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19490720 The Berkshire Eagle (Pittsfield, Massachusetts) Wednesday, July 20, 1949 p16 CLIP - !·--*»** BctfaMr* Comity Eagle, Wediumhr,...
!·--*»** BctfaMr* Comity Eagle, Wediumhr, J**r *0, 1949 Quadrozzi Fans 13 as Pittsfield Flynn a n d Morehead Have * ~ Seven Hits Between Them Coach Hickey't County Champs Score In Seven of Eight Turns at Bat-Second Bat-Second Game at Easthampton Tonight By ROGER (KGARA Pittsfield fans in a disappointing gathering of 150 at Wahconah Park last night started to look back after the first three innings. Some went only a month and a day to the Saturday afternoon when William (Bobo) Quadrozzi pitched Pittsfield High to the state interscholastic championship. championship. But those with longer memories could go all the way to 1940 to find a local American Legion representative with as much class as- Coach Eddie Hickey's Pittsfield High entry had in a 10-1 conquest of hitherto unbeaten Easthampton Easthampton in the opening game of a best of three series. Very ImprMdre Showing Probably much of the enthusiasm enthusiasm stemmed from the Irrefutable fact that thU was the most impressive impressive Aart Pittsfield had made In advanced Legion play since Timmy Ryan'i club of nine years ago started to move to the New England title. Recent Pittsfleld county champions have failed to get by Connecticut Valley opposition. opposition. QiMdrozzl had much to do with the ntceeu. Thoroughly rested as th* result of careful handling by Hlckty, Bobo made th* highly-regarded highly-regarded Easthampton hitters look pathetic. He curved them to death for 13 strikeouts, and two of their six hits were tainted. So Pittsfleld goes an Important one up in the series. The teams are meeting tonight at 5.30 at Daley Field in Easthampton. If a third (·me Is necessary, It will be played here tomorrow night at Denting Field. That was decided* last night by th« toss of a coin prior to the itart of play. The FKUfleld-EuthMipton s* rlet victor wltt oppose « comblna tlon Athol-Orange team in a best of three aeries, starting Friday. Athol-Ormng* drew a bye in the lone pairings. Coach Hlckey may start right- hander Cyril Gorman at Easthampton. Easthampton. He also has southpaw John Masslmlano and right-hander Joe Zavattero. After what Pitts field did to his right-handed ace, Pete Dumphy, Coach Howard Stone of Easthampton is expected to choose from two portsiders, Dick Dukeshire or Jimmy Major. However, Pittsfleld has only one left-handed hitter, Tony Fredyn. Perfect Record Dumphy, a little fellow with considerable considerable speed, entered the game with a perfect record in high school and Legion competition. If he had lost somewhere along the line even as a grammar school boy, no one could remember It. He had thrown two' no-hitters for Easthampton High the p«kt spring, and his glittering glittering six-none record was the center piece In his Legion team's 16 consecutive wins prior to this game. But Pittsfleld early showed its disdain for Connecticut Valley opposition opposition and reputation. It scored in seven of Its,eight turns at bat, ·nd hammered Dumphy for 13 hits. Only one was for extra bases, but practically all of them were on the nose. In fact, coupled with what Pittsfield did for itself, eight passes and five errors provided so many scoring opportunities that it began to look ridiculous. But it didn't appear one-sided at the outset. Quadrozzi whs in water whose temperature at l e a s t equalled the day's in the very first Jnning. Easthampton filled the bases with no one out on a pass to* Skee Potasky and scratch infield hits by Flo Geryk and Dukeshire. Bob* Ecoapes Then Bobo showed poise. He got clean-up hitter Joe Fagnand on a foul out to catcher Hit Flynn, fanned Ed Novak and forced Dick McCabe to ground harmlessly to second baseman Buddy Sheran. Pittsfield came in to go right to work on Dumphy. Sheran walked, and moved to second on Ferdyn's ground out to Geryk. Don Morehead Morehead singled to left for one run, took second on the throw in, moved to' third when Joe Fagnand dropped Flynn's fly in right field, and counted on Zavattero's single to left. Quadrozzi's hit to McCabe at ·deep short, Sheran's sacrifice, and Morehead's sharp single to center brought another run in the second. second. Flynn's fly single to short center filled the bases, but Dumphy Dumphy prevented further scoring by fanning Zavattero and getting Krieger to hit into a forceout at second. The third removed all doubt as to the outcome. Dumphy's control blew sky-high. Passes to Joe Lavelle and Quadrozzi, with Cyril Gorman's sacrifice sandwiched between, between, set the stage. Sheran's single single to left scored Lavelle. Ferdyn walked, and Flynn's line single through the box brought In two moj-e. Coach Stone conferred at length with Dumphy at this point, and the boy insisted that he wanted to stay. So he remained for the entire game. Pittsfield applied more torches to him with single counters in the fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth. All in all, he had to face 46 men. Hook Never Sharper Quadrozzi meanwhile was mow- ng down the visitors. His hook never was sharper, although it appeared appeared to veteran observers in the 3ress box that he possibly was using it too much in the late innings innings with such a big lead. He set :he side down in order in four nnings, and had a four-hitter entering the eighth. Then, after he first two men had been retired, he lost his shutout on a triple to right by left-handed Dukeshire and Joe Fagnand's single to left. His control was a little shaky in he first two innings. He issued a pass in each turn, but gave only one more in the last seven. Pittsfield committed only one error. Easthampton was charged with five, but pulled three double plays. Flynn, Morehead and Sheran, all Mgh school regulars, were the big hitters with four, three and two, respectively. And young Mr. Qua- drozzi blossomed forth as a sticker. Barrington Beats Stockbridge Nine In League Game GREAT BARRINGTON -- The Great Barrington Legion defeated the Stockbridge AC 5 to 2 on Memorial Memorial Field last night. It was a S o u t h e r n Berkshire Twilight League contest The first four locals' runs were the direct result of Gibbon's wild pitch, a balk and an over throw to second. The latter allowed two runners to score. Harry Sheehy scattered six singles singles and struck out seven AC batters batters while coasting to his first league win. The tall righthander also led his team at bat with a double and a single in three trips. The locals will play the Lenox Town team in Lenox tonight. Eki« Evans will be out after his fifth straight league victory, pitching for the veterans. The score: Long's Hitting Features at Grays Win Two Dale Long of Cheshire, former Adams High School athlete, who played with Oneonta one season, continues to hit the ball hfcrd for Williamsport of the Eastern League. In a double-header against Utica last night Dale came through with four hits including including two home runs, a double and a single in six official times at bat. He batted in three runs in each game and in the double bill handled 19 chances at first base without a mlscue. Williamsport took both contests, contests, winning the opener 5-4 and the nightcap 6-2. Slotkbriic* ab hco a J Downs. I 1 Stem. 3 0 Unlit. 1 « McOo'an.c 0 D.Ounn. It 0 Olbboni. D 1 S.Ounn. a 0 O'B'h'm.cI 0 Head, it 0 0 1 0 0 3 1 1 1 0 1 1 ,( 1 0 0 l a ; 0 1 0 1 1 0 Gnat Barrlwtm ab h(po D'Or'nde.i 4 I Ouldl. 1 4 0 DMTm.ir i i Slaoatt.ef 3 l Dei1eck.cf 0 0 81mon», c 1 0 "-iktas. 1 J 1 --ciyit.i o o Curtlw. rf J 1 IemoUnt.2 2 o Sheehy, p 3 J ill Jl ~5 *7 S H T Oreat Barrlnirton ,. 000 MO --S Stoekbridw ooo MJ 0--2 Runs. Calkins 2. Curtlss. Slmona. Sl«o- «kl. Lavelle. McOowan. Errori, Stern Olbbonj, s. Ounn. Two-base hit, Sheehy. Stolen bases, D. McDcrmott. Calkins. Cur- tlss. Iflt on bases, Great Barrlnsrton 8. fojkbjlilee 7. Base on balls, off Sheehv *: Olbbon* 4. Struck out. bv Sheehv 7. a«*ons 1. Wild oltcn. Olbbonj. Balk Olbbons. Umpires. Lls and Williams. Time. He had only one for four, but he drove in«two runs with a pair ot flies to center. The score: FittifleM ab h po Sheran, 2 4 3 2 Ferdyn. 3 3 0 M'head,cf 5 3 Flynn, c 5 Za'tero.rf 4 G valtis.rf 1 0 Krieeer. U 5 1 Javelle, a 2 0 1 0 4 14 1 0 0 1 0 orman.l 3 1 7 Q'drozzl.p 4 1 1 Eaathampton ab h po a Potasky.cf 3 1 3 1 Gervk. 3 4 1 2 3 0 D'shire. 1 4 2 9 1 2JFnand.r( 4 2 0 0 0 Novak, 3 4 0 5 3 C McCfebe. s 4 0 1 0 0 DFnand If 2 0 1 0 1 K'k'taka.U 2 0 0 0 1 Sheppard.c 1 0 3 1 2 Wlsn'skl.c 1 0 0 0 Dumphy. o l 0 0 4 38 13 27 t 32 9 24 13 Pittsfleld »13 110 11--10 Easthampton 000 000 010-- 1 Huns. Sheran 2. Morehead 3. Krles-r. avclle 2. Quadroizl 3. Dukeshire. Buna aatted !n Sheran. Morehead. Plynu 3. Zavaterro. Quadrozzl 1, J. Fagnand. Errors. Errors. Flynn. OerYt J. Faanand. MeCabe 2. Dumohv Two-base hit. Flvnn. ThrSe- base hit Dukeshire. Stolen base. Morehead. Morehead. Sacrifices. Shfran. Gorman. Double Double nlavs. Potasky. Sheopard and Novak: Dumphv. Dulceshlre and Novak. Novak and Dukeshire. Left on bases. Plttsneld 12, Easthajnctcn '. Base on balls, oft Quadrozzl 3. DumDhv 2. Struck out, bv Quadrozzi 13 Dumohv 2. Passed ball, Flvnn. Umpires. Rav Lvnch ST. and Eav Lynch Jr. Time. In. Mm. Second Round Of Golf Event Is Completed Second round matches in the President's Cup golf tourney at the Country Club of Pittsfield resulted resulted as follows: Division A E. J. Dube defeated G. A. Gustafson, Gustafson, 2 up; J. M. Keith beat J. N. Stack, 2 and 1; W. P. Smith beat H. M. White Jr., 2 and 1; J. W. Butler won over H. S. Hart by default. Division B C. C. McCracken beat R. F. Johnson, Johnson, 2 up; S. J. Hegg beat H. R. Birt, 1 up; Dr. F. R. Congdon beat W. G. Oliver, 6 and 5; Dr. W. G. Ahern beat H. M. Harris Jr., 4 and 3. In the third round matches which must be completed by Friday, Friday, Dube will play Keith, Smith will meet Butler, McCracken will play Hegg and Dr. Congdon will oppose Dr. Ahcrn. The Referee's By JOHN Fine Start by Pittsfleld Pittsfleld defeated Easthampto 10-1 in a Western Massachusett Americair Legion Junior cham pionship game at Wahconah Par last evening. A fine record wa claimed for the visitors but the proved a soft touch for the horn club. Bobo Quadrozzi hurled verj well and the Pittsfield team as whole was impressive. The secon game of the series will be playe at Easthampton this evening an if a third Is necessary it will tak place here tomorrow evening. In Answer t* Questions A Canaan, Conn., reader in quires: "Is it always an error when catcher drops a foul fly?" If a catcher is considered have muffed a ball that he had reasonable chance to catch it is error. · Many years ago it was figured an error if a catche dropped a foul ball unless the ba( ter later reached his base. Tha method of scoring was changed long time ago. Now the decisio is promptly made as to whethe or not the muff should be figure an error. Another reader asks for a ru ing on this play: "With two men out and a ner on third, batter is thrown at first but runner crosses plat before out is made at first. Doe the run count?" The run does not count becaus it was the third out and the ter was forced to reach first in der to have the run count. Mat Matches Hera Tonight Pittsfleld fans will have chance at Wahconah Park tonigh to see how much has been added to professional wrestling in th past few years. Joe DeMaria wi put on a card as he thinks sufficient interest In the grappler to draw a good sized crowd. I inclined to figure he is right. Th people may not take the mat as seriously as they used to bu many persons like to see the and groan boys do their stuff. Pittsfleld fans have watched Gu Sonnenberg, Henri DeGlane, Stan ley Stasiak, Count Zarynoff, Pa Fraley, Bibber McCoy, Dann O'Mahoney, Harry Cornsweet, A Morelli, Leu Macaluso, the Duse' brothers, Sam Cordovanno, Do 3eorge and many others. The have seen masked mrvels an fellows who were far from mar vels. They saw flying tackles, fly ing mares, body presses and vari ous other holds. They saw matche jo the limit other result in quid decisions. At times there hav jeen double knockouts when th joys bumped heads. The airplane jet is expected t be shown tonight by Roland er of Louisiana, who will g against Chick Montana of Kansa n the feature event. It all shoul be-fun. Lawing Star of Week Garland (Butch) Lawing, Que bee left fielder, was the star of week in the Canadian-American League for the period ending July 9. He beat out Chuck Weiss Amsterdam first baseman, by a scant margin. Lawing won daily stars at July 3 and 4, getting six hits total of 12 bases in nine trips. batted in seven runs and scored Weiss also won two daily stars getting two homers and two sin gles in six official times at bat. Frank Sacka of Gloversville also landed two daily stars, batting in seven runs and scoring five. Law ng and Weiss handled their fielding fielding chances perfectly but Weiss, catcher by trade, was -used ai shortstop and made two miscues. Other daily star winners were: Amsterdam, Basta, Kronenberg Morgan, Norton. Gloversville, Cullinane, Mylnarek Smith. Oneonta, DeMaestri, Herrin, Mai- zone, Moody, Ondani, Smith. Pittsfield, Hunter, Masuga, Prentice, Prentice, Wilder. Quebec, Danelishen, E r i c Shetler, Sinram. Rome, Booker, Robinson. Schenectady, Marshall, Thompson, Thompson, Yarnell. Manager Jim Cullinane of Gloversville Gloversville is still the leader for individual individual honors with 10 daily citations. citations. Masuga, Marshall and Shet- ~.er are tied for second with nine. Among the clubs, Gloversville, Oneonta and Quebec are tied for first with 42 each. Amsterdam is fourth with 40.

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