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fur il'-Z. De- De- aua- aua- 1 at umore- u- u- re rel on 2500 and ts , re court-martial ar for aco. In of ret ar to re by and ! la This Case It TTill Co a tedal for tie Largest ITcaber. i ::-s ::-s ::-s v.- v.- - t; . .: ..; ": Tne Mayer aad lln Farrar Get Up I m CoaapeUtleK for irma.tmrea .'';- .'';- ? te tn Tai PeUUsaa; T c ' ' :' : ' : - .v; .. -. -. I Mayor" Flower and Mr. E H- H- arrnr gathered themaelvea r' unto one - another yesterday . aiternoon : and perforc ;'- ;'- die-, die-, die-, cussed th sewerage petition and schemes for Its rapid signing up. And while they were yet warm - In speculation. Tommv Nolan, the city hall ghost, of the- the- Plcv ayune, '- '- broke . In and got close to' the warmth. The mayor bade him draw Closer and ' absorb, ; which" .Tomtny did,' with more or less grace, style, or r-actanc. r-actanc. r-actanc. Said' th mayor tunto him: - lom, we want to get' this tag petition petition to n focus; by focus 1 mean an observation observation of names duly ; ana regularly signed, so- so- that we can call an election ana aetermine- aetermine- thi thing. - idee are in oruer; it you can auggst anthing -to -to cause a big awakeninv. trot it out." - "VveU," aald Tom, "excuse me .lor sug- sug- inuui mjimnf eiaoorate out ox ine JFeence ot my confrere, Coleman, but, f 1 am In order and Mr. Farrar does nor ring In the law on me, 1 -would -would propose getting op a contest, on ot those friendly friendly contests. If agreeable, 1 will come la and trot a heat with you. : Trot out the laea,, suggested - Mr. Farrar. Trot it out and never mind the law on the heat." . "Well, then," said Tommy, 'reaching for one ot the mayor's choice cigars, ana borrowing a light from Secretary Jack Waterman, "suppose Mr. , Farrar and yourself make It a medal to be awarded by yon to the man bringing In the greatest- greatest- greatest- number of signatures. I believe tnU contest business . will Induce Just the kind of energy to bring quick action. "Capital!" exclaimed the mayor. "All right, said Mr. Farrar. T'But," said Tommy, after a thoughtful1 thoughtful1 think, "It strikes me, Mr. Farrar. yourself and Mr. Dreyfoxta have taken a lead of upwards of 20 each, but 'we will consider that that makes no frsppe, and I go oat forthwith, and negotiate with Secretary Ed Manning (or the necessary-blanks necessary-blanks necessary-blanks necessary-blanks and proxies." Good at that,,r said Mr. Farrar.; aad wlce as good, said the mayor. "My train moves now." aald Tommy. and as he ventured to depart the mayor called out that he could publish the competitive medaL ' - .- .- ah rignt." came the reply, "you can put it down that Tommy will have a list in the Picayune office counting-room, counting-room, counting-room, and mere win oe sundry others in circulation, circulation, and remember yoo are up against tae reportosta) staff of the Picayune; watch out for names." Whereupon Tommy dlllaently nroceed- nroceed- to Secretary Manning's office, got his blanks and sallied into the assessor's office. "Whatl" said Assessor Gsnche. "Rtm npl Well, I have signed for myself,, but there are three others I can aim for and here they are. "Howl" said President Skinner; of course, here's mine." "Which I" said Davexae and the others In chorus, "Just chase the list slong." And so the bezlnnine wss made in the assessor's office. Then Tbmmy went thronah the Pic ayune office, from the top to botto-n botto-n botto-n floor, and incidentally a few names were gntbered outside. Such Is the berinn'n or tne contest, it ooe not imply 1 vuij in, iuKur( ir. f inufi mir. Ar fous and Tommy are to be considers : conteatanta, but that all who are gared In soliciting elrnaturee are pn t sam footing and the biggest list wins. Don't trifle with that cold. Srrenathen your system by driving out of

Clipped from
  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 08 Mar 1899, Wed,
  3. Page 7

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