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positive vietnam - of 150mm howitzers artillery as they stand...
of 150mm howitzers artillery as they stand ceremony in Saigon. military headquarters as defense minister took as chief of armed forces from Saigon) How strong is the Viet U.S. intelligence men think U "S s '!" uon , ger : too much. Use of American troops in North Viet Nam has been more or less ruled out. Announced American objectives exclude overthrow of he Hanoi government. Q. How is the morale of the South Vietnamese people in general and the government forces in particular? A. A top American official privately answered the question this way: "Morale has held together during the past year, although it is certainly not booming. It seems to be mostly patient, apathetic acceptance ol the unhappy war situation." The desertion rate from the armed forces remains high, but at other periods it was higher. On balance, the government forces appear to be fighting neither better nor worse than a year ago. but, the Viet Cong has been get- Q. How long is this likely to go Viet Cong probably has 150,000 men under arms, 42,000 of them main-force troops. Beyond this intelligence men suspect most or all of North Viet 3?,5th People's Army Division — up to 15,000 troops — infiltrated into South Viet No one in the We.-it knows j Q. What effect has the presence of American combat troops had on Vietnamese fighting morale? 'o A. No effect has been evident so far. Vietnamese and American combat troops, in several joint operations, have not fought side by side but as separate elements. In all cases, the Viet- ho"w"nia"ny"adherenul'he"viet narncee troo .P s have be . en block- has in South Viet Nam, ing forces in these joint opera- guesses of two million or tlons . while the Americans had have been made. assault roles. Some Vietnamese If the Viet Cong has a max-! and , A , m f r lcan offidals fear - , , of, say, 200,000 men under ^ Vietnamese troops would in South Viet Nam against be dell '& hfed to turn the whole than twice as many gov-i war ° Tver , to the Americans. forces, why can't the Q " Is the Sai S° n government be won without American any more stable than il was one Because this is a guerrilla even when large battles Most military strategists, American planners, to 20 regular troops are to cope with one guerrilla. In five years of fighting forces have never near this ratio. year ago? A. No. During the past year there have been five changes of governmenl and three attempted coups. The nation has no constitution, no legislative body. Ministries have been in constant reorganization. Ky holds tenuous power as premier on !he strength of his support by gen- 'erals. which presumably could Are Vietnamese militaryiP han & e f.j any time ™ insla- •' satisfied that the Amer- jbility is likely to persist. Q How important is stability o f the government in winning A. In 'the long run, probably] King Urges Aid for very important. In terms of spe- Those Under $3 QQQ outside main cities and towns, the rural population has dug air raid shelters. These are sometimes large earthenware jars buried in the ground. More often they are just mudholes to which whole families flee during battles and air strikes. The Viet Cong has been work- Ing on its trench and tunnel systems for 20 years. Using volun- Says Viet Reds Expect Victory Prime Mi'nister Explains Rejection LONDON (AP)—Prime Minister Harold Wilson said today the North Vietnamese declined to talk peace with his envoy, Harold Davies, because they think they are going to win the war against South Viet Nam. Wilson told the House of Commons the Communist North VI- Peking could change current [etnamese are convinced "their on? A. U.S. officials say that "the battle has just been joined" and shun predictions. All observers feel there wiiill be dramatic military developments this summer, but few feel this campaign will end the war. Fighting could go on for years. Q. How likely is this to lead to World War III? A. So far, the Soviet Union has participated only slightly in the war. Communist China has oent weapons and equipment to North Viet Nam. No Chinese advisers are known lo have joined Viet Cong troops despite occasional rumors to the contrary. No Chinese units are known to have moved into North Viet Nam. The United States has avoided bombing North Vietnamese cities or engaging China in any military way, and American escalation is likely lo be kept within sharp limits. Both America and its Asian enemies seem embarked oa a local "meatgrinder" war aimed at exhausting Ihe other side. But policies at any time, and no officials in Saigo have ruled out the possibilily of World War III. Q. What is the current American casualty rate? A. It is approaching 100 killed, wounded and missing a week. This rate is expected to increase sharply as more Americans go into combat. Q. Is it true, as U.S. officials say, Dhat this is still a Vietnamese war in which America has only a supportng role? A. Technically, yes. But wilh- oul the massive infusions of U.S. troops and aid into Viet Nam. the nation would fall to the Communists in weeks or days. In this sense, South Viet Nam's contribution to its own war is increasingly symbolic, and the real war is American. The Vietnamese casualty rate is still far higher than the American, but this ratio is likely lo change radically in the coming months. prospects of victory are too imminent for it to be worth their whle to forsake the battlefield for the conference table." Davies, a deputy minister of pensions in the Labor government, returned Wednesday from Hanoi. He was denied an audience by President Ho Chi Minh or any other ranking member of the government. "Indeed, other measures are already going ahead to try to gel a dialogue with those responsible." he elaboration. added, without "The Soviet submarine fleet has been built specifically to establish a capability of driving a steel wedge down the Atlantic Ocean, cutting the lifeline between Europe and America," McCain said Thursday night. "If this should happen," he added, "it would pose a grave danger to both sides of the Atlantic." McCain spoke at the 47th annual convention of the Pennsylvania American Legion. He is Ihi: U.S. Naval representative on the United Nations Military Staff Committee and also commander of the Eastern Sea Frontier and the Atlantic Reserve Fleet. Earlier, Gov. Scranton can tioned "have from the Legionnaires to firsthand knowledge uppe: r echelons in Washington" before commenting on the foreign situation, especially Viel Nam. Johnson Calls for Cuts in Spending WASHINGTON (AP) - President Johnson has called for cuts in governmenl spending to offset the rising coste of'his "Great Society" programs and the war in Viet Nam. Johnson said Thursday that spending on major programs aimed at his "Great Society" goal has pushed the budget up by $4.5 billion, but total government outlays will increase only $2 billion because of improved efficiency and reductions in less essential programs. Buil things will be tougher in (he coming year, he said. for effective protection. U.S. forces are using heavy bombs and artillery to blast out the entrenchments. A direct hit is needed to do much damage. .States Develop Own Shortway fxtension Plan Pennsylvania's Keystone Shortway is part of a cross-country Interstate system of highways which will eventually link the East Coast with the West Coast. Neighboring Ohio's portion ol the link is 16 lane highway miles from of the four- Ohio Turnpike to the Pennsylvania border. Only one of the six construction sections is being buill at the present time. On the eastern end of the slate, New Jersey's portion of Interstate 80 is 34 per cent complete. That state's plans call for construction of a $317 million freeway extending 68.4 mi'les from bhe Delaware Water Gap to Route 95 at Tea neck. N.J. More than 15 per cent of the New Jersey project is now under construction and final plans and right-of-way acquistion is underway for 51 per cent of the total length. The annual bake of wild game from our National Forests is estimated at 200 million pounds, carefully shielded. Rooney was 21, she 19. The marriage lasted eight months. Then in 1944, after a week's courtship, Rooney married a girl who grew on him. He was in the Army at the time. She was Betty Jane Rase, the Miss Birmingham of 1944. "Betty was only 16 when I met her. She seemed to be just the right size for me. Not long after the marriage I got sent overseas and Betty moved to my home in Beverly Hills. "After two years I came home and rang *he doorbell. looked straight ahead at the woman who answered the door but 'ell could see was the buckle of her dress. "Then I bent my head back and my eyes traveled upwards to a pretty face. I said: "Is Mrs. Rooney in?' she said: "I'm Mrs. Rooney.' "She had grown six inches." In fact, Mickey never had a wife he didn't look up to. Martha Vickers, No. J; Elaine Davis, No. 4 and Barbara all tower over Mickey — he's 5- feet-2. But Barbara is closer to his size than the others. More Jobs, Higher Production Reported WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Reserve Board has reported another increase in industrial output and employment during June. It said the June index of production rose fractionally to 141.9 per cent of the 1957-59 average and was 8 per cent above the and wortih some $60,000,000.00. I same month last year. AP Pennsylvania Spotlight cific military campaigns, the war has continued to grind along despite the turmoil that started Nov. 1, 1963, with the SYRACUSE, N.Y. (API - Civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King has outlined what Tops of Cenfre Mountains Blasted Off for Keys/one Shortway Route (Editors Note: In Centre County these days they are moving mountains, .lust north of Bellefonte, engineers arc licking the problem of getting the Keystone Shorlway high speed road off the Allegheny Mountains, which drop more than 1,000 feet in less than 10 on the Shortway construction sites lo see what is becoming known as a miracle of engineering performance. Men are actually moving mountains. The sections under construction constitute the most rugged terrain of the entire 310-mile Valley. From there eastward, the going will be relatively easy. Just 100 years ago when the first railroad was built from Bellefonte to the Snow Shoe area to haul out the vast riches in lumber and coal, engineers were faced with the same knotty problem—how to get up and ice until the line was abandoned about seven years ago. Travelers through Centre County on tomorrow's spectacularly engineered Keystone Short way will be able to see here and there, traces of the old railroad which was itself an engineering marvel 100 years ago.

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