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 - Aikcn Arouseo Over Broadcast EDITORIAL- rViken...
Aikcn Arouseo Over Broadcast EDITORIAL- rViken lia\e bei oine \ei\ nun.-ti im on-i d ovc i tin 1 luoadcasi:, of Oiaon \\elles over the American Hioadea-liii". Compani and ncvv« service repot i- ,1 \egro xeler.iu. l-,<ai \Vooil\y >i id vi.r- pulled Viff.a bus in. Aiken. badly bealen and had his eves "oiiiied out" .'.. — ,". n Sunday a week ago. Orson Welles, in a broadcast from Call- j 'fonn'a. accused tile Aiken police of brutally allackinf.' the Negro.' 'Chief of Polite--J.-.M. .Sprawls and Mayor Odell \\eeks have fia< . . police files c;irefnlK= cliftked : but have 'found no record 'of any s occurrence 'in Aikcn. •.-The slory Ims ' guincd. wide (11 iiininiTice northern pajjers, ' in | { ,.The stories and the broadcast were to the effect lhal .he Xc-ro put Mas jiulJcd off a (ireyhoiirid bus. brutally beaten,— - , , r .,, ,„„ out and was then thrown in jail. The following morning, the stories alleged, he was. sentenced by the judge to .pay a fine of §50 or serve thirty days. . - - . After-check ing these statements. Mayor 'AVVeks « rote'a .letter to Mr. Welles denying the rr«reltabje incident took place in Ai'krri and •requested that he re.traet the. slory. The mayor said: -"II is in- ,<lfed unfortunate lhal you did not 'fully verify •this', story- |,ef,m you broadcasted it." • The Aiken Standard and. Review, telephoned Ihe Attorney Gen eral's office in Washington last week askin" that, the paper hi: -riven -the true facts in the ease and lhat the City of Aiken l«; cleared (if the stain. The only statement made by the attorney general's, office was that Ihe incident "look place somewhere Iwtween Augusta. Ga. and Winnsboro S. C." ' A promise was n,add to the. paper thai as soon a* the rBlnhad completed its investigation the paper would be. given a statement. 'On last Saturday, the paper" wired the office ajiain but -! ;<s yet no acknowledgement has been made of the lelct-r;oii M;,;,' as ycMio aeknowledgemeiit has been made of.the lelefiram. The mayor said lhal he had asked the hroadcus' transcript..; of the broadcasl.-- ln.-t Sundav aiid the S< . In his broadcast. Mr. Welles referred lo Mayor \V ceks'-teller bul apologize'to Aikcn. staling that if Ihc occurrence did nol happen in Aiken comity then il was up to Aiken to prove where il did! lake place. He said lhat he had l!i. ; affidavit of "Mr. \\oodviard" and! until Aiken proved thai the incident did not lake place here he would! lake Ihe affidavit as being (rue. [ \Voodvvard.iirhisstatciiicolloa.NcnYoik publication. . sa 'i?; t!iat !>.• was pulled off the bus ,, n uoiiiplaiiil .d the bus driver, turned j over to two Aiken police, who. he said, brnlally tn-aled him. struck him over the head with a blackjack and then gouged Out bis eves. \\oodward s-aid. according to a newspaper story printed in New ^ iirk. that lie ivajLjliyjrcirgcdJroin. Camp Gordon in .Aogiislu last l-'ebrnarv uiiil that on the night of t'ebruary 13 the incident occurred in Aikcn; ; Chief Sprawls siiid lliat lie is of the opinion that thr sohlicr ..„, ., [ ,u«,>^,o -,„«,„.,.< „, ,„,. op.ino,, that the soM,c, ,s,,,,-;s<o,e leKt-ii in IMS identity.oil the as the patrolmen on. duly al the 1,'n, o.i the nifiht of rebiuary ];\ reported no iirn^ls al ihe station -not «;,- ' a ,OII,,,|.M,,| mail,, to thrrii, by any bus 'driver. The officer* denied . a Hrre.-tnifi anyone by the name „!' lsaa«: \\oo.Kiaid or l*;,ae \V,,c,dward ' a — r — •••- ..P-"-.... ..-» . .. v i,r| i r > »ii« irur* TIII^^I. in* 'tiiiiii?- II* 11 f* (I •:irre.-tin<i anyone by the name'id' Isaac Woodward or Isaac \Voodward ' a •*''• i Ttie I.ions Cluli, al the regular mn-lin^ on Monday nijjlil. en-' dorsvd ihc .stand made by the Mayor. City- Council. Cilv l5.-c,,nl. r and ' (Jhief of I'olii-e. "- ' i The n-solulion said: "\\ e ; .s cili/.ens. and business mm of Aikcn | have implicil ii,ofidcme in ibe.e official- and bavin- been advised of' (be circuiiistaiiccs of ibis.,can-, arc ,,,,11 inc.-rl thai ibis incident did nol • occiir in Aikcn. S. C. \\ e vn-lcomc a full iiive.-ti^alion and should this j inii--tiualion. as u.c k'nnw -it- shall, prove our citi iiiiiocent then VM- ; inti>l ic^peclfnllv rcipiest ihe- newspaper^, radii,, and "oxerninent i.f- '• li>-i;il- lo v indicalf the I'itv of Aikcn and official*, ."'imifd. (Carlos ' TowiiM-inl, prcridi-nt: I.. \|. 'Sp.rncll. -ecrctar'v." I , ,. ... , „•',,-, ',, , ., ./''•' „ , - ! In In- 1,-ltcr I,, \\cllt-r-. dale,! Jnlv .',11. \l:n,,r \\c,-k-,.,i,| : -\,. u .. N| pap.-r accomil- of this alrocitv bavino : iirr.-d .in the Citv «>" Aikcn ' .1. (Iro-s. \iki-n i il and \I. A. A\ : ildcr, ci|i ; nd di-liiiitcl v rcloic ||n I In- mvjL'ii|-.d» of ihc. .flfi ,i- >lalc,l. lln- ciic[n-,-,l a 'IJL-ljl lo. mv ;il|ciilir,;i. I .(Hereupon iii;idc it mo-( ' nil ;m,l h-arncd dcfinilclv a'lid |io-iti\i-lv lli.i! i; i-. lo back il] nil -lal'-nn-til. I cn,-|n-c lo .-,- i've ,l,i|,li,a|,- alfidavil- of >'. \\ . \\ i,!,-,,,-, and \\ . : patrolmen: .!. \1. Sprawl-. Aikcn chief ,,f |,,,!!,,- •onlcr. .ill ,,l iiliich arc -ell harjic llial the a'l'fair happened in ill- lia\c IK-CO furni-licd to llic |,t, duplicates' of i.bc iiri.uiiuil. \ikcn. . i....

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  1. Aiken Standard,
  2. 07 Aug 1946, Wed,
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