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19490805 The Berkshire Eagle (Pittsfield, Massachusetts) Friday, August 5, 1949 p16 CLIP - 16 The Berk«hire Evening Eagle, Friday, Aug....
16 The Berk«hire Evening Eagle, Friday, Aug. 5, 1949 Masuga Hurls to 14th Victory as Hasson Fields Brilliantly, Belts Homer, Two Singles Quebec Protests Game When Balk 1s Catted for Catcher Stepping Out of Box--Braves Here Again Tonight By JOHN M. FLYNN Sports Editor of The Eagle John Masuga, Indians' mound ace, pitched superbly and received sensational support as Pittsfield defeated the league-leading Quebec Braves 4-2 at Wahconah' Park last night. It was Johnny's 14th win against six losses and he held the visitors to five singles, although snappy fielding kept down the Braves' total of safe blows. Hasten Makes Five Assists Manager Gene Hasson had a ter- nhe night. Be hit a 340-foot homer over the right field fence, his 14th | third c i r c u i t clout of the season, and two 1 W i t h fact made known over the public address system. Huwer scored on the balk and Hutson moved to Three Rivers, Indians Tied For Fourth Pittsfield and Three Rivers are tied for fourth place in the Canadian-American Canadian-American League as the Royals beat Gloversville 3-2 while Pittsfield was winning 4-2 over Quebec here last night. Amsterdam defeated Oneonta 7-3 and Schenectady trounced Rome 17-3 in other games. A spread of one-half game cov-' ... h 49 ers Pittsfield, Three Rivers, Gloversville Gloversville and Schenectady, and Amsterdam Amsterdam is leading the Indians and Royalf by only two games. singles, driving in two runs. Despite Despite that grand work at the plate Gene's performance aiound first ba=e was even more spectacular. He had five assists and six putouts, several of his plays be.r.g gems. lAst season Gene made 'our ass sts in one contest, which was the best done in the circuit during the campaign. campaign. His five assists in last night's tilt may be a Canadian-American League record for a first baseman but the Orange Book does not lUt th» mark for assists in a single gam« although it does give the record total for a season. The major major league record for assists by a first baseman is seven. Manager Frank McCormick of the Braves played the game under pretest after a balk had been called on Alex Danelishen in the fifth inning,, inning,, enabling the Indians to get their second run of the frame and third of the contest. With one away in that inning, Bill Moore singled to center. Johnny Cestro forced h i m - ' a t second. Chuck Huwer singKjJ on the ground past Moose SHetter, Castro getting to third. Bijd',.-|Jutson doubled past Shelter, scoriflg Castro and putting Huwer on third. With Manager Hasson at bat the Braves' pilot ordered Gen" Riven an intentional pass. Gus Gal'.- peau stepped outside his catcher's box before the first pitch to Hasion had been delivered. Daneliohen .-.erved the pitch, a wide one and it w a s ball one. The umpire called a balk on the pitcher because Galipeau Galipeau had stepped out o f - h i s box befoie the ball left the pitcher's hand. This is a rule which was in effect for years, was taken out for some seasons and was restored to the regulations of the game this year. The umpire was absolutely right but Manager McCormick a f t - er a long argument asked to havo it announced that he was playing under protest. The umpire had that ' It's back! RUPPERT NEW YORK'S MOST FAMOUS BEER Try it today for that only one man on base it was decided then to pitch to Hasson and Gene lined a single to right, scoring Hutson. Staton's single to center put Hasson on second but Bob Hunter struck out. The fact that Galipeau had not peid too much attention to developing developing a method of having an intentional intentional pass issued in accordance with the rules was apparent in the eighth inning when after Staton had singled to center and had gone to second on Hunter's sacrifice Manager McCprmick ordered an intentional pass given to Prentice Gus had quite a job wait.ng for the pitch to be made and then moving out to get the ball. That strategy worked as Masuga grounded out and Moore flied to center. Wilder To Pitch Tonight Quebec will be here again tonight tonight at 8 for a single contest. Rome will play here tomorrow night at 8 and Sunday afternoon. Gloversville will play here Monday and Tuesday nights and Oneonta will be at Wahconah Park Wednesday and Thursday nights. The paid attendance of 736 included included 644 adults and 92 children. It was a good turnout, considering the fact that it rained hard in 'he The Referee's By JOHN Rain caused a postponement to tonight of the boxing bouts, scheduled scheduled for last night et the Meadowbrook Meadowbrook Arena, North Adams. ·Z-- Satchel Paige insists that a fast ball is the best pitch. He says the curve is only a fooler. *r=r North Carolina has 44 minor league clubs, leading the country '" h Texas is second Schenectadv R H. E 050 201 630--17 18 Rome 000 200 0 0 1 -- 3 4 3 JefTerles r \ V j Smith i 5 i and M a n k « v Aiduinl ( L i . SnvdC' I 4 i . Robinson n Rocder (Jj. M a s t r o i s n r t (8) and Devlin. Three Risers Gloversulle .. Vercrouse Mylr.arck It will be interesting to see R H E O'.O 001 010-- 3 10 0| 010 000 010-- 2 7 n . j and Hill, O r Donnell anr Morgan i w t . Vic-: R H E 4 0 0 1 0 0 002-- 7 8 2 CM 0 1 0 101-- 3 9 3 and O'Lari. Wall (L). Ahern ( l i . GrtKlak 18) and Sal'ata Louis Palmisiano flied to collided making Bill with the late a f t e r n o o n and the weather ua= t r r e a ' e n i n g last evening Tho.-e who attended saw one Moore, who nearly Johnny Castro in catch. Pete Klko's single to left put Kosinski on second. Butch Lawing single to right, scoring Kosinski and Shetler's hit to righ* sent Elko across the plate. Prentice Prentice t h e n look Bill SinranYs grounder and tossed to Moore for scored a force play. The score: PITTSFIELD Moore. 2b Castro, cf w h e t h e r or not Rudy York better job in managing Union City of tho Clac.s D K i l t y League did Tony Rensa, former Pittsfield pilot, whom he succeeded. Union City is in f o u r t h place. D.nuers Here Tomorrow P i t t s f i e l d and Danvers in a polo match at thp Z. M a r C r a m - Field t o m o i r o w at 3 39. It should bp onV of 'he niatrnes oC tho sfvi.-on. Peisons, who have not watched the P i t field polo team in action, should l a k e in t o m o r r o w ' s will find the sport exciting. Albany a n d Pittsfipld w i l l in a Tri State League match at Albany Sunday afternoon. , Huwer, rf Hutson, If Hasson, I n Staton, :ib Hunter, c Prentice, s ah r h po 5 0 1 5 4 1 1 0 4 1 1 4 4 1 1 2 1 1 3 6 3 0 2 0 3 n i .1 3 0 2 J 3 0 0 3 4 0 II II 0 n 1 o 0 0 1 0 n a 33 4 12 Qirucc I ' l l n i t M u i n l i k e , r. . I . , " i n c . I t 1 ' t U e r I h h po I .% the best-played games of the sea if s " 01 lla.i *ni. son Ralph Wilder, port.-ider, will r..'hpciii. c D.tnelishen, n pitch for the Indians tonight and Jim Kelly probably will draw the assignment against the Rome Colonels tomorrow night. The Indians secured their first fatly in the second inning. Bud Hutson first at bat in that inning s t r u c k out. I noticed that Bud missed a fast ball, something that he often hits for distance. After the game Manager Hasson informed informed me that Bud had h u r t his wrist crashing into the fence, at Amsterdam making a great catch. In the fifth inning, however, Bud pushed a double past Shetler in a clutch and he pulled a sensational I catch in the ninth inning to start | a double play and end the game. Getting back to that second inning. inning. Danelishen, veteran right- hander of the Braves after retir- Pittsfield Quebec Kim- li..tteil in Hasinn Quebec HITC Again Tonight The I n d i a n s last night in ng Quenec 4-'2 at Wahconah Park t h e i r p \ p n t h w over the league-'eadinj Bra\es. Manager Frank McCormick's McCormick's club has turned back Pittsfield Pittsfield nine times. Last night's game was very well played as John Masuga hurled very capably and the fielding by the home club was errorless and b r i l l i a n t . Ralph Wilder t u r n m a n o t h e r good t o n i g h t . Home w i l l h° here t o m P _'' t i M S u n i a \ a f t e G · - · , i'. w i ' l TP iierp ' i , fi , \ n "i" ' f i d \', nc i On- M i t a ^ I T ' a t \ V a '( i) o 3d ; nil) -;i KI i t 0(H 4 (MHI -- ^ ., Iliitson, I,aw- Shetler. Tuo-base hit. Hutson. Home run, Hasson. Sacrifices, Masuca. Hunter. Uouhle plays, rrcnticc. Moore .md "lasson: Hutson. prentice. Hasson and M i o i e . Left on basrs Quebec 4, Pitt5fleld !l. Base- on halls, oft Danelishen 2, off , , Struck out. liv Flanellshen 4, bv ' 4. . , . r,.-lk. Danelishcn. I'mpires, Kortlas ind F r a n c i s Time of game 2h, 3m. A U r n d - ince, Tlfi Plajors Tr Get Trophies P i e s e n ' a t i o n of "Star M o n t h " awards in the Canadian American League Will be made Sunday for the lir.-,t time Manager Jim Cullinane of tne Glovers w i receive a t r o p h y at the ball park S u n d a y afternoon t h e game between t h p Jas G".o\er D i n Mar-'iall, S r h e t a d j o u t i i p ' d p i . w i l Thrillinsr Finish to Game award v, h en the -ame teams meet With one away in tho n i n t h in- at Schenoctady S u n d ing Hutson on missed third strike tried to put a fast ball by Manager Hasson. Gene belted the sphere far over the r i g h t held , ;ence, 350 feet from home plate ' W i t h two down, Hunted got a hit to Bill Sim am and Prentice betl out a hit to Sinram although Bill pulled a nice play to go over toward toward the shortstop position, gather in the ball with his gloved hand and making a perfect peg to first base. Hunter was nipped off second second base, Danelishen to Hamel. Masuga held the visitors hitless for the first innings and dur- IN CANS, IN BOTTUS AND ON DRAUGHT !!U(i»rtSf.i*His: ! .e[Be8rSr..pfEitAI:.;'rabiiiipp3rt,;i i C. ing that time not a Brave reached second base. Two got on through Moose Shetler walked. Bill Sinram hit a terrific drive to lett center. Hutson traveled far to pull a great catch. Shetler, thinking the ball would drop safely, went beyond beyond second base. When Shetler hurried back to first he failed to touch second. Hutson pegged to Prentice who threw to Hasson. Gene then tossed to Moore who s h a l l \\fl-, picked as the star 'ml C u l l i n a n e for June. Dion of Quebec, originator and director director of the plan, will present trophies, He w i l l be introduced both parks by Albert E. Houghton president of the league. *r^£ McDermott Slay Beat It Now that Ellis K i n d e r tagged second That completed a double killing as Shetler was c a l l e d ' o u t out. The hut si\ men in 14 men thp largest number struck b\ a Re,l Sox pitcher smcp loe Wr"d i e t l ' p . 1 15 by t n 1011 w h e n the Red So\- h.id Q i o b p c D-.C of t n e . i ^ .it" ' c t n oattmg order last n i g h t pia; ed t n e i M t D . - r m n t same positions as the lust six men in the Pittsfield batting order, second base, center field, right field, left field, first base, third base. ln and t u o on fielder's choice Openini' the sixth frame. Masti-i Pi entice ·a f i n n e d Dnnelishen. Joe ki lined a 'insle to c e n t e r for the hit off the Pitt§field hurlei Ed Hamel walked, opening the second inning. Masuga fanned Galipeau. Hasson went far to his right for a swell scoop of Danelishen's Danelishen's grounder and tossed to Prentice, forcing Hamel. Kosinski forced Dane'is'ien, Moore thin; about Thp v o u n f lett- hancler t u r n e d in some superb of f a n n i n g batters while Scranton and Louisville. Since he has acquired control Maury has shown that he can fool ths major leaguers. ·rSS Did You Know That-Gordie That-Gordie Bragg, outfielder, who was with A m s t e r d a m the part of t h i s season, us leading - j SATURDAY SPECIALS CASTING RODS $2.95 e. SWEAT SOX ALL AO» WOOL H7C pr. MINNOW BUCKETS 19c _ BAITS Beg. 1.35 « »« f)A Odd Lots t for ?*vU PITTSFIELD SPORTING GOODS CO. Bradford St. Dial 6078 Get Set for Next Winter Let us fill your coal bin now with longer- lasting Old Company's Lehigh Premium Anthracite. SMITH BROS. S t a r i i r g t h e . i i t i r l h i n n i n g Pai- misiano w a l k e d E ko foivng him at second, Staton to Moore. Then came a thrilling pirce of work. Lawing hit a grounder that Hasson could touch but not hold. Moore backed up and gathered in the ball. He pegged to Masuga -who covered first base and made- one-handed catch for the putout. Hasson singled to center with one down in the fourth. Staton walked. Hunter flied to Sinram. Prentice then hit a grounder to the shortstop. It appeared headed for safe territory but Hamel pulled a sensational backhanded play to gather in the ball close to the ground and pegged to Kosinski, forcing Staton. Jalipeau of e jlove to the J u l y League in the Georgia Four ciajs later Rossi hurled a double-header against Dublin, winning both games and increasing his total of successive victories to nine . . . George Vinson, who pitched for Amsterdam last year, turned in a no-hitter recently for Newark against Marion in the Ohio-Indiana League but received help from a Marion hitter in doing it. Marion's Bob Bringham Bringham dropped a potential double into the outfield off Vinson and then failed to touch first base, being Masuga robbed hit by getting ins ground quickly to stop his smash in the fifth i n n i n g and then toss- his He ing him out. Johnny helped own cause by fine fielding. made three putouts first base. by covering Opening the eighth inning, Hasson Hasson robbed Kosinski of a double and saved much trouble bv rihing and p u l l i n g a sensational backhanded backhanded catch of Joes liner. out there and saving George's seven-inning no-hitter. . . . Mankey, an outfielder, has been secured by Schenectady from Terre H a u t e of the Class's Eye League Frankie Rosen of Detroit, w ho was captain and tackle of the Drury football team in 1921, \ \ i n n o r oC the Western Massachusetts titles, has been visiting in the Tunnel City. That Drury eleven beat Pittsfield. 28-0, Adams 40-0 and edged Greenfield Greenfield 6-0 for the Western Massachusetts Massachusetts crown. Johnny DelNegro, Beans Prevej, Tank Belouin, Don Coughlin, Eddie A s h k a r Scully were among the p l a j t h a t team . . . Leonard ( B Johnson. I70-po""d halfback, a

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