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19471111 Tucson Daily Citizen (Tucson, Arizona) Tuesday, November 11, 1947 p13 CLIP - Notre Dame Sports Section Nov. Panthers Met...
Notre Dame Sports Section Nov. Panthers Met Spread Attack the and By SKEBO McKAY The Amphitheatre Panthers had an easy time in heating the Tolleson Wolverines, ,35-7, last week but at the, same time were confronted with one of the toughest offensives in foot ball to play against -- the spread P Fo'r two periods the Wolverines were held practically gainless and it wasn't until the second play of the third quarter that they opened with the spread. Although warned to advance of it the Panthers were still caught off-guard in many plays. Tolleson ran passed from this formation. The lone Wolverine touchdo\vn was indirectly responsible to the spread play as they marched from the 45 to the 10 only to lose the ball on downs when they tried_ a pass that fell incomplete on the fourth down. Had the Wolverines continued to use the spread on the 10, chances are they would have scored then. But fato was with them as the Panthers fumbled on tho first play and Holleson recovered on the 10. Manny Hernandez passed to Loberlc Sllvas for .the marker and Dean Olson converted. The Wolverines lost a good man midway in tho last quarter when Olsen was hurt and car- ricd off the field after tackling Jim Tolkan on a handoff from Larry Hart. Olscn was tlic defensive defensive backfield mainstay and figured in several nice runs. The highlighting individual per f ormances have to go to Joe Venut and Earl Colwell,. Panther half backs. Venutl, 160-pound reserve has played his share of games this season but never as in the game las week. His line plunges and end around sweeps were something t watch as he tore away from tack lers. Coach Murl .McCain will los a good halfback next year In Chucl Hopkins through graduation bu Venuti will be his answer placement. Earl Colwell upped his seasor scoring total to a neat 66 points bj putting over a touchdown anc kicking five extra points. His extra point booting is really someth n, to watch. He's a natural and th balls go over the goal high an easy. Reserve Fullback Doug Linds- Icy has to be mentioned also ·with shoulders made to hit on job despite the fact lie was sick all day and was troubled with a sore left elbow. Lindslcy is no doubt ono of the hardest tacklors in tho state. He's a rugged boy with shoulders mado to nit on coming runners with his full body weight. Tho victory gave the Panthers ft 6-1-1 record ns compared to winning only two games last year from Tombstone and tno Tucson Cubs. They have thus far racked up a total of 107 points to the opponents' Ci. This week they engage the Tu B on Cubs in the last game of th year for the Panthers at their horn field. Next week they go to Doug las and then to meet the powerfi Mesa Jackrabblts. The Cubs hold wins over the Indian school twice with identical scores of 3-0 .and lost to the Nogales Nogales Apaches, 0-19. The Cub line is liffht but the team is backed by a trio of good backs in Gene Nixon, Tom Kelly and Lou Reizk. Only the lack of reserves will keep the Cubs from making a good showing with Amphl, who Is tak- Ing no chances though. Panther . Guard Gerald Wester, one of the hustlingest linemen in the state, is suffering from a fractured toe from last week and will miss'the Cub in re AP Grid Poll Classified ics, Radio, Played Well Against Raiders To Star Of Pro Gridders Joe Goff (left)' and Eel Wolgast, Arizona substitute tacks, were among .'the Wildcat player · .^TM'^ by Head Coach Mike Casteel for their-outstanding play as the S tlropped a 41-28 game to Texas Tech Saturday at Lubbock PP Goff" in addifion to making good on four con- on defense, gie Russell.) TEMPE MAY BE TIRED' FOR WILDCAT CONTEST _ Valley win be fired up against the Cats, that gives them concern,. secret that the Tempe night at ElJPaso sive It's no season would be considered an .un- Sfied success should. Coach Ed Doherty come up with a win over the Wildcals-that in spite of what Se Sim Sevils might do in subsequent subsequent games. Enke Enke points out that the Sun Devils have a heavy Hue and a shiftv backfleld headed by Wil- forl ''Whiter''.. White, the former Mesa high all-state performer. performer. White seldom got past tho line of scrimmage against Mines, but t h a t - doesn't -mean he isn't potentially danger. as it was his work that. sparked tho Dovil.s to a 25-12 win over New Mexico at Albuquerque after trailing 12-0. The scout points out thrt Do, ous Sun Devils Saved Tricks For)Cats TEMPE, Nov. 11. (/P)--Although the Sun Devils were considerably bruised in their loss . to Texas Mines, Coach Ed Doherty said to-, day he has "a few. things-,saved back" for the University of Arizona Arizona Wildcats in their football game here Saturday night. "I think we have }as- good a chance- for .an upset as any underdog underdog team," Doherty. said "And you can bet the score won't be 67-0 like SAN FRANCISCO,-Nov. 11. U.R)--A curb on the free sub: stitution rule in. an attempt to "give -the game back to. ; the players'?- will -be made-; at: the annual winter' meeting of the col; lege football rules- committee,^ Jimmy Jimmy 'Phelan, ..head , coach ..of ..St. Mary's college, predicted;today.,; : Phelan,. who', will.- attenduthe,Ses- sion as a member of the- coaches advisory committee and first .Vice- president of the-National Collegiate Coaches'- association," said: he. :,be : lieved the rules could, be. ''cleared up" without too. radical:.a change; "Wo originally put in the free substitution '.rule so that "more,! kids would,get to play football,' said Phelan, "hilt instead, the .coaches took ; advantage of that . by trying to master-mind the game from the'bench by. sending a now quarterback on every play. That's what we want to eliminate. eliminate. · . · "I 'don't believe, any coach/wants the job of sending in the information information for every.- play. And we all know that the. quarterback.will do a-better 'job if he is/left alone." Phelan .pointed.-out' that, coaches always' had· been able' to-.send in information for the.next:play ever since the "no conversation" rule was voided many . years: ago--but that the current setup allowed too much interference from the; bench. The veteran coach, former mentor mentor at University of. Washington and Purdue and before .that a star play or .for Kniitn Kockne at Notre Dame, said he had no cure-all cure-all for the evils of the free-sub- s'titntlon'rule; but offered this as a possibility: , ' . - - . "It "It might work.to make a ruling that a quarterback must; stay in the game for a certain number of plays every time he 'goes on .the field-with field-with the exception of when he is injured," said Phelan. "In any event, something probably probably will b : e.donei-.because the current current rule-takes-the initiative away from.' the team." Phelan .also proposed that the kick-off penalty, invoked when two consecutive kick-offs go put of WOLVERINES, PENN, SMU, TROJANS, TECH FOLLOW By JACK HAND YORK, NOV-. H,(/P)-Notre Dame tops the ASSO- football writers'.oU for the-third straight week tans 7 defeat of Army in the finale of a great series. ' " 117"of the169 participating sports writers,-the · Fighting Irish next, tackle -oft.. beaten Northwestern, a traditional foe, while runnerup Michigan, ; with 34 first place votes, takes on'im- proving Wisconsin In a game that may decide the Big Nine title, Pennsylvania * which scooted into third place, a shade ahead of Southern Methodist, by handing handing Virginia its first loss, takes on another rugged -foe in Army which dropped from the first 10 for the first time in recent years. . Although its 14-0' win over Stanford was unexpectedly close. Southern California lost no pros- ORBAN "SPEC" SANDERS Spec Sanders Is The Hottest Thing In Pro Football Today By OSCAR FRALEY NEW YORK,. Nov. 11 : (U.R)-^ hottest thing -m W football today is . slow talking; fast moving Orban - - Sanders is the pnme Yankees, are it was ' The last year.' Sun Devil running ace, number -of herty, formerly on Boston college, has a b'ovs from, around that city on h?s y scuad Plu- such Ariyntans as Quarterback Charley Bftll, former former Mesa player, Manuel AJa, who did some fancy passing. for^ Glendale Glendale high, and Garner Barnett, formerly all-state at Bisbee. Enko reports that 0/zie King halfback from Phoenix, looked very good against tho New Mexico Mexico Aggies "s the 'Devils overcame overcame f 12-0 deficit to beat that club - 33-12. Another Phoenician who may bear watching Is Morrison Morrison "Kit" Warren, Negro fullback, fullback, who did not make the M Paso trip. · Jim Montgomery, one of the nation's nation's leading pass catchers Whizzer White, · "will be in his best condition since he- was m- iured " Doherty said . as he gave assurance that the Mesa speedster will see plenty of action! · · - Ready to go despite injuries will be Quarterback Charley Eeall and End Jim' Montgomery. Wendell Patterson, who has been restricted to junior varsity coaching duties by an old injury, is scheduled to " . . t * . . · last year, veal- is back at an end position along with Tip Killingsworth, Casa Grande wingman, who..was formerly at the university here. Texnpe now sports a 4-3 record compared with-a 4-2 record by the CatsT The Devils have defeated Cal be at tackle. Hurts from the Texas Mines more .a ball Leafs, pions, hockey league's individual scoring race with -12 points in, 10, games. Toronto leap frogged from fourth to second :place In.- the NHL with two week-end /victories, and latest official .statistics gave ..Apps five goals · and seven assists for a one point margin over. Buddy O'Connor of ,the New York Rangers 'and Maurice Richard JTJLU.1. wo ·*·»· w"» , game may keep End Dave. Medigo- vitch. Guard Dick Allen, and' Fullback Fullback Manuel' Aja on the.sidelines. Editor Says Ball Punted 190 Yards RENO, Nev., Nov.. H..(U0-Ty Cobb, sports editor of the Nevada State Journal, swears that there was a 19.0-yard punt in a- high school, football game the-other day. . He described the eyent today as follows: · ' ' 'The wind was so strong in_the K«ine between Sparks and. Hawthorne bounds,, might be made lenient. Under, present rules, kicked -put of bounds twice consecutively, consecutively, .goes, to the opposing team: at the place from where.-it was kicked.. Among other-proposals Phelan will make Is one that a special clock Deinstalled ; in all major stadia to time the length of time in the huddlo. , "This should be- a clock with a 25-second face, so placed that the teams on the field could time .themselves," .themselves," says. Phelan. ..''·.· ' ; He said he was sure such a clock would speed up action on the football football field for all .college teams, t . . . ' ' · i Apps Tops NHL With 12 Points · MONTREAL,.-Nov. 11. (U.R)--Syl Apps of the surging Toronto Maple ·1946-47 Stanley Cup cham- today · led the National Seattle Player Paces, Scorers SAN FRANCISCO, Nov; 11. (U.P.)-- Bill Robinson, wirigman for the Seattle Ironmen, today' led the Pacific coast ice libckey league in scoring after three weeks of play. Robinson has accumulated 24 points for the Northern division leaders, scoring eight goals', and contributing 10 assists in : 11 games, according to statistics released released by.League President Al Leader. . · - George McDermi'd- of. San Francisco Francisco has the best goalie average-2.33 average-2.33 in nine games, and- one shut-, Canadians, who of the were Montreal tied for second with 11 .points -each. O'Con- nor'had seven goals -and four assists,;.while assists,;.while Richard .had five goals and six assists. '· · ·· · · · out. The division scoring leaders: Southern Division Player, team G '. A Evans, San 'Francisco 9 7- 5 Carlson, S a n Diego 9 6 6 Cinor, Fresno l"l 1 ^ Roach, Fresno 11 ° 6 Hamilton,- Oakland , 11 4 / C'n'n'ham, S . Fran. 9 - 3 8 Northern Division Seattle · II 1 8 Robinson, Dartnell, Seattle McBride, Seattle Dorohey, Seattle Desbiens, Portland 16 11 9 9 11 7 10 11 -8 8 10 12-' 3 P 12 12 12 11 11 11 2418 2418 17 16 15 one of the best clubs in' All-America onference.- .He -credits- it. to : a jlow.ed. field-in his native.; Okla- io'ma. - ' . ' . . : ' - - . Rusty--after a hitch In; the Navy, but'still able.to lead the'conference n'rushing and scoring-as a, 1946 reshman, Spec-went, back .to the Southwest determined to. really make good in the crash for cash eaeue. He · plowed . a. field' and worked- · two; hours every day through the summer, passing, running, running, and punting while ankle-deep n that sandy loam of- the South- vest. It has 'paid off handsomely. Sanders, a six-foot, one-inch package ol 197 streamlined pounds, leads the AAC in rush- inir (93* yards); scoring (-8 $U)T total .-Wi.se (2037 yards); punt returns (164 yards), ·and kickoff returns (442 yards). Ho also is fifth in passing, where he has thrown 11 touchdowns, and tied for sixth in punting, where o holds the AAC record with a boot of 84 yards from the line'of.scrimmage. Not bad for. a guy who couldn t make the:- first team' at Texas in 1941 : Spec transferred from Cam J.W .. _ l . · -it L . J-- T oiwt-iin Theta Chi Downs Tau Delta, 50-28 -Theta Chi had little trouble In beating Tau-Delta, 50-28, last night in the University of Arizona -regu lar'house basketball program.-Bill RubrechV topped the Chi scores with 13 points while-Hugh Chernm By BOB!BURNS CINCINNATIy ^foy. 11. --It's a . long . shot, but the Cleveland Indians might.have picked up- the best bargain at the-major league-player draft here yesterday when Bill Veeck, president-''of Ohio's · entry in: the American league,., put the finger on Williani. "Kennedy, a southpaw owned by Louisville of the American American association. . Kennedy, : -29 years old, has an eye-opening- record in organized baseball.' _ ' · ' Last season with Scrantoh, Pa., one of the class A Eastern league, like Louisville a farm club of the Boston Red Sox, Kennedy won 15 games, lost only two. He was voted the Eastern league's most valuable pitcher. Kennedy' cost Cleveland $10,000 --the draft price 'for . a .. player owned by a class. AAA league. The tribe also 1 shelled out. 10 grand for Leonard Ratto,:.an infielder, who batted .267 and sparkled defensively defensively for Portland, Ore., of. the Pacific Pacific Coast league in 1947. -The- biggest spender was Leslie O'Connor, general manager or! the Chicago}'White Sox,-suspended, for several,%ays recently until the club decideo?,to pay a $500,fine imposed by the commissioner. . O'Connor 'paid $35iOOO for three pitchers and a catcher;- Hurlers. Roman Bruns- wich 'from-. Houston, Tex., Alex Danelishen from Oklahoma City and Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Southpaw James ,G. Goodwin and Backstop Raymond. Fletcher from Milwaukee. Milwaukee. . . . . · . ' · · . , . · · When 'the hour-long draft session session ended, 13 clubs had selected 36 minor leaguers, for a total purchase price of $345,000. Other players drafted, listed by clubs: American iron .'.-Junior Okla.,, where college in Lawton, he now lives; and wound up behind Jack Cram Aftei that he was grabbed by the Washington Washington Redskins but went into the Navy'.before he "could, play pro ball. After his discharge, '.he' was grabbed-by Ray Flaherty of the Yanks, who had his eye on Sandeis during'the days Flaherty coached at Washington. A rugged man of.28, the blond, blue-eyed · Sanders gives all the credit for his success to his block- Philadelphia--Outfielder Don W. White, San Francisco, and William DeMars, Mobile, an infielder with Asheville last year. - . . · Washington -- Clarence Difani, Newark;?.second^ baseman; Forest .Thompsony-Atlanta^'pitcher; and J.- Len^'Orkie- ' Nashville,'· catcher with -Fayetteville and Des Moines. Boston--Infielder. John' Ostrowski, Ostrowski, ; tos. Angeles, and Boris M. Martin, Toledo-, catcher. St... Louis--Al.Gerheauser, Montreal,'pitcher. Montreal,'pitcher. ' '· .. . ; National · -Philadelphia -- Walter Dubiel, Seattle;'' John Blatnick, Baltimore, outfielder 'with -Wilkes-Barre, and Huber G/. Wilson, Rochester, infielder infielder with Allentown. Pittsburgh-- Max West, ont- fielder, San Diego; and James Kleckley,- Birmingham, pitcher, 1 and. Forest Biain, Kansas City, pitcher. New ; -York--Jack P. Hallett, Indianapolis, Indianapolis, pitcher. . Boston-- Outfielder Clint Con- atse'r', Buffalo, and Edward R. Post, Syracuse, pitcher with Columbia, S. C., and -Muncie, Ind. St. Louis --' Lawrence Miggins, Minneapolis,.outfielder'with Sioux City.' Chicago--Lloyd B. Lowe, Colum- tigei The Trojans held fifth .place. . Georgia Tech, still sixth' In .tha rankings with one first place vote, bounces from, one tough game into another. 'Barely escaping,with * 16-14 edge over Navy, the 'Engineers 'Engineers clash with onrushing Alabama Alabama in a key game in the South. Texas regained, some, of Its-pre- SMU luster. by downing. Baylor 2S-7, advancing- .to-seventh, with; a good Texas Christian, team 'next on the list. Penn state, now eighth, despite three first place.votes, te . scheduled for a Saturday date, at, Baltimore- with Navy which,, has been 1 aptly described as "the best losing club: in the country." · Wisconsin, a new arrival, in the top 10, will have a fight on its hands to stay in the class because ''the schedule calls lor that game with powerful Michigan. Michigan. However, since being held to a tie by Indiana and losing to California, the Badgers have been coming strong. . California took over 10th place by defeating: Washington, 13-7,. while Virginia dropped, down by its loss to Penn. Crowding Crowding close, behind the Golden Bears came Illinois and William "on a io-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-l-pomt basis, Notre Dame piled up 1612, points to 1528 for Michigan. Otherspta. the firstf20 In order were: 1 · ... Pennsylvania 1145, Southern Methodist 1137, Southern California California 995, Georgia Tech-826,-Texas. 570, Penn State 539, Wisconsin 122. CaUfornia-102, Illinois^?, William and Mary 85, Army. 64, Alabama 61 Virginia and Mississippi, each, 46, Souri 42, ,Utalv36, North Carolina 33, Minnesota 32. Others receiving - votes .were F iest .Vg?jJj*3g$g-* and' Wesleyan, - each 3, Villanova. . and Purdue, each 2, Georgia, Trinity, Trinity, 4TU1U-W.^| x.v.«-- --i. - --· . Navy, and : Rice, each 1. ers. . . . . . ' · "They're the ones who keep you off the seat.of your pants," Spec drawled. "We've got some great ones and that Buddy Young is especially bus, O., shortstop; with Columbus, Columbus, Ga, Cincinnati -- Ferrell Anderson, St. Paul, catcher. The .world champion New York Yankees, the National league flag- winning-Brooklyn Dodgers and the Detroit Tigers i did · not exercise their rights to (ira'ft. Paper Reports Leah^MayQui* DETROIT, Nov.- 11. CJ.R)--The Detroit News reported today. a ^ell-founded ·rumor" that Fran* Leahy has submitted an orai resignation as head 'football coach, at Notre Dame and may retire ac the end of the current season. Sports, Editor H. G. Salsinger wrote that "Leahy, *, sensitive man, has been deeply' Jtart_.by criticism directed at him this fall. "He is accused,* Salsinger said, "of being responsible for Army and several w.estern. conference colleges terminating football relations relations with Notre Pame and, reducing, reducing, the schedule to that 01 secondary school. ' "It is reported that he told the executive head of Notre.Dame that if his continuance as head coach, meant the ruination of the university's university's football future, he. .would gladly step aside, and that Is his intention.". Salsinger reported that i± Leahy substitutes a written res g-

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