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Debate May Be Decisive Jack, Dick are Even of Br GEORGE GALLUP American InstituJ* Public Opinion PRINCETON 1 , M. J.-- Th* Great Debate on TV Monday night comes at a tune when millions trf Americans are trying to make up their minds IE to which ma will make the better president. Foe thft last sit w«eks. neither Set! John Kennedy nor Hi third Nixon Vice has b*en able to gain a decisive lead supervisor in a coal mining com- vey vas In a rural area roujhly 15 miles Irom her home, juit Mjlsldi of the town of Belhefda. It Ii located nbvutMmtlialrwn iht W«t Virtinl* border She interviewed 11 persons-- 5 women and * men, Sht talked to farmers and farm wives; the questioned i retired carpenter, a salesman for a cosmetics company company and the wife of ui assistant pany. She spent about 20 to 25 minutes with each person she interviewed, asking each on* approximately approximately 40 questk)2{, Mrs McKown was aL in Ihe i960 race. In the lalest coast-lo-coast interviewing interviewing by Oi« tiallup Poll- conducted during t h e period 1 Sept. fl to Sepl. 17 in 160 sampling areas across the nation-- the twt| men again run virtually neck- and-neck. if the election were held at present, the victory margin would almost certainly depend on the voting behavior of Lhose persons who say they are undecided. It TvuuJd be a question toth at how many of ttiese persons would vote end how Uus group would divide. Here is the present line-up. Prefer Nhon-Lodgc ..... 45% ''Lean to" Nnon-Lodfe ..... 2 work In tastern Ohio. 159 other [ntervfowori In cities, town and ral areas aerou the nation wre following Hie same proced urei In completing their assignments assignments The result of their wort was processed in the Princeton office t farm the basis at report. SHOP Prefer Kounedy-Johnson . 43 "Lean to 1 Kennedy -Johnson 1 Considering oaly those voters expressed a preference, the would be: Nuton-Lodge 51 par Cftflt, KennedyJohnson -49 per cent. In obtaining these results, Gallup Gallup Poll interviewers handed vol- 1 «rs a card lisLmg the ticket* under under their respective party head-' jugs and asked this question "K die presidential election *ere beinf held TODAY, which candidates trould you vote Tor-- Kiioo and Ladjje or Kcoacdy and Johnson?" With the race so close, an un-' portant quesUon arjs es ^ to what the pglitics of the undecided are 1 and how they feel about the cen- 1 All votew in the present ware asked they normal Alfjjiation-- that is, whether they consider themselvei Republicans Demorrats, or In depend ents, Wh«n the politics of tte unde- od*t| voters a l a n e we considered, considered, it is seen that half or them are JJennHrats; mil* 17 per cent! are Republicans This is the 1 L'NDECIDED VOTEM -- Poiiiical Affiliation -- Oemocrai ....... ;, ^ j -· · , mm t . rrtf Independent ............ 3J Be publican ...... ^ Some insight Intn why u,, s g«« Js undecided Js offered by we enthusiasm raiinz" thev g j v « each of the four c i n d i . dates. Despite UIGIT Democratic tendency on a party faa£1Si Helps strip inches,from thighs, waist and *» an I « tfie pancejitage ctf und e . Who gave *a c h oT a "hiBhlv favQr-|| scaJe: II the candidates 6 rS 1 "? °" a UNDECIDED VOTERS S* Johfl»n are persons that they of ihe Gaiiup Poll j Plan ta d ; vote W b«n , here not change bj m 0 t« [ han jtolnt. «»«"ils the sunrey ,,, ^ the two PAT. PENfl. BEST 'N CYCLE -- A UNIQUE DEVELOPMENT. For the fint dences, KiHicc his st last developed BESt "N CYCLE let you trim iuuy unwanted inchet tt/wts you remain in AREA (u«U from the hie** to the midiiff) is tlimmud, titecdy than met iefanl THE PJWBLEM OF THE MIDDLE ARU.Tht F^tut ptobltm the female and male figures aliie) ·» WWHO the midriff AREA. The tigns of · shapdsss, unattractive silhouette begin taut, begin to Jose their firm youthful tppeaiance. Miucle bulge" bcsvns to develop thy* As girdle line. Bulging rings' 7 begin to pile up. Lack of exercise, build-up of Tatty deposit ui ihe MIDDLE AHEA, Even proper i, without Droper erer- cis? may ?Hll leaif* Jtr?tchsd-cat rkbby ddu, bulssi that wtA 10 te doom, redistributed, conditioned.^ toned-up tuA finned. ncgjcct Hid W'6 «, third nationwide WinLs If thes* three surveys , re utan afff*: ^P 1 * 56 "^ * total 0 [ 4,680 Interviews, a e two candi- oates each receive ttactly (he proportion »f the total na- vote. Here are th* results. Nlwa-Loflg, . report li THE "PHONE" PO$JTIO« OF REST CYCLE, Became of your fcody'l pwltit*! TUB REST "N CYCLE--i proaft .lyini-down pojitioD--*D the jlnunlpgbenefttj, tjinie-tieht- tffecb, ire directed to the MIDDLE -- the area that needs ugly Inchu trimmed twiy. As you REST *N CYCLE, you lie completely id^ed on your back, c]iett fuJly e-rpanded, Somadi miucles^Bdt- tened, weight evenly distributed. Your body Is In a completely neutral Tjosilio for ihe slimming down process, tfit iiwjy of unwanttd, unsightly flabby inches from the troublesome MIDDLE AftEA. REST Remodeb your · Aid* Circulation * Slims ind .. Undecided ., Some insight « 7 4S HttT D CTtll TMrm hum, IM II HOT It Otlf _ Iff inl MNlifWHt If M i\f flflllp fNtnM i|fpWf f lit UMiini-flrvlii tt« tittf 4M trktf M^H tt htlp IW JW tf HilbiKtU JM tM ffW Will* MAIL t Dty Brolruri \ SyfiAUjf 1, j Pleise «»(! works eati be gained by i? ,L * a s=[gnmcnt «/ one of tnc wo ml*rviwcrs who worked on this survey. Take the cee O I Mrs. Dorothy McKown. a 02-year-old hou«iw[G o( St. Claisvliie, Ohio. Mrs. Me- Kowa, « focm« «chool teachtr K of WeHabj HESt 'H CYC^E » designed on the principle of niechdnic.il b^joui .tnd ^ountertuliincw to jivu you sale, itress-wnd 'itrain -free ^PIUJS, Wow t Irlni, j'oxiLliful-Ioc^ing figure can be your) Jit an unpretedcnlcd kr\v price. Start enjoying tli« wonderful awHreneuof « ilimmed- do\vn, uplifted sltacllc. Step nway *nd J» yaior new beauty emtigel J CUT Chtrft D Her Atstniitil H Mli nr [I Cotmttici, DGf'S ttre*t tlmr Allow 1 wr«k

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  1. The Post-Standard,
  2. 25 Sep 1960, Sun,
  3. Page 81

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