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By David P. Sentaer HOLLYWOOD, A GLITTERING wheel of chance casts its beckoning shadowe over Europe from Siberia to the tip of the Spaniel! "Peninsula and beyond. Into Into it are poured foreign faces, shapely figures from fax lands, exotic personalities personalities and strange tongues. It Is not In Ireland, France, Monte Carlo nor Cuba that the world's greatest greatest foreign lottery is "conducted, but in Hollywood, our own front yard of dazzling dazzling hopes and punctured dreams. With an influx of so many glorified emigrants, the transatlantic liners are Hollywood ferryboats carrying cargoes of potential Colberts and Boyers to the film capital. In addition to the 61 foreign con* tract stars in Hollywood, the golden hands of film magnates are stuffed . with options on alien players. There are hundreds of movie talent ·coats burning up time and money in combing the capitals of Europe and its suburbs. Down the Danube, up the Rhine,, over mountains and through the valleys go these talent detectives needling the continent in search of the face to launch a thousand films. The hunt even reaches into the kindergarten kindergarten for another Freddie Bartholomew Bartholomew (without his family trouble). trouble). In England, where the law pro- ntbits child stars, thousands of kids would rather get a social introduction introduction 18 a Hollywood talent scout than own a circus. Why roust Hollywood go abroad for stars? Must Sally Jones, the belle of Main Street, miss her place in the California sun because she happened not to be born a'foreigner? Is the American screen giving up its citizenship? citizenship? On the contrary, the American film public is more nationalistic than ever before. No foreign stars top the list oi public favoritf.s for 18)3*. American film fans prefer their Shirley Temple, Myrna Loy, Clark Gable, Ginger Rogers Rogers and William Powell, to any importations. importations. However, tie appeal of a winsome lass and a handsome lad in a love clinch is international. But that is not the reason why movie moguls reach across the ocean. They reach not for sex-appeal but for good old American cash-appeal. of Martians in our film capital. In the traffic of foreign stars, Hollywood pays a double price. It is simple to give imported players a push toward the aim skyline but it is difficult to keep them, going. Their arrival arrival in this country piques public curiosity curiosity for a time. But because they no speak Eagiish much their typea of stories must be tailored and their roles chosen accordingly. "We can put a foreign star up there in lights but we can't always keep them up," oae movie executive confided. confided. "After a year or two the stilts are likely to break." Sam Goldwya spent--wasted-- fortune fortune making a glamorous peasant out of Anna Sten. Not daunted by that failure, Goldwyn is bringing another Nordic to the screen--Sigrid Gurie, of Norway, who is making her screen debut debut as heroine to Gary Cooper in "Adventures "Adventures of Marco Polo." Sigrid was studying to be a portrait painter when she was discovered while playing in the annual Christmai pageant pageant in Oslo. She has light brown hair and "talkative" blue eyes. llarlene Dietrich's spectacular career career in Hollywood started opposite Gary Cooper in "Morocco," That, soother soother good picture called "Shanghai Express," plus ballyhoo about her pretty pretty legs and blurbs about wearing trousers to cover those legs, made her star burn brightly for five years .and earned her . $1,500,000. Now, In stage parlance, she is washed up. Paramount, like other producers, lost heavily on her most recent pictures, so Paramount Paramount is paying her $250,000 for NOT making "French Without Tears," and tearing up their Contract Similarly, Greta Garbo may be washed up in Hollywood after the poor boxoffice showing of "Conquest," on which JI-G-it expended 52,250,000. Who will take the place they formerly held? A newcomer with legs as beautiful as Marlene's is Dan- ..ieHe Darrieux, a l r e a d y the screen sweetheart of fifty million million Frenchmen. This petite, har.el-eyed French girl received 20 curtain calls on the night of her stage debut In Paris In 1935. Universal saw Danielle in the role of Slarie Velsera in the foreign film "ilayerling" and grabbed her. She learned English from the works of Eugene O'Neill and Sinclair Lewis. Danielle Darrieux's Appearance In the "Mayertlng" with Charles Boyer (See Bollywood to Sign Her as a Star. But Changed Her Coiffure, Style of Makeup "She's a Combination of MHIc. Who? Why, Franclslia the opera house where she made Ilona ambitious to opera star. Her untrained

Clipped from
  1. The Fresno Bee The Republican,
  2. 23 Jan 1938, Sun,
  3. Page 24

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