment t with tomato nlanls at the New York: Botanical Gardens. He cm oft a bit of root, placed if. in mixed with pure while sugar, some salts. Jt grew, but none well. When brown sugnr wns subsliUtt eri for t h e . while, t h e grew luxuriantly, sometimes nearly an inch in t w e n t y four in t i m e to lengths of several ThfM'fMipnn Dr. R n h h i n i long spries of experiments, parlly financed by the Philosophical Si ciety, lo discover what. Fubsianc in brown sugar accounted for tl rapid growth. He found, firsl, v i t a m i n substance whose f u n c t i o known o t h e r t h a n t causes skin (rouble in a n i m interferes with growth. He foun also v i t a m i n H or Mo Liu, one of t h e new "B vitamins," is known by animal experiments be necessary for growth. He found a .little, hut only little oC the ordinary v i t a which is another growth essentia

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  1. The Fresno Bee The Republican,
  2. 28 Nov 1940, Thu,
  3. Page 19

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