Jan Hoffman to play with Nicklaus 11 July 1964

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Jan Hoffman to play with Nicklaus 11 July 1964 - at the DRIVING, PITCHING AND PUTTING IN...
at the DRIVING, PITCHING AND PUTTING IN SOUTHERN WISCONSIN Hoffman To Play With Nicklaus at Beloit; Hulen To Compete in Lincolnshire Tourney J. in in late are Don and 1964 the to Club at entered of four in Dodge will of at for a is rain Janesville Municipal Jan Hoffman, All-City golf champion the past three years and winner of the Municipal Men's Association title in 1962 and 1963, will represent Janesville Janesville in the 18-hole match on Aug. 16 at the Beloit Country Club that will feature world-famous world-famous Jack Nicklaus. Jerry Thomas, seven times the Beloit champion, five in a row, will reprr.ient Beloit although he now is professional at the Edgerton Towne Club. The other player in the foursome will be the Rockford Rockford amateur champion. Nicklaus Nicklaus will attend a luncheon at the Beloit club and will give a golf clinic before the 18-hole match. His appearance is being sponsored by the Beloit Junior Chamber of Commerce and the Beloit Country Club. Best scores of the week at the Municipal course were by Ken Johnson, 32-36—68, and Charles Heise, 33-40-73. Par is 35-37— 72. Most unusual score was by Howard Ilessel, manager of the j Creston Park Kroger store. In the Municipal Men's weekly nine-hole play Thursday he shot nine straight fives. Par and Johnson's 18-hole card and Heise's for the front nine (Johnson tied the record with the 32 on the front nine): Par (out) 444 314 354-35 Johnson 354 234 344-32 Helse 441 343 2S4.3I Par (in) 545 434 534-37—71 Johnson 444 434 535-311—51 JAN HOFFMAN Francis Russo and Dan beat Dr. Robert Yahr. Long Two events in which much interest interest is being shown arc the Father-Son Father-Son on July 26 and the Husband-Wife Husband-Wife on Aug. 2. Both are 18-holes of medal play with handicap. In the Father-Son the players alternate shots. Among other things in the Husband- Wife is the alternating of shots off the tecs. of the firing and did his usual excellent job. EDGERTON TOWNE CLUB EDGERTON - With the season season schedule at the midway )oint, the One-Hour Martinizing earn still leads the Thursday I jj,,^;';;; [n"the Tournament,"ail With 78s. John Bauch had a 79. The big Calcutta event held on Sunday was won by the team headed by Tom Lucas with a total of 469 strokes. Other members members of his team were Mike Schloesser. Tom Berkley, Frank Carlson, Gene Frattinger and Ruth Bauch. Bob Tensfeldt's and Jim Schultz's teams tied for second with 472 strokes and Tensfeldt's club won the sudden death playoff. playoff. Dick Mueller, Tom Torgcrson and Dick Ford tied for medal- Terry West and Mike Greenhalgh Greenhalgh will represent the Municipal Municipal course at the Wisconsin PGA Junior Tournament to be played Friday, July 24, at the Janesville Janesville Country Club. It will be 18 holes of medal play. West was low among the Muny Juniors in a qualifying round Friday with 36-38—74. Greenhalgh Greenhalgh had 38-37-75. The alternate alternate is Dan Nitz, who has had putter trouble all summer and shot 39-38—77. Play in the Municipal Men's Handicap tournament has progressed progressed to the semifinals. Don Cherry plays Glenn Platterter and Wayne Rash meets Rex Lowe in one flight. The other flight will have Jim Armstrong vs. Don Brovick and Myles Scheribel vs. Maurice Hull. In third round matches. Cherry Cherry beat Richard Van Alstine, 2-1; Platterter beat Whitcy Jordan, Jordan, 1 up; Rash beat Percy Ilan;son, Ilan;son, 3-2; Lowe beat "Roger Sands; Armstrong beat Ollie Haugen; Brovick beat Bob Rice, 4-2; Scheribel beat Lindy Slay-j Night Men's Golf League standings standings at the TowTie Country Club with a total of 48 points. Spike's is second with 43 and Nc'.^on- Young is third, 37. Members of the One-Hour team were presented golf ball prizes following last week's play. On the term and their nine-hole awrages are: Carl Carlson, 36; Don Lund, 42; Dave Holman, 45; and Joe Dillon, 50. Other prizes were given to those who won the most points during the first half of the season. season. Earl Ogden and Tom Jones, each 1315; Bob Sweeney, 12'i; Ardell Schultz, 12; Norman Yeske, Yeske, ll'j. Low for the ladies was Marge Scifcrt with a nine-hole score of 49. scene 36 Wednesday. will Bert Weisflog Jr. discovered Sunday that No. 1 hole has water water on" it. A sprayed second shot bounced off the equipment shed and found its way into a pail of water. The annual Old-Timcrs night will be held July 15. This is the evening the club entertains all of the elderly gentlemen of Jefferson. Jefferson. ton, 1 up; and Hull beat Whitey Whittemore, 1 up. Janesville Country Club Ken Hulen, CouVry Club pro- Twos subpar rounds were shot at the Towne Country Club course Sunday. Bill Carlson, a member of the Edgerton High School team last spring, had a The local Arrow Inc., will hold its outing on the Ifith. The steel fabricating firm will entertain entertain its guests with food, refreshments refreshments and golf. Tom Torgcrson's team still holds the lead in the Men's League with a 118.5 total, but newcomers have crept into scc- na- West and Greenhalgh will be among five Municipal players in the Wisconsin's Men's Golf Association Association Junior test, in conjunction conjunction with the annual State Amateur, Amateur, at Madison Blackhawk Club, beginning July 27. Other Muny Juniors going to the state are George Geise, Nitz and John Betz. The five were selected by Ray Fisher, head of the Wisconsin Wisconsin Public Links group who | is a U.S.G.A. representative. one-bclow-pnr 34 aiid Don Falstad, Falstad, a member of the 1964 Rice Lake High School team, toured the hilly and wooded nine-hole layout in 33. Playing with Fal-!. , "T. T . f c inn.i v.m 1 M„ ,1. J stad was his uncle, Ed Falstad '^"^ ^hird place. Don Lane's fessional, wdl play Monday in Ladvsmith. Don shot a 35, club won 18 points last week and S ^s 'T6 °^e ?oM 'p ^K^ -i"- the runner-up Hulen. a. smooth swinger,^as| ^^aT 'ad on"e eagle, two'^"^'""" "'"^ '''' P"'"'^' hut- ard nuicii, a oiuuuu. o»i ftv-., ..»o| paLstad had One eagle, been on his game, although he j birdies, five pars and one I has had only a few opportunities yard, a seven on the 575-y„..., to play. He had a 33 on the par g gj^-j,, ,,0,^ carlson had i and untied in the league-Paul rcn Ley's boys are third with 99. One man is still undefeated 36 front nine Thursday and i^^^^ birdies, four pars and two hoped to play at least nine holes p^j.. ITriHav ovpninir Manv "nnmp" i _ Par-434 445 344-35 Friday evening. Many "name professionals are entered in the Lincolnshire Open. Hulen and three Country Club Falstad—432 Carlson—433 T went v-f our 337 34'J—33 4,54 443—3 participated In Nevcrmann with a perfect 24 score. Again newcomers in the race have taken over in the next positions — Jim (44) Copcland and J. Follensbee, a local teach- Eagle the ycars. cr is nov .sell, 114. both on Mass Church Higginbotham, Dei which Catholic a church three years Boy In highest mer. amatcurs-Dr. C. R. Gilbertsen, |, ^ ^^eniy-iour , a. .upciieu un ^ ^ 21 totals. Bob Solie and Al BiUing.s-tied!ladies Day activities at the, for first place recently in the pro-amateur at the Wisconsin , , ,, . „ „ „,.,,,. PGA event at Milwaukee Ti-ip-,ho"s« foUo^ving the golf match* match* bridge tourney Towne Club Monday evening. A dinner was served in the club nic, View Paul. the the the War has been declared on go phers at the Municipal course. Leonard (Hans) Wagner, head greenskceper, has obtained an "eliminator" from Gilbert Bergdoll, Bergdoll, superintendent of grounds The Counti7 Club will have a ijam Ivcy winning prizes I team, headed by Hulen, in the | Ralph Pope received the door _ i Pro-Ladies' event of the Wiscon -i prize, sin Women's Golf Association | League players will resume 52nd annual tournament. Sun- j matches Monday evening. he ,tcr, More than 20 couples have Kuck, signed up for tho man and wife medal play tournament Sunday, A niioi'e luuii.ev was hpW ' A beautiful tropliy, courtcsy of ' with Mmes Mable Hul and W 1 -1 '^e club, will be awarded to the Sm hiTwSncTizJs M^^^ nam l\ey winning prizes. Mrs.] . "TT" . ^ „ I™™"" 1 1 WHITEWATER-The annual men 's handicap tournament al guests, Country Club, where go in ""'"'^ are a raritv. hall, for will rounds day, July 19, at the Manitowoc Branch River Country Club. Am- What are the Clifford Shaw, odds on this? Towne Club the Whitewater Country Club ateurs on the local team will be j member who spends his winters Winners of the blind conducted last weekend by Kenneth Kenneth Maxson. Muny pro-manager, pro-manager, were "Whip" Seefeldt, David David Bagneski and Russ Cramer, on Saturday, and Roger Mattson, Mattson, Dave Wanninger and Bill Close, on Sunday. Mrs. Ed McGavock, Mrs. G. F. Nobiensky, Mrs. Jack Schroeder. Schroeder. Tlie Pro-Ladies' event is bogey i sp?nsored by the Wisconsin in Florida, shot two holes-in-one during the same nine-hole round will begin July 17 with Jerry Olson the defending champion. Deadline for entries will be July 15. The event will be 36 holes of medal play. Arl Watson is the PGA. The women's qualifying play [ an ace on the 120-yard No. 4 is Monday, July 20, and there'll i and, with tlie same club, sank be a new champion. Carol Sor-; his tee shot on the 135-yard No. enson of Janesville will not de -16. fend the title as she will be playing in the Western Amateur at the Pinecrest Golf course at ^^^j^ ^he basis Largo, Florida, April 28. Using' - •- • • - a a chipping iron, Shaw dropped Among the Fridav golfers Bleck-were two of Janesville High's Andrea! best athletes of recent years— I school. Schloemer, who will be a recov- 1 senior at Northern Michigan ,„„ I University, ]ust returned from loss,j^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ Cov- 18 action girls' 7-5, 8-6 of J, t. and S. Cats Strikeouts S. and Play- and 195; 219; De- set the 200- Denver, Colo., where he repre sented his fraternity at a convention. convention. iuninr i^nim lu "ic junior, u^i^^^g.jy Wisconsin in the fall preparing to enter law ' '"^""^ c-i^i—,.,»,„ „,in h« . Shaw is currently visiting in Edgerton, having attended the at Oak Park, 111. Carol won the'45th reunion of the Edgerton Western in 1962. Mrs. James High School class of 1919 at the Farley has joined the Country i Dairy Bar on Sunday where he of his hot shooting of late. The next club Paw Squaw is scheduled for Friday night, July IR. and attending Club women who will compete in the state test. One of the low scorers in the Muny Men's nine-hole action Thursday was Russ Cramer, a 39. And he got off to a miserable miserable start—a 10 on the par 4 No. 1. He parred the next four holes, birdied No. 6, parred Nos. 7 and 8, and birdied No. 9. Three tied for low score with 36 on Thursday, according to Ralph Scott, chairman of the games and pastime committee. Sharing honors were Earl Schmidt, Harold Kotwitz and Dick Schooff. Roger Mattson had .37, and with 38s were Bob Brockhaus, Ollie Haugen and Lyle Glfford. Cramer had company company at 39—Don Kazda, Bill Carpenter, Jim Armstrong and Verne DeGarmo. Len Larson won the prize for fewest putts. Blind bogey winners were Mel Layton, Bob Erdman, Dennis Beinash, Lindy Slayton, Ollie Haugen, Glenn Platterter, Bill Carpenter, B. P. Daly Jr., Jim Endicott and Don Severson. One of the club's big stags ofj the season is the Sinnissippi on received the plaudits of his former classmates for his unique golf performance. ..... ........ Towne Country cub golfers Wednesday. Members can invite' ^lU be host to Beloit Municipal local guests. Testing his swing 1 course players in an interc ub Friday for the Sinnissippi was^^^'^^h here on Saturday July John Saxer, one of the Country i 25- Thirly-five Edgerton players " • • ' have signed up to compete, according according to Gilbert Lund, Edgerton Edgerton captain. The Ken Buhrows leaders of the Chamber of Commerce Golf _ I'ountry Club's best competitors. He has been out of action several weeks because of illness. Nancy NeLson will represent the Whitewater Coiinti7 Club in the state junior women's tournament tournament later this month at Manitowoc. Mi.ss Nelson, a ! member of the Whitewater High School girls' team which went undefeated in nine .straight matches this year, has shown a marked improvement in her game the past few weeks. Mrs. Alyce Green will represent the club in tlie women's division. Mrs. Green has been in the championship flight of the state tourney the past few years. lion of the oon eon Dr. Gerald Gredler has en- brp1ayedThrfa "st' wtrinlt;'^ .t Biso^'lllalkS.*" "^'"'^ °f Brennan and Robert Solie are other Country Club entrants. The Wisconsin PG/* tournament tournament for Juniors will be played at the Country Cub, 18 holes of medal play, on Friday, July 24. Each club in the state can send two players. Country Club representatives, representatives, who competed in an 18-hole qualifying round Friday, Friday, will bo Tom Wyss, who had 78. and Tim Smith, 81. The alternate is Tom James, who had 83. ells in the feature Wednesday's play. The Marc Petts, in second place, meet the Seth Adolphsons. 'ITio Carl Carlsons Carlsons tangle with Charley Tracy's Tracy's team and the Dick Englers face the Jim Wedewards in other matches. A husband-wife, two-ball foursome foursome is scheduled for July 19. Further information on the event can be obtained at the clubhouse. clubhouse. Four teams—Beloit Municipal, Macktown of Rockton, 111,, Ingersoll Ingersoll of Rockford and Janesville Janesville Municipal—were slated for a match over the 18-hole local course today. On the Janesville team were Harold Kotwitz, John Jones, Bob Brockhaus, Russ Cramer, Dick Schooff, Bill Fredericks Fredericks and Mel Layton. Pairings have been posted for the Championship tournament. There are three divisions in the no-handicap test. Players are placed in divisions according to their handicaps—Championship, 10 and under; Vice President. 11 to 14; and Directors, 15 and more. There are 20 In the Cham- pionshio, with Al Billings as defending' defending' champion. The Vice President's tourtiey has 13 and the Directors' meet has 20. Only one match has been played in the Championship. Dr. Gerald Gredler, 1963 runner-up, beat Dr. Richard Schroder. In the Directors' Directors' meet, Scott Own beat Dr. Today is the first day to turn in qualifying round scores for the 44th annual men's club championship tournament as well as the annual ladles and junior champion.ships. All scores must bo turned in by Sunday, July 26. The qualifiers will then be placed in flights for match play. Thirty players competed in tho weekly two-ball foursome event at the Towne Club Wednesday Wednesday evening. Don Skau and Koshkonong Mounds Wednesday's Stag day was taken taken up with qualifing for tho city golf tourney. Doug Madsen had three birdies in his round of 37. Harold Gallic had two rounds of 39 each and Ken Pattow carded a 39. (lay Hill Al are bo the CIVIL DEFENSE MEETING MADISON (AP)-Owen Monfils, Monfils, director of the State Bureau Bureau of Civil Defense, said Friday Friday tho first in a statewide KO- rles of Civil Defense meetings, will be held Tuesday in Antigo. BEEKEEPERS TO MEET Rock County Beekeepers will meet at the Norman Harper^ residence, 411 N. Pearl St.,' service. junior in Mrs. Scott Hatch were in charge | Belleville, at noon Sunday for a of the program. 1 potluck lunch. Another two-ball event will be held next Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schultz handling arrangements. Jefferson Meadow Springs JEFFERSON-Thousands enjoyed enjoyed the fireworks display put on for the public by the Meadow Springs Club the evening of tho fourth. Art Jark was in charge ONE GALLON GAS FREE if we don't ask to check your^

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