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 - lire KH1DAY, MAY y, 1807. T H E C I T Ouil BOOK...
lire KH1DAY, MAY y, 1807. T H E C I T Ouil BOOK ob- COM PLAINT.--If ortiivr will oil! upon us, vvo can jjivo some informiuion ttmt, wcMh'mk, will useful to him. HAUMONU- SOCIETY.-- Tho association f the above u n m u lias bocu :ivfe;-s;r Kcppler Q.ecteil music..! diroc- tor, nnd Mr. Rice, president. The H monies proiwso jriviocr a concert on Hie 2:d of this montli. ALARM OF FIKE.-- The nlanu given yesterday, about noon, was occcaaiooctl fire breaking out on tho roof of tliu occupied by Mr. A. Allen, oil Market near 27th. Tho fume was easily extinguished extinguished by inenns of a few buckets "of \vater. and the damf\j*e tritlinff. sustained ia but HrxTEH's THEATKE.--To-night will presented tlie original nnd romimtlc drama, entttlui "Green BnsheB." This ill ay 1ms been highly spoken of by press of tho country. Miss E. F. Kcncli mipeiirs as Oeraldmo and Miss Placido sustains two characters in the bill. Baker" is the furco that follows. l-iONE ST A u NEWS DEPOT.--In the looking place formerly occupied by Robinson, the news dealer, one could scarcely what tlie gentleman had for'sale. Now in his new store, just below the onu occupied by him, fell the new looks, periodicals and latest papers, can be nt a glance, so conveniently arc they i-RDgod. Oivo Robinson a cull when want a paper or book. HOMED AND JULIET.--Thu first Shakespearian Shakespearian play of the season, will be pro- ductx. in fine style on Saturday night, which has been selected for the. benefit Miss Alice Piacide. From the personations .ilrencly given by this accomplished ac- trt'ss, .ve have every reason to expect her Juliet will bean uncommonly good 1-erformauce. Mrs. Placide Mann, the moihei of the beneficiary, will appear this occasion only, as the Nurse in CitTET/rY TO ATMAI.S. -- Oui attention lias been called to the practice ol' the · ·rs of the street cans benting tl.eir unmercifully. We liave also noticed, the .-rime tiling. In New Orleans nnd other chit-? whero we have been the animals u?fd in the street cars havo always '.a go along very "well without beating, and we do not know why there any duTl-rence here, unless the mules use are not yet accustomed to their MISCEGESATION. -- A friend of ours occupies a room adjoining a negro and on one or two occasions he fancied heard a female voice, where nothing U« heard before but the gruff voice of son of Ham, used either in talking, singing or snoring. Determined to investigate investigate the case, lie did so, and imagine surprise when, instead cf n woman of coior, he behelt. c, Deliah in the person a white woman, clai-ning to be from Massachusetts, occupying the premises. In- .juir'mgof her the cause of such behavior, she stated that she was living with Johnson (the negro), because she liked him, and that many others in the doing the same thing. This case happened; it comes well authenticated- and we give it as it was told us. Mfiic.--Tlie ortliuslia at Ilunttr's Theatre woold be a credit to Buy establishment in a largo city. When this place of amusement was first we vrere fearful about the music, not knowing that our city could supply many good performers on stringed instruments. Prof. Poppenberg, the k-ader, fini-ibed musician, having, in times by, been in the orchestra that accompanied accompanied the celebrated Jenny L'.tid; afterwards afterwards he TVO3 a member of the monic Society. These facts would argne jrreat'y in favor of liis competency as performer. The style of music nightly furnished, witliout being what is termed classic, is of n high order,being mostly favorite selections from the %Ve commend tuis taste in the leader.-- Communities must gradually be upi to the standard of good music, depraved taste is exhibited when compositions are produced suitable only the vulgar mind. To all who are really good music, we advise thorn and listen to the orchestra nt the EDS. NEWS:--Gentlemen.:--You will pleaae publish the following note from Flake's Bulletin of yesterday. W. G. NOLAN. F. FLAKE. Esq., Proprietor of Bulletin:--Sir :--In justice to General GrifQ, and to myselt, and to the must sUte that the pretended report cerUunconT'eraatSonabi-tween'myself and tlie General, as given in your paper morning, IB not true, because many material iacla, statements and circumstances circumstances connected with that conversation are not given. Respectfully, c., · . W. O. N The Dotroit Free Press says o! Brownlow's colored competitor for tlie Governorship, that, "unlike Brownlowvheisane- KTO from necessity, and not from iHonetairr »na Flnaacittl. Nnrs Omci:, TIU-R-DAY KVENIMI, . .. , ilny 5,13(!7. f GOLD--Has been active tip to the close terciav'e rate 1 . Octsidc trappactions at 131K 13l?i have been important. Cotmt?r rates 186. . . - · · . · : : EXCHANGE--In good demand at onr«giiic«: New York Sight (cni-'cy) XftX V «· Kew Tort Sight-Isold).. «OX V et. New Orleans Sight (cnr'cy,«S-- V "· r = m New New Ortcnns Sltht (sold) xa-- V cl, ]allK Cotton Keport. GALVZSTON, TmrnsDAT, May 2,18C7. Sales this day +19 bales. QUOTATIONS; Ordinary Good Ordinary -- LowMlddling 16 Middling.-. .-...-: nomjnnl. Good Middling nominal. Market to day quiet and inquiry moderate.-Factors evinced more disposition to meet Receipts iron trie interior, Iny 1--Str A-S Kutuyeu. Upper Trinity. Baled Colfon- . " 1)Dl - · . T H McMahan co J^aneer A co WolstoD. Wells Vidor G W Bavlor co W W L L K Moody - WEUadcD ·-- ' - ' ' Ball, HntchinEre co J C S K Smitb A co George George Butler . . . Uaker, Walker A co - ytone A Matbews - Arthur Arthur H Edey A Kiretcn C C Lnncl co Order - - - Total Total ' . May May 1--Steamer Wbitclaw, lloustcm. . · Bales Cotton. \\ool. U iUlicr . . . 6 - -- ASetsnmico 3 -W -W E Haien . . . 3 -- Totui - - - is : -- ll hides to Sandow. - ' April 80-G II * II JUliroad, . -Bales Cotton. Wool/ Hcwi-.t, Swishcr A co - 21 -Bail, -Bail, UutchingH i co. - S* . -A -A J Ward co - '- 9 Shropshire, llcndcreon A co 00 12 11 ' 11 1 4 IU 1 1 2 5 a ·i "bO J Dtian J; co AUnckle - . Pelder Jb Shipman - TlIMcilalmnico - -. Cannon, Grant co Hanger Co. 3 3 S Sellers 4 CO - - TMatbcr*co - . Hubby Hubby and Post Handley co · ·Stone £ Matthew. white white Jt L«dyard Arthur H Eder * Klrstcn W L * I/ F Moody . A C McKecn 4 co ·- · - Cliabb Hcrimaccwr J S * J B Sydnor - - JoBlaU Taylor - EOLM, Bean it, co - Znnderaon if Co - . · - · Totli" ' -'. - 1'J 03 11 11 4 17 11 1. 11 a 13 sr 28 17 10 .b boieft 8 d 8 baiei

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 03 May 1867, Fri,
  3. Page 3

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