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19500513 The Evening Tribune (Hornell, New York) Saturday, May 13, 1950 p6 CLIP - 1^1 I I 1 £?· .1 C% · 1 · !··· ··tie...
1^1 I I 1 £?· .1 C% · 1 · !··· ··tie EVENING TRIBUNE. l gggy JL T Down Flock for Sixth Straight H « r nell High Shades -wwm · A 1 rf^ 1 A · · 1^1 · ; Hi|lte . f/ot . A Tribune League Teams Dropo's Hitting Alfred-Almond Nine Launch Second Week !».'«:-.-».- rf p.- 4 of ·..-.* rw aad a* to forf*t York. \oc *ittr* th* day* of "Double " and Big Rudy hav* taw R«d Son robust hitting a* Dropo. Griaiiy determined t* atak* ?h* -·*.--*:· r .v\\-S::r;r.» IT J 5 IT II « Greenwood, which dropped a riot* verdie 1 . t» Trouptfturg Ian *«*k. - Barey^ll I.i'siue *':'.'. -ovf. .".on:* as Canine* showed good form to " ·!.*· .-vo:.u -verk of play 2*:$ ur.der tiovin a beuer-:haa-averai* Wh:i*t: Wh:i*t: Y.iy ui;ti3y 01; five front*. vil nine behind Jim Heer*' eight- ?r:i:ts:ur£ ar.c Arkpor: '.-a.'ce hi! .'tuning. !· :-;:-oui;: :a*: Sur.iii\ -»:th viciorir* Trouptburg i* expected t« com* ·' ar.u wjl; su/jare off OP. the Arkpurt back *ith their ace. WayM ', diamond. The defending !94I play- toe, against an invading - orf !:!ho:d*Ti recit'.ered a 12-3 club Luc »**k the AageU w#r* ·.v;n over Ar.eove- Ian week at victim* of Ferguson'* hurling and Bco W r.::e r.a.-led a f:ve-hr:er will b* on !he rebound against '"· :ijs;r»?: :he Ar.dies. :r.» T r o u p e r * . Alfred-Almond'* Their opponents :hit Sunday, power-iaden team wilt move into however, will be a much stronger White*vU in queu of win number u.i.lt :han :he 1949 combine. I.a*t two but ar* *!at*d to meet *tiff £^r^'^ ta:s:r.er. :.". seven innings and wili none of :;s :*49 punch by club- in ~ h be eepe.ierd upon :o c':eok tr.e bing :8 hi:s u:f Honieil. "* Hurr.eH's Home's round out the * lon « » l * th* 225-pound six- hu*ky drov* out thr** i lead hi* mat** t« a 3-1 ·riumph over their old tormentor. White Male Rule Coluaabu*. Ohio. May 13---Tk* 13---Tk* America* Bowiing Coafret* Tournaaveat at St. Faui, Ulna., iiest year will b* open to SMhaabtr* of ail rat**. DeUgaMM u in* ABC eoo- reauioa h*r» yMterday wiped *ut ui just 27 minui** a 34- }-«ar-«;d clau** ::miting mem- b*rtfui in the Confren to "white male* only". Only a few dissenting voice* were heard among th* Slg delegate* delegate* to the 47th annual con- VMtioau the H « 4 : Sox P :a:e po.e, liiuiv laift nic ji.oti.tu -i.ui--m.i-t U t l t i - t l i i ill U IT- l U t i l V HV1T WH..U',. W*. VI, kt*L.. - - - V . i n - V l . w t . * . u.. . i t i . » ^ * . i . i . i v *« I _. . - . . r.u.-r.ber over :he jtrerch because Aiuiover. !iu:h clubs wi-1 be point-«" m * w IM J***· ^ -T* ^ P*" tne iron Tiger*. The \anks edged the and ;hree drop* " i - . ..".~i_-' !i;e third strike was cropped by ing for l.u'ir j"ir; «iu - _ , , . . · . ^ · . -- · · V ' i V . . . . . . : .;." -V: £ riie receiver three times. tilt looms as a to»-up. Anuover f. hl ^ de!phu Atn '*«'«. »-*. ·» ...-.-?...;. .s-::.i. 2H .·::::_·:.*.._::::.A- Cani«teo. Troupsburg and Alfred- however di-plavc-u a «ell aalar.i-t-t! n: 8 nt *»"' »t \ankee Stadium. ·:iR--Z-v:\::-ifr-"s3-^cisJe::a. XeiiVsH-- Almond \\ill be shooting for their pitching staff ir. holding the itroiv 2:rr.:r.*r: DP--3u:r :o Ni:: Aiexso.-. second straight. Canisteo will ho«t-Arkport team to nine hit?. :o Z:r:'.:r.er: Ve.-.r. :j S:or.«; BB--of? ^-- . S»rv «. B^:Ier 20: SO--Serv 4. Co2- ;:.-.« f. 3u-.fr ::: SO--v-o:::r.« S^.'or 4 in"7: "p'sT-Ven-i* 1 L--'::"!.-..-=: "'J'-Bilfci':- TMO 3-Hitters : In PONY Loop * ·*· o't Double Plates Joe Anato For Triumph Rich Contdont double in tk* but inning gave HoraeU High School a 6-3 victory y**ierdav M- Alfred-Almond im a KM^loAp rouoter at Maple City Park. triumph wiuared Coach Oilie Hart- man't forces at 3-all for the aea- ton. The eoniett wai a different uorjr from the first tilt between the twc .club, when tht Red Raiders whaled the Eagles. 1S-1. This time Big Dal* Lorow kept the Horneil sticker, in comparative chet-k but his mate* could do no better than four M .,. ; . T ..,, RenoKiietl Exhibition Shooter PIa,.ui,,» Practice 4f Worll * H S P Ort * IMCH '* ^"^ For Junior Loop run .Lou Jim Levsck. worid'* greatest exhibition exhibition rifle, pistoi and shotgun shooter, will tor boys in the :;ev.:y-:i.rmed Jun- be'l-'^d Sunday. May 21. "at Hor* ;or Baseball League. of::cers of the, be featured in a ser.ce of President Lou Britanti. stration by Mr. Levack. a small. Reports of several committees bore rifle shooting contest for the : were read E Van Craig w?s e!ec: . Voun25ters a cao n chase and shot- t:rea ed league secretary to replace 2 U n slug noot 'Dye- Hogan. " Levack likes to reminisce about x;-. e Jeague *·;;; operate with his earlier day5 when he was a eight fuiiy-equippen teams during member of a famous rodeo outfit, -.no Summer mont.'is. officers cie- Hi.* job \va* shooting from horse- contests will get back and doing tricks with a lar- with underway as soon as school closes iat. "I learned my roping from WilL June." Rogers." he recalls, "and I have. : three A majority of the boys signed up played a lot of polo with Will and: ArKTIOrt TjlTDeateil competition in the loop are 13. Fred Stone." He was also an asso-p r ',n 11 H and 15 years old. Only six a'p- ciate of the late cowboy movie - 4Iar . Rfiliiii|-l Tof-lr TTl»l*» -"O8C1I Dora'plications were received from 16- Tom Mix. : *-»CUM.U« J«tv«x aad±c ;_ _ City Loop Preps For 1950 Season The first round of the City Softball League will get underway underway Monday on Huguet's Field when Ponce De Leon meets SKF to launch its 16- game two-round schedule. The remaining .schedule for the first week is as follows: May 16. Card's Drug vs. Company Company K: May 17. Rohan's vs. Murray Stevens: May 18. Huguet's Huguet's vs. Legion, and Merrills vs. Stearns Hardware: May 19, SKF vs. Card's Drug. The Hornell nin* acored on*, run in the first another in th* fourth and three in the sixth to lead all The Tigers and St. Uouit Brown* * """P 1 * * thrt*-hitt*ra went }»· *» B " c f* l |" th * lop ^ lh * were idle. iiato to* POXY League books to- : ""n* » n «" «"« Jerr- Coleman accounted for all'day--two of th* b**t pitched game* wrin^i onct^n the i ' of the Yankee runt with a thr**- j a tttt ai i\ j. ounf ,* aIOB . ; Hornell'* pace setting -- 'tomer i n t h e fifth innin* off . . / · ' - - " t "*"* . .uiiiri me lum inning on Tn ^ Hornell Dodger* held to the f»rst inning came on Jo* defeat * Tommy B*m*°iur* fim P lac * ·» R ' ! P h Butl * r huri«li M * uro * Trip!e The sp **? y ihort ' three-hitter to beat the James- MO ^ w *" ed no " m * O . n ,; n *' ,', . - , · - _ sack ana moments latter stole I two-run homer by Sam Chapman; town falcon*. ? to 2, and rack up home § 'in posting his second conquest. : n i j tu ir(1 win . Honwll ^ ming i y put the gam' AI Rosen belted a three- wally Harr three-hit pitching fot safely on ice in the sixth when r-.. *T» j" 1 ! 0 !?' . " -°, d the the Batavia Clippers buried the they tallied three times to lead. 5-1. Cleveland Indians to a 3-1 vjctorj' Lo ckport Reds, 11 to 2. He struck Oilie Burkhart led off with a base flt-±W- f t l A f * h t A*«llh U !··* A · j » f c _ T ' k . _ * * · _ - . . _ _ _ _ _ The out eight. on balls and Bob Binnev and Jim over the Chicago White Sox. blow was Rosen's seventh ; season. ; Ewell Blackwell turned in hi* finest performance of his comeback bid as he pitched the last place!' , , , Cincinnati R«J« to a S-! f i,- e . h i,'» frand-slam homer. Anderson bat- Victory over the Cardinals in"«'"* i . B ** v ^ n 5""*' 'V" na 8 er L , en n-pM a*mm *t tt T AH;. Schulte joined in with four for . . . _ n:ght game at St. Lou.s. R ^ inc i udinf , homw , nd a tive Hornell errors and run-scon,f) the The Olean Oilers slammed the Murphy were safe on errors. A : Wellsville Senators. 19-9. passed ball plated Burkhart. Binney stole home and .Murphy wound it up by coming home on another . ln th * last "* at * on consecu- Home runs by Preston Ward and; , _ lAnd.v P.fko plu, «ff«tlv« pltdUnj : da»hl» »nH five RHI'« 110 "*" ·"" "" "'· ;day game. i The Boston nlts *·" Armstrong and W. Baker. w. B.k.r .u tl* onlv A-A Kotk.r ' ' Brave*. Brooklvn died 10 chance, in the field with- i Dodgers, Xew York Giants and i Philadelphia Phillies were idle. ;Congdon"s game winning double. ' , f gf { will be insured year-eld boys although the circuit will operate for youths between the of 13 snd 16. o^nizaiion a brace '' . nav . e a ros:er of !o P :a - vers n ^' a gr °" ps ' ,, ,, uries have of the league toaay re- boys re.sistered for play a t t h e y ma " furnL ' h ;heir mvr sioves. Bails, baw and all o:he , sqa : pR , ent ; v.-ill be furnished league. ,,. --r. I hrce KlVei'S Hill Champ A veteran of World War I, Lerack has been shooting for more than 39 years. He once «aw Annie Oakley do her stuff and immediately trot the shooter's shooter's "hup", from which he ha* never recovered. "I'm like most shooters,'' he says, "once you're bitten, you're bitten for (tood. People call me a gun crank because I talk, eat and sleep (tuns. But that's okay with me because I hare lots of good company." Holder of many titles. Levack is; equally expert with rifle, pistol and j Arkport Central School remains undefeated today, thanks to the : j, ,, ^ . . pitching of Jack Hale. : terdl ? to ^ id We " t to -, 24 to Hale fanned 12 and gave up sev- victory over East in the Cub Com- 'L'. Myen (4), Shipman en hits while hitting three out of : pass Basketball League champion-;Fleming. six times at bat to lead his mates iship playoff. Bradford to a 18 to 3 victory- over Troups-! The teams wer* tied at 1-all in Hamilton burg yesterday on the Trouper j the first quarter and West took a diamond. diamond. One of Bale's hit* was'6-5 lead at halftime. West moved; a homer. |two points away in the third quar-: Minpr an(1 Today's schedule: jfor the day. Mauro'a triple wa» th* Olean at Wellsville. Homell at: only other extra-base knock in Jamestown, Bradford at Hamilton;seven inning affair. and Lockport at Batavia. j Hornell will journey to Bath 500 020 11 14 l:HiKh Ramblers in a loop game Lockport .. 000 000 200-- 2 3 3 ; Angles with Corning Northslde in Harr and Sarki«ian- K««hn»r M * pl * City P * rk Fri d»' *« Mother Harr and Sarkissian. Kucbner: Steubcn A..^*. ti i t . (8) and; ·_,,.,!··men i ab r g 3 J Mauro M i l 030 030 00*--6 10 2:Sirriaimi If I If 1 ·Almmi ab r 000 000 210--3 Stan snell blasted two doubles 'f » ndT ^"J a11 "»t in the final while Auckland. Johnson. Long and ; stanza ' TM e box K0t « '' - - - - - · R. Bliss also had two-baggers. Hale! v a l c d onl - v *»·- . f neh ^^ errors »-ent into the books. i , shotgun. He uses a collection of 14! Al *P«Jrts big splash came In the ; Hc,«e h, weapons to demonstrate his un-: seventh when the ' talhcd e '8 fll Second : times. canny skill with powder and lead.j One of the more spectacular Le-1 Arkport will meet Greenwood: Score by periods': Secondo Total.' G r T o * oriaitz 0 2 2 Ho**!l 4 0 8 Robih*on 0 0 0 Brewer 2 0 4 Brur.du 0 ft 0 Rofaertson ,,. _,,. _^ | « 2 14 Total* 10 4 14 Flaitt cf-ys J Burkhart c 2 106 402 006--19 20 41C. Mauro rf l iB:nney r-cf 1 Murphy 2b 3 Kno'lton Ib 3 Weli£ille . 231 000 201-- 9 10 2 c r Ti Herstek, Gates (W) (2) and Smia- 1 2 i4; rowski : Jordan. Doherty (L) (3); 2 i s;Schreiner f4l. Brown f6.». Coal 9.). 1 % J Lombardi (9) and Smith. 0 0 0 ! 2 E Joh'n rt 0 W Baker el 1 0 Biehl Ib * 1 1 Lorow p 4 1 1 Armstr'it It 4 * 2 Brown cf 4 6 0 R Baker 3b 3 0 0 R Joh'n « 3 * 0 Alriiton 2b 2 « 0 Bl'quist 2b 1 0 We 2b » 0 Total* it o e Total* 17 « « Total* » S 4 Score by ir.ninfj: r h . Alt red-Almond 000 001 4--5 4 IHomell 1001031--6 · Cardinals w hiip r r p Tne Quebec Braves crowded the vack slunts is playing golf with a:Central on the Arkport diamond;-^ 5 ' J * *^ Rome Colonels today in the Can-.44 caliber rifle. He tosses a golf .Tuesday. Coach Frank Ro.«e T s: JReferee.'riaVtx! *"" iadian-American League's top berth, bail in the air and drives it straight.team takes on Wayland next Fri-j ' *** Ciibs Show Gains _ ada bestsd Qneonta last night. 15-6. 00 00 . varci5 - His approach game is; " " " s lost" To Three- iuil as amazing since he "blasts": s?e .,. a ,. ^ out of sand traps with the greatest p a r;ons 2b of ease. If you like, he will hook ; ? arn es cf Quebec and Rome now have 11 "' -""- " -'"" -·""·"- 'JT" Snei! 3b wii= and four io«e^ each or slice the bail off the tee and ^ti Auckland Meanwhile, thc'pittsfieid E'.ec- vou C * !I lhe s . hot - On *"* « re ." 1 - triw defeated Amsterman ia,t Levac , k u?es t h e butt of hls nfle night at Pittsfield. 12-4. for their' 1 0 si " K nis pUtli ' third successive victory- after eight'More Trick Shots · H a c y Dries rf The box score: Arkport Troomhnr; ab - h ab r K 2 · Stock if 2 1 4 i I Cadv 3b 2 0 1 Long 3b 2 0 2 Stone If 1 » 1 Thorr.as e 4 1 3 T. Biiss p 4 0 2 R Blis Ib 3 1 n Stanford cf 3 0 i Karl r f 2 0 0 Fisher rf 1 ft ODeMun2b 3 0 Rod, Lure and Liar Ib l f b With Parent Aid to 0 :making headway in the Interaa-!result, but can not blame the farm-itacking ducks, screamed ea'rth- I . . , . , , , . . ,, ^ K ^..ators always get a "bang" "" -- -- -- i Chicago is Warren Hacker, a lanky i the past few weeks of the open IfTiRht was" docked* bVan^'aTriilan* *^m^;^«^: out of. watching Levack break.fivei Tot,,, « ,, ,, Total, * , T i2 5- ye ,r-old righthander who has! trout" season and posting i. tteffi The' £^,L has phTom^ moll: and four double plays set up eggs lhal are J- ossed in the air at ; - a 5-2 victory for the Scher.ectary ,- ne c amc t i m e before they hit the! a o-z vtctorj- tor tne scner.ectarj- ,- ne same Iiln e before they hit the Blue Jays at G!oversvi!!e. ground. Another favorite with Le-i runs in vack's fans is peeling a potato with at Or.eonta on; a .22 rifle. ·; four walks anfl a Perhaps the most amazing Le-! '»d Pitch. Three Oneonta pitchers vack performance is putting a bul-- T*«*r«»v« M»IU Danelishen let through a small washer that is BORKKLL" "" «-o*TM went the route for the Braves. thrown hieh in the air. And if you Hatniiton «.'Bradford 3 in Manager George Scherser sin:- have any doubts, he will repeat the i 0!"" 19- could ;ed for Three Rivers in Fhe third stunt w'ith adhesive tape over the ; Vet- innina at Rome to send home hole, tj BOB OAKES Sportsmen in this area wereitongue. The other ia the polls, somewhat put out this week when .bear. w news broke out that the lands ad- 1 The wolfhound ii the dog that is jacent to the Canisteo river near;considered to have the keenest 'I The Springfield Cubs, thanks to Arkport were posted to all fisher-'eyesight bi a steady flow of players from the men. i ' Tn e eagle i* one ot th* fastest i,parent Chicago Cubs, are slowly; We were sorry to see that action:birds in the world \n eagle {j:making headway in "-- *-*--'- '-- " *- - - - - - - - *-' T T - -- - - " ' optional League race. !er for posting his lands. His prop-jward for one mile at the astounding One of the best to arrive fromjerty has become damaged during;speed of 570 miles per hour. Club Standings FONT LEAGtB Playing for pay only sinceionly way he can protect it. inal sight and while soaring high in 1946 - i In the future it would be wis*: t he sky can spot a possible meal a« Batavia 11, Lockport 2 Standings : three runs. Levack will also drive tacks at; : 30 feet, outline an Indian head with] . Hacker, who won five and lost'for all persons to remember that [far away as three miles. |eight at Chicago last yeaf, turned:if the farmer doesn't want you on| A fish can swim just as Jin his second triumph for Spring-his land he can post it and keepjwith its tail cut off as it can jfield last night in u many at-lyou off. Its up to the sportsmen!, tail. And, contrary to public [tempts. to cooperate with the fanner if helopinion, a motorboat disturbs -a j The promising Major Leaguer;wants to continue to hunt and fish, [figh but very little, pitched the Cubs to a 7-3 triumph The farmer deserves more consid-j The flounder a salt water over the Toronto Maple Leafs. Hejeration than he's been getting. i changes its color to match the allowed eight hits but didn't have I . * * * . , ,, ''rounding*. AVhen a flounder is clear sailing until the eighth. | Conservation officials tell us; p i ace j over , black tn( j wnjte j when the Cubs scored four times! that *e can look forward to a two-; c h ec j cerboard it lcqu]rei . C heck!to heck!to clinch the game. A pair of; weeks season on the deer this FaU.; erDOan ) pattern

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  • 19500513 The Evening Tribune (Hornell, New York) Saturday, May 13, 1950 p6 CLIP

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