Massdive buildup faces war in vietnam

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Massdive buildup faces war in vietnam - flags village near the 173rd road leading in...
flags village near the 173rd road leading in the took no personnel machine had that remained of water village plantation. of war, and by heading the 173rd bivouac Lt. Len Red One" dropped C out by a fresh water and polished the nearby where the between in the leisurely Negro master camp on a they rifles and gren- the Phuoc encamped deep designed VIET CONG CONTINUES Massive U.S. Buildup Faces Unchanged War in Viet Nam SAIGON, Viet Nam «i - The massive U.S. military buildup now going on in South Viet Nam will soon total 125.000 Ameri- ·ans. While this goes on, there is 3 the war. The Viet Cong continues to itrike, to punish government troops and then to fade away jungles, mountains and swamps. Outposts are. overrun just outside outside Saigon. Roads are cut Giant search operations move out to look for the Viet Cong and often end with no trace of the guerrillas. The rapid buildup by the United States in recent months seems to have been designed as an emergency stopgap. With about 80,000 American military men in the Country, this action appears to have been successful. It has provided the force necessary necessary to keep the Communists from mounting major offensive and taking over key towns or cities. There were fears a few months ago that the Viet Cong was ready for a drive that if successful successful might demolish the last will of the Vietnamese, government government to continue the fight. Now the, feeling is that this danger has been blunted by the pouring pouring in of American militarv might. The result has been a stalemate. stalemate. The Viet Cong has been denied quick victory, but there stil! is no discernible plan that could bring victory for the Saigon Saigon government. The question of what the United States is doing here thus, brings the same answer that it has brought since 1960. It is trying trying to help Viet Nam win its war. but now it is doing it in a different way with a big buildup. buildup. There is general agreement that it was necessary to. adopt this different role, but many b«- lieve it cannot provide a final solution. Highest U.S. officials say repeatedly repeatedly that this is a Vietnamese Vietnamese war and that must be won by the Vietnamese themselves in gaining the support of their own people. They do not believe that the massing of U.S. troops provides provides the answer to the propaganda propaganda efforts and subversion o' the Communists. The factors that appear to It does go on. Government battalions are wiped out and are slowly rebuilt to fight again. Province and village officials officials are subjects to assassi- rent ratio of 3 to 1 is unsatisfactory. unsatisfactory. There are reports that a ratio of 8 to 1 might provide the necessary edge. Change Command It is believed that structural changes in command will soon be instituted by the United States. This may include a new headquarters to take over operational operational control of American ground combat troops in the 2nd and 3rd corps areas in the heart of the country. It also is believed that the 1st corps area bordering North Viet Nam will come under oper- nation, kidnaping and torture.lational control of the U.S. Ma- Years of war exact shattering ! r j nc command, casualty tolls. Families anrtj These moves would not involve homes _ are destroyed and still any cnange j n the current command command structure in relation to the Vietnamese armed forces. There still would be no joint command, but they would be intended to result in more effective effective operations against the Viet Cong. High American officials are know to believe that the Viet Cong still have never fully com- the fight is continued. While it is impossible to make comparison between the Vietnamese Vietnamese war effort and that of the United States, the government government of Premier Nguyen Cao Ky has talked tough and determined. determined. It has taken some stern steps, but it also is accused accused of ignoring some basics of economy and planning. j m j Ue d the force that they have The question of what man-i^en building up. power ratio would be necessary!-- -to -to win the war in Viet Nam isi often debated.- It is difficult to;" ADVERTISEMENT make the Vietnamese them- answer in the peculiar circum- .selves unable to subdue their foe involve domination. years of foreign war, dictatorship and political turmoil. Many stances of the war here. In other guerrilla wars ..,,_ .. figure of 10 to 1 often has been ^. ttr 36 . common Kiant cited as required for victory.; TM»»°=» °» en 0 «" r * n GETTING UP NIGHTS MAKES MANY FEEL OLD j or Bladder Ird Ird may mute JOB I r u m too !requ»nt Americans say the only sur-American authorities say. how-j p«i.,« *«h ^.nd "^s prising thing is that the Vict-lever, that mobility and firepow-iHmd.chrs. B«ci»£he»nd itfioid^tirt name.^ government has beenjer on the government side make: SsCLIiTtrinss * left with any will to go on with;this figure too high in Viet N a m . i " the struggle. J»st, : ng germs !n utrons:. acid ..i...j i. b ,..~ ._·*, ...j, -· - j arine and bj annlecnto puia fsllct. Ge* I But thev concede that the CUT-'CTSTEX « drnwtJM. r«i;

Clipped from
  1. The Corpus Christi Caller-Times,
  2. 01 Aug 1965, Sun,
  3. Page 6

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  • Massdive buildup faces war in vietnam

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