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Neyman - ' ol ol - A - - - a Tba'PtofrTtdtd' pof...
' ol ol - A - - - a Tba'PtofrTtdtd' pof boeoBio1 bnowp L through 'hlm.'knil wbtn ottldpd about It dcpldtat flrpt that bla.namt had oror boon, any tbtns olao lhaa Nry. man It .1 only In yry roc - int ''ytart - la kw be of r ol on i 1 j to to tr i J&Zi Jx sronr or pit., netmah. aod m, OP BALTItXOavaLB. INC. .' t" - 'j ' ' iv b - - - jp - - - i IIB ABSKHTB TIIH TltUTII UP TIIK .." - .:. 'f - ..':i'a,j:.:' LBOBND' - THAT NAPOLEON'S (; MAniUALa, WAS NOTloYlOirllUT jf - y 'i'' W?,fi,7B' ... . DECAMB A tKACtlBn IN NORTH CAROUNAVBATS 1113 HAS PA-'!' PA-'!' ' - i - .. " - t V ' ' ,' . ,. .;; M '.'', ." ;!' ,i. ;.,.i.'W PEIIB TO rttOVB ITi '.',. .:: m ' ' - . ' LOUIS LOUIS VILLB. - I Jan. ltA( lHlllo. yliltTiB'a.jaWJMwin'rVov'' - hack "!7,V.'.' - T,J 7TtiP"JrTH'' "e;",1 f - 1. Ntymaa 'tq'; lbrw who navo beard hlPTi:lla)ihjifettblrd' aonol Marthai Htf? Jb , bniyci of Um brariv" qillt, ntturjilly hi ao j eooaoctod with tb legPdbaVtr(hat Ney was not retlly.. anoii In th Luxembourg aardena, bntwaa eplt"j"airay"tb'"dlt a touotrV pcoot'tracber In Norh Caro - tVaawitotijjUMajaiiMirir wa bla Uttter. He now aayp, that al bl death papr will b fortbcomlnd to .prova hlaVryt At a meeting l this city btwan Ir. Ntymtn and tht lUv. Dr. Jam A. Wcttun. th author ismr KtV,ardlwoiWtlrjOtlCPr.;Nr; ma a for th Brat lime tow r lb far - well Meni'htween hie mother and Maithal Key. .The parting took plac an the eveplag following - tb auppoeod taecutlen. IItpl - w told of Inttrvlewt with alrfalheV Ja fhl country. Ilrgardlng tbV parting be aaya that although oniylght yara old at th lime, h renwmbert dlttlnctly how hi father of whom he atood In great dread, cam In dlaguJd to hi horn, klaeed hi wife and "children good - by, and mounting th bora that iteod waiting It' the doon' rod away - lata - tb. night. 6f wbatliai)nod t Marshal Nty.dur. Ing th'ieit fl year he knowa aotk Ing tscept what hie father told blot When they best met, which wa In HalUmore In Ittl. It acem that when My left horn oa that escaped Into England aided by powerful friend ind paatport,furnlabtd by th Httk f Welllng.oa.rrIn England ho wa b. trltndtov y i - i.TWlltlam Oobbttt. tb famou llborat deader of parliament" Cobbett ga him letters to laBuentlai peopl In naltlmore and aided him to arose. andetected to thla country. Her Ney wa fn'ocrfeef afeiy. bat' ovaoi count Or hi : frjenda In England akd rranc who tnfkht tuy tufrtred .; erely bad their part ' In hi eecapt bacomo. knowrl rtb - kept bit identity a ecrtt. Itere'Ti became 'a'achool teacher, eecartn - f many pupils through Cobbetta lh0lfe,' " When young Ntr pam to thlt country la 121. hi fathef apprenticed blm t Or, rtuah' and iSati th Phlladelphl burgeon. - and It' Wa under them that h top received, hlf education. It wai hot. until, fourtefp yar later thai father nd ion met dgaln. Pettr Btuart iit'y waa tlyn (eacl acnourl Irwitll toutty, North Carolina. . V mad hi. horn with Placebnlloutton, farmtr, To lain jcayoiiag.atfty Jnad hie way, reaching It, at auppr time. lie aeied to - bo accomavMlaiod . Cop. tba night ..but hi rqtt - thorfar aaylagt lhat jtyaryafbaduw .occupied. reung fy - inaiatoa, paying taat a 11 Walho.oaly bopa.wllbln, reach, he kiMtateep - thror - in - ,tbroadtld.IIt kgred to aleep w' tb floor and tbt fanner yielded to hi cntrcatle. Al tamper rather and ton aat oppealt etch ther but dM not pk. After th meal taw left th hone together, went behind behind a bay it atkr - kod remained there talklag.unUl nOdrty.inornI age TM.. la corroborated by Mr. Mary p. Dalton. laughter of rrmr Ifouaton. Bbe tars that When eh andth other member of tbo family Wcr.t6ld of the meeting behind the hayetaok by rrederlck, a farm hand, ihy"tmmbrd that when th two rata faced each other at tb' table, there aeerned 10 be a algn. of undonundlng. Mtween them. At tbl metlfog - Ny gae:hUrToir - cbeclt for recommended him to tnlltt In tb United Plates armyThl adrlc young Ney followed. Itwnt to Jefferson Uarracka at.BtatlJbub. and entitled. He wai It? tbeldghtk.TlnrantnrdUTtilB tM Samlnol war ahd wa aleo IWIha pedltlon agalntt tho f ortnona. ,ll nt aaw Marabai Ney and for th fait! time llt ln.JMJ, at which time roaag'Ney had 'returned to.clrll lift and Waa practldiilr inadlcln jajtrnwnat. town, Ind. They', met - by. agreement la i.Uvtm .kept by boma :Allleoa , at ftttervllle, N. C. Of, tbl. meeting Dr. (ttymanrnaa iitua.Tavssyi xfir;ne wat ,t . Jackaon.'i Mlaa.: Wben J the Wtr.yitb Mexico brok Out. ;h wthi taaJa Into ilia army but Madrth lumed.narne which be UU beara. lit a rather reticent. on, .that .inbject '.b. bautO for many year be feared proe - eutloB.for a eerlou ofTcn CommttlM soring in Bemlnoie.wtr, u aaya tnai up day 1m. fouad. 'yry dar.conird betag brutally pualphod by hi captain. la tho exceas of bla anger be track th ptla. How :b cam' out of th troubl h doe not ayr but when he wtat Into th Mexican war b deemed II beat to change, hla nam. Alter th war b traveled In tb Weet Indlta for reveralyeare. Evldontly he prospered for when . he returned and . acttieg . at CuinpbolliMirg b waa I Vrry coraf ort - abt circumatancIn raet b I tw M to b woHb flb.0. ' ta h meantime Ptr ttuaii Ney, who bad been Ideotlfwd aa, tba. manual. iy aOiinteoplr4ld In ftowaa eoooty. N. C.'and wa hurried In. Third, Creek church,. That waa la IM. It wa erl thlt ly. year Alttr Hy death that Dr, Neyrnan jtorc baaed panther Car, four mile ,irn nu noon jn waiuuvsTiua. oiBaou.ld Jmgln' f or what pur pot n bought :it. an; ibepurcbat CtObed COMII - Iafwiti comment. It r m&.:2i berneerarrrwrreaiwBdlnr - forr'long tintwithtndeaconortb Third Oreek church lor th purpo of aecuiing Ny rtmalne. but hi reouetta had oen reruoeo, rinaiiy Dr. Ncyraan went to Iha deacon and told hi atory, under iitoi pieua pt secrecy, it wa not betloved but rhea Dr.' Ney man offered to pro by pa examlaf lion of tb kul lhat;th 'dead man Waa - Marshal r Ney th autborltle wr: tuOlctently, Im - prtatid 10, agree 10 bav it xbmed. Thla wa don on May 1, 111, Maiwbal NeyTluirhad"ne - beenr trepanned and! Dr.' Ntymasi, hoped, lo ahow tbl but h ,Wa dtaappolnted, th body being, being, lit tuch . a condition af tr foftyi three yeara that examination wa hn - poeslbl7Th' church autborltle then finally rtfutedt allow tbrmtn to b removed. " "'"' """" ' " - ' Drln. thla wboirilnii - W.Tttrman had remained tllent on th aublect x cept to b churet. autborltle and In alt (probabillly t would bay - remained alltnt';; But th lory (leaked out; In North Carolina.. coming, to,the ar of Or. .Wettoo, rector of tb church'ef lb Aaotnilon. al Hickory, w, v. in. wee Ion waa then completing a book on ta ftrobablt fat of Marabai Nty and wa adLcoura much Interetted. II wrote 7 T .. m "i." ff '!, - ' a."'aa.ta. in r, yinn ttt rvwivev - iwr king him - net 10 ntui i Mtnuiy hutdn.lttlng, th truth f,tb itory. tiU'Jud,UguS'W - t.lf.dr.trdy lad. btfor long Dr. Neyman wa quet - Honed by many people. To the N far little tatlatactlon, contenllng him - Mlf with th talement that th Khobl tcher hurried In North Carolina wa tl.tnir U.r.h.l Ney. It I ttlfHWt by a man at Albany. N. T.. wbo aya he la related to Marsh! Ney that Dr. Ntyrnan hk given any partteuUra to auppnrt hi etalemenl. Th article re ferred to aouutad tb Idea. Ibat Marsnai thla ialryi a. aaywher e4teaVoIa'lhUaXinboUTgqardenv Among bl friend, a very atrong point In favor of Dr. Neyman'a story hi th apparent lack of Incentive for him to falalfy. II haa wealth far beyond hi need and ha at moat, but very few year to live. He caret notb. Ing for uateatatlon and evidently nothing nothing for any fame which tba matttr may bring hint aa la evidenced by hi long llencoand many denials. Another point I th remarkable resemblance between Dr. Neyman' ton and tba picture of Marshal. Ney. when the latter wa about middle'. Dr. Neyman'a fimlly lawyer la known to have paper which no on I lo w uatll after tba doctor! death. Dr. Neyman aaya they will prove hla cat. History record that Marthai Ney third ran waa named Eugene and that be waa born In IBM In Pari, which would make kin tb mm aa Or. Key - one were b Bring, nut about 11 poiai Dr. Ntyman'a toty and Laroutt' encyclopedia dlverg. Mroute give Count Buaeno' career. It aayt h en tered th - ..rrtneh,, diplomatic aervUe, waa stationed at varioua foreign dtlea and In IMS waa aent aa charge d' affalri tor Prtslt." - when - b - returaed to Parlt la IMS tufferlng from tb lllotat which enured bla death bi the asm year. And further to bow that Bugen Wey wa a. ptmn known lo the world, rarlou ;rr.nbyM - WnBdr u ONLY TffO S1TIY0BS. r - .niBi cw o.THit.AiiBainan L OUNDOAT UltDANKTA TUB VESSEL OOT AOROUNO AND Mm - trir - inii.n4 - fllfWnnt - T - xr - . TUKBD.THB MEH. - rpRIBONfCng i KILLED ypnTHTlHa TO ESCAPE, VANCOUVER. H O. Jan. Ib - Advke from Manila aay that IMnJamln O. Ureen, ccatwalav and Oeorgo M. Powers, Bnl data apprentice, are the eoh) turvlvor. at far a known, of tht locktcet. Amerl - fan gonboar - Vrdeneta. - WMie the 1rdinela wa taking aound. Ingt near Ortngl ah got aground. Tb aatltiav aeelng what happened. nt word lo the tnaurgent troop at Ortngl and atrong force marched dewa oulckljr through' Ibo wood antrtookr potlthw - o both bank In th undenrrowlh. Budderr - ly tkey opened firs on all ltd of tht ItttU' - eetstV - wnnnrlrost - 'Ot.tbr at - tb Bret - volley. . lieutanaat Wood, wh was In command, waa woundtd In three plaoea during tht Brat few minute. be - In thai Ih vessel waa doomed, ht erdeiwd that tb gig be, lowered I takl a oath' down etream. bar1 the. boat waa rid dled - while being LffHrred.r Uy ; thU ttma terevwthe crow ' were killtt - or - 4itbid. - Only a reen. Powers aad three elher re mained active. . The '. Insurgeau growing boldtr; waded Into r stvalkrw .water an verpawered thm by theer fore of num ber, A tew aaya later, wneu in uragoa waa awea'aootwacMna. .tbo aiea taede a dash - Iwr - Bberty. but they wer rocantored ana nenlenead 10 o)t ror tat attenuH. Tka'xeutlou wa - o'tako'ptaee al Wtr. UthC - but during. the otttkt ikey agala eaean. Oreea and fwer ellmbad tal A: tree. Hid lb lb dent foliage at lb lop," wkllet tbJ nilptaea s. aearcbed ' W Woodal around ' theaa. Th Mker three Araerlean were probably recaptured aad kUlx All. ibat - mast inty coum near Ibo flllptno searching for them, but Mat - morning" they went away. After IravMIng tw day 'without food they reached the coast and were taken en board th Oregon. JtUJUL XAZt jiXtXVMMT. niinD ROUTE TO 'iBpfESTAB - UBIIED IN ALLEN COUNTT.; Postmaater Pug reoeired a letter Thursday from Senator Fairbanks, con - vTtag Information iron nratAaaut - nt Postmaater Oeneral Heath . to; tb tleclr that a' tMrt rural fre deUrery font would bo - eitablUhed In Alltn oounty. Mr. ratrbank auted that aa inapector would be pent her aooa to in spect th rout naked Wr to Abolt and Donfee.Tb route win. baeaubiwnea, ir approved, tb tenator aay. a ooa aa the money avalUbl. ThU will mike threw fr delivery tout la the county; Thai on in operation hat eee - rad.Varaf katlafactorr. - Indeed, .and th nertbMw rout, to Lo. will oon be M jjtl..4vS - iS - ; KM:I.I - i,aKj.aaaaE7Tr"' . "J ' B)ga.i t rv - i.. tM a of - a. Ik - to to . Ih ta to or of of . OBBHtttim

Clipped from
  1. Fort Wayne Weekly Journal-Gazette,
  2. 18 Jan 1900, Thu,
  3. Page 20

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