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POTLUCK 'WWW Looking Ahead www poverty' Ush a “1 By Dr. GEORGE & BENSON PRESIDENT—NATIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAM When the director of the Federal Federal Government's “Wsr on Poverty” stood in the Watts district district of Los Angeles recently and told a cheering crowd of Watts’ residents that he supported supported the idea of a Government-guaranteed Government-guaranteed annual income, his action gave a big boost to plana for converting our American American system into a full-fledged “Welfare State.” Director Sargent Sargent Shriver became the first politically-powerful Administration Administration voice to be raiaed in support support of the scheme to “abolish “ with a dele and estab- a “Federal minimum living standard.” Mr. Shriver said the “attack” on poverty should bring into operation operation the “negative income tax.” The “negative income tax” scheme began to be mentioned mentioned in the Untied States after the visit here last year of British British Socialist Robot Theobald who attracted followers in New York and Washington political circles. Mr. Theobald propoaed that Government provide a minimum minimum annual income for all citizens. citizens. Early this year the National National Commission on Technology, Technology, Automation and Economic Economic Progress, which had been set up by Preaident Johnson at the instigation of Congress, presented presented a report supporting a Government - financed “minimum “minimum annual income.” Here is the key recommendation recommendation of the Commission’s report: “The Commission recommends that Congress go beyond a reform reform of the present structure and examine wholly new approaches approaches to the problem of income income maintenance. In particular. particular. we suggest that Congress give serious study to a ’minimum ’minimum income allowance’ or negative income tax’ program. Such a program, if found feasible, feasible, should be designed to approach approach by stages the goal of eliminating the need for public assistance programs by providing providing a floor of adequate minimum minimum income for all.” This is s broad as well ss a radical proposal. If adopted in its fullest concept it would transform the American government government into a “Welfare State” and impose back-breaking tax burdena upon the industrious people of the nation. In time, It would bring about the complete complete destruction of the American American way of life, and give us poverty instead of wealth to distribute. The Social Security Administration, Administration, whose Sociologists and Planners are pushing various plans to “aboliah poverty,*' claasify 34,600,600 American citizens citizens as “poverty-stricken.” This classification was made in 1863. Presumably the figure is considerably considerably higher today, since the sociological level under which a family is designated aa poverty-stricken haa chang »1. A guaranteed annual income for 34,600,000 people, paid by the Federal Goernment out of tax money, would require a sum rivaling what la being spent today today on the Viet Nam war and the entire national defense program. program. Dr. Robert J. Lampman of Wisconsin University has examined examined various schemes put forth by the advocates of a guaranteed annual income. n‘Negative income tax’ proposals," proposals," Profeaaor Lampman says, “would overhaul the present present tax system to pay the poor enough income to cloee the poverty income gap, which amounted to $11,500,000,000 (billions) (billions) in 1963 to bring all family incomes up to a minimum standard). Poverty would thus be eliminated. However, such an income maintenance level would rob any pecuniary incentives for millions of people to work, since the guaranteed income would be equal or in excess of their earned wagea.” To help stimulate some incentive incentive to work among the millions millions on such a dole, Professor Lampman ssys s “workable plan” would permit low-wage earners “to keep at least a portion portion of their earned income.” But this likely would expand the numbers on the dole, for the qualification for receiving a dole would thus be greatly broadened. broadened. Profeaaor Lampman estimates estimates that such a program would cost $23,006,006,000 (billions) (billions) at the start. And he frankly says, “This appears to be a conservative estimate. Indeed such a dole would, as the Professor ssys, “rob any pecuniary incentives” for mil- Sons of people! It would expand expand the sapping erosion un- derwsv todsy of the spirit of self-reliance. The American Indian Indian haa been a ward of Father Government for more than a century, living in a Federal “Welfare State.” His race has almost disappeared, and what ia left of it ia a miserable shadow of a once great Indian nation. We can atop the further spread of this patemaliam blight upon human dignity and progress—but progress—but only if more of us take the threat seriously and become politically active. Today In History By lie Associated Prees Todsy is Saturday, Sept. 10, the 253rd day of 1968. There are 112 days left in the year.

Clipped from
  1. The El Dorado Times,
  2. 10 Sep 1966, Sat,
  3. Page 5

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