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19490711 The Evening Tribune (Hornell, New York) Monday, July 11, 1949 p8 CLIP - The Sox plav second division l^ em ~ had bltm...
The Sox plav second division l^ em ~ had bltm TM *«·!««* trou- club, for the 'remainder of the^_ ^ n . e ,. of .^ em .. f _ l « u ^; · them--had him in week, playing at home against Lockpon tonight and tomorrow. ever in the onlv run Bill Rod. " " ^ the in WelUviile Werine=dav and Thurs-' Shorts . top -^ . Ri ^er booted his dav. at Olean Friday, and at home gl "° unaer \ Roa f ers wa s sacrifice-i against the Oilers again on Satur-" Se f°° d and scored on Kcn . Ph«adelphia. July dav and Sundav ;Brauns single. :terw«ght Champion Outfielder Bill Boyce collected:faced with ! Harry (the cat) Brecheen pitch- 1 1-0, although held to two hits by! C/. a l« e ed the Red Birds to a 4-2 tri-iRandy Gumpert. *JC«*1C» umph in the opener and Lefty All Lefty Bill Wight held the Tigers; Danelishen Finds ITittlit WA£«I. * : Brazle, with help in the ninth from!to five blows in beating Hal New-'f 1 ,--,- A ·»/· riJJIll Tf eiffn-ln Gerrj- Staiey. downed the Reds, houser. Gumpert walked Pat Mul-;Ajcin-AIll If III Robinson. ;7-4. in the final. The last place Kusso's ailing pitching staff was not helped over the weekend. Both newscomers. Babe Rodrique and Richie Colombo are bi: .. , 1 "* o " ly hlts ofl Gornan ln he had a year ago, will own set of scales into town: ates, 8-6 and 9-6, a Phil Cavarretta .was the batting! be out f a sprained ankle and Rodrique is:* suffering from an injured arm: · which forced him to retire from; the Jamestown game Friday. Col-i ombo suffered an injury when slid-!, ing home against the Falcons Fri-j day night. · It'll be either Johnny Gilbert or; Carl Gustafson against the Reds tonight. The weekly Player of th?| Week award will be made tonignt.: Tomorrow night's attraction will! include a 10-minute exhibition ofj model airplane flying. i -- * - -- the ;U - tl , JinJthe fit * innin * and then ! Alex Dinelishen. fully recovered Chicago Cubs:yielded a run-scoring double to; from a ^^^ start hjs won six eight-game,Dick Wertz. Art Houtteman held j str aight games for the leading Queto four singles. bcc Braves of the Canadian-American League. Danelishen. a 15-game winner for Wilkes-Barre in the Glass A Club Standings :9 p. m. (EST). | The 28 - year - old titleholder i breezed into town after double and single in th Sand a two run homer in the sec-i H«»«iOgdeiisb«rg Closes Geneva Robins The Border League's front-run-j in * he class c Canadian-American. ! But then he started. Danelishen PONY LEAGUE f * h the Yesterday* Result! HORNELL ». 0!ein 7. Bradford 2. Ba.svia 0. Hamilton 7, WeilsviHe 4. Jamestown t. Lockport S. SatuMUrt Scorei Olean 4, Lockport 1. Other fames, rein. Geneva Robins .could almost hot breath of hustling _,, and Auburn on their! Thre * R v ers last night as Quebec ay i widened its lead over idle Oneonta ·v«'«d. ^ P ° mPt0n LakM ' K ' J " ! ^i!^..;;a^nd C ; d^b^d^ Ogdensbirg, which took two jyesierday. i between the Yankees and Washine- of tnrce week ' end ? ames from t h e , g ( TT«.j__,.i ' *.l» + U.* * i i MCI w ceil 111 v J. a^lCCO *IIU IT M3II11IK , . . . » · TnccAc ! t\en with this special workout.',,,,, at ^- ew y 0 rk leaders, now is only three and one-j losses - ait unhead of tiriu one ciayi Robbv Fe i ler r 'p ce ived t-redit for hal£ games behind. And Auburn.!_ A scheduled afternoon game al Ibefore an important fight. Robin-;,, %%^leve and LTumph over the'^ sweeping three from W^rl!'. pounds -- one-; st . LO UJJ Browns in a game that; town ' is onl - v four and one-half : rain ,...». Boston Braves and Phils at; · Philadelphia and a doubleheaderj between the Yankees and an alrnosi. unhead of uriU one ciay^ ._.....- . . ^ . ._ .... ...^ _ . ^^ postponed because of son weighed 1471 _ _ _ half pound over the "limit he mu«t|Si. Jl SIJj! d "t" t S IV of^lx iJS lj ««»* ofllh'e pace. " " \ Rain and wet grounds wiped out make at the official weigh-in at the;*"* SlJiS J »TMJ? The^cond ; After absorbing an 18-4 licking!TM*t »f the card yesterday. But it «i*». A **C JCV,UUW . f^ c* _M i .rt. * '· _*_ . 'Hiriwi'i Sua_liBc *f the Clvbt Results of Sports Over Weekend Horse tUctag New York -- Palestinian ^54.50)L ..,,. H "T^"^,*^-' whipped Capot. which had laid' '"' 6 ' ' ' ' ' arena this morning. ^^eTaTpVtUnrt' "* w " uu at Geneva Saturday. OgderisburiidWn't P«vent Jimmy Cullinane's i Sugar Rays expected battle with: Jackie ^Graham drove hnmp all struck back on Sunday to sweep! onrushin S Gloversville club from ithe scales has heightened interest! of the St Louis runs with a pair :both ends * f a doubleheader, 6-5!m?yin8 jnto first division. ?IL%.^^ d ,±K^L!?i'* h-ers. His 14th and loth ol\TM*TM: season. The victory moved the · tors and a $150,000 gross gate.; -» i Robinson will get 40 per cent of' · 6 a · ~* w **«" i 'v»« "A** aj^-v -xv r*~i CCUL ui j * : ~ "· ithe net gate. Gavilan will collect Yesterdav 7 § Stars 7,-- j 4, 3; 5j s: i\ i-,4i;27j.«i3! per cent. The show will be strictly n u t r .. ^ v Fhu Cavarretta. Cubs-- Manager Zeke Bonura j protested Sunday's Kingston-Ot- ttawa game which Ottawa won 4-1. IZeke hit to center in the ntyth and jLen Riley, Ottawa centerfielder, 'ran ''through'' the fence after the The .Glovers took over fourth place from Pittsfield with a 6-5 win at Rome. A scheduled second game was called because of wet grounds. pire City Handicap at Jamaica. Chicago--Calumet Farm's Du chess Peg .515.60 . two-year-old daughter of Whirlaway. won the' SaO.OOO-added Arlington Lassie! stakes at Arlington Park in a pho-i to finish over Baby Comet. j Gotf j Reading. Pa.--Gary Middlecoff.; National Open champion, won th«; $15.000 Reading Open Golf Tour-; nament with a 72-hole total of:i" 266. one stroke ahead of PGA Champion Sammy Snead. Xorristown. Pa.--Charlie Bos- Weli. 32-year-old former Alabama football star, won his third National Blind Golf Championships with a 213 for 36 holes of medal General \iaekport -- 7: 4: » ! broadcast or television. ij*?-. aouoie and single to feature The ball wasn - t f0ulld and im n j:.ii«!»!--t!»wm:jnj The champ is taking no chancesjducagos 8^ first ^me victory; contended he shouW j^ve b«l a I 7; 4: in:-. 4:7MM.4«3ion being overweight at the weigh-; ov * r p 'ttsburgh. Socked two-nin; hoine ,,,,, «L.i_'._«i.r3;4j-:«:a'46:334iiii. He brought in scientificalllvi n ° mer lo clinch 9 ~ 9 s««nd game; »*· ·m . _ *· i t«-iiinnnli : a; t: a: 3 4--IOSQ J8»!tested scales and will step on them: trlun)pn - i Cas «y Stengel, present New York! AMCKICAN LEAGUE l«t » a m. sESTL To determine^ pitchln ^ Art Houtteman. Tigers^Yankee manager, was with the Gi- iwhether he can make the limit' --Allowed only four singles in ants in 1923 and his two home runs Iwithout further effort beyond his' pitenin * ! ^troit to 1-0 triumph · won the only game the Giant* cap- jdrying out period :abstainin* from iover Cnica *° in second game ofitured in the World Series against i liquids). doubleheader. j If he's over the marker, he will sumt.it ·( tkc ci.ki ihead for a local gym for a final! Cleveland T, Bo*tor. S-11, Philadelphia i-lo7 Chicago 4-0. Detroit 2-1. Sth 'the Yanks. York » 27 « Detroit Clevtljnd 44 3B .S ti s -_ a local gym for a 41 3» 5l3' sweating; oul session. 33 42 .440; ""*"a Cira ' tt HORNELL SPORTS FANS NATIONAL LEAGtt V««Mr4UT's Brooklyn 7. New York 1. Bo*lon at Philadelphia, rain. Chicago 8-9. Pittsbure 6-« St. Louis 4-7, CincinrTati 1-4. MuHtmt «f the ·c H W L Pet Lisbon, Portuga]--Fortune Gor; Brooklyn 4731 .«8X dien. former Minnesota star, bet- · J ^ U . B ,,, tered the listed world's record forjphiia' ihe iiscus. with a throw of I85i feet 2 47-192 inches. The record is' 181 feet 6 3-8 inches by AdolfD- Consolini of Italy. i St. Louis 47 Boston 31 344 Ctncy. ! Saratoga Springs. N.Y., July 111 ! --(JPt--The Grand Circuit--harness 'racing's "bag league"--will open a ;12-night stand tonight at Saratoga I Raceway. About $100.000 in stake ! money will be distributed in 20 ·featured trotting and pacing events. £ m ^Si» In l2 tries - Briti sh amateur golf-1 S 44 4» iers nave Won nl ~ one Walker Cup 31 45 ** match--in 1938. » M .375 IKTERXATIOKAI. Toronto 3-1. Mnntmi! 1-7. Bu«*i- 11-3. Rocheste?- 3-31. Syracuse »t Xe-.varit. rain. Jersey City »t Ba]tinx)re, rain. Philadelphia-- fi--One of the! most improved pitchers over his- 1948 record is Hank BOTOWA- of the' Phillies. As a Cub last season he ; Jer. c:t started 17 times but went the Toror to distance only twice. Through June; 6 he had hurled seven complete i games for the Phillies, winning! five of them. i W L Pet. 51 a .s** 47 4. X .Ml 4ft 40 W LPct. 41 4tt t£ 23 4« .r3(l » 48 ,377 27 5 .342 EASTERN LEAGfE _ . Klmira at Hartford, rair.. WUliamsporl at Altmny. rair.. Wilkes-Bf-iTC at Vtica. rain. Binfhamton 1-4, Scranton 0-4. Two; c of a* P South Bend, lnd. ~:.f)-- _ _ jnember, of the 1M» Notre D. m ei Albanv 5 £ *g Utiea basebaU squad come from baae- w.-B*rre 4» « .MI win-port at 41 hall families. Catcher Dick Ma her si £»"«« 2 i* !!i J*"?*"* 2 4I father. Charles Maber. is coach A* -Western Michigan's diamond squad, i The 4th national amateur golf and Outfielder Don Grieve is the! championship will be held over the son of Bill Grieve, American [Oak Hill Country Club Pittsford, League umpire. IN. Y., August 29 to September 3. .43B ·*» * J " 7 Pag. *--THE EVENING TRIBUNE, HOB.VEIJL. -\ Y. JULY 11, 1M§ BASEBALL Pkrf-By-Ploy 8:00 Tonight wiw ounn nctui* BED SOX V*. LOCEPORT RayoMHid Caflahcnau WWHG root sroxn STATION H*ar Your "Red Sox" Sportscaster CHUCK RICHARD "SPORTS PAGE" 6:00 P.M. WWHG FM-AM Monday Thru Saturday A CompUt* Round-up of H«w» from tfa* Load and National Sporting Scon* Sponiorod by Russ Davis Motor Sales, Inc. C A N A N HORNELL GROCERY 182 CANISTK) ST., PHONE 711

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