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19480403 The Titusville Herald (Titusville, Pennsylvania) Saturday, April 3, 1948 p7 CLIP - TH1 THTOVBLU (FA.) MMALB AMIL 3.1940 Homer...
TH1 THTOVBLU (FA.) MMALB AMIL 3.1940 Homer Power, 2 New Rules and Spirited Are Opposed VM»II ™i,,w _!„.., „,, „ ,.«!t •»— » » By Harridge is Brooklyn ball club play as a unit. Injuries Injuries to key men have kept them apart. But that's nothing to become alarmed about. The Dodgers usually advance a couple of regulars from Montreal on the eve of opening day. Right how the big question is first base. Ray Sanders, acquired from the Boston Braves on a conditional basis in the Eddie Stanky deal, has not played played yet He is optimistic and so is Durocher, but he remains a question SEES BOTH CHANGED mark. If Sanders shows complete recovery By Ths Aitociated Pntt from a series of operations on his arm, he will play the bag. The Dodgers League Head Cites March 1 Training And Bonus Regulation DOWN the SPORTS TRAIL By WHITNEY MARTIN Attodftted PNH Sport* Writer Form Shown By Black well And Simmon*. Reds Blank Redbirds And Phiffle Rookie Shackles Boston Sox VERO BEACH. Pla., April 2.-An en- BUCS, INDIANS WIN ergetic breeze made the tall pines whine softly and sent the broken clouds BV The Auociated Prett . CHICAGO, April 2. — Veterans and scurrying. The muggy heat hung over CLEARWATER, April 2. — Rool rookies are handicapped by two hew the vast expanse of practice field In Curt Simmons shackled the Bost have until* opening day to make up big league rules—the March 1 training almost visible layers as the scores of their minds on him. restriction and bonus regulation. youngsters went through the myriad- a home run today "as th£ Philadeioi Jackie Robinson stays on first until That conclusion was offered today by chores of a baseball foundry. Phillies trimmed the Americ Sanders is ready and Pete Reiser has President Will Harridge of the Amer- it was easy for the kids, though. It Leaguers, 6-1, in an exhibition game'' ican League after a tour of Florida was the instructors in the Brooklyn Simmons, wild in the first inn; camps. Dodger instructional camp who suf- allowed the Sox only four hits in The March 1 get-away, Harridge said, f e red. It really is work for the old eight-inning stretch. He yielded was displeasing to k majority of play- gaffers. double to Neill Sheridan in the 01 ers. He predicted an earlier date would . . . j will go to second base, displacing Miksis. Rickey Branch Rickey would have been out ing frame, then walked three * Robinson as a second baseman. , , , D *» roc h« are high on be set for 1949 at a mid-season meet- there himself, stretched out in a slid- to force in the only Boston second baseman. i"«- nt Koc^haiv* »va/>,iti«« /./^,,r,^n ,~* .-._ ._ Si ^. ., ______ L—±. ^__, __ _• ____ ._ i ____ t ..... _____ __..-^.,...* ..^^rr ,, . , ... ,, . , of baseball's executive council and ing pit to demonstrate technique or husky young southpaw retired in *< We won the pennant with the best played representatives of both major teaching verdant young pitchers how to of Ed Heusser in the eighth after WL ^ K...™., ,„ *....H.,I playmg ]eagues ho]d fche ba]1 were it no( . {or & Jeg . n _ ^g a total of seven b * tters and fa The bonus rule, invoked since February, February, 1947, is regarded by most <base- y^ ball men as a long-range boomerang to promising youngsters, said Harridge. second baseman in at first base," said baseball Rickey. Irwin High Ca P t State Class B Ti A bonus player is one who gets a Title LANCASTER, April 2. — (/P) — Paced by the hard-driving play of Johnny Abrahams and Bob Cervi, the Irwin High School basketball team retained its PIAA state Class B cage title tonight by trimming Bridgeport High, 49 to 34, before a crowd of 2,000. Abrahams netted 14 points on five field goals and four fouls and Cervi was right behind with 13 tallies tallies on four buckets and lire fouls. Scoring honors for the game, however, went to Bridgeport's Norman Norman Phillipy with 22 points on eight field goals and six fouls, without without this 6-3 ace, the District 1 and eastern regional champs' would have absorbed an even worse drubbing drubbing at the hands of the District 7 and western titleholders. jury. . ning three. Fresco Thompson, assistant director Walker, National League batti of Brooklyn minor league operations king last year, put the Phils ahead and a handsome, affable cuss, was ex- stay in the:' first frame with a dp; plaining some of the details of this over the right field wall, scoring Ral lump sum cash payment from a club big project, which has seen 600 pupils Caballero, who had walked. as an inducement to sign a salary pass through the camp in a month's Boston 100 000 000—1 contract. ' time. Philadelphia 200 400 OOx—6 1 "The trouble with his game," he said, Johnson, Ferriss (7) and Batts; "is that when you learn to play it mons, Heusser (8) and Seminick. you're too old to play." Under it, players who sign for a bonus must be sitting on the bench of the major league club which signed them after one year, or be waived or sold. Optioning of bonus players is banned and they are subject to draft •all of their careers. "That means only one year of minor league seasoning for a bonus player," Harridge explained, "and most youngsters youngsters need more than that to the major league grade." Sayt Pitchers Affected The March 1 starting date resulted from a demand by players for a 45-day limitation on training, or a salary beyond beyond that period. "Pitchers, especially, feel that March 1 is too late to begin work," said Harridge. Harridge. "It long was Customary for bat- Blackwell Is Sharp TAMPA, April 2.—(/P>-Ewell Bla Cites Lack of Teachers Rickey, who likes to visualize the well was terrific on the mound scnool as a baseball college, inferred today, allowing only one hit in the same thing when he remarked: innings while the Cincinnati "Right now we have only five or six romped to an 11 to 0 victory over fully qualified teachers. The other 20 St. Louis Cardinals. make or so instructors still are learning Everett Lively, young right-han^ themselves. Our trouble right now is finished up for the winners and lack of pedagogues." nicked for four blows. Rickey had outlined his plan briefly, it was the Reds' seventh consecut When with the Cardinals, he said, he spring training victory and the fouij took a survey and found the average time in a row they had walloped player stayed in the minors three to Louis. four years. The Yankees, he added, Jim Hearn was the losing pitct thought this figure was a little low and home runs by Grady Hatton and H« placed it at four and one-half years. Sauer in the first inning, along He said he hoped to cut a year off Blackwell's double, giving Cincinnati i - - '- "Poll Bowling Club Ladies rn.;^^ Handlca P Fayrway Knolk 1 P. Battles 90 P. Wagner 146 M. Latshaw —113 M. Macormac ..145 K. Helfrich ....133 Handicap 57 Total 684 McCandrews 1 T. Meyers 140 E. Pero 99 M. Kingsley ....127 M. Malloy 83 E. Tesser 155 Total 651 Smith & Co. 1 J. McDonnell ..111 A. Crowley 118 .. 96' ...166 Handicap 52 2 128 145 100 129 117 57 676 2 155 103 115 129 131 47 680 2 116 122 120 154 52 3 110 121 95 132 90 57 Tl. 328 412 308 406 340 171 terymen to move into camp well ahead this period by intensive instruction. runs. Ken Johnson and Howie of the rest of the squad^ Everybody Thompson, with a" filing-cabinet finished up for the losers. concerned now realizes this was a mind gave some further data on the St. Louis 000 000 000— 0 necessity more than a tradition.; 1 school, which Rickey himself says is Cincinnati 613 000 lOx—11 1 dis ~ in the embryonic stage. Hearn, Johnson (2), Pollet (6) i "Of the first 250 boys here," he said, Bucha, Rice (6): Blackwell, Lively "all but about 25 were under contract, and Williams, They averaged 21 years of age, 5 feet 11?; inches in height and 178 pounds. Forty-three of the 48 states were represented, represented, as well as Cuba and three Canadian provinces. Only nine boys 605 1965 3 Tl. 122 139 142 157 139 47 417 340 384 369 425 141 745 2076 3 Tl. 134 3C1 140 85 129 52 380 301 449 156 Total 665 Spagetti Shop 1 M. Cafini 90 F. Helfrich 148 M. Madden ....120 E. Hookins 107 L. Smythe 166 Handicap 45 Total 676 Fisher & Young 1 V. Burkett ill M. Zdarko 177 S. Kurach 178 Deadman 119 Deadman 105 " 2 75 133 '144 117 161 45 675 2 105 138 140 119 105 662 2013 3 Tl. 108 273 141 123 119 160 Harridge was typically cagy in AT - cussing his league's pennant contend- 108 ers. Five teams, he said, will make the 1" American scramble "close and inter- 102 esting." The three he omitted were the 132 Browns, White Sox and Senators. 113 "The Yankees, I believe, are in better better shape than last year," he commented. commented. "The Red Sox' big question is were over 24 and two were 17. pitching. The Tigers have pitching, but Av - their power is doubtful Connie Mack Hard Sending Boy« Home 13® has a young, upcoming Philadelphia "We spent over $2,500 on physical 113 club and the Indians have been examinations alone, and sent home two 12? strengthened." boys who did not pass. The hardest I 23 Harridge thinks Joe McCarthy, new thing to do is send boys home, as it 1*1 manager of the Red Sox, will "pep up means our board thinks they have no interest" in the league this year. Me- basebell future. Carthy, as in his Yankee bossing days, still is a. stickler for propriety. Harridge Av% recounted that McCarthy put a stop to }„ Red Sox players carrying their laundry through the lobby of their swank Florida Florida hotel. Harridge said he was confident league Jan.- 1 where John Doaks will be on attendance would hold up this season. March 17 or April 3. .. . ,=. • , i-*~i"Florida i-*~i"Florida crowds were unusually large "We make up the farm clubs here, and Roo*ie Edgar (Special De live this spring and this always is a good The system works something like shov- Jones hrotted the Ch.cago Whit* 100 150 Pirmtes Get 12 Hits PHOENIX, April 2.—(^—Turning tables, the Pittsburgh Pirates t beat the New York Giants, 12-7. In yesterday's exhibition series op< er, New York won, 6-5, for their fi: victory in six appearances against Bucs. Max West, who was hit on the he by the throw to second, was forced retire from the game. Clint Hartung and Wbjtey each had home runs for the Giants "Every night the board meets and Pittsburgh 000 321 132—12 i: goes over the list, and as long as even New York ...• 301 003 000— 7 one member wants one more look at a Higbe, Singleton (7) and Kluttz: youngster he is retained. We hope Hartung (5), Ayers (8), Hallett (9) a eventually to have the organization per- Westrum. fected to a point where we can tell on Soofe geven ^ ^ Av. 422 387 343 91 141 129 114 sign," he smiled. N. Tonawanda Cliib 45 135 696 2047 3 Tl. 125 341 122 166 119 105 ing peas out of a pod. You push the with five hits today as the Clevel top pea, and one drops but at the bot- Indians triumphed 12 to 4. torn. That is, when one is shoved out The Indians exploded for seven n of the Dodgers proper, he drops to in the * ifth inning as they won j%j n* rp, -,, i ^j rr\ j Montreal, and to make room for him a 14t h game in 19 exhibition start* 487 162 1 O DOWl Here 1 OdaV p i a yer from Montreal is pushed to Ft. their tenth in the last 12 contests. ^ ' worth, and so on down the line until Although they failed to produce some poor kid on a Class D club is home run, the Indians rapped out pushed out entirely." hi ^ °« J< * Hayne*. Howard J«o> The board, in sizing up a player, a "d Alex Danelishen. rates him on arm, legs, hitting and Chicago 001100200-4 aptitude. So a questionnaire might Cleveland 300 071 lOx—12 1 Haynes, Judson (5), Danelishen How is your arm? Can you throw and Tresh; Gettel, Jones (T) and"M\ 437484 437484 357^ 315 A team of Polish Club bowlers from North Tonawanda will roll,, against a Av. similar Titusville team on "the Y. M. .114 C. A. alleys today, starting at 4 p. m. 146 The visiting team is reported to be one of the top Polish clubs in the Buffalo area. 161 There will be open bowling from 2:30 than a. oartv' to 6 on two alleys and from 7 to 10:30 more ^^ a party ' ray, Ruskowski (6). How about your legs. Count them.

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