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jim bishop reporter - Jim Bishop; Reporter Trapped Elevator By JIM...
Jim Bishop; Reporter Trapped Elevator By JIM BISHOP THERE ARE few young men bigger and more innately gentle than Dick Cam). He was a city slicker who could punctuate a street-corner argument with a hard right. Overnight, Mr. Cami matured, married married and moved. He owns a restaurant down in Hollywood, Florida, It's on the 17th floor and is called Top 0' the Home. I recite this not as a plug for his place — which doesn't need it — but because of something which happened there one night. Unless you have a mental image of soft lights, seductive reds, sweet piano music and a lofty view of So -th Florida you will not disbelieve — as i did — the story of Yahoo. That, of course, is not his name. He got off the penthouse elevator with his wife and another couple, One glance at his steaming kisser, the lopsided smile, and the loud roars for a table and the maitre d' knew that Yahoo was higher than the restaurant. He ordered, ate, and drank. The man was middle-aged and obviously out for a night on the town. He didn't think of what the morning would be like, and couldn't when it arrived. After finishing his coffee, and taking a last look out at the night jewels jewels far below, he adjourned to the bar, MORE DRINKS. Even the ladies were laughing loudly, He requested a number. When it was played he yelled "Yahoo!" It hit the diners like hailstones. Dick Cami, I busy saying hello to everyone, looked up, smiled, and shrugged. More drinks. The - pianist played "Lara's Theme." There ;; wasanpther,"Yahoo!" Cami shrugged. "He's on the edge," he : said, "The edge of what?" a customer -asked. "The edge of being asked to - leave." There was a third "Yahoo!" Cami : excused himself, hunched his size 48 shoulders, and walked toward the bar. : When he arrived, he found that Yahoo •; had paid his bill and left. No problem. The two men and two ; ladies hit both sides of the elevator door - as they boarded it. The door closed. The : car started down. Dick Cami sighed, A moment later, all hell broke lose. Alarm » bells were ringing through the tall building. building. Someone aboard that elevator had pressed the alarm button. This would stop the car wherever it was. At the time, there was no indicator over the door to tell where the elevator was. Cami figured that Yahoo had hit the alarm button for no reason at all. And yet. And yet... He took two waiters with him, and told another to phone the night watchman in the lobby and ask him to come up in the second elevator. They started down. At each floor, they unlocked the elevator door. On the third floor down, they found a stylish lady standing outside her door with a martini in her hand and a half-dozen half-dozen in her head. "Commonnaparty," she said, There it was, halfway between the 15th and 16th floors, By standing on the 15th, Cami could see the legs of two ladies and a gentleman. "Don't panic," he said, as the night watchman arrived. It was his first night on the job and he had a ring with 40 keys. Frightened, he stood near the open elevator, opened the key ring, and 20 fell down the shaft. "Careful!" one woman yelled. "My husband fell down there." "Where?" said Cami, blessing himself. "Down the shaft, stupid." If he did, he fell 15 floors to his death. The watchman shook so violently he quit his job. Suddenly came a yell from far off: "Yahoo!" A waiter looked over the edge, down into the darkness. Nothing. Nothing. Another yell: "Yahoo!" Cami climbed up into the elevator, and moved the car to floor level. "Cummonaparty" the lady with the martini said. CAMI and his waiters moved down, a floor at a time, forcing elevator doors open. On the fifth, the door was opened, and there stood Yahoo. He was not only alive, but he was standing in the loop of the cable which hangs under the elevator. The Hollywood Rescue Squad arrived as the watchman left the parking lot for home. The men reached out and dragged Yahoo to safety. "Need a drink," he soggily. "Look., Burned my hands." Obviously, when the car stopped between the 15th and 16th floors, he slid off to get help, fell backward backward into the shaft, managed to grab the greasy cable, and slid all the way to the fifth floor where his feet caught in the upward upward loop. He was taken to the hospital for burned hands. Then Yahoo returned, took the elevator to the 15th floor. Everybody roared laughing at the bandages. The martini lady opened her door. "Cummon- aparty," she mumbled. Cami has an edge of gray in his hair ...

Clipped from
  1. The Indiana Gazette,
  2. 15 Mar 1972, Wed,
  3. Page 36

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