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Aranha - 1 - WASHINGTON—The arrival of Oswaldo Aranha,...
WASHINGTON—The arrival of Oswaldo Aranha, Foreign Minister of Brazil, in the United States this week, has more significance than the visit of any . tentate in years ullless it be the forthcom- * ing pilgrimage of the King and Queen of Great : Britain. i Aranha served for four years as Bazilian Ambass- j ador in Washington and was one of the most pop- j ular envoys since the days of Jusserand of • France. 1 But that is not why-his visit is significant. from tne German Ambassador, manded of Foreign Minister Aranha that he the men at once. Aranha r« i Nor are conversations regarding trade, foreign.ex- change or credits the reason for 'his visit. These will be discussed; but the real reason goes far deeper. It goes back to the State Department's recent awakening to the alarming extent to which Nazi- Fascist influence has penetrated in South America. It also gets down to the fact that the United States, despite the "Good Neighbor" policy is not at all popular south of the Rio Grande. Complacent Cordell Hull hadn't realized these things until he went to the Lima Conference in De- | cember. There he had his eyes opsned. Also he had ! his eyes opened to the fact that Oswaldo Aranha was , the one outstanding friend of the United States in i the Southern Hemisphere. i This country has oilier Latin American friends, it ' is true, but few of the Aranha type who will stand ! up and fight against any cdds for friendship .with , the United States. . i GERMAN PLOT ! Great fight Aranha has made is to keep Nazi in- j fluence out of Brazil. And with his return to the j USA, a State.,Department secret can be revealed, j namely that Aranha had a lot to do with the recall of the German Ambassador from Washington. In fact, Aranha played a larger part in this than almost, anyone else. Background of this revelation goes back to last summer when the Integralistas, or Brazilian Nazis, staged a revolt. Afterwards it was discovered that funds for the revolt had come from the Deutsches Amerikanisclies Bank in Rio de Janeiro. It had advanced advanced $500,000 for the overthrow of the Brazilian Government. Immediately, the German director of the bank and his two assistants were jailed. This brought a protest p - the men at once. Aranha reminded Ritter that it was Brazilian law which ruled Brazil, not Nazi. Ritter beame so abusive that Aranha almost lost his diplomatic poise and threw him out. Later when Ritter returned to Germany for the j so ^ Nazi Party reunion at Nuremburg. Aranha instruct- I w ed the Brazilian Ambassador in Berlin. J'oe Muniz kin de Aragao. to inform the German Foreign Office that Ritter was not to return. However, Aragao was too timid in his statement: or else the Foreign Office deliberately deliberately misunderstood him. At any rate. Ritter left Hamburg for Rio. Learning this, Aranha peremptorily informed the German Foreign Office that Ritter would not be re-? ceived in Rio. So his ship was stopped off the coast of Portugal and Herr Ritter put ashore at Lisbon, j ' Simultaneously Aranha recalled his own Ambassador from Berlin. WASHINGTON HEADQUARTERS Behind this drastic action was further discovery by the Brazilian Government of Nazi revolutionary attempts attempts in the southern provinces of Santa Catharina is up he j and Rio Grall de do Sul. These Aranha traced direct- I ! ]y to the German Embassy in Washington. All the j evidence pointed to Ambassador Hans Dieckhoff as ! the arch-plotted of revolt in Brazil. Aranha communicated all his" evidence to the j state Department, and it arrived just as the Nazis began their last persecution of the Jews. So Roosevelt, Roosevelt, and Acting Secretary of State Welles 'figured that one way of getting rid of Dieckhoff was to withdraw withdraw the American Ambassador from Berlin, which would serve both as a protest against Jewish perse-, cution and so arouse Hitler that Dieckhoff would be recalled immediately. This was exactly what happened. happened. NOTE—Simultaneously, cables were found signed by Dieckhoff, authorizing payments to Italian wit- nesses'against the United States in the Kingsland, N. J 1 ., munitions explosion in 1916. which German agents were accused of setting off. COWBOY DIPLOMAT Aranha is a product of the Southern Brazil prairies prairies Born of a wealthy rancher, his nickname, is "The Gaucho" (cowboy). Friends accuse him of having been born in the saddle. At any rate, he. spent one whole year in the saddle preparing for the revolution revolution of 1930, which put President Vargas in power. As a result of that campaign he still carries a niece of lead in his shoulder .plus four other bullet wounds. Only 45 years old, into those years Aranha has Philadelphia, the Democrats promised Santa Claus to the poor with the rich man's money." SOUTH AMERICAN ALLIANCES All during his term as Ambassador, Aranha warned ~ •> — u ' .. , , .. „ Tv/r;m-oi-iT squeezed two lifetimes. He has studied at the Mihtaiy College cf Rio de Janeiro, later graduated in law at the University, and even studied at the swank Ecole des Hautes Etudes Sociales in Pans. In Washington, Aranha did what few diplomats take the trouble to do-he learned to know the United United States. He made several-trips' to the Fur West," got to know both Democratic and Republican leaders, addended the 1936 political conventions, where he coined a phrase which since has become famous. -At Cleveland," he said, "the Republicans promised Santa Claus to both the rich and I the State Department that the i — ,c ,0 —^ST-^iS^S U. io Tip Berjui distribute magic wanted to keep the friendship of Latin America, He pointed out that Europe was developing closer political political and economic cooperation with Africa. He urgr- ed closer'trade cooperation on the basis of American manufactured goods and the non-competitive tropical tropical products of Latin America. The State Department listened politely and did almost almost nothing. Of late months, however. Mr, Hull has been jogged into activity. " - And Aranha. the -most 'consistent champion of- the United, States • below -the, Rio

Clipped from
  1. The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune,
  2. 11 Feb 1939, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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