Eric A. Hegg (1867-1948)

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Eric A. Hegg (1867-1948) - BOOK REVIEWS Nor Rapids Nor Mountains Nor...
BOOK REVIEWS Nor Rapids Nor Mountains Nor Brothels Stayed Him ONE M A N 'S GOLD into Jeff's Place, the saloon Down the Yukon we go Africa, a s e r was portions RUSH. A Klondike Album.. By Murray Morgan. Photographs by E. A. Hegg. Univ e r s i t y of Washington Press, $10.95. Eric A. Hegg was lo the A l a s k a Gold Rush of the l a t e 1890s what Matthew Brady was to the Civil War. Tp paraphrase the slogan of t h e Post O f f i c e Department, n e i t h e r rapids n o r m o u n t a i n s n o r bawdyhouses could stay the swift appointment of hi s photographic rounds. To take a good picture he would shoot the r a p i d s of the Yukon when that r i v e r was in spring thaw. Mountains were no b a r r ie r to Hegg and his sled loaded with photographer's equipment. W h e n the Alaskan gold fever infected W a s h i n g ton's Bellingham Bay, the young photographer Hegg, a Swede by way of Wisconsin, joined the stampede in 1897 -- objective, not gold but pictures. "Bank clerks, whistle p u n k s , cooks and bull c o o k s , attorneys, pimps, f i s h e r m e n , merchants, ministers, the more prescient of t h e box-girls f r o m the Skid Road" in S e a t t l e joined the rush north. * * * * E. A. HE G O ' S camera noted h i s t o r y as it was made from scratch. When a town sprang up where before t h e r e was nothing, Hegg was there to record it. The t o w n was Skagway, which "looked orderly but . . .was little better than a hell on earth . . . about the r o u g h e s t place in the world." The camera conducts us and gaming joint that was the headquarters for Jefferson (Soapy) Smith and his gang. Smith, "deceptively s o f t-spoken Georgian . . . could say of Skagway, 'I'm boss of the m e r r y-go- round.' " He had been a con m a n and racketeer in the R o c k i e s . Hegg shows us Soapy after he was killed in a Shootout with city engi- n e e r Reid, and Reid himself, on his deathbed. Murray Morgan's text is as lively as Hegg's pictures. "The b a c k y a r d at Jeff's Place," he w r i t e s , "gave birth to a rare Alaskan euphemism . . . S o a p y kept an eagle chained to a perch in the courtyard. Since the area served as a urinal, the d e c o r led those going out b a c k to say they were 'going to look at the eagle.' If Soapy's men had agreed that a customer was so im- m u n e to ordinary temptations that direct action was r e q u i r e d, his visit to the courtyard offered t h e opportunity for sandbagging. In time ' s e e i n g the eagle' c a m e to mean being slugged and rolled." * * * * T H E PICTURES are all memorable. A stampeder, dog-tired, lies dead to the world, s p r a w l e d out in slumber on White Pass. The narrow trail causes a huge traffic j a m w h i l e starving horses nip from bales being hauled in for fodder. Men, dogs and sleds plod through a snowstorm on t h e summit, a picture both beautiful and terrifying. with Hegg and to Dawson at the mouth of the Klondike. "A sawboard metropolis where no town should be," w r o t e the correspondent of the London Chronicle. We s e e the prospectors at work, digging and pan-. ning, and i n s i d e cabins, w h e r e they often"slept atop riches in cabins the poorest at home migh( s c o r n," sharing their n e r s of a slab of bread chopped from a frozen lo_af. and gnawed by candlelight;. · And I leave it to you, I h e r e ever a book finer flavor of Gold Rush? . MATINEES TODAY AT THE: TOWNE STATE OPEN AT NOON ,. PACIFIC ;| THEATRES Dhncv'i "SNOW WHITE T H T 7 DWARFS" I -- * r *LL SEATS m sno« "' "* E! mt »·-"-!' 3 vd.J! 6lh ilntl.HL t,)l07 OPEN S P.M.. STARTS 4:30 ALL COLOR ACTIONL "CHUKA" 'Welcome to Hardlimes" Occn Noon, Slants U:» ENDS TONIGHT' FRANK SINATRA--COLOR ' "NAKED RUNNER" "FIRST TO FIGHT" LONG BEACH TOWNE Atlinti. San Ai GA!-)?21 lie and i intofli* J ·mi \ OPEN NOW, STARTS 12:30 JOHN WAYNE-KIRK DOUGLAS "WAR WAGON" Color

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