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 - Mayor Odell Weeks has received received a...
Mayor Odell Weeks has received received a letter from W. C. Fleming, United States Commissioner, Sou^-, thein^District of Georgia, in which tie commends the Aiken police"de- iiaitment for Ilium fine work" in Brown STATE RESTS CASE IN TRIAL OF HARRIS Harris Goes On Stand And Is Questioned —Cross-Examined Later. AIKEN POLICE COMMENDED BY AUGUSTA^MANr? -~-Th(T stale- rented 'its case -- Wed- ncsday afternooa at 4:46 JKa i nsr I.. D. Harrih, »egr« «on<rtruHioh aett. Bcf 01 c c -;) IjTf^ ing-Judge- J_Robert heard Frank- Oreea, "U-year-oM A.ken county Negro, plead g 0i ) tv to violation of the state' fiqnor laws. Sheriff Prie. ffUkw Mated that Green had heea .hw»ught recovering his automobile wh'ich W ' th a fine - This thae he wa-= was stolen „, Augusta last Sun- '!., tr . K ™' with havin * ** Pint* of illicit, in his was day. The The letter reads: "Hon. H. O. Weeks, Mayor of Aikuii, .Aiken,^_S.- C. =**• ___ = illicit __ Judge_MartmMviH sentence Grce". tomorrow — Ch-'efV State Constables 0.. Richardson testified _. .lecovery my "stoleri~automobile* on~Snri~day, Itinufitv 5,—H theft about 10.30 A. M. I ]f| '- - —" »}IUl« Mfe-i rlofl'"'"'i"~ fr ""' 'N^hvincT.Tenn., o), . .liilyTllI-i.^l'Mfi, _and stated -thnr **og anything ««se. Richard- Richard- 'son said " . . . iaLtly_notified-the-AuKiista-police-, r --- ---- iC^-^B-qoestioning-of department anTRhcy called Chief {"I^ -?°" t "'ned /or several day, Sprawls of Aiken, S. C. At ap- 1 - r • ^ * <M}mitt< * " ' »f the Ben- proximately 11:30 A. 3f. _., S[»rawls called the Augusta police I T L". , and informed them my car had ' -V"?. conf ««'o'' *»s made been seelTto pass through Aikea 1 "" '' y *" "***"* threats going towards . LC Thomas=D.--Tavelle-and Sergeant Cole B. Carpenter had apprehended-my apprehended-my "car" and" arrested the thieves. All of "these officers ex- the highest type of effi- -wi tness . . told told of cafling Sprawls O n Wed- chtef-came-and-re*»ced-tne"cOTi-« fes^sion o^ Harris to writing, on" City of Aiken should be proud of having such men on it?"'police" department. Sincerely. W. C. j' "A fter Fleming, United States Commis- sioner.-Southenr District of Georgia—Augusta—Georgia:" Georgia—Augusta—Georgia:" - Previously 464 RETIRED REGEWE .BENEFITS depend" "lonis. inchidin dependents of'de- he < Richardson) J2£PJilv_Cj)nstalile_DoBard ; — and tool_ tool_ in, Columbia, be testified. State Constable Thompson told of a '' (> "nipanying_Shei(r_F;illa>_t«._ Hairis b:i( k to Aikon. It was tho nevt day. July 15, Thompson testified, testified, he/ore he. confronted tin-~ • !< feridanl with tho Tlpnn.-ll in,,,^_ , drr-a were re- nuinlhlv nc'i-s. Mtctal s7,"I(i, or :uorau'i' of Sl")fili,-nn Juno 1'IKi. .1. inniiiiL t'i information I fuinislicil the (iiiinlv uclfjrc' office l>> I he Atl.uiln iruional of- luc- of ll,e Social Srciitily Ad- olfif<-i< lfli tin- as^i^LaiKc ul infcriocation of IninistratiiMi dovx'n «hnvvs the nuinlici and typo f i ecipionls'in the cniinly, \vith the tnliil anmunt IICIIIR received monthly • us ind it u.i^- i,,(f, ,, n T\- ( ,[| U , M ! n . m mtrht. July 17. that HaTirs <„'.,. ; n. j r '"-' 1 ' 1 to |l10 ninidir <vf the Ron nellk The lonsl.ihle t<.hl of ( nief Sn,.uv-}s wiittnir Ihe f oiifes-.mii nn the lypcMntoi anil of Il-irris •-lyn inif tho-vamc vnluiitantv. He dr.- fi-n'-o .ittoinoy \ViIli.iinscm that Huns had lieon mMu-ated in .i.iv manner. PISTOl cbiving Wives,'ovei fi.",-nf jelired wage carnei s—I."!—rc'ceiving"*[jjilT PI Children, under IS. of lelii'eil nr deceased V,;\KC eainoi---. 171!, ••ceiving .«;ii,27x, Widows, ovei >\~i. of di'ci a^eci !\KC caincis. |ri, x'loivin- <;^SI. W-idftu-s-n f-dtrra^n 01^, vviili a child ol children nnd- er-eiirlileen, en, receiving ?010. v llepemleni ^laienls, over fl.", of iloceased wage <>.unef< 1,'iecciv-" K $10. \t tho, end of June 1 1,S"2 persons persons in the State were receiving monthly retirement benefits under under the. Social Security Art at-the rate of $2nr»,n.">8. Pulili,. assistance benefits during the, same month totaling $55R.3:jO weie received hy persons in the State, , the figures fnr the conntv being !>."•! persons receiving 1 j;i.';-,7fifi. The chaitman of the county oaid of pulilic welfare, Ted T. Ku«boe,~ explain*. Diat'tho roTnpar^ ativoly limited number of |>er.sons iiisiir.ince hnncfits under the : I he Stale is predominant I v~ agri- arc cnltural, n'nd" farni woikeis not covered hy the~\c(.~ For"spyT onil-years-e(roirs"h'iv"e h"<-en m^cfe in roniriess to evtend the pj-ovis- oxcludeil. - now \nni h i o t jKr sc< Brown hefoio Harris w ic L-iinDL_tEomTl\.-i>liville-aMil7—- hy her that a 'Ifi- .shnrt pKiol had heen -.tol- uas from this inforiiiatioi) that (he vvnirant for Harris was hf;iined and on which he n,a< 1>V the \n--h\illp no)tn I7T held/f,,r Shtnir Failinv anrf '"piistahlt._ r rhoinp.snn \ViIov Hornelt. (Jranitoville Me ' lr '"'_L p J^iCi£lL_U'al_hc. received a- dollar dollar fro ni Harris \Ved n esdav rnghl. piccedinir the Rennott slay-' mj;. uit)) W ]vi 1 -h to buy fa for Hams' ;is pistol The tcslified lo seeing Hairis on thr dav of the. Bennett shooting at around two o'clock nml ^told of_ going with Medlqck and the <j r _ fondant after .^nWlioiior. At this time, Bennett testified that Harlis Harlis asked him if he had gotten the cartndpros for-which he (Har- nsV had given him (Bennett) a dollar _the _pro.vious—Wednesday Bennett stated that Harris toi,! - him that ho needed some' cart-- H 'LELUL2- h ^2ad-just~shol-his last ' three and had traded pistols with - Cranitcvillc; that hr felt he needed needed a_ pistol for-protect ion. - (On Tiiesday_the Cave woman .testified • o trading pistols with Uairia on the Sunday of (he Dennett <ho 0 t- irijr.-)--- • - = --- 7(C6ntinucd "on 'i

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