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 - The following is taken 'from the column of John...
The following is taken 'from the column of John Temple Graves which was.published yesterday in 22 papers spread throughout the South. "WHEft ALL "ITS- WORK. IS DONE THE LIE SHALL ROT-'. . .". "Late, grudgingly, and without grace, Orson Welles apologized to Aiken, S, C. Sunday. Is broadcasting hurtful hurtful misinformation about a community to the total population population of the United States and all the lands across the sea an exercise o) jree speech or an abuse oj special privilege'.^ Broadcaster If files should oik himself, but ke won't. • "Aiken. is a beautiful place. People who live there the year around think so, and so do the Winter remittents from- p. all over the country. Until Welles came, along, with. ; his irresponsible hate-mongeritig its name was utif -for vacation, vacation, health and fine community on the sandy ridge beneath the longteaf pines. Hut because Welles and. tfie~-'National Association jar the Colored People utre so eager to make a hatfful case against a Southern city that they couldn't • wait to_ch«ck ait unsupported story before broadcasting it over the it arid, Aiken is today in many imaginations a brutal and bigoted place u'hcrc a i\egro veteran named Issue Woodward Woodward lias taken <»// a bus by {Milieu officers it'hii iiot'onlv beat him. but actually gouged his eyes out. Ajl<:r six tinintlis oj calumny inclutling inte.mfterate broatlcasl jrom Hollywood Hollywood by tin: childishly dramatic radical party-lined" .\li. It'dies, Aikcn mis exonerated <>\ the char&H lust KVC/.- iiv the Federal Iturenu i>j liivestiffuion. "The c.\i>iieratioit never Hill Irnrel ti.t jui unit jn\l. n.-i flic false uccustttitm, hott'cver. .7 he lit: has ^tnte. ttm ,v.v/.v</- tionally into jmbfii: consciousness to f>e obliterated tiy mere official verdicts oj innocence, Inntteenet; i.wi't licHxutii.niiit enough to get attention, so Aiktm in trie /lines nin.\i .\njl< definitely a niiund il itidn I deserve. "That Isaao tt'ooilicard'.* eyes an: out i.i certain.. The whole, story f-yi"/ knotut even yetJ>ul,ilj$.knou:n that he tctis struck by a policeman. The thing happened not in Aiken, ^ but in lialesburg, S. (.'. It may well be that he Has subjected to brutal and unnecessary treatment, for there are policemen 'like that Kith i\fgioi:s, even ihougfaa deliberate gouging nut. out of eyes it hard to believe. Certainly South Carolina authorities authorities owe it to their slate and to decency and justice In find out uhat did happen and to punish the policeman Iti the full extent of the law if he is gifilly. Gov. Ransom U'iL Hams, uko was defeated for re-election last iceck, could, (tin; his last days no jiner stamp than with a courageous finding of facts in 'this time and acting upon them. ' ; "•. • "But'• iherf' is no one to punish the parties guilty <>( gouging Aiken'.i eyes out teith a lie lhaf has gone around- the world. There is no one to punish Orson Welles .and thf. . •' National Association for th<r Advancement of Coloretl 'f'eopfcf '• ! . and the other eager exploiters of race feeling who have bet-n . : • willing to defame an innocent community on the dim u:ord oj HHUt against denials, by all the community offu-ials. There it it HO onf, unless public opinion will punish thro? proplf in , ' tome wriy. Certainly the exoneration of A&t.n should have mil At pmblicity for which there are printing presses and rmdtos to carry it." . i -. ' AIKEN HAS BEEN VNWSTLY ACCUSED OF A CRIME! !

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  1. Aiken Standard,
  2. 23 Aug 1946, Fri,
  3. Page 1

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