John W Herron's dgtr Emily weds Parsons 3 Apr 1878. President Hayes attends...? related?

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John W Herron's dgtr Emily weds Parsons 3 Apr 1878.  President Hayes attends...? related? - a ! PAHSOXS I1EKE0N. A lfotable Wedding Oolden...
a ! PAHSOXS I1EKE0N. A lfotable Wedding Oolden In Eeflne- Eeflne- zaent and Taste, At TThlch TTere Itrs. President Hayes and Other Distinguished U nests. Somstalag About the Seeeptlom, ths TsilsU and the uaeita. Some weeks since the engagemeDt of Miss Emily Herron. of this city, to Mr. Ousts tus Swan Parsons, of Coiumbus, Ohio, was announced by Madam Rumor. The rumor was verified a few days ago by the following Invitation, neatly printed on the anewlest ot paper, which was worded as follows Mr. akb Mrs. Johv W. Brrrow reqneat your presence as tne Marriage ceremony of their da ugh tee jiilx to GrsTAVirs 8waw Parbobs. Wednaeday evening. April third, at half paat five o'clock. BevenUt Pieabytenao Church, Ciueinnatl. ItfS. A very great many lnritationa, nomberlng In the hundreds, to the ceremony at the church were issued, issued, but the Invitations to the reception were eon- eon- fiiied to tbe favored few. TUB OBOOK. Mr. Gustavua Swan Parsons is a eon of Mr. George M. Parsons, of Columbus, a prominent citi- citi- sen of that eity. a banker of great wealth, and owner of much valuable real estate. The name will be recalled to many of our readers by a remembrance of tbe nnptlals of a sis ter of the groom. Miss Msy Parsons, to the Prince De Lynar, of Prussia, the Prince being genuine In title, birth and fortune. The Prince and Princess De Lynar are now living In elegtnt apartments in Parts. The groom, Mr. Parsons, takes his middle name. Swan, from that of his mother, who was a daughter of tbe late Judge Swan, of this State. He Is about the medium In height, of a blonde complexion, with a very light mustache ahd no beard, and looks as though be had a will of his own at the age of about twenty eight. Til K BKIDR, Miss Emily Herron, is a daughter the eldest, we think.) of the Hon. John W. Herron, a gentleman most Highly skilled in the science of law, and who was a prominent and well-informed well-informed well-informed member of tbe late Ohio Constitutional Convention. Mr. Herron la a very intimate friend of President Hayes, and Mrs. Hayes aud Mrs. Herron have been on a social footing of extreme good feeling for years. Miss Emily Herron is that type of beauty that can be called neither bruaette or blonde. With hair thai is dark enough for a brunette and complexion light and bright enough for tbe fairest blonde, it Is a combination that makes np tbe all that Is attract ive in face. Her figure Is slight but well rounded and exceedingly graceful, and she made bride of note, not only In dress and elaborate attire, but iu evidence of strong, genuine character. TBE WEDDING. As announced, took place at the Seventh Presbyte rian Church, ou Broadway, for several days as-the as-the as-the local papers have made public tbe fact tbat Nra. President ttayes wouio d urenm me uuui iiaia sml mnaHUMiilr it was suDnosed the idle curiosity to see me nr-t nr-t nr-t itajr- itajr- oi our una wouiu bring out a crowd of trifling people, and. although a large number of this c.ass were present, yet the assemby oi guests was tbe finest In quality, elegance, elegance, dresa and culture we have ever seen assembled assembled on a similar occasion In this city. The aressinK of the ladies present was especially hand some ana cosuy. AT TUB CHURCH The preparations were complete and tasteful. A maiunt oi Drown oemp iiKiiunus uia iiauiuwiai white linen) was laid iroin me curb to the church-vestibule church-vestibule church-vestibule for the (air bride and her attendants to walk upon, and the usual number of seats or pews were reserved by a wnlle saun ribbon across tne aisles for tbe bridal party ana intimate inenaa. The altar and surroundings were most beau- beau- titoliT tlecorated. On the lanre bedeslaU which aurmatunted either eud ot tiie chancel were nana soiue palms, and lakiug them for a base, rising to a high but gracetui aitituue, were uravaemas, icnii ana inossea, inn oase oi ine pirmuiiu wa ww poeed of about fifty pots of choice terns and mosses, wnite in toe ceuier ui uio pjrawuiu were banked, amid the bright evergreens, innumerable Dots of the feathery and snowy astelba. Tbe handsome floral decorations, both at the church and at the residence, were fum'sne l by rlichell. ana the ornamentation at tne cnurvn arera maoe untier uie iiuiucuiaicauii.iaiuu ". .uiaite tasle of Mrs. Colonel L. M. iMTton. Cntchell acting under her guidance. 1 he steps of the chancel vera covered with the whitest of lmen. Placed on either tide of the organ, in the organ loft, were two strong calcium lights. At about twenty minutes . . . i i. . - i... vi . ri..L. w IIKlllTBUtlUl-a IIKlllTBUtlUl-a IIKlllTBUtlUl-a Miouigaiivs uvm.iiw . w....- w....- man, plared most exquisitely oion the organ, rendering rendering such familiar airs as "Sweet Spirit, Hear my P rarer." "bceues xnai are Bn:ni irom lluriiana and others, in a very pleasing way. At half-oaj-t half-oaj-t half-oaj-t half-oaj-t half-oaj-t five Mrs. John W. Ilern.n. the mother of the bride, entered the church-door church-door church-door leaning upon the arm ot the groom's father. Mr. Parsona, sen., and walked down tbe center aisle to a seat near and in Iron l of the altar, following her was MRS. PRESIDENT HATES. Accompanied by her eldest eon, Mr. Birchsrd Have. and then followed the Immediate friend. and relatives of the high contr cling parties. Mrs. Hares was attired in a very handsome white satin striped grenadine, made with white silk Sieeves. and elaborately trimmed with real point lace. On her right shoulder she worn a bouluinirr of bricht flower. Her hair was arranged in her uxual plain style Grecian knot and bow an the forehead. She wore nooruaments. but orried in her band a handsome bouquet oi fresh buds and a beautiful white satin Ian. A very handsome shell comb was worn in her hair. MRS. JOHN W. HERRON. Tbe mother oi tbe bride, wore a baudsome costume of black Rutin and cardinal, a combination suit. trimmed with real black thread lace, sleeves oi lace and verv elaborately made. Her balr was arranged iu a single low braid lu the back, and plainly but most becomingly arrangea wita tiigni puns ana frizzes in front. She looked end was dlgnifled, and was attired in a style exceedingly becoming to her dark complexion but nana.oweoraer oi beauty. AS TUI BRIDAL, r A KT T Entered the chu ch-door ch-door ch-door the calcium lights were tnruwn noon them with full trencih. and the or gan pealed the grand strains of "Lohengrin's wedding March." making the descent of the aisie by the party really picturesque ana novel r irt came tne uners. ax in numoer: ssenra. 1'. i ,111 lluilllilKWli, a .sum ...... , w . v J , Colonel L. M. Markbreit, Ed O'lVnohue and Ed T .-. .-. .-. : - V. . 11 .....i.-frm .....i.-frm .....i.-frm W . .. n W llM.n.ll l.ih. IT AW. ward Harrison, who were ail arrayed in the full evenina dress of gentlemen. Next came, la time to the delicious strains oi music THE BRIDEMAIPS. Who were Miss Panons. of Columbus, a stater of tbe groom; Miss Nellie Herron. a sister of the bride: Miss Carrie Collins: Miss Clara west, aaoin- aaoin- ter of Kev. Dr. N. Wet. of this city; Miss Erf.e James, and Miss Florence Fletcher. The bride- bride- raaids were unattended. 1 bey were all robed in u resales with waists of white silk, some low in corsage and others high, and skirts and sleeves of cream-colored cream-colored cream-colored "wash blonde or tulle." All wore illusion veils attached to the hair in tunic style, which was exceedingly becoming and very graceful. Two of the yonng ladies clustered the veil to the hair with taawoxes. two with white buds and two with Dink flowers, and gar lauded the skirt witn nowers oi tne same nue. ... ..... i . A FP ROACH INO THR ALTAB The osbers divided, three going to tbe litrht and three to tbe left, as did also the bridemaida The bride entered aud walked to the altar attended by her father. The groom, as the bride approached, attended by his "best man," Mr. Altred Morgan, of New York City, a grandson of Governor Morgan, of New lork, walked from the right-hand right-hand right-hand vestry-room vestry-room vestry-room door, and received her in the center of tbe chancel from her father, and. at the same time the omciating clergyman, the Kev. Dr. lioce. ot tbe Presbyterian Church, of Za lesville. Ohio, Entered and met the groom and bride from tl.e left band vestry-room vestry-room vestry-room aoor. While tbe Rev. tr. Hoee solemnly read ine marriage ceremony soft and melodious strains from the organ wafted through the church. It was noticeable that the brine restxinaea to the rector in clear ana distinct tones, while the groom could not be heard in a single response. ben the clergyman announces tne pair "man and wife," and said. "Let as all pray." tne bridal tartv fell to their knees on the altar steps: the au dience bowed their beads. As the miuister, standing erect, with eye lifted heavenward, aud with tne kneeling lorms ot a room ana onae, ana ushers around him, repeated the Lord's Prayer, all the conicratulauon goiug with hiio. and the brisbt eleam of the ca'rium light on all. the scene w as a tableaux ot the nneslcnmax ana a gen uine picture '1 be benediction was then pronounced and the wedded pair. In the lead, walked out of the church, and taking a carnage were driven to the home of the bride on Tike street, soon followed bv the at- at- teudauila and friends. Aoocg THR Ol'Ssrrs AT TUB CRtlttB Were noticed Mr. VV. w. Scarborough snd wife, of walnut Hills; Mr. A. D. Bullock -nl -nl wife, of Ml Auburn: Mrs, John Shillito. of Ml Auburn: Mr. and Mrs. Colonel L. M. Dayton. Hon. F. I'erry and wife. Mrs. Ferry in full reeeuuon dresa. Mrs. Davton was aiso in full evening costume, without bonnet, hair elaborately elaborately dressed and ornamented with plain flowe-s flowe-s flowe-s and tortoise-shell tortoise-shell tortoise-shell comb. Her dresa was exceedingly exceedingly handsome a pale pink brocade embroidered In moss creen. and wore diamond oriamenta. Dr. John Wiiliamsand wlfeot Walnut Uil s: M?s. Wil liams in full evening dress. Miss boodmau, of walnut Hills: Mrs. wm. Andrews, oi Avondaie; Miss Lizzie Huntington, of Eishta street: Mrs. O. W. Ball. Mrs. Win. Kidgwsy, of Broadway: Miss Ball. Mus Mollis Wayne, of Broadway; aim Kinney, oi Pike street: Mrs. Ho:d and Miss Hord of West Seventh street. Jnhre Collins and daughters, sirs. George Carlisle of West Sixth street. Miss Carlisle. Miss Valiette of West Fouith street. Miss Nouroe. MfceSwaseyof West Seventh stieet. Mrs. Theodore Lee of Broad way, and Mrs. Lee, Miss Annie Sampson of West Eighth street, hi full evening dress: Miss CampbellTMrs. R. Ringwalt, Mrs. Blsaell anddansh- anddansh- . . , . . : a - - J main . lers, Mrs. ir. jodh ms, uj wk- wk- JTSZTZ ,i k Mias Ada Phlpps and Miss Davis, of East Foorth street; Mrs. Ham i. xtroaaweu. a-1 a-1 a-1 -SJ. -SJ. XI Wilson. Miaa Wilson. Mr. M. Shoemaker, Mrs. K, M. Shoemaker. Mia i Etta Shoemaker. Shoemaker. Mrs. A. Buchanan. Mrs. Dr. John Murphy Inamniiw rnatnme. MM Buchanan. Mrs. A. Am brose. Mrs. Alfred Gail her. Ms Lizzie Oaither. u t i .tt sriaa Marv McLean. Miss in... -hn -hn .1 Avondaie. Miss foots. Miss Harrison. Mrs. James Guthrie, Mrs. Oliver Perin. Mm. George Harrison. Mia. Nelson Perin. vi i of- of- Waat Ronrth street. Miss Brown xi n r Wast Seventh street, and a great many more which apace will not allow ns to mention. The audience was one of refinement and intelligence, such as la seldom sees oa similar occasions in this city; Immediately after the marriage ceremony -ru -ru AT THR HOlTKR Took Dlaoa. It was of an Informal nature, and was attended only by intimate friends ana relative. Among the guest at the residence we noticed Mr. snd Mrs. William Colllus, .of Oeveland; Mrs. i .. sr iv u.n r Rnffalo. N. Y.. and wr Alfred MorsnTof New York City. Of the family of the groom preaantat the eeremooy were only Mr. George M. Parsons, father of the Rroom. and Miss Parsous, bis sister, the other members of tbe family being absent In Europe. Other guests were Miss Nannie Foster. Mias Locy NefT. Miss Khariockr. Miss Poeev Whiteman. Miss Theresa Davis, Miss KlUie Goodman, Miss Eva Keys. Miss Ltzsto Elocenoa, Mr. and Mrs, John Shtlliio. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Andrews. Mr. and Mrs. N- N- E. Jordan, Mr and Mrs. D. T. Wood row, Mr. ana Mrs. a. u. do oca. un a v prrv. Dr. and Mrs. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Peter White. Judge Hoadly and wife. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Scarborough. Mr. and Mrs. Samael Keys. Dr. and Mrs. John Murpby. Mrs. iu ikaaHs Mr. and Mrs. C W. Woolley and Muw Woolley and others. The spacious parlors parlors of the Herron residence were very elaborately embellished with tLigrant nowers ana ram ajo-mon ajo-mon ajo-mon tha two m,.ti nndev a canopy made en tirely of amilax, stood the bride and groom to re-iwira re-iwira re-iwira eoneratnlationa Pendant from the center of the canopy hung a beautiful monogram. 'P. H.." in scarlet geraniums and white gM D.eni The mantels wete solid banks of flowers, frinsed with moss and the feathery, snowy aslelba, aud the rooms were heavy with tbe rich perfume of the lovely Japan lilies. Tne heavy lace enrteins were also gracefully garlanded with the irean, green Tipiiax we were allowed a glimpse at TUB WEDDINO TROUSsEAO, And briefly mention the following as a part of It: The wedding dress is a heavy cream-colored cream-colored cream-colored corded silk, made Princess, and trimmed witn ncu Honiton lace, with long sleeves made completely completely of lace, surplice neck frilled in with lice. The front is trimmed and embroidered with lace and fringe combined, made with a plain oourt train and trimmed iu knife-pleating. knife-pleating. knife-pleating. 1 he garniture is of marriage-bells, marriage-bells, marriage-bells, ferns and o ranee bloHoms, exceedingly handsome. The bride wore with this dress a sou tune veu over iacw aim uowu back, which was fastened with white flowers. Tbe bride's traveling dress is of black camel's-hair, camel's-hair, camel's-hair, mi.l. ihnrt and trimmed with bands of velvet. in silver a quarter of a yard deep. 1 he bows at lLa side of the overskirt were of double-laced double-laced double-laced sau n ribbon, silver and clalre de lune; a cut-away cut-away cut-away ooat trimmed to match tbe skirt, worn with a p.ain linen collar and cuffs. Tho bat to match his an it la a biack chin, round in shape. aud unique In style, trimmed to match the travel-iuir travel-iuir travel-iuir suit, in biack gauze &atin. with silver ribbons and ornaments of scarlet and silver. Very nobby and slylish. Another dress U a walking postume of Ihihtecru camel's hair and dark brown silk. Tbe kin is short, and is beTond aescripnon oeaun-ful. oeaun-ful. oeaun-ful. . one of Mrs, Cadwailader's most unique nyles. this lady havinK made the ward robe. Tbe bat to match the walking dress is a gray chip, witn orown ana ecru trimmings, trimmings, gnd very stylish. A reception drew is made with court train, underskirt ot Deige- Deige- colored ailk, perfectly plain, with over dress of darker shade, emoroioe.ei in daisies. Marguerites ana lorget-me-uois. lorget-me-uois. lorget-me-uois. lorget-me-uois. lorget-me-uois. 'im hat with this costume is a beauty of beige chip aud gold braid, la Empress snai-e. snai-e. snai-e. trimmed with beige tnarabot leathers, iolJ aud blush pink lloweis of sweet pea. Another dress is an exquisite evening siix oi paie pink made en-train en-train en-train and elaborately trimmed. The over-kirt over-kirt over-kirt is the moat delicate and costly Valeuciennes lace. Tbe hats were furnished the bride by Miss McCann, of West Fourth street, one of our most stylish and popular miliinera. and are works of art. Tbeyareex-quiaitely Tbeyareex-quiaitely Tbeyareex-quiaitely designed and perfectly made and reflect great credit upon the establishment of Miss Mo-Cann. Mo-Cann. Mo-Cann. . - Tbe eotumes were designed and made oy Mrs. Cadwallader, a well-known well-known well-known ntotUMeot this city. 'the uewlv married couple. Mr. and Mrs. Parsona, left last evening at eight o'clock for New York City, and from thence will go to Wash ington, It. C, wnere tney win oe mo guests Ot tne i-resiaent i-resiaent i-resiaent ana ssis, xi cs. Keturnlng to Coiumbus, they will take up a pe nis- nis- nent residence in that city. Mrs. President Hayes leaves for Chillicotbe this morning: will remain there until Friday, and then go to Washington. . MT. VCBaOX. Ttie Ilenae staid Tonah) of WaanlBirteam. As the representative of this Stale in the ML Ver non Ladles' Association of the Tnion it Is my duty to present again to the people of Ohio the claim which this nobis enterprise has upon them. Meat of them are familiar witn the lovely spot, nestled among trees on the banks of the Potomac, where George Washington lived and died, and where, at bis own request, bis ashes repose. This spot many of the noble women of our land felt to be so sacred that tbey determined to purchase It, te be held as a national national Inheritance. For tbla purpose the ML Vernon Ladles' Associa tion of the Cnlon was chartered In 1&56, and a 1 ce lt egent appointed for each State, with a Regent at their bead. These ladles then proceeded to raise gnu. 000, which was ths sum required for the purchase of ML Vernon, and by tbe year 1861 It was accomplished. accomplished. Since then the Association has been obliged to expend In repairs all the money they could raise to prevent lu falling Into Irreparable decay, as very little had been done to it since the deatb of Mia. Washington. In making these repairs great care has been taken to preserve tne Integrity of the building as left by Washington. In order to maintain ML Vernon properly we re-mire re-mire re-mire an endowment fund of Siu.OOO,. the Interest of which will be devoted exclusively to that purpose. One-fourth One-fourth One-fourth of ibia amount has now be-n be-n be-n ra.seo, eacn otaie navins; none aomeiuina; tcwaj-n tcwaj-n tcwaj-n it, within the oast few years. On February 22. It76. a number ot the prominent citixens of Cincinnati save asrraud continental costume reception for this ob ject, and realised from it S2.1fi2. Of this. S2.UU0 was put lit tne jLnuowineiit runu snu inefia. in neces sary repatra. Jn adlltioo to tbla. srswaa raised la duel nnall aa odioi propomoo lotwra reouuutng Washlnaton's old barn. Aa tbe house, when pur chased, was without furnitore, the Association as turned to each of the thirteen original rstatna s room so lurnisn in uw qisiDimviagiiDeranr lays of the Republic. As there were still a few left tuey were given to some of the other prominent estates. In this distribution Ohio was luminals enouich to secure the reception or east room to the riK hi as you enter tbe front door. It Is fur the purpose purpose of furnishing this room and adding to tbe En dowment Fund ihst "Th Mount V ernon Aid A cistlon of Cincinnati" has recently been organised, of wbicn tneroiiowiug are tneomcera: freainent rs. l.orre ra. r-rcojewn. r-rcojewn. r-rcojewn. ViM-Preslnenta ViM-Preslnenta ViM-Preslnenta Mrs. W illiam Henrr Davis. Mrs. Jobn A. MurpbysMrs. A. . Winslow. Mrs. Robert H. Howier, an. ueorge xsoauiy, an. uiiam o. mug- mug- way. itecoraing secretary srs. r . u. nunungion. fjorrespondinc secretary Mrs. K. Wiiiiama. Treasurer Mrs. William P. Hulrort. sjanairera-Mra. sjanairera-Mra. sjanairera-Mra. Georae Carlisle. Mrs. A. S. Isn- Isn- dndga. Mrs. Gardner i'bipps. Mrs. athaniel Foster, . . . . t v r i : . . t v .. & , r saim. urjnr rus, jhib. " ua. xawwhiu, i a. t, in F. Irwin. Mrs. James A. F rarer, Mrs. Alfred UsIUier. Mrs. A. V. Kemper, Mrs. John Price. Mrs. N. H. Mo- Mo- Lean. Mrs. Elizabeth M. Mrs. Robert F. Eea- Eea- nian, Mrs. E. E. l orke, sirs. Maniuet McKeenan, Mrs Jobn I. Jones, tun., Mrs. Alfred L. Barney. Mrs. Joseph Andrews. Mrs. A. Howard Hiokle.Juu. '1 nese ladies nave eacn oeen aasignea certain dis tricts in which to collect the sum of one dollar from all persons who leel sutBcient loveft-r loveft-r loveft-r tbe memory of Washington to Induce them to aid In keeping his borne and tomb in sullaD.e order, and also a aui- aui- teol btaxe pride te Inspire a laudable ambition to nave Ohio's room at Mt- Mt- Vernon credilably Identified Identified with its history, in addition to aoove-named aoove-named aoove-named bad lea, collectors or associate managers will be appointed appointed throughout Ohio, that the entire state may unite in this undertaking. We would add that every person, yonng and old. who paya one dollar to this fuud becomes thereby a permanent member of the AaasaClation. and their nainHl will be inac-ribed inac-ribed inac-ribed aa eucb on a record preserved at ML Vernon. i feel assured that it will not be necessary for trie to orge tbat a cordial reception may be extended to lanes no spirit oi patriotism ana sei -aonegaiion -aonegaiion induces them to o.lle. t funds lor this noble cause, so confident do I feel tbat every oue will welcome aud aid tneni to the extent cf their ability. r.LtiABKTH Lmi Hiuurvrtt, Vlce-Becent Vlce-Becent Vlce-Becent for Ohio of toe ' ML Vernon . sociation-vf sociation-vf sociation-vf the Lnion. ClJ.cI.SNA-: ClJ.cI.SNA-: ClJ.cI.SNA-: I, April Z, 1-C8. 1-C8. 1-C8. The Fwliee) Cwmtw 1 he meeting of the Polioe Commission yrsterdsy was naeventful, except that Pat liogsn waa present-Charley present-Charley present-Charley Brown was absent C M. UoUoway waa elected Its President cn motion of Colonel Weber, and it. T- T- At. uaroeti, uisinct roy&ician or tne Twenty-fifth Twenty-fifth Twenty-fifth Ward. re.laned. Kx-Prvsideut Kx-Prvsideut Kx-Prvsideut Cbaries jacuo,jiiD was prvsen. ana miuet imtespeecu was lo'.iowed by fat lioeAii, wno piomisea to be aa nnpartlsan aa Mr. Jacob had been. Then ExecuJve on lollOWaO. (stable Bwrnei. A boo I balf-paat balf-paat balf-paat six o'clock last evening fire was discovered In the frame stable belonging to B. and X. Winters, In Sedamsvllle, la which fuor horses were staoled. dtlsens rushed to the place aad msnaxrfl to ret lt:e anlmali out, but not before they were all quits eerioaatUy bornea. Tbe atabie waa tie tslly wrecked. Tbe loss will amount to avboot STOu, bat which is cove. ed by insarance. How tbe tire started is unknown, but It is suppuaed it was the work of some malisabus wretch. Tate Kiss gr Caves la. walking-match walking-match walking-match took place last Bight between tha well known Vint street aaloonist, George King, aad Mr. Phil Dlefenbach. Tbey pressed brick over the Rhine for eerae twenty blocks, when both par-uea par-uea par-uea cried -peccavi," -peccavi," aad had two cars te bring them home. TBI Marvelous Midgets cooUnos to draw large crowds to Greenwood HalL Their afternoon mal- mal- aeea, from two to half past mar o'clock, and even- even- ng levoea, from aevea to nine o'clock, are all well i tended. Ther ara certalnlr tha a-rrs a-rrs a-rrs r mm t llvins aa. riosiiies la the world. Josm H. Ibwtw, of Philadelphia, Joseph a. Dennis aad Caarlee B. Hawyer, of Chicago, yesterday began proceedings of Intnaettoa la the Catted Biases de at

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