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MORGAN-6 - Navy Re/eases Anchors Aweigh As Tiile; Kelly,...
Navy Re/eases Anchors Aweigh As Tiile; Kelly, Judy Garland Get Top Roles By Louella O. Parsons , (International Netvs Service) HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 23.--Well, the title Anchors Aweigh finally been cleared by M.-G.-M.. but not without the navy mulling n long time over permitting its official and rousing song title to adorn There is hardly a man, woman or child who is not on whistling with Anchors Aweigh, so It is a pri/e title for the nautical musical that will have Judy Garland and Gene Kelly in the top spots. Gene went to town as a team in Me And My Gal, which should a star of the Kelly boy. . As for Jud;; Jud;; the navy certainly will not object to her being the gal gobs all fall for, in the movie, of course. U n t i l her health suffered she was one of the most popular .visitors at navy base camps. If J were a fortune teller, I would say « ; little Garland girl is coming der a favorable star again after aad year. First, she was ill and 'then rumors broke out like a rash that all was not well with her marriage marriage to Musician Dave Rose. But all that seems in the past now. TJate yesterday George Brent was inducted into the coast guard at Long'Beach. George now dons the uniform of a seaman, lie has been leaching young aviators to fly at Oxnard but because o£ a sacroilliac condition which had him in Mira- loma Hospital for a week, he asked to be transferred to the coast'guard. [He underwent an operation a few years ago but apparently .sitting in the plane all day brought a return return of his condition. The first person George told of his decision was Ann Sheridan, from whom he .\vas separated a few weeks ago. Personally J think George deserves a lot of credit, for he did not allow himself to be disqualified, but joined another branch of the service where he can serve his country. The current Broadway hit. The Eve Of St. Mark,. Maxwell Anderson's Anderson's new play, is being sought by ever?' movie company. The price has soared to 5300,000 and it looks as if Warners has the inside track. However, because of. an Authors League regulation, the play cannot he considered until it has run a specified time on Broadway. Maxwell Maxwell Anderson's What Price Glory, .a World War No. 1 epic, brought no such fancy figure, although it was a tremendous h i t . - But nothing '. boosts a price as, quickly as when « ; boys start bidding, and t h a t is at they have been doing ever ce The Eve Of St. Mark opened '·with excellent criticisms. The new Penny Singleton-Robert Sparks baby, born in Quantico, where her father is stationed, soon will have her first glimpse of Hollywood. Hollywood. Penny will return lo appear appear with Arthur Lake in Blondie Buys A Horse. These pictures are so popular Columbia - has paged Penny to return and assigned Frank Straypr io take over the producer in Robert Sparks' piece. The second second Buinstcad.child, Cookie, makes her first appearance in this picture. She was horn, you will remember, in ihe comic strip about a year ago and since that time the fans, who artore these movies, have insisted ·Cookie be added to Dagwooa s iam- : In a quiet, unobtrusive way : .Brian 'Donleavy is just as good a business .man as he is a two fisted aclor. .In addition to hoisting his salary ' u p to.$5,000 a week he owns and operates a paying gold mine and has his finger in several other business business ventures. He also is a connoisseur connoisseur of movie stories and has ,iust bought the rights io Charles Bennett's magazine- yarn. War In His Pocket, t h e story, of the ad- ·ventures of an American newsrcel cameraman trapped in Europe when the Nazis took over. Brian is talking talking to several top directors, usually is the other way around, about megaphoning his story. . And when he signs he will produce and star in the opus--and eventually count all the cash receipts, no doubt. There's lots of talk about Raimu's j^ew French picture. The Man Who ^·|ek.s The Truth, Remember Rai- ^iu was in The Baker's Wife, which received glowing notices both in !Ne\v York and here? Paramount is trying to buy the rights to the film with the idea of coaxing David Se.znick to lend it Ingrid Bergman to star in the remake. Alex Esway. Esway. who directed the movie, is in Hollywood. I do not know how it would get by the American censors, censors, since It is t h e story of a prominent banker who spies on his girl friend and is completely un- · happy over the revelation. . Bridegroom Bill Marshall is going to give the Toxans a treat. He's taking the bride, Michele Morgan, v with him deep in the heart of you "know where on location with Aerial ; Gunner. Michele hasn't a t h i n g to do with the Pine-Thomas movie, but she is planning to make a few bond selling jaunts near or around the gunnery school there. "I don't want to get too far away from "Bill," said Michele, "although I hear Texas Js a big place." She ' hears It is. Michele should know -HOUSEHOLD ARTS- Easily Embroidered By Alice Broolcs 7286 Picture making is f u n ; this one of t h e old mill wheel rich colors. It's a lovely decoration for any room and the stitches are all simple to do. Here's a Iove! gift suggestion. Pattern 7236 contains contains a t r a n s f e r pattern of 15x19 inches, i l l u s t r a t i o stitches, materials needed, chart. To obtain this pattern send 11 cents (in coin only) to The Fresno Bee, Household Arts Department, Fresno. Write plainly name, address and pattern number. WEST PARK Mr. and Mrs. H. Collett spent the weekend in San Francisco. Mr. a n d Mrs. W. Mitchell son of Coalinga, and Miss t. chell of Seattle, visited in the of Mrs. L. Erickson. about the child who started across Texas on a scooter and was heeled out an old man in a wheelchair! James Kirkwood, Jr., son of Ula Lee and the late Jimmy Kirkwood, also is in the Aerial Gunner cast. He's done well, this lad, over since he was spotted as a doorman at Grauman's. Snapshots of Hollywood collected at random: Edmond Colliding is very sick in the Good Samaritan Hospital; Merrill Pye, Eleanor Powell's former heartbeat, is dating Eunice Mussrove. here for a try the movies; Jean Parker and her estranged husband, Douglas Dawson, Dawson, as lovey dovcy as you please at. the Mocamho; Lois Andrews Jessel has moved her mother and into a nine room Beverly Hills mansion she just bought; William Saroyan was as welcome as the flowers- in May when he visited M.-G.-M. yesterday; Champion Joe Louis was John Garf.ield's guest at the Hollywood Canteen; if you want to know how to garden ask Tyrone Power. In the absence of gardner he has been doing his own. We will all be wi t h him conditions keep up; George Meta.xa nnd Barbara Evans a dinner twosome; twosome; Joan Bennett wrote her first fan letter 1o Wendell Willkie asking asking him for an autographed photograph; photograph; Mary Martin is trying to coax Buddy De Sylva to star her in some of the J e a n e t f e silent movies--Love Parade, Vagabond Vagabond King, etc.; Inez Cooper yiv- ng her smiles to H u n t i n g 'ord III at the Biltmore Bowl; Charlie Foy has gained fifteen pounds since he joined the army and looks wonderful. Private Alex Valencia Juan, Camp San Luis Obispo, says: "Be tough. Be calm and make t laps for the Japanese. Buy londs!" 2

Clipped from
  1. The Fresno Bee The Republican,
  2. 23 Oct 1942, Fri,
  3. Page 11

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