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3ARRISON IN HOLLYWOOD abin's The Man With Plenty Face By PAUL HARRISON NEA Service Staff Correspondent HOLLYOOD — For any movie customer who has grown a little tired of the symetrical landscaping of stellar faces, the rugged pan of Jean Gabin will be a welcome change—of Cabin scenery. scenery. Sculpturally, Sculpturally, it is of the truly heroic mold like, the Rocky Mountains —but the only screen aero Gabin resembles resembles is Spencer Spencer Tracy. In this coun try, foil owing the releases of such p i c t ures as 'Pepe' Le Mf> ko" and "Grande Illusion," Gabin became generally identified as "the Spencer Tracy of France.' And the fans of that unhappy nation nation refer to M. Tracy as "the Jean Gabin of America." Such a situation would whip up jealous rivalry between two average—and average—and particularly, feminine stars, but Gabin and Tracy are pals. Soon after the Frenchman came here, they spent an evening together. Gabin knew no more than six words of English, and Tracy hadn't ever learned to pronounce pronounce his guest's name. (It's Ga-bann, with the last syllable accented.) accented.) Being actors, they made a game of trying to make each other understood. By the time Gabin went home he could say with fair clarity: "Okay, but make it a short one." BROOKLYN ACCENT You ought to hear him now. In a little more than two months the newcomer has learned to speak Americanese without accent and with few of the inverted phrasings phrasings that many foreigners use. Matter of fact, he sounds amazingly amazingly by Jimmy Cagney. All this has been done in four daily hours-of studying by a low - Who generally-played hookey from school and ran away from it forever at the age of 12. Gabin has revised other early tastes. His father, a cabaret comedian,''always comedian,''always had urged Jean to be an actor actor but the son wanted no part of it. What he most wanted, for awhile, was to be a prizefighter like his brother-in-law. So he fought and worked in a foundry, and presently had to put in his two years of military service. service. Out of that, and unable to find any sort of job, he finally allowed allowed his father to find something for him—a place as a chorus boy in the Folies Bergere. Gabin thus became the most unusual-looking gentleman of the ensemble since Wallace Beery's hoofing days on Broadway. He became a song-and-dance man, soon was doing comedy (which he hated) on the stage and in French pictures. It was through dramatic parts that he got to be a top star in his own country. LIKES HIS GINGER Gabin trotted around with Marlene Marlene Dietrich when he first was brought to Hollywood. His current current attraction, though, is Ginger Rogers. Back in France, he admitted, admitted, friends used to rib him about the blind crush he had developed developed for Ginger, just from seeing seeing some of her pictures. It was several weeks before he met Miss Rogers, and by that time he had learned enough English to ask her for a dtae. They're getting getting along fine. In June, 1939, Gabin had just built a new home 75 miles from Paris and was in the midst of production production of a picture when he received received his mobilization order. "It is easier for me to learn the language," said Gabin, "than to get used to a country where there is peace and plenty to eat." STORIES IN STAMPS lay*« sk* Chile's First Paper Founded by Henriques ROUNDER of Chile's first news* paper in 1813 was Camilo Henriques. Henriques. He cabled it "La Aqrara," which means "The Sunrise," arid' from his pen poured writings which helped flame the forces of rebellion, gain Chilean freedom. The 400th anniversary of the founding of Santiago, Chile, was commemorated in 1941 by a series „ _ tamps -including the issue "above showing Henriques seated with a newspaper in hand. Spain invaded Chile in 1535. The Spanish found the Arauca- nians, chief Indian tribe, harder to subdue than the Incas. Spain did not gain control of the entire country until 1773. Napoleon's invasion of Spain gave Chile its chance for independence. independence. The Spanish governor was forced to resign in 1810. After eight years of struggle, in which Argentina aided the patriots, independence independence was proclaimed in 1818. Henriques, who was priest and author as well as journalist, was forced to flee to Argentina during the revolt. He lived there eight years, returned to Chile in 1822 to found another paper. He died May 16, 1824, at the age of 54. -

Clipped from
  1. The Sandusky Register,
  2. 25 Jul 1941, Fri,
  3. Page 9

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