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 - APEIL 9, 1922 Keeping and full of nor- and the...
APEIL 9, 1922 Keeping and full of nor- and the neNt short- dwell- vari- follows 15, marked and follows 15 emplojment lumber steel and increase other industries under time A all sides m e n t has been rapid next em- 15 increase repair industries t which has been k plants prevails hundred and i e reinstated Pewer Stills Captured During the Month, State Commissioner's Report Shows Activities by state piohitaition officers took a decided "slump ' as com- parena with their work in Fobiuary In March 117 ariests \ \ e i e made, in Ftbiuary 1"! Slxty-1'oui stills weie captured in March and 105 in Feoru- ary There were 7 502 gallons and 12 barrels of mas,h confiscated in March as compaied with 14 539 gallons during the p r e c e d i n g month according to a report just Issued at state piohibi- tion headquarti rs here Ohio county continues to lead the captured on Boggs Run, Marshall county "W B Palntiff, Villa Nova,, Clay county, airestPd, charged with having and w i t h selling: moonshine whiskey Robert Combs ind George W i l - liams fautton ai rested on Bug Ridge, Braxton county, with 60 gallons of mash in their possession Stanley Debet, Wheeling- arrested one 10 gallon still GO gallons of mash and one pint of moonshine whiskey confiscated Richard Donahue, Wheeling, ar- lested one 20 gallon still and one- half gallon of moonshine whiskey confiscated Andy Lukovitch, Boggs Run, arrested, one 15 gallon still and 5 gallons of moonshine whiskey confiscated One 15 gallon still and 350 gallons of mash and 15 gallons of moonshine whiskey confiscated at Boggs Run Robert LavellP Wheeling, arrested w i t h one pint of moonshine in his possession Two 13 gallon stills and 200 gallons of mash confiscated at Wheeling Milton Zappas Wheeling arrested one 30 gallon still and 30 other counties in surrendeiing stills gallons of moonshine whiskey con- to the diy officers In February Ohio county led Kanawha which came second, by 12 stills captured nsiated Premises of the South Side Bottling company, Wheeling searched and Last month Ohio country surrendered | n a i f Darre i s o f beer, S one-fourth kegs u n k n o w n substance ami 21 cases bot- goods maiked "Crystal Rock," 15 stills and Kanawha w h i c h again came second, suriendered 12 'Ihe numbe of stills captured in I confiscated the other counties w e i e Summeit., 1 M i s Roy Steen \\hpeling airested, 5 Marshall, 7, Harrison, 3 Preston, j o n e 10 ganon stul dnd 2 Q O gallons of 3, Doddridge 2 Clay, 1 Logan l , j m a b h confiscated Helen Ovack, Marion, 4, Meicer, 2, McDowell, 2, j ^ heeling, arrested, two 15 gallon Randolph, 2, \Vebbtoi, 1, Wjoming, . stills, 50 gallon*, of mash and one pint GAS IS BEING PERFECTED Resembles Helium but Is Much Cheaper to Manufacture, Says Dr. Ourren "By the processes we have worked out, we inciease its ouginal buoyancy so that its lift will be about 72 pounds per thousand cubic feet, or about the same as pure hydrogen ' It is the intention oC our organization to install plants throughout the country for its manufacture for air- bhip use " i The same company 'is also engaged in the manufacture ojf other in negations in a\iation, including a new tvpe of Airplane propeller with a helicoid 2, Wayne 1 and Wood 1 The liquor confiscated dm ins Man h, accoiding to the repoit, includes 821 quarts of wbibkej, 67 pints of whiskey Jive half-pints of whis- kej- 328 gallons of wine, 13 quaitb of wine, 6 quaits of gin, 10 gallons of alcohol, 1J9 pints of home brew beer 7 half bairelfe of beei, 7,50.; g-aiions of moonshine whiskey confiscated Paul Sasokis, Benwood, airestPd one 15 gallon still and 150 gallons of mash confiscated \ \ h e e h n g arrested William one pint of moonshine whiskev and 52 pint bottles of homo blew in h=l possession Andy lemplin. Wheeling anesttd, one 40 still, oOO gallons of mash and of nia^h and 12 bairtls of mash j 30 gallons of moonshine whiskey con- Anothei leport issued at headquar- fl «, rate d feturgess Bins, V. heeling ar- teis here for the activities of the o f - j i e - t e d with one pint of moonshine ficeis during the fhst few dais of this \ \ h l s k e y in his possession Nick Mar- month shows that the. officers -were r S| -\vheeling anested -with one pint particularly active in all sections of i oi . moonshine -whiskey in his posses- the state during these dij-s Of the g j on 20 arrests included In this l e p o i t 2 | jm ^ were women The report also shcmt, that 19 stills, \\ith a capdoity of 150 gallons -\\eie captured 2 6 0 2 gallons of mash and about 88 gallons of i liquoi contiscxted This leport, in part, is as follows 1 C hestei Ash Clarksburg- ti rested ·svith 2 gallons of mash in his possession Joe Blanker ship "\\elrh, a i i e = t e d , one 60 gallon si ill and 500 gallons of mash confiscated Ton Lolge Shannon Blanch, McDowell c o u n t j a i i o s t e d \ \ i t n one-half g i l - LOS ANGBLES, April 8 -- A new non-inflammable gas resembling helium, but said to be 88 per cent cheaper to manufactui e, is being perfected here by Dr E Curren, chief of the research department of a local aii- craft company The new gas "Currentum," will revolutionize lighter-than-air navigation, if it lives up to the promises made for it, aviation experts who are experimenting with it asserted. Explosions such as destroyed Britain s ZR-2 and America's Roma will be impossible if Currenium comes into common use it is claimed. It is as safe to handle as helium, Dr Cuiren said and can be manufactured without the almost prohibitive cost of that gaa ' The United States government estimates the cost of producing helium at $130 per thousand cubic feet," said George B Harrison, an official of the company which is perfecting Dr Curren's discovery "Helium can only be pioduced In the Texas-Kansas oil fields ' Currenium, on the other hand, can be manufactured commercially, some- w h a t as oxygen is produced foi welding and the cost of production H The of A "airway ers Chicago THE The CORSET Room 313 Morrison Blclgf. APRIL lltK only in the neighborhood of $15 per thousand cubic feet " A flame was passed through Cur- renium in demonstrations given here proving it to be non-inflammable It is also non-e~\.plosive, laboratory ex- pei ts said ' This gas is approximately as light- as hydrogen " the discoverer, Dr Curren explained to those witnessing the tests. Showing a Full Line of Nu-Bone Corsets Every woman in Charleston and inspect our line. We fittings and will dry remodel any make oi · jyTjrtJjaiwiMgiWJSJLj^^

Clipped from
  1. The Charleston Daily Mail,
  2. 09 Apr 1922, Sun,
  3. Page 33

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