Homecoming antics.

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Homecoming antics. - THE OOE OOLUBOE CO6MO6 WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 15,...
THE OOE OOLUBOE CO6MO6 WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 15, Doughnuts Declared a Holiday While Sophomores Dunked Freshmen in Brawls of Other Years By Robert Britteli Saturday morning will bring a glimpse of what the 1941 collegiate fashion plate will be wearing, both externally externally and internally, in that annual annual brawl known as the freshman, freshman, sophomore pushball contest For the mullein lunt: bhe mole iiibgt-u npii- ' sentatives of the two classes will ! battle to decide for all time which is superior 1 the gridiron The last time they were 'seen to do anything was in 1924, when [ a freshman broke all rules and chased i a couple of his disrobers in the direction direction of Cedar lake. GET THAT FRESHMAN! rolling down the steps below v. ^ he was promptly seized and UX^KJ into the lake During the courv ,j the evening 50 freshmen and 40 sophomores were given impro-' , baUis ui the slough few of will be fought as a pait of the Homecoming Homecoming activities, and is scheduled foi 8 30 a m , Saturdav, on the athletic field Tradition has it that the sophs usually win due to their experience, but once in awhile the freslimen come out in superior numbers, and. when the last scraps of blue denim float limply to the ground are declared \ictors A RIPPING GOOD TIME Idea of the whole affair, they tell you is to push the enormous, ball across the opponent s goal line Actually Actually however it is to rip and i«ar the other fello\\ s clothes off before he can get at yours And amid the red flannels and sunburn exposed, a good lough time is had bv all In the olden days they came out in o\eialls and battled fearlessly until they were blushed from the field of action E\er since 1931 however when someone s fertile brain conceived the idea of sewing up his pants pockets pockets it has practically been a sissy s sport Common attire now-a-days is one pair of shorts and two rolls of tape. Stationed around the field at stia- tegic points aie referees nurses and guardians who qualify for their job by having served considerable lime on ( tradition, the real gem lies in a story ' m The Cosmos of September, 1924 At that time the pushball game was nr»T-^lv Hir» pnlmina turn rvf a T l riod of freshman-sophomore hostilities Jailing Jailing from 3 p in on the day befoie until 8 a m on the da* of the contot Durmg this period all sorts of guerilla warfare was carried on tne lake being v lilted at frequent intervals In the daytime, the freshmen reigned suice the more organized sophomores le- mamed in seclusion and did not attempt attempt am belligeiency Al night tho boohs took o\er haung been known to make mass attack on fieshman rooming houses On one particulai evenmg in the fall of 19J4, the freshmen had assembled assembled at Gieenes w^uaie neai the loop district at 7 p m Here they captured the sophomore president and ducked him ui the paik fountain Lat/er. foi good measuie lie vwu, guui anothei bath in the slough Meanwhile, Meanwhile, the sophomores had assembled at Daniel s park, and at 11 p m marched to the campus By that time, the freshmen had arrived and were baincadcd on the porch of Williston hall At 11 15 p m the sophomores stormed the porch ard the Mule was on The fight raged for two hours during during which time four men were injured and sent to the hospital In addition a bannister was torn off and one man was tossed through a window and sent 200 BATTLE ALL NIGHT At 2 30 a m the 200 w i- , fought around the flagpole tu -, which class could keep Its flag a f: Here The Cosmos states You in.-. i out utxiiuy wt-io UK' ikmi'i ,i class, lav battered, bruised d.i n hausled ' At the end of the b , , the freshman flag waved, but IK aunriM.' some entoi prising sopho v re H-pldced it w i t h that of his cKuv. winning the brawl for the soph.s In the light of the above de,'- , uon when the players drag , t-elvos and the remnants of do v fioni the field of bittle Saturday dust settles .slowly and the or.o- ball is pusht'd into oblivion f.t; Oilier year the i on t Majlis ui' thankful thai a mere game i , _ ball \\as all thev had on their in. · j JOE CLIFF 116 FIRST AVENl E E. · We Specialise in HAMBURGERS TENDERLOINS CHILI

Clipped from
  1. The Coe College Cosmos,
  2. 15 Oct 1941, Wed,
  3. Page 4

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