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 - MKEN, S. C., WEDNESDAY, MAY 3,1933...
MKEN, S. C., WEDNESDAY, MAY 3,1933 Appropriation Bill FOT County Passed The Alkes county appropriation bUl was approved on April 27th, and carries the sum of f 120,581.45. The ttot levy is fixed at nine mills, but the Aaditor and Treasurer ate authorized to increase this levy if necessary. ' The fbllowingr, *r« the appropriations: "Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina: TfiaT~a~ tax"of-rane <9) milfe^ia Jterebv levied 'upon all of the taxable pro- pertyvvdf- the Gannty --'-of- Aiken Ifer ordinary County and School purposes £o> the y«ar;i933for s the. ; amounts and purposes herein set forth; .if so much 1>e necessary. . - . County Commissioner's office: - Roads Roads and bridges, inclusive of County shop, miscellaneous office supplies,.clerk hire, and salaries of Commissioners; inclusive of road and gasoline tax $45,000.00 •> Provided, That Qie salaries of the Commissioners and clerks shaH not exceed the amount provided for such salaries -by the 1932 Supply Act; and shall be paid out of the aforesaid sum. Total J. , $45,000.00 Clerk of Court's Office: Salary of Clerk . 1,020.00 Office Supplies _„ _ 750.00 1,770.00 Sheriff's Office: Salary of Sheriff"..,.-. ..... ' .~.L~'.: .. 1,800.00 Expenses of Sheriff _....- -100.00 Salaries of three deputies ._ ..__•; .... 4,500.00 Expenses of three deputies 1,800.00 Clerk to Sheriff. „.... _....., "... 1,500.00 Sheriff's miscellaneous contingent ..... 200.00 , Jail expenses, dieting- prisoners, at .'!5c per day 2,500.00 County Treasurer's office: Salary of County Treasurer ^ . 850.00 Clerk hire to Treasurer „ .... 1,500,00 Contingent office expenses „ 375.00 County Auditor's office: Salary of Auditor '.. , 850.00 Clerk hire to Auditor _ „ .... 1,500,00 Contingent office expenses . .700.00 The salaries of the County Treasurer and the County Auditor, Auditor, though fixed as hereinabove, shall be paid on n one-third basis of that fixed by the State for Ut33, be it more or less than the amount herein named. County Superintendent of Education: Salary^of Superintendent .... 2,100.00 Expenses of Superintendent . 300,00 Office Expense." -..- 200.00 •County Board of Education""... . GO.00 Provided, that the said Superintendent shall not expend monthly more than one-twelfth part of the :-um providet) for his expenses. County Farm Ajtent: Stenographer 50(1.11(1 Rent- i'fl.iM) •1-H Club . 75.00 Contingent £f>.(io Provided. That Apent may use any unexpended balano- of tho above items for enlarjrini: tiny of the amount.-, of the other aforesaid items, or for clerical help to handle Kann Loans. County Home Acent: Stenographer ...... Rent and Telephone- Club Work Contingent Provided, Agent may use any of She UJie.-vp'-m !>• enlartrc nny other item mentioned 12,600.00 2,725.00 2,650.00 Moi rtOd.oo '.«).()(! r.0.00 25. (10 j imlance.« Provided, -x' ^uijiiics prov- pon writ U-n au- <'omini i -sioin'r.«:, -aid Steno- ch :uiv part further, that neither of the Stenographer vided .in Item 7 and S shall be paid, except i thurity of the delegation to 'tie County <ie.-ignatft>il the amoiirt!,'- to he pn;d to eru-h of the Kraphei-s. the delegation having itul.hoiity to --•,%! of either of these salaries 1o the other. ('county Home for Poor c< un'y Health Department: Salary of Health O'Vu-ers Travl of Health Officer- : Provided. That the travl expanses afore.-aid -hall hi monthly direct to the H«-al:h Officer hy :he County missioners in twelve O.JUH! !• • nt' ,!;-'iii!:r,i n:-. w ! Nurse.-' Salary . 1 .."rOO.Oti ; Travel Kxporiscs ,~iO/i.m) i Provided, That saici i-xpen-e- shall lie paid :i:on'..hiy in ; installment.^ direct to the Nurse alonv; w.'.h "!i«-r ::lary, \v;th| \v;th| out any itemized statement th'-.'eof ' .Jurors and Witnesses T.Omi on i Aiken County Hospital - IO.O(i<i,o»i i Provided, If the .-• nere~-::y -">,;;|ij it!.-.-, ri ;.;a ! jority of tin- I >i'ifu'a: ;i\n >:iaii authfirr/.c an add;: :..l:al ••••. pendi'iiri' •>!' riot e\c<'edir)L' fL',' I'O.lHl to dc ;i-.'.i , ken County Ho-.pi;ai for i;~ iv.a ntenaiifi- i I'uh'ie H'.iildinir-. including wa;. . fuel, I:J.-V ii:,.i iii-uranee ..inacv Ir.t'-re-t on <'(,-,,ntv ':>•• u-"'i !'- r carry::!-.- o:-. • -,-•10,.;- of A;kr!i C,,;-: ; -y ;'<•;].;.T'.i • 'iit.'ii:''!;; of c>,;i 1 >t, u '•;.'••• • riiary -i.ali i-i- ri'Ctor. It-::'.s n,,: <,•<:. -<• pi-ov;,!,..; ; |J n re or< P:-'-r:l;'.i!i: of l)|Ti,-,-r's 5!--r, f'l'.-ird of Kii-i^i'.''-^;^! 1 . P.-.ard nf il.-v-.-tra-:-,^ '".••:'< •••• H.,:u-d -f !;...- ' ' ".i-ry A---.r:>y U' H \\'».»;-.,.:•;•,, r : f ; -. ' -. ivv ! 11 -.-. ..,•..-,:-, .; i n i.o ii } ,0.1111 in) i'lrl (10

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