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19480403 The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) Saturday, April 3, 1948 p25 CLIP - THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, Saturday, April 3, 1948...
THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, Saturday, April 3, 1948 25 , the Hopes of Indians Rest on Hurlers Cleveland Has Best Defensive Team in American League By MURRAY SINCLAIR TUCSON, Ariz., April 2 «P)—Pitching continues as the Cleveland Indians'biggest unsolved problem. The Tribe came here a month ago needing added strength on the mound. It breaks camp next Wednesday apparently in the same condition. s(art j n( T outfield jobs. Allie Clark, b r j]jj ant prospect from the Yanks, Wa]t ,T U( jnich, from ihe St. Louis \v a ]t Judnicn, trom Hie bt. uouis B row]1Si ant i o a | c Mitchell may - -n.. —. -•-- --" Jr. addition Bob Feller is slow in roundinK into shape. Feller, highest paid player _ in the game, ran into sprinR training difficulties a year ago. Ho ended tho season with a 20-11 record This was the best in the American league but still far short of the predicted 30 to 35 victories, Admittedly taking it easy, Feller has pitched 14 Inninss in four games'this spring. He 1ms yielded 13 hits nnri 10 runs for no wins and one loss, Could Challenge Given an all-around pitching staff to compare with the rest of the teftm, Cleveland. would probably probably challenge 1 the Xew York Yankee's Yankee's and Boston Red Sox to the wire. Rained out. of seven games in California, ihe Indians are a bit behind schedule. This doesn't worry Mgr. Lou Boudrcau. "I'm satisfied," he says. "Feller Is slow, but he'll be all right." Boudrenu. will start culling down his talent-laden squad this week er.d. It's going to be a tough job. Defensively the Cleveland infield infield is the best in (he game. The samo starting nuartet 1hat set a new American league fielding mark of .982 is back intact: Ed Robinson Robinson on first, Joe Gordon on second, second, Boudreau at. shortstop and Ken Keltner at third. In I he, Buckijrnund In addition, Elbie Fletcher, Johnny Berarrllno and Al Rosen make it even more dangerous, And! always looming in the background is the Tribe's new vice president, Hank Grcenberg. The ex-American league home run king doesn't want to play. But he is going to keep in condition—just in case. There is a wild scramble for the Bob Fellnr . . slow roundinR Cleveland ace into shape. got. his first glimpse of the major eventually get the call. To do so they will have to outfield outfield nnd outhit some classy competition. competition. Larry Doby, first Negro player to m;ike the American league, is impressive. Streamlined Pat Seerey is hittir.g consistently. Hank Edwards, Thurmnn Tucker nnd Hnl Peck are being carefully watched. hand and split both the middle and ring fingers. His hand bleeding profusely, profusely, Sherman was carted to Mound Park hospital in St. Petersburg, Petersburg, Fla. W hether was any future, for two or three weeks: Blackwell Tosses Reds to Victory Ace Gives One Hit in Five Frames; Boston Trounces Yankees, 104 That conclusion WM offered Fri- TAMPA, Fla., April 2 UB-Ewell Bkckwcll was terrific day by Pres. Will Harridge of the Qn the mound aga i n Friday, allowing only one hit in five innings American league after a tour of -„_... «„,>., _«j <•„ „„ 11 to 0 victory over Vets, Rookies Hurt by Newest Rules CHICAGO, April 2 UP)—Veterans and rookies are handicapped by- two new big league rules—the March 1 training restriction and the bonus regulation. That conclusion was offered Florida camps. The March 1 get-away, Harridge said, was displeasing to a majority of players. He predicted an earlier date would be set for 1949 at a mjdseason meeting of baseball's executive council and player representatives representatives of both major leagues. The bonus rule, invoked since February, 1947, is regarded by most baseball men as a long-range boomerang to promising youngsters, youngsters, said Harridge, A bonus player is one who gets a lump cash payment from a. club as an inducement to sign a salary contract. Waived or Sold while the Cincinnati Reds romped to an 11 to 0 victory over the St. Louis Cards. Everett Lively, young righthander, finished up for the -winners and was nicked for four blows. Jim Hearn was the losing pitcher, home runs by Frank Baumhollz and Hank Sauer in the first inning, along with Blackwell's Blackwell's double, giving Cincinnati six runs. Ken- Johnson and Howie PolJet finished for the Josers. At Tnmpa. Fla.: K H E St. Louis <Nl . 000000000— 0 5 1 Cincinnati (N) .<»300010x—11 13 3 Heai-n. Johnson (21. PoJlet (6> ,.ini1 Bucha. Rice (6): Blackwell, Lively TURN TABLES Pirates Top Giants. 12-7 Under it, players who sign for Priates Frid B bonus must be sitting on the Giants. 12-7. bench of the major league club which signed them after 9ne year, or be waived or sold. Optioning of bonus' players is banned and they arc subject to draft all of their PHOENIX, Ariz., April 2 W— Turning the tables, tho Pittsburgh Priates Friday beat, the New York subject careers. In Thursday's exhibition series opener. New York won 6-5. for their fifth victory in six appearances appearances against the Bucs. Three walks, Willarri Marshall's double and a single of! Kirby Higbe (6» and Williams. Phils 6, Bosox 1 CLEARWATER, Fla., April 2 (.T>i —Rookie Curt Simmons shackled the Boston Red Sox and Harry Walker hammered a home run Fridav as the Philadelphia Phillies ._„" , double and a single oil Kiroy nigoe Friday as the ^miaqeipma mniius "That means only one year of I in the first inning produced three | trimmed the Ameriacn leaguers, ,•-«, i n .«,, n «o=«nnini. for a bonus runs. |6-1, in an exhibition game. minor league seasoning for a bonus player," Harridge explained "anc most youngsters need more ' than make the major league . The March 1 starting dale re- that to grade." The arc sulted from a demand by players for a 45-day limitation on training, training, or a salary beyond that period. "Pitchers, especially, feel that March 1 is too lale to begin work," said Harridge. "It long was customary customary for batterymen to move into camp well ahead of the rest o* the squad. Everybody concerned now realizes that this was ^a.14. to 3. necessity more than a tradition,' Harridfre Cagey Hairidge was typically cagey in discussins his league's pennant conj conj i, i:v,,,, «mn V,-MT ho cniH will R H E Pittsburgh (N) ..000321132-12 12 1 New York (N) 301003000—7 92 Higbe, Sinclci.on (7) nnd Klutu: Lcc. Hariuns (5), Ayers (8), Hallclt (9) nnd Westrum. Browns 4, Cubs 3 DEL RIO. Texas, April 2 UP)— •Russ Meyer and Hank Borowy limited the St. Louis Browns -to three hits Friday, bufthe former's generosity with passes enabled the Browns to edge the Chicago Cubs, 16-1, in an exhibition game. Simmons, wild in the first inning, allowed the Sox only four hits in an eight-inning stretch. He yielded a double to Neill Sheridan in the opening frame, then walked three batters to force in the only Boston run. The husky young southpaw retired in fsvor of Ed Heusser in the eighth, after walking a total of seven batters and ranging ranging three. Yank Catcher Suffers Hurt NEW YORK, April 2 OP)—Hard len ueib. rive LCIU.O. ..= »-.-, ••—, • luck seems to like John Sherman ma_kc .the,_ American, gamble Indiims 12, CluSOX 4 Lollnr. Every time he appears set to go places, the old injury bugaboo bugaboo grabs him. J.IIL* iuimi^a. * u^,,^>v. <-The <-The latest of a series of mishaps better shape than last year, which has plagued him since he commented. "The. Red Sox big ^_ i. u:~ (•;„«) «.!!»% I-.TTL f\T t Kn wi o ii'ir .... nn* !«,. ii_- nit oh in rr t nP l I^GTS tenders. Five teams, he said, will R H E Chicago (N) 000020100-3 81 St. Louis (A) .. 000 330 OOX--) 32 Meyer. Borowy <(V> and McCul- louph. Schetfing; Fanntn, Stephens (6) nnd Moss. question is pitching, the Tigers £01. HIS llIbL KlliJlpSlU Ul I.1IU mcl.lul ([V.USLIUH 13 (JlLV-lltl^,, »,." - T--- leacues, struck the 25-year-old have pitching, but ther power is catcher of the New York Yankees doubtful. Connie Mack has a younp - - - upcoming Philadelphia club, and .,' - •,!_ >_ ^.. m UAAH ct*'/in«rth_ TUCSON, Ariz,, Anril 2 Cfl>)— A Gettel and Rookie Edgar (Special Delivery) Jones throttled the Cni- white Sox with five hits Fri- cago w nrte BON trf _ ° l ~ 4 e ' xp i oded for seven runs in the fifth inning as they won game in 19 caicnei OL t/ie ;ww njn\. j.a.nnci:o aououu*. '-wnnj*.- f ^^.^^ «•«- - ^ *- thoir T4tn crame in lv t Friday. upcoming Philadelphia club, and ineir j.n ^ A foul tip from the bat of Bos- the Indians have been strength- j f 2ar ^ n ^ s " s Inel ton's Bob Elliolt banged his right ened." i Althouch they failed to; Colorado U. Meet BOULDER, Colo., April 2 <-«— Eight states will be represented by ', UUI1LCOLO. * Although they failed to produce a home run, the Indians rapped out 12 hits . of Joe Haynes, Howard Judson and Alex Danelishen. X-rays will be taken to determine 13 college and university entrants 4 . J . f _ , :.„ it.- .. n ..n,>^ti onmifll HnlOlHriO the seventh annual Colorado W heter er was any , It was feared Lollar would be out university indoor track and f.eld meet Saturday. CJeve ] nn d (A) R H E 001100 200— 1 S 2 300 071 lOx—12 13 0 (5). At Clcarwalcr. Fin.: Boston (Ai R H E . 100 000 POO—1 5 1 Philadelphia (N) "200 400 OO.v— 6 11 0 Johnson, Ferris (7) H'.id Balis; imninn'! Hmmi-.r (Si snd Seminlck. Braves 10, Yanks 4 ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., April 2 t/P)— The Boston Braves trounced the New York Yankees. 10-4, Friday Friday as righthander Johnny Sam went thc route, scattering 10 hits. At St. Petersburg, Fla.: R H E Boston , . . ...03005R100— 10 10 1 . ... York (A) ..000300001- 4 10 0 Sain and SalUcld; Shea, Page (6) and Lollnr. Other Games At Charleston, S. C.: -R H E Brooklyn B (N) 110010000— 3-14 2 Charleston <SA) 511 010 02x-lO IS 2 TavJor. Chandler (4), Mlnner (8; and 'Multy; Bush, Scott (7), Koval (Si and Hanklns. At Orlando, F)a.: R H E ChaUanuoga (S) 000000021—3.115 Washington (A) 100 020 10.\--! 60 Leedy, ZukowsW Hudson, Plerctti <7> and Flellas; and Evans, i-lU(.lj*Ulii ^ivnjn-i \* • •*••-- —Early —Early (7>. Winning pitcher, Hudson. i Losing pitcher, Lecdy.

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