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19500819 The Evening Tribune (Hornell, New York) Tuesday, September 19, 1950 p8 CLIP - s.ivo seven Is:: 1 s::;i .-gain. Fly;hr...
s.ivo seven Is:: 1 s::;i .-gain. Fly;hr .".·'·::; br:h five-hit if to \ in HorneM re Hurnt-H 12 !o Nea; Hi? !5l::sti'-rl tr. from Helic-fer .loh;: Grite* to open F: the seventh inr.ir.s. a circuit clout which proved to be liorr.t-ii's win- ,, nin.s rur. HI- Two-thirds of Hornell's team ...; «·» rookie material.'The only -. non-rookies in the Hornell -/. lineup last ni;ht were Manaeer Alex$on. Shortstop Don Zimmer Zimmer and Onterfielder Dom 3: s :2 3 ,, Wagner, Shaw, .k-u-ids. S-..t-k-Sieve O'Xeii! down *"* · - weather. Stuart. Del.avi-r.inf. Van- "1: \\a Kinder again who saved * , m m 0 | a »«. - |.».», ·' Ornsan. Ker.Ei-r. Palmer. S. I'ieri-ivthe "bii; or.e" attains Detroit in the -Alll»ieriI«IHI t- Lewis. Wasson. VanDusen. W. ninth yesterday, just as he did that JJ Balcer and Harrison day before. On the strength of o The complete H-hedule: Septem- those areat rescues the Red Sox ^ ber 20. Horr.e'l at honiv: Septeiri-.'.vo:: both. 3-2. and today rested in -" : ber 2C Filhnore a" home Sep- 1 second piat-e. a game behind the ;) temiier 2y. Waylaiid at home: Oe-'pai-e-settins Yanks and a half 5 rober 5. Nunda at home: October -er.sth in front of Detroit. -,, 11. at Wayiand: October 17. al S 2:o'":w-D FiUmore: October 20. at Xunds:. . . . . .... ? . . x5 w to---« October 24. a; We!!sviHe 'night-.'' ^l"' : it^. r :^'g''^ f '\K*.^f-; "HR Another "posfibie" same is Oc- X-.=.:. Hser.r.s: B--B«-r:cc- tober I S . at Hornei'. at niaht. ·:. Ka"u*. A.-.dersor.: DP ::: T--.J. LOB --Oioar. '.. Horr.e:: 5: S.'G: SB-- ';c.r"4 r run'j."0art.- Ir s'J-5 ·"»- - 2 n:r. = . W? - F!yt;-.e t; . L ' -- Tr.c v;oiory tame the hard way D : A.'!-.b:-o?-..-.: 'T- -g^ij^-AV.!--22SP. for Fiytiie. althoujth hi? mates *'* i?.\"e hini a five-nothing lead in the third innir.z. Horneli's splash was started when Manager Len Schuite hobbled Flythe's arour.der to start the third frame. Bertocci touched Gas- for a single :o cen-erneWa::c! Fo " :he fi: ' sl t:nle ln eieven '. . Neai walked " to load the bases. Hochester is in the final rounc 01 After Zimmer fanned the breezes. Alexson smashed hi? homer. The per.nan The ; For Am. It was the fifth time IB the last five days thai O'Neill had waved Ihe 36-year old Arkansas Arkansas native to "cone oa ia and stop m." ·I wanted to give him the day off," said Steve. "1 kaew he was tired and 1 told him he could hare the day off." ine Amsterdam K u g m tounh-place nnishers in tne Ca- nadian-American League's regular **tn */1tt I A m t - * « l ^ t h A 1 * · _ . Iii Can-A111 Finals Against Braves . . . . , . " ~ , ^ . ·"· » tk* · schedule, invade the home park of the pennant- tomorrow the circuit's The Rugmakers outsiugaed the second-spot Schenectady Blue Jays to last nieht. 11-7. to end their a j final series. Quebec scored two !Frjink runs in a dramatic ninth-inning.uound Re«l Wings Int. Finals Berth semifinal week of the camoaien Thc Sox had come from behind onta by a 4-1 count. ler of P u v v diagnosis and Goodman's .358 save him a 17-poitu a ' 2 ' 1 c ' ount lo score lwice in t h e Al Amsterdam last night, the oul on P a f lead. n m t h for a 3 ' 2 iead - Blue Jays jumped to a 2-0 lead in ?'*·" Bi.iy laiieci three points last Rookie Wiiiard Nixon, who had l "* first inning on Right Fielder in f Internationa! League playoff?, week, but second-spot George Keil pitched six-hit ball in a duel with Harvey Roop's homer with he pen'nam-winmns Red Wings: of Detroit dropped four to .341. Detroit's doughty Hal Newhouser. Tn ^ Rugmakers came back with ' bv a margin of a pitched three straight balls to lead- four in * h * second, three of them ' n , p ., ~. lty etroifs Hoot Evers off man Joe Ginsberg. That was on * circuit blast by 111 again in 00,, male d-'dr/t «op -here eliminated Jersey City. 7 to 3. last In * hir d P=ac« Don Kanus'sinsled to nighi 10 clinch their bert-of-sev«n-P?|«- »·«* D* ; - n . A n«- riehr and went al! 'he way 10 Third' semifinal series. 4-2. * Ith -W*- Evers fei! six points after all for Mxon. DeAnge.o. when Catcher Carl Anstaeti threw The Montreal Royals, behind- 3 - !reat 22-poim surge the previous "Bring in Kinder." called O'- Schenectady tied u wild to second on Kattus' steal. Turk Lown's three-hit hurling. we £ k - Neiil. ^ third on Left laslllo singled Kattus home. Gates/downed Baltimore. 8 to 1. taking a = Fourth with 333 was Cleveland's Kinny pumped in two strikes:M«ranail« A v,ho relieved Cast after A!ex=on"s 3-2 iead in their semifinal set. The Larry Doby. followed by two Bos-but finally walked Ginsberg. He^d But l homer, then pitched out of troubie, {eams wiu clash again tonight ir/'-^^^ Olean got two b.«m the lo^n Montreal :T p. m. EST.-. with BHl.^^n^ bracketed at ^330: .New hitter Pat Mullm sacrificed but: 3 TM e J ^ a ^ tack '"^ Pr**TM** locals have loading the bases on walks to Bud Kennedy or Karl Drews slated 10:*^TM;^ " a "f * au £- £'\.*?f: anot her s " b swln ^' £ harle v v K ? 1! - Quebec Pitcher Alex Danelishen able scrimmage Dowling and Hank Redmona a n d , pstch for B a!titnore and Cfrde.^^^ TM« Gerrx Pnddy ^ *£ TM£^ Aiex Jneh*hen empha . Yoai Rerra - i f i ' " gl °" nae " out - Oneonta He banapd two rinnhlps sized condition throughout the Legislature. scorin.^TelS'D rn'oiMaggio contin- it ££* t hSr^St"'^^ ^"« ^ « ,^ ,,, J«..KI. i.. J . M _ =r 5 "" . ieaa!n s nittei, singled to start the ,,,,,,, ,,,,,. i^.,.,^^. , u _ , fl .u .-·... Both fast, sinele to Rodems with nobody out.i[^; n g j- or ,j, e K ova ! s Dowling scored when Charley Har-: R oc {, e ster opened mon forced Redmond at second and o u r r ^,. in lh Rodems tallied when Schulte:' in ~j grounded out io Nea!. -iyine ,nen- To To -°l.. Ge " e , Haerm ? OR a - T p , l f Yuhas was the winner, although he Tn» Oilers mane :T ?-3 with an . . . , . .= unearned tally in the fifth. Ander-f ^ ««"· lrom Blil Reeoer when lhe e! § htn - bases with 15. * . te [hree run$ j n c l u d i n g ,, Ted in the ninth Goodman *i|ii 11 1 J sturb 3la11 J SSnfrfS Sd»r. ^t^stop^ ;0on^oilweg paced Rochester's:^er^ecUiized pace-setters re-^J J^ShS? l^lr^^^ Battinff of a sizzling iiner. threw wild to nine-hit attack with a tnree-run.mained unchanged, except that-?,",. TM ^ tephens and *'"»"is. C *mi*c ; first base, allowing Anderson to nomer, in tne nrst inning, and a Boston's Vern Stephens pu^ed even A , ,- New New York - Sept 19 ~ fl -- Onl " T «. take second Anderson scampered triple. with teammate Wait Dropo in u u t c « m * Newnouser and m the severest of slumps could keep JLaSl to third when Gil Shik threw into' A sLx-run splurge in the fif;h : RBI's at 140. Cleveland's \l Ro=en stepped Hal "'""c. White in- Stan Musial from a fourth National ¥ ,, ¥ centerfield on a pickoff attempt.;inning gave Montreal its big edge:belted two more homers for a iead: iead: !f ntl ° nal! - v Passed Stephens to loadXeague batting title. The St. M» srnrcrt as Anstaett arounded ! on Batlimore. Tommy Fine was ins has nf as «-hno F,-^^ ,,.,o' inc ^ses. wait Dropo singled to Cardinal sluaeer. soortinir a neat r He scored as Anstaett grounded ! on Batlimore. Tommy Fine was ing bag of 36. while Evers was out to Zimmer. Haerin? put the Oilers within within striking distance after one was out in the eighth. He smashed a homer over the right field fence, chasing in Manager Schuite who had walked ahead of him. the loser Walt Dropo singled to Cardinal slugger, sporting a neat! score Goodman with the tying run. .352 average, looks like a ; The fli f, d deep to center Mu*ial is 19 points ahead of his fte f and In Border Series The Ottawa Nationals and the at 151 - :tops in triples with 11. i Detroit's Dizzv Trout retained . u - _ i_ *,--,,- . -- -- ,TM...,» «..w_ u «. ·.- ! the piichina lead on a 13-5 record i0 g me Wl!Ilams W l t h '"^closest pursuer-Brooklvn's Jackie Tor .722. Allie Reynolds of ^^^^^t was the .Robinson, the defending champion. onlylThe Dodgers' second baseman is T n Ogdensburg Maples, one-two win- WJth a slim one-run iesci ner;i this year in the Border Fiyihe was still in trouble. After-League, tangle tonight in the op-; Haering's homer he walked And-.ening of the loop's final playoff. erson who promptly stole second; The pennant-winning Nats gain-. and went to third when Shirk ed the top bracket last night by ; threw wild to second. Anstaett;edging the Kingston Ponies. 1-0. worked z free ticket to first and : behind Ed Flanagan's shutout. I* represented the tie-breaking and'gave them a 4-! record for the. potential winning run. Gates .sent semifinal schedule. a iong. looping liner to deep left. The Maples, who lost the penant field and Ralph Cascella made a"~to Ottawa on the last day of the prv] a - 0 ra great running catch to retire the regular season, moved into final Bniioh side. Cas' field slot who is on being banished for the season by' Tonight's opener will be played St. Louis the an ·*"i Fiythe set the Oilers down in, jhe Nationals collected order in the ninth. on -v run j as t night in the first in-;co:ribe moved into a strikeout dead- ^ * ···*- ""^·^*-»* .=*.*.v«ii* uaccman to f - . ., fr iock with Cleveland's Bob Lemon PT m "I 6 Amencan Lea « ue '«-.hitting .333. . : fin _ a ' P 1 ^ 0 "- . t terda - v - There weren't many games The No. 3 batsman is 1 The in the National. Chicago beat veteran Walker Cooper. Big Coop. w i n n f r s - Brookb-n. 9-7. and New York shuffled from club to club in e " at °r. S routed St. LoaU. 13-0. .-"--«. ^.--... ^- --..;-- -.', Bill Freese s Ron Northey's the bases loaded , Ktmu ,, ... pennant . w - inamg lndians to Club Standings recent seasons, is batting .317. NATIONAL LEAGUE in the seventn Sept. 17. ruined Brooklyn and overshadowed Sid the! Yesterday's Result] Nev V/j-v i 3 _ 5- Louis 0 Cr.icaao 9. Brooklvn 7 Only games scheduled. Standings W L P c S . 8i 54 .6: t ^t. !*oui. W L Pct. 7 - $ 9 .507 1: 39 8! .4, Middlecoff Wins Over Ed Oliver St. Louis. Sept. 19--..·?;--It took "sudden death" playoff, but s top 10 batters Kluszewski. Cincinnati.: ,,*,! Sn A d ,* r ' Broolci [ n '^] 2: scella. playing the left play Sundav niehi when thev Brooklyn TBSI .555 chicaeo w w .-126 Middlecoff finallv won in place of Chico Sierra, downed the Watertown Athletics. ' A " o : " k ~ra-MOPittsb-reh 5239.3ss of S2 600 jn , n ^ gt j i a slow boat to Cuba after 11-6. to take thai series. 4-1. Today's Games Golf Tournament ' - nished for the season by' Tonight's opener will be played- St. Louis ai Boston 7:?,o p. .-n -1 -1 j he league president for "bumping in Ogdensburg. The ciubs move to .Brecneen ' V - n . v? Sain · 19-12';. ' \ fr ' in umpire", piayed the position Ottawa tomorrow night for the sec- Hin'tr'^.'To-sV' « nl Roberis a ·'!9-8 ? i" ""--Sui rith poise. ond tilt in the best-of-seven series. Pirtsbur^h at Brocki.vn it! :2:.TO and ; n Brooklyn, and burn. Philadelphia. .307. und.v at he end of * Alexson not onry sparked Horn Horn = n g at Kingston on two hits and ell's ofsensive. but his defensive Uvo Pony error . t Manager Biiiy play around tirst r,a;e settled his Meuig scored the lone tally when young teammates oow n after a he £ca mpered home on an error. : shaky start. He made several »-» "saves"' of errant throws and gen- Cincinnati a; Xcv.- York J2:50 p. m. AMERICAN LEACfE comeback. The series moves .light. If tht over. If the erally was responsible for their Fight Results Providence. R. I.--Rocky Mar_., Mar_., , ? ' '°.~ ciano. 19Cn 2 . Brockton. Mass. Oilers win n 11 be au knocked oul Johnnv shgor 2 20' 4 . S?* 7 orl Dodgers w;n tne l i n a i Boston 6 5e--f) ;: same will be plaved here iomorro-.v »- " _.. _ , ^.^ Cleveland nfcht. A crowd" of 2.299 packed DKN , e ^ ? r ' ean ^°' Grah , aln - *». aeteland the park last night. P f hi! ^elph». knocked out \ an But*** But*** :!er. 160. Trenton, IV 3. 6. ' Xf. Newark. X. J.. out-:-Burden Yesterday's HesulU Boftor. 3. Detroit 2 Or.iy zanne schenuicd. \ v - p - " sn 52.6M war-h'e-o S3-£.;27Ch ;C a«o KSI '^S Pn'siJ^i TM,y- TM,y- 5 o,«,» -iVLPc- W «t .-l «ular Play i In Llne*8 Each' had a 270. ' Ithaca. Sept. 19 -- (fr\-- Coach Yesterday they went into an iti-iL**^" James wants ''more .speed hole playoff to determine the win* and . De Uer timing" in his Cornell :ner. At the end of the 18 holes ^n' v «rsity football team. hmer jn t])e ^each had a 67. necessitating the -'ames said yesterday he was j sudden death" extra holes. appointed with the play of his io*s j Middlecoff. of Ormond Beach.!offensive line in a scrimmage Sat- · Fia.. sand a 20-foot putt for an urday. ; eagle three on No. 20. That was' Jer « Klivansky. Lancaster. Pa. the playoff. junior, is expected to replace in- Lake Placid. Sept. ; Oliver received Si.900. ijured Hal Seidenberg of Brooklvn ^'ew «K^:Mich SCWTS DeLuxe Mixed League n7 - - I 'v3-«Cos«'o** n ^;*;T- -4--pointed Billy Grant. 176, Orange. Gsrver ·-·*·.. ' " " ""\vrieht i'ij'joi?* I |£-k~~ °-r- ·"£· "7J-V I « " PhiladeJpha at Detroit S:W p. m.--!,, * ' ·S! ill 143 0-d« ; av ! i53 174 131 ' .^________ Slobbh ·:;-61 vs. Lemon '20-J3;. 'Howard. 'as second-string fullback. Seiden- berg broke hi* ankle Saturday will be sidelined about five weeks Six keeiers topped the double- ··· The squad arrived here century mark in loop bowiing last . ;,j, v . Coach Neil Colville said the rTafs:: Lo^'8:» p. m . evening DeLuxe Mixed--Rogers I««lerday'8 Start Rangers would a-«, or Haynes «6-4i v« ;206: F. Rink. 208: Herden. 201: M. : Batting: Ron Northey. Cubs-- by their a: C;::eago 8.30 p. m. Sh«Iev- 212. Serusa. 203. 225. ISStttlSTCassei 2-15 :M 153 F R:r,k 34: 177 TOU;3 "iV;-.j:c 1Z2 "·' ".72 J 5;b'/r. 124 :22 I57i M'D»T!;'r 122 "I: '^f, R G-.VoT-. 127 r-4 ::(·' PolJi-fr :2*:23:3IA Hofs 123 94 ili; Herf.-:?: '.4* 201 7S: D'Nardo 174 135 ISS; 150 35J ISO GaiuVia ".23 126 :42i DuJr.rr.v Tflla!;- STZ757"« Totals «7i 3736831 WfiyMs Sim**rs S*nisa -K3 170 '.y. G C:S'v 185 :4P 17i G Wn't 333 ;7? 3S7 I. .To? h j5; :3? 145 H :.roa'£ is; ~i ns co^w-.n ".20 ··!* ;.! Vov«r :»173 IS! Mamn 156 3« ;«. M Wri't 5« 212 ItS Staler 1!S:5«:78; To:al? W4 I7 »S3 Totals 305 781 8KJ ftirrardo E \VIer iS iK iis .V'JoV'oh ":S9 IS9 ;37 J'kowsiti 135 '-Z: !9S Siccarrto 167 367 Jfi5 l^rrnvc 33* }3513(" Ti'rmin I493S033S Nich'sor. 155 !35 348 Evans 345 ;55 !6S ,..,,. Rawady i C-ancv i:S;4S14fiRawad-.- 12! 120 134 j 123 156 141 M.D'al'd 144 14B 1«; 13« 136 IK) Tyson 321 147 l«l Frrftiand 9!» 53S 110 Dummy 13ft 130130 Dummy 150 150 ISO Duir.rr.y 150 ISO 3501 ·· . . Mason-hit pinch-hit, grand-slam-home : in the seventh inning to give Chicagoans a »to 7 victory over Brooklyn. Pitching: Larry Jansen. Giants --stopped the Cardinal;. 13 to two hits for his fifth shutout Masonic Bowling Leaame K. CAIT f.TM%fU - C.BenVH ]» 347 33S Wjtr/ow Crozwr 1«4 33; ;3» C«rr 3W 3J7 330 R. C*rr :« 170 322 Cru»*r, :78 14« Bam«s :2I ITS :57Br'nskiii 324 i» ;7« Kraft im '*5:*Dummy :«7!W33i H»n'c»p iO»3«3neH»n'cjip 3.^4134334 Terrr EveUnd Huff Han'cap Terrv !H Iffl 129 Hudley -45J47174 '.3S :7S -J- Carrier TSS :«t 140 12* iW 159 Dick.oon i.12 IK IM IS* 147 Munwn 142 ;.W W. W. Cary H»:*cv Row 301 201 lOi Han'cap 3Si ;*3 «M7t*(W3 C»ry TJSIWOTSi IM 14!t lit 1411W1W Forfeit Totals 6211 710 707 SW71S73B Page -THE EVENING HOHNF,t,L. M Y j SEPTEMBER If, 19M I . , - Defers are vfetvre* ak«ve, sir**** the "Cnna4e f«r Tnetom" wcntl »«r«re · nweit h«n came at Maple Citr Park. Shown «ilciihig fe Fittiwr Hevry Franklin. Attwrner i»rman I,. Haite.T, Stevben Covnty chairman in the campaign to cnrnll xifnatvm. Is pktvred MI left, besUe Ma*ater Dw Aleiawt. The CMntr-wMe campaign t* enlist iMUrMval Mrtfcimtt In the H Crmsa4« for Free«Mi" will he l*i*che« iWfi 457 557 : Barter VlnceM :Gray !» 11(1 lS5S'bar«er 1S71M1SJJ Wizeman 135 1* 13ALan)tley 14.113S 1» S*n.1»mifi 147 IM IBS Vincent 173 151 Bartwr 18 l*t 177 B»rdecn : 13 143 Howard Of, IM 140 Dummy !3S 143 177 'Han'cap 151 1SI 1.^1 Han'cap l.U 1.12 l.n IM1B4IU

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