The Great War Ends

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The Great War Ends - f - - J J THE WORLDS j i - r GREATEST JS...
f - - J J THE WORLDS j i - r GREATEST JS NEWSPAPER 5 VOLUME LXXVII - NO 270 C 3Mt - MONDAY yOVEMBERJtll1J918 - 22 - PAGES3W J3Sa4BOTofl PRICE TWO CENTS feApa ftCT - J jft I - Jf 1 I ittHBKri tsHasLIIHflfe IH LHHIIIIHl H H ln flnH sUmUM iHftk r fin SflHHslIRk B sH IH BHHK sHIIHIfln AKbHh JHHIIIIIIKe Hb H HHHI H BH HHH HUH HH BHBBb BBIH HH lHH IsllllBI flBHH bUBBLI JHH asBIIIBI aUBHIIIIIIIIIlB bHHHHm HHHBHfl fH iBHHm aHIIIIIIV - H nnn hIK HHHHHIIIIIIH sHHHHHIIIIIIIIR H IBB H HiC H 1H HH HH H H HH B HIH H B 1H HH B niB B IB l B BBb VABBW BBB BvAb vSVJfi PAvB BVSVj BBBBBb BBH VbBH BBBBBB flBBBfBB BBI BBBBBJ lH BBBBVBBh BbIB VbBH BBBHPBJ bBBB wABBL BBSBBvABB flBBB vABAl BBABJ BflB iBpAV BBb BBvJbI BBABl vABAe OS v - PS - - s BBBBB BBB MB BHbBK g BBBBBBB BBB BBBJj Bl BvBMk - BBBBj BBBBBBjBbBb BBBBj IH IBbSbj BBBJ LL BBLH BBB BH LBflk BBABABJi BAvAvAvAhBi BvAi BvAm BBBBBh BBBBBBB BBBBBBBBBB BBBBJ BBBBj K 5C - m s I at tlOLJ it rtN3 2E SOS iS U h FT - nm R6n oJ COS - or 1 - lry ot Washington D C Nov 11 3 A M jr Associated Press Armistice terms hive been signed by Germany thp ytate department announced at 2i45 oclock this morning J The world war will end his morning at 6 oclock Washington time 11 oclock faris time The armistice Was 4 I I signed by the German representatives at midnight IT M - i I it 4SE WIRELESS TO GIVE WORD TOSIGNTRUCE OUTLINE OF THE TERMS 4 UNOFnpiAL Germany Uses Nearly Nearly All of 72 Kfours of Grace BULLETIN i Washington D C Nov 11 3 a m Thei momentous jjusws that the armistice had beCn signed was telephonbd to Jthe White House for transmission to the president a ffew minutes Ufore it vas given to the newspaper corre - sponaents Later it was said there woul he no statement from the Vhite H ise at this time Washington D C Nov 11 By the Associated Associated Press Thterms of the armistice it was announced will not be made public until later Military men here however regard it as certain thatthey include Immediate retirejnefti of the German military forces from France Belgium and Alsace - Lorraine Disarming anfcl demobilization of the German ar - REPUBLIC SET UP IN BERLIN SOCIALISTS Manifesto PI edges Government of and for the People KaiserFlees RED FLAG FLIES OVER With Stiiffl mn nrUMAil PITirC to Holland MLL DIU ULmilftpi UllfUl IjOXVOS Npv II 1231 in A j party including the former j Grman emperor and aJao It it beyrod Field Idrshal von Hlndenburg ttrrtvedatj Eysden on tn Ifctcli fronUer at 730 j oclock Sunday morntng according to i Dally Mall advice j That papers corresiondent at The Hiujue say the Dutch gorernment iiius w - deed the e kaier and itU wholt IwrtyittteanA Afaifdins to snotli rtvirt ttA Rebels Continue to GainjMay - Exile 4 AUlyigs KRUPP WORKS1 t CHIEF AHd HIS WIFE ARRESTED i UKVUON Not 1 i10 y J4 - V - n wherr tb great KropJ - l iSyork are Uutel it reported WIms mies - t COS - 4lt - jsi Washington DC Nov U 3a m There wa tk infn - tpatkm available here iln - mru - i lnas to theircutntiUts under Which the armistive term werfi Jjji t rtjli but since the German touTier am nui reacn t lernian iini - Hary healquarrer until 10 ollocl - - Occupation Jy the allied and American forces of such strategic prints m Gerniany as will make impossible a renewal of hostilities Delivery of part of the German high seas flecjt and a certain number of submarines to the allied and American American naval forces Disarmament of all other German warships under upervision of the aUied and American navies which will guard them Occupation of the principal German naval bases by sea forcesj of the victorious nations Release of allied ancji American spldiers sailors and civilians field prisoner in Germany without such reciprocal action by the associated governments LOKION Nov iU7 - Wth cf h - - w Am Social Democratic party Icafler - kiriDii eompany ldea c - n i forroer einprore fldst sonj Frederick J soldiers and W0rkraens qotlfl - i Ktxffon Ilohlwi nuJ HHach th jBEklIN a urday Nov 9 - coniroWm Berlin the - f th Kr rUa hh wile Gtrrrran Wireless to London H M fsWo miniuiiimaiurmuu forwerlT berilu TCropp bae Uea ar W - p m - By the I Jalr - i 4 - - fc5em3rT te - - Tfc JS - - - Aoaated 1rs - The Irtrmaiil tlT - ntmnM ihr foriftri - inpeV - - iiK rapidly according tO - Amster - Een ty DuTct workmen ahrivpti lr lei pVenimentlias been in - 1 or trd tn automobUe ranied the am and Copenhagertl dispaf die t ra l t P P Uclin the greater i - art of party the miiy Mnil report continue iL ru - u iThf automoiil - s were rlUng with lrm The garrison ha - rlflM ni ul tlw f - ugVlvw re iirmrf ofer to the government j Smokf n I lie inien atnl Xunersi Thp ei r waJ1 n uniform n Otiraii tlke In most places the desired et - Leiptic Joiru Kevoiution fct is beingachieved without vio - J nuxu u ti - Uri - t ci in Suonv ba jigoed Ur 1 - nee or s - ertotts disorders Little Bloodtfaed in Berlin 1 - A ronneihof workmen ami hHer hi been j - MlfcUshed at thmnit 8 An ofhciardispatch receive by onx gadding io tb UotliK bars - ot ha - declared a - general iiEtatd at the k1isi1 eiatton and Troops and machine gunj pai the pltffrm ffinga rlgaret l vtltn lien Hi lJ n - l - r - ri hive been placJ at tire dipM - ai n lU Dmth y the couiuil i border r idaysajs I Clwtttnn with th memper en me Ebert TelJ of Plans staff the former emperor the corre r spondtnt y dl rot look In the Jeaat F t ledncb l - p - rl 1 ic prMlent itrf x frw mln 1tlr an im - dfliiii Nf - iil lit nui - ratli ltarf 1 1 - j i im - inline reatlrunt and L l - - lllrl1ir IWiisu i - ar ran into the station Only IbioOtl L - 1 1 tervanis wr atwaru l ne text 01 me - taieinemisMieu - - - - o - - r4iv Wrttemltri A the icpleV government rear lr - 1 T vi rHis morning It brought a - ce i b In the cour - e of the forenoon wliCht back a eecind train 4ipn o work in all workshop - j hrnUgarl je espital of Tur fi stnrMv thik tnrmation of a Mr ftWh were a la r ire number Of rtaff iout in oclock jhw joipe l revolution HUrs an1 tioi - r - J iUos - ores of - nqvv terma top t Kllir - Tif rinn nrui frbm iihw Ti - oop Join Rebel wa - ijiuiaTea 1 nfltiie Reriiu jran ioti and other lnti urn anordinn Io tb the Havas aeenev from Berlin ta - i i - nc - Tbe rounrfl toV 0 rf - - 1 - T t - roiliUnr and - eivil allaim in 1 r 1itnrtijtnre Ufncial The tevohition has lJht countil procrUea rit it im resiihed in a striking victory al - W15 a Sociliii rrAlir fur fnno - most without the effusion t Wurtteftiberg Join Revolt HASP SvriueJnJ oV in WO A general strike was Ccclared I hl H the rrfnini ku of utcm - rialieik 4r 4 s iwv rrtimf fHirt T trcater part - i tnnn ifrr 8 fcrik otf - ii - onn made iMair r - j - egimem ui iuin rr ai wy SALUTE POLAND i roiii - stitined - ther - teniporariv wen ovtr ti the new govern - 1 men ire ami ni 40 i falfai atliii mhtbl ed by fs l ll uriOl - i I Man iliotofrrapl vrere tlfftn hy i j tie peofii - of the - JnipHriai party On uiet clLssturs passed over to the pen - Utrier tsoo raptaiy 101 - Tli soldier rounrill at MiUtjiTi Cnomr Und Frankfort Rave decided 4n proUim a tepuWic - vebcU Holtf Luelseck AMSTERDAM Nov 10 - U l t nUb etfalian Remind of Eanf - e nonnreji lhat FiTlin th rapiUl f v ved their action - T1e Alfx - indereLnment after principality - f Irtrk i in ihm4 t

Clipped from Chicago Tribune11 Nov 1918, MonPage 1

Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois)11 Nov 1918, MonPage 1
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  • The Great War Ends

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