The Daily Iowa 15 Jul !899 Joseph Wall Porterfield

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The Daily Iowa
15 Jul !899
Joseph Wall Porterfield - -f/^V "'--' \£* JULY f 5, 1899. BRANDT TO...
-f/^V "'--' \£* JULY f 5, 1899. BRANDT TO PHILIPPINES 'aptaijot of the Immune Com- pauy Deceives Commission in Volunteer Army. WILL REINFORCE GENERAL OTIS flis Appointment is the Result of the Efforts of Captain .7. A. T.'Hull. , Telegraphic reports today anonunce the appointment of Amos Brandt ot this oity as captain in the United Scales .-oJimteers, now being formed by enlistments enlistments all over the country. Capt. Brandt was also tendered the position of census supervisor for ilia Seventh district of Iowa, but chose the at my commission, it being more to his liking. Capt. Brandt was seen by a CapitKl reporter today regarding his appointment, appointment, and said: "This is the first word I have received, received, although I have been expecting it. Before Capt, Hul! went away he asked me if I would like a commission in the army, and I said yes. I wanud to take a. company of colored boys from here, and one could be raised in 21 hours. But these ten new volunteer regiments are to be whites only so I can't take the colored men. "Capt. Hull wanted to get me a commission commission as major, but I am satisfied 10 accept the captaincy and work up to the other. I am very glad to receive the appointment as I am anxious to go to the Philippines, and these regiments are sure to go. Of course, I do not Know now where I will go exactly, but we will all get to the Philippines." Capt. Brandt is no stranger in the military art and has a splendid record back of him. He was in command cf Company H, Seventh "United States volunteer infantry, during- the recent Spanish-American war, this company being one of immunes, recruiting here in Des Moines. The company under command of Capt. Brandt left Des Moines on the 17th of July, 1838, a year <xg The soldier's life is hard Bui there's no need tvcm using common soaps, His skin, and make his Pure Ivory Soap — it floats For bath, for clothes, and CCPVRIOMT i*tt 0¥ THt f HOCTM 4 OAHILC > ago Monday. They arrive'd at J-fferso.-i - l '^ } in Otturmva, where he is engaged in business, and is regarded as one of the substantial men of the place. His appointment appointment is a compJiment to his worth as an officer. Adjutant General Byers declared today that he was delighted to hear of Captain Eckers' success and he felt certain that he would represent the state of Iowa with pride and honor Godwin. The regiment remained at Jefferson Barracks until September IS. left for Lexington. Ky., en- at Camp Weil. There it re- when it campin mamed until the 19th of November, LUB ., then going to JIacon, Ga., where is ar- if t hV rived on November 22, 1S9S. It remained ' d.] there until the muster out on the 28th of February of this year. The regiment regiment was mustered in and mustered out by Capt. Tripp of the regular army. Prior to this army service Capt. Brandt had drilled in the Uniform Rank, K. of P., and in the .Select Knights, A. O. U- W., and had "organized "organized and grilled a company of boys. Ha is proficient in the manuel and "a good tactician. Capt. Brandt will, in all probability, be assigned to a company in th= Thirty-second Thirty-second United States volunteers, the regiment for which recruits are now being being enlisted here in Des Moines. This regiment is being- enlisted in Iowa, Illinois. Illinois. Missouri. Kansas. Nebraska, Oklahoma Oklahoma and Indian Territory. The record record of the soldier boys from these states in the present volunteer army shows what splendid fighters they are. Capt. Brandt will be in command of as good soldiers as this country ever produced. The regiment will be sent to the Philippines Philippines in. a few weeks to re-inforce Gen. Otis and take the place of the returning returning volunteers. It is now being mobilized mobilized at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and at the rate in which recruits are being secured it will be ready for drill in a couple of weeks. After seme preliminary preliminary practice and the necessary arming it will be rushed through to Manila and there begin active operations operations against the insurgents. Wilson G. Heaton, appointed first lieutenant in the dispatches received, was.captain of the Fairfield company in the Fiftieth Iowa volunteers. He served until mustered out last fall and is spoken of highly as to his capabilities. capabilities. r -• GETS ONE. The Ottum-wa Captain WTade one of the Captains in the Volunteer Army. Washington, July 15.—Following are among the additional appointments in the volunteer army, each officers' former service being given: To be captains—Frank captains—Frank W. Eckers, captain of the Fiftieth Fiftieth Iowa volunteers, of Ottumwa, la. Joseph W. Porterfield, captain of the Ninth Illinois. To be first lieutenant— George I. Becker, first lieutenant of Company E, Fifteenth Minnesota, [Captain Frank W. Eckers' home is | a returned H. the in r to be boy Weary „ Woman Stands Up.—The hard-worked saleslady—the saleslady—the tired shopper, the worn- out mother with babe in anas—they one and all stand up. Man, chivalrous chivalrous man, sits down. This is the daily spectacle in modern street cars. Any competent physician will tell you Uut woman is peculiarly'' unfitted to bear the strain of long hours upon her feet. Unless she takes special pains to build herself np in a womanly way, this unusual demand upon her strength will result in a serious weakness and disease of the delicate organs which distinguish her from man. The encroachments of these maladies ate heralded by general weakness and lassitude, headaches, despondency despondency and irritability, freak back, pains and dragging-down sensations. »Ncy- lect of these symptoms means invalidism, insanity or early death. There is a remedy that will so strengthen and build tip woman's special organism, that she may withstand the strain of long bonrs npon her feet, and escape the. maladies, that would destroy her general health and her capability as a wife and mother. It is Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It builds up the mnsclcs that support and strengthen the organs peculiar to the sex. It enables her to stand without feeling pulled down and without pain or extreme weariness. weariness. It cures all •womanly weakness and disease. It fits her not only for work, but for " healthy, happy wifehood .and . motherhood. Mrs. Claws Nelson, of Pico Heights, tos Ac«Ics, Cal., Box 31, writes: "I bad female female trouble, and Dr. Pitrce's Favorite Prescription, Prescription, together •with the advice given in his book, cured ise of five jars' sickness/ 1 ' Dr. MORE VOLUNTEEK OFFICERS. Tbe Staff ami Line of the New Recruits Recruits are Nearly Filled. "Washington, July 15.— The president made the following appointments in the volunteers yesterday: To be lieutenant colonel:. Robert W. Leonard, colonel Twelfth New York volunteers. To be major: Francis Ward, lieutenant colonel Two Hundred and Second New York volunteers. volunteers. To be captains: "William B. Gracie, captain Twelfth New York. Willam F. Judson, captain Twelfth ?few York, "Walter F. Randall, captain Two Hundred Hundred and Second New York volunteers. James II. Liddell, formerly major, United States volunteer infantry. Samuel A. Price, formerly major, Sixth Pennsylvania volunteers. Devereaux Shields, formerly lieutenant lieutenant colonel, Second Mississippi volunteer volunteer infantry. Granville Sevier, formerly captain. Second Tennessee volunteers. Amos "W. Brandt, captain Seventh United States volunteer infantry. Frank W. Eckers, captain-Fifth Iowa volunteers. "William H. Gillenwaters, captain Sixth United States \-olunteer infantry. Frank M. Hime, captain First Maine artillery. William M. Schofield, captain First Ohio cavalry. . . , Charles D. Roberts, first lieutenant Seventeenth United gtates infantry. George T. Summerlin, second lieutenant lieutenant Eighth United States-cavalry. To be first lieutenants: ' Allen T. Balentine, Third United States volunteer infantry engineers. • Edgar N. Coffy, captain First Mississippi. Mississippi. . Henry Henry M. Fales, captain Third New 'York volunteers. Julian E. Gaujot, captain Second West Virginia. Joseph W. Porterfield, captain Ninth Illinois. William Sullivan, captain First New Hampshire volunteers. James H. Blount, Jr., formerly first lieutenant Third United States volunteer volunteer infantry. William P. Clark, formerly lieutenant Third Georgia volunteers. Willis C. Davis, formerly captain First Georgia volunteers. WilJjs G. Heaton, formerly captain Fiftieth loiva, James M. Kimbrough, Jr., formerly captain Third Georgia volunteers. James Longstreet, Jr., formerly first lieutenant United States volunteer infantry. infantry. George D. Rice, formerly captain Sixth Massachusetts. Solomon Avery, Jr., major Second Georgia volunteers. Philip S. Golderman, second lieutenant lieutenant Two Hundred and Third New York. John J. Kennedy, Sixty-ninth New York. Theodore S. Pulver. captain Two Hundred and Second New York. Dexter Sturgis. first lieutenant Two Hundred and Third New York. •Theodore B. Taylor, first lieutenant Twelfth New York. Oscar D. Wood, captain Ninth New York. George I. Becker, first lieutenant Fifteenth Fifteenth Minnesota, Solomon L. Jeffers, captain First Arkansas. Arkansas. John H. Lewis, captain Seventh Uni- ted'States volunteer infantry. Henry Stroup, captain First Arkansas. Arkansas. Theodore Schultze, captain Sixth Missouri. Missouri. Wilson B, Strong, in volunteer ser- sistant Spanish Astor captain assistant assistant and Second States lieutenant Mrs makes cold, was her could King's tion; light dose. and and trial Co.'s every in The July }is call July for Leaf To be second lieutenants: Charles P. Hirst, sergeant Company G, First California, John W. Healy. sergeant major Twentieth United States infantry Archie Miller, first lieutenant Sixth Missouri. John W. C. Abbott, Michigan; Garnson Garnson Ball, lieutenant, Two Hundred and First New York. John Byrne, captain. Ninth New York, - Holt Holt A. Bradford, corporal, Company H, Sixth Illinois volunteers. Edwin S. Broussard, captain, Company Company I, Second United States volunteer volunteer infantry. ' Timothy L. Coughlan, second lieutenant. lieutenant. Two Hundred and First New York. Ursil A. Ferguson, captain, First New York. ;. ' ' Hilden Olin, second lieutenant Sev- «nty-flrst New York. ' John T. Ryan, New York. •••••Lee •••••Lee D. Fisher, fonrterty private S«T- Jenty-first.Ntw Twk voisatetrt, M-

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