Judge Shackelford- stops disburbers of public worship

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Judge Shackelford- stops disburbers of public worship - BSV.L.W.Biv«itBi CofrMpondipg Bditori. t,6ao-...
BSV.L.W.Biv«itBi CofrMpondipg Bditori. t,6ao- CIWCULATIOW- i,650. The ReV. Sam' F. Jonw, the Georgia revivaliBt, .is phygically disa .led and Li^ physicians advise a two tnonttjs rest. Bishop Key ts fdp(>rted to be in bad health. We hope his illoess will bo of »hort duration and that his labors will again soon bless the ohnroh. We worshipped last Sunday morning morning at Enfa^la. We were glad to note the improved health of Bro. Shftpard, though he is still unable to to do pastoral Work. The IbfjghH^hti published at Fort Worthy Texas^ in the interest of "Oar Brother in Black" says. wThe Negro needs moire money, niore ed- uoation and p^aotioal ohristianity and less political craie." The Rev. a W. Myatt is just recovering recovering from a severe attack of malarial fever. He and Sister Myatt Myatt were at Eufaala Sunday. They expected to leave Monday morning lor Kiowa,I. *r. •hipp«n of tilui Lord of Heaven can expect the strong arm of law to defend them. All such offenders have tfanf far received but little sympathf from the Muskogee court. Mftj it continue to be so. Judge Shackelford's decision makes a man a violator of the law when he dis« turbs (7n< peitton in a oongregatipa of worihij^pers. If a man does not desire t<> take part in the worship he ought not to prevent others from doing So, One can judge of the re^ finement of another by the way he deports himse'lf in the house of God. Silly pereons frequently mean no offense by whispering or giggling giggling in a church but they do disturb others and ought either to quit it or stay at home. A nEHlTED COinPLIRIKNT. On Tuesday preceding the session session of the South West Missouri Conference, Dr. Steele was appointed appointed to preach a sermon to the undergraduates. undergraduates. Why not have such sermons in all our Conferences? They will do good. • The Metropoiitan A, M. E, Ohttroh in Washington City presented presented Fred DouglaBs with an Ox ford bible a few days ago. If be will give it a^ careful reading it will help him in looking after "Uncle "Uncle Sam 's" affairs in Hayti. Miss Bessie Hobson, the popular art teacher in Harrell Institute, Muskogee, I. T., has been compli> mentnd "^ith a life membership in the Woman's Missionary Society at Independence Missouri. Our Independence friends have not on ly honored a. worthy young lady, but they have set a good example for others to follow. Now, if the friends of the other five teachers working in the Institute will bestow bestow a like honor on them they will do a good thing and help the cause of Missions. OUR VISITORS. We are glad te> note the election, as a lay delegate to oar next General General Conference, of our old Arkansas Arkansas friend Bro. M. li. Hanger of the Columbia Conference. Bro. Hanger moved to Washiagton Territory several years ago. We hear good reports from our sehoolB in part of the country. In the Indian Territory they were never never better attended than now. This is a favorable sign. Give the children children a Christian education and the generation following-will greatly excel ours. President Miller writes that Hendrix Hendrix College, located at Altus, Arkan sasi, opened well this year. One hundred and seventy matriculates, eighty-two of whom are boarders. This school is close to us and is worthy the patronage of our Indian Territory friends. Bishop Hendiix, of Kansas oity, expects to reach Muskogee tonight and will spend Sunday with us. He will preach at the Methodist church tomorrow, morning and evening. The Bishpp is numbered numbered among our greatest American preachers and we bespeak for him a crowded house. He will open the'session of the Indiian Mission Annual' Conference next WeiineS' day morning at Atoka, I. T. DiaVirilBBRa OF PDBUO WOBSHIIPr The firm Stand Judge Shackelford Shackelford has taken against diatarb« ere of public worship ie truly ^tifying to the friends of law and order. The time was when a few "yonng bloods^* bedeoked with big spore, leather belu and hatbands and armed wit^ sb 'ehooters ooAld with impanitylt^ gatioa xjoat lor tho foil ol it**, b«| tMlHoie hM >a^ glad The expocted visitors announced in our last week's issue reached Muskogee Friday night and remained remained uatil Saturday evening when they Ipft for St. Louis. The party consisted of Congriess- men Baker, of New York; Springer, of Illinois; Mansur, of Missouri; Perkins, of Kansas and Allen, of Mississippi' They were met at Muskogee by Congressman Rogers, of Arkansas. A company of six finer looking, or more intielligent gentlemen would be hard to find. In personal appearance appearance Mr. Springer reminded us of our sainted Bishop MoTyeire. As his name, William McKendree, indicates, he is a Methodist, and he seems to be as much or more devoted devoted to his church a9 he is to the Democratic Democratic party. Mr. Mansur, minus his m 'uBtache, would pass for a near kinsman of Dr. Morton, our Church Extension Secretary. Mr. Allen, in his actions more than in personal appearance, reminds one of Sam Jones. When they arrived in Muskogee they fell into the hands of Judge Shackleford and Agent Bennett, assisted assisted by a committee previously appointed to meet them. Saturday morning was spent in showing them our town and surrounding country. We are sorry the committee did not give them an itnide view of our schools, for they ought to be considered considered among our crowning glories. At 2 o^olpck p. m. at the Adams House an elegant banquet was given given them. After the banquet they repaired to the Phoenix Hall where a large audience listened to speeches speeches from each of the congressimen except Mr. Allen who was absent "hunting wolves," and Gen'l Porter. In looking over the audience we noted but few Indians present. The significance of their absence is liot difficult to nnderotandi* The IndiaiiisareT'opposed allotment allotment of their lands and ih say 80 in their actionB as well as their wordsi Would it not have been better for them to have met these com greasfflen face to face and< given their objections to the changes pro^ posed in their i^oyernments? Ai it ii, but one eidt of the quiestion was nted, and theie g^emetti no dtoiibt; went away beUeiring thai a ipreatar nitiabir ol In^ani iatored ^otm«nt:than the fabta in the oaet wittmitiiit

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  1. Our Brother In Red,
  2. 28 Sep 1889, Sat,
  3. Page 4

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  • Judge Shackelford- stops disburbers of public worship

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