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amerikansky 2 - Aa. pineaa; where the supplies are scarce the...
Aa. pineaa; where the supplies are scarce the people live in blissful ignorance. In cities like Vladivostok and Khar- Khar- barovsk, in Siberia, and Harbin. In Manchuria- Manchuria- Manchuria- food is plentiful but !xpens!ve. Amonsr those who work aW have money there is little suffering, but a great deal of filth.;. The refugees and tlie loafers kre the miserable ones, and In is often difficult for an Amerlkansky . to separata separata the two. . All Russians look alike, except the educated and rich, and their status Is not a problem. Ko itno teems to be able to dlstingulxh betwuen a refugee, refugee, a loafer, and a hard-working, hard-working, hard-working, poor peasant,, because they are dressed the same, ami they are equally unclean. This, was one of the first problems confronting confronting 'the Americans.' Coming here irith the avowed purpose of hjilping the RubbIim people, and Wlnr o ' many thousands who apparently needed help, they found it difficult to separate the needy from the grafters. Thetr f lrt effort effort waa to offer work to Uie able-bodied able-bodied able-bodied men and women, and to assist those who worked, but now thi problem Is to find work, for those who want It. Vladivostok and Harbin have several large Industries, but" the American In the former city have been Informed by the city officials that the factories will have to shut down this Winter because of a lack of money to finance them. If the factory wheels stop, the Allies, and particularly the Americans, f will be faced by a vei-y vei-y vei-y critical Industrial situation' situation' and a relief problem with which they will not be able, to cope. ; Already both the Red Cross and the T. ,M. C. A. have been asked to finance several factories. factories. . It has been explained tht by so doing the people will have employment and the articles which they: produce when marketed will be a source of Income Income to whatever, organlxatlon; assumes the business responsibility , of the concern, concern, but neither of these organisations Is in a position to do this work; and the problem ha been handed to the United States War Industries Board tor final consideration. This is an example of the kind of economic aid which the United States may be able to render tha Russian people, but in its wake are all kinds of complications. If the United States Government goes into the business business of financing Russian Industries for the purpose of providing, work for the people, why' should It not do It in the States? That question will certainly be asked by the laboring people. And, on the other hand.' If the Crdted States Is unable to do this some other nstlon may be In a position to step in and do something which America obviously should do. Another method of solving this economic economic problem. ; which has been suggested suggested to the rrdted States. ;s for sn American banking institution ' to open an office here to look after our own commercial enterprises and 1p render assistance to noedy factories through loans secured by factory equipment and materials on hand. In Vlhdivostok, Harbin, and Khabarovsk there are no American banking- banking- Institutions. The sfi'-f sfi'-f sfi'-f banks are Russian and Japanese and-most and-most of the money for the former has been supplied by French banks. Recently an Knglish .bank opened a branch in Vladivostok, , but, aside from tlds one branch. I know of no other in Eastern Siberia.' , . Financially, of course, Siberia has no standing. Neither the United States nor the Allies at this writing have recognised recognised the present Omsk Government. The money in circulation is mere paper, the price of which fluctuates with the demands In various parts f the country for money. A ruble, which was formerly formerly worth about 50 cents, can be bought for between 0 and 11 cents. No coins are In circulation ahd the paper currency Is that of the old Russian Government and of the Kerenslcy Government. Government. In a - few cities Bolshevist money Ik . accepted. The scarcity - o. money has caused the banks and Individuals Individuals to . place bonds on the market as currency, and the coupons ' pass also for their face value as change. Large sums of American paper money are in circulation, and in the cities there Is a regular traffic in American bills. While the Y. M. C. A. is attempting to take care of the needs of the soldiers soldiers and exchange their American money for Russian bills. It. 1. Impossible Impossible for this organlxatlon to do all the business, and In the streets of Vladivostok Vladivostok are Rumanians, Russians, Greeks. Americans, Armenian, and Japanese soliciting American bills Trum soldiers at a rote of exchange which nets them a good profit. One American soldier, not to be outdone by the money sharks, exchanged a roll of cigarette coupons at the office of a money exchanger and got more money for his cigarette coupons coupons than he would have for. dollar bills. He was a wealthy soldier until the street banker discovered his mistake mistake and demanded reparation at American American headquarters. - Neither the Japanese soldier, nor the business man, nor the Nipponese Government Government Is troubled by these financial questions. The army Is paid by a ape-clal ape-clal ape-clal currency printed in Japanese and Russian. Japanese commercial organisations organisations are co-operating co-operating co-operating with each other and financing their enterprises with a common fund. While some may be aided by the Japanese Government, the representatives of. the largest concerns assert that they are " absolutely, independent independent " of the Government. . While this is the situation In Eastern Siberia, it is not In Manchuria, At present the Chinese Government Is borrowing borrowing about 17.000.(XX) yen a month In Japan, and. inasmuch as the present Central Chinese Government receives only about 2.0U0.OO0 yen a month In revenue from the provinces, . tills borrowed borrowed money Is the chief source of Income Income of the Republic of China, and Manchuria is as much of a Siberian ' war tone " us the Province of Amur. Japanese und Chinese troops are stationed stationed till along the route of the trans-Siberian trans-Siberian trans-Siberian through Manchuria, and. Judging Judging from appearances, there are as many Japanese as Chinese. These things an Amerlkansky sees andj learns today in the Far East. Siberia is a new school of experience through which tha United. States and the Amerlkansky Amerlkansky diplomats and business snen will have to pass before they will be able to steer the, American ahip of state through the political and commercial , waters of the Far East. And school opened the day our troops landed at Vladivostok. ; One of the oVviou possible results of our schooling In Siberia ia going to be this: ' Siberia is a couktry with boundless resources and commercial poMslbllltlea The Russians are hot in a position to Ilscover and develop mines and forests, to bund factories tyid railroads, nor to establish going btuihess inntltuilons. Ruula cannot wHk alone. Since the Allies have landed (troops at Vladivostok Vladivostok none of the allied nations are going to be satisfied with any' plan which permits permits mit one nation to have a monopoly and It ia equally as -certain -certain that it will be difficult for them to agree on how TWO CHRISTMAS POEMS CHRIST :IS BORN. world, late racked with pain T HE through bloody years, Has climbed its weary long -pat -pat bed Calvary. i Where millions died, as Christ, that they might free . Others from wrong, and black oppression's oppression's tears.1 Once more now through the world comes to our ears ' The song of all the ages, " Christ is born." i , . Mute ton rued to notes of Joy have been the betls. And only childhood and old age dared try To sing, so near the threatening bat-, bat-, bat-, tie sky. ' The song that told, though dulled by shrieking shells Whose bursting turned a thousand homes to hells, . The wonder of the ages, Christ is born." ' " ' Our faith In Cod has brought to us the, goal; -- -- ; -i -i -. -. War-weary War-weary War-weary lands have peace on earth sgaln: And in the scarred and fire-purged fire-purged fire-purged hearts of men. Made sweet and strong by suffering of the soul. Through, travail of a world once more made whole, Anew In human hearts the Christ is born. Xear God. the Christmas - songs are fraught with prayer That Thou wilt be with those whose tear still pay That we may have the glory of this day: That mm may live their thanks; that lives may bear ' Eternal witness for Thee, everywhere. Froclalming that in us the Christ la horn. a - LOUISE JT. ELMENDORXt - - they should work together. Japan, quits) naturally, looka upon this territory as) ner particular sphere of influence. Her business men will not be satisfied wWa any American, or allied policy which has for its object the " shutting" in " of Japan. ; On the other hand, Japanese commercial Interests are looking with favor upon co-operating' co-operating' co-operating' with Americas, interests. Whatever America's political policy may be in the Far East and ut Siberia, . the commercial aspect ' of the situation will demand the most careful and cautious consideration. Business la at the basis of politics in the EasU' and the Amerlkansky business men I whs) come out here will have more to do with the practical execution of American policies than, will any other- other- group mt men, unless our' army remaina here far some time after the war. - ' KiVrla in a country with a great burl- burl- ness future, and Axnetikanskies can see this the moment Owy arrive In Tsurug-a Tsurug-a Tsurug-a and. Journey from there to Vladivostok and to the interior of Russia. ; .- .- -.--r -.--r -.--r -.--r -.--r PEACE. : . r"! AT Bethlehem the Star shine brtftl shove the Stable door; i By every road the Wise Mea easae who never came before ; ' -K -K The Kings, with all their Caravan, keasj watch upon the hill. While Jesus sleeps on Mary's breast and all tha guns are strut 5 - . The plunder - of the world is beepe about that manger-bed. manger-bed. manger-bed. Behold ! the gifts the Wise Men brought ' are stained an awful red.' Poor Mary's face is white and draws and Joseph's grim and set.. For older hearts, tho" slow to learn, ait slower to forget! : But lo. the Star at Bethlehem above tha Stable door:, -( -( Shines with a glory In its light thai never shone before ! ?;-;. ?;-;. ?;-;. . The haggard hosts of shattered men out on the battle plain -Have -Have caught the slogan of the skies, and fling it back again, " Peace Peace on Earth f " with shaken hearts, across the world they come. No panoply of Hear is theirs, no flag, no - rolling drum: ; ' ' , ' : But all are cloaked in spotless white- white- the garment of His love S ' And " Teace " ; their bursting thrbata now sing, and ," Peace " the choirs . above! ; ' ''' ' At Bethlehem the Star shine bright above the Stable door, " , By every road the Wise Men come who never came before! The Kings, with ail their Caravan, keen watch upon the hill, V While Jesus sleeps on Mary's breast and all the guns are still ! CKC1US JOXCS KESXAK. t al

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 22 Dec 1918, Sun,
  3. Page 41

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