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 - 107 Young People Leave for College And...
107 Young People Leave for College And University Courses This Fall According' to ftn extensive and intensive .survey made by the Mori Itor, (.here are 107 ycung people from this community who lire attending attending college* and un I vi-r.y vi-r.y vi-r.y 1 1! cm this full. Some have »l ready begun their year':) work while uLhcru will leave In (he next week or ho. Iowa Htate college will claim thu largest number: 25, The coIIoko-bound coIIoko-bound coIIoko-bound conLlngonl will attend 112 different In.'.tl tullon.') a< follows: Iowa Stale college, Ames— J/)ron Peterson, Mel Waldon. seniors: Donald Sh.-iw, Sh.-iw, Sh.-iw, Shirley Parks, David W( l.H'i, ,11m WI^kI'i.s, Juniors; Charles Campbell, Dean Keller, .Teriy Uulman, Robert Llndorrieyor, Gerald Hronny, Jack Martin, Hon-ny Hon-ny Hon-ny Sharp, Howard Tlcc Dunne Rlngham, sophomoics; Dean Baker, Sharon Bruhl, Jack Gruonlng, John Hngle, Janet Iwulmnn, Karon Oldham, Oldham, Caylon Peyton, Ronald Samson, Samson, Dean Shupn, Janice Sann, freshmen, (U'.slle Mechom will enter enter us a freshman the winter quarter. quarter. 1 Iowa Stale Teachers college, Cedar Cedar Kail:; --Beverly --Beverly --Beverly Stewart, Lucille Miller, .seniors; Robert Slump, Uui Kroyen, junlor.s; Donnn Guulko, lV>ni)H Schumacher, VlrKlnla Weiss, Inland Witzcl and Sam Kaye Porter, Porter, .tophomorea; Sandra HreekeJi-rldge, HreekeJi-rldge, HreekeJi-rldge, Richard Eager, Eleanor French, Doris Illnton, Shirley Martinson, Martinson, freshmen, State University of Iowa Iowa City-College City-College City-College of law, John' Ban-croft, Ban-croft, Ban-croft, third year; Dale Hrvox, year. Charlotte Johnson Wright, I^ols Wilson. Paul Rainsav lr.. .sen iors; Ijirry Abole, Raymond Floies, I/>rn Sharp, Robert Isen!>erger, junlor.s; Sheila Telford, Rex Thomp-■snn, Thomp-■snn, Thomp-■snn, Charles Hell, Roger Charl.son, IVm Meohem. sonhomores : Gael Toglnnd, Tom Turk, William Wig gins, ire.snmen. Cornell college, Mt, Vernon— Dick Paul, Tom Mikelson, sophomores, Mnnknto Toncnors college, Mau-kato, Mau-kato, Mau-kato, Minn. -Rlohnrd -Rlohnrd Rohror, senior senior Nebra-ska Nebra-ska Nebra-ska Christian college Norfolk", Norfolk", Neh.--Dlck Neh.--Dlck Neh.--Dlck Neh.--Dlck Robinson, Junloi, University of Colorado ,Bouldor, Colo.— Judith Wodln, .sophomore, Hamilton Business college, Miuson City— Jon O, Akcr.s Mt. Mercy colloiro. Cedar Ranlds - Delore.s Thul, I/oretta Tlilll, soph- soph- Drake university, Des Moines — Cynthia Gorro.11, Kay Knulson Dennis Payne, juniors; Judith Payne, Tom Roble, sophomores; Sharon McCormlck, Mary O'Con-nell, O'Con-nell, O'Con-nell, Karen Campbell," Roger Brooks , freshmen. University of South Dakota, Vci-million, Vci-million, Vci-million, S. D.— Put Porter, junior, University of Colorado, Greeley, Colo — 'Don Gorrrll, sophomore, Mornlngsldc college, Sioux City — Martha Mat.son, junior, Muena Vista college, Storm Uiku -John -John llohy Jr., Charles Hllnn, sophomores; ,Ro!>ert Ruiin, fresh- fresh- 8 Trucking Firms Fined in Justice Court on Charges KlKht different trucking firms In this part of the statu have been arraigned In Justice of the Pence O, K. West's court reeentlv i»< various charges filed by the Iowa Commerce commission comcornlng violation;) or commission regulations pertain ing io ^proper identiricatlori signs on trucks, carrying receipts for merchandise In transit, and carry-ng carry-ng carry-ng tariff schedule In trucks, Information Information In all cases was filed by commission Invcstlgatora who (mock trucks olowly, Names of firms, addresses and amount of fines against each arc (us follows; I'!, N. Storey,' Dows, flO; Elmer .Johnson, Rclmond, $30, iiccorul offense; Gerald and Ednu Chapman, Clarion, ,$,1; Stomac, FL, Dodge, Ur>; McCoy Truck Unc, Waterloo, .5:1a ; Rnlchelor Truck Uno, Webster Cltv. Sl.i: Pi-nkmm, Pi-nkmm, Pi-nkmm, 'I' nick Uno, lielnioiul, ,$1(1, Fine 2 Motorists In Court Friday Two motorists worn nrniU'nml bofore Judirc Hnrvov Uhlentmim m »v i iKut county district court Friday Friday forenoon on charges of oiv.r. atlriK motor vehicles while Intoxicated, Intoxicated, Tliev svorr> Jerry I,, Hunt of Euglo Grove, who was taken Into Into custody by Euglo Giove police Nov. I), IMP, John D, Rumiett of Sioux City, taken Into custody by Clarion pollco Auj; 5, Drive i"i licenses woio susponded for (10 days, None had llfpior l>ooks A, Prinze was arralKncd on a charKe of opci'atliiK a motor vchlclo while his was under .su.spen.slon, lie was fined YM)0 and! costs, 'Luther college, Decorah— Rob P-anwell, P-anwell, P-anwell, Junloi ; Judy Jiiuk, Elmer Arthur, freshiDcn, Arizona Slate college, 'I'empe, Arl/..~Don Elurer, junior, ('relghton university, Omaha, ljfii Pent), senior. American Institute (>r Hu.slness, De.s Moines -Sandra -Sandra Harmon unci Aiulrey lilj)jrcn. Texas A. £ M. College, College Station, Tex.— Stanley, junior, Grlnnell college, Grlnuell— Jerry Cooke, freshman, Marele;(ter college, St. Paul, Minn, Teresa Hamni, freshman. Minnesota Bible college, Mlnne-a)H)ll.s, Mlnne-a)H)ll.s, Mlnne-a)H)ll.s, 'Minn— Zola Kennedy, Beverly Beverly Slroup, Phyllis Wigg, fresh-n)en. fresh-n)en. fresh-n)en. Drury college, Springfield, Mo, --Diane --Diane --Diane Dong, freshman Ozark Bible college, ' Joplln, Mo, --Kent --Kent Meehem, Dennis Sheffield, Ireshmrn. Cnrleton college, North? leltl, Allan— Glenn Sl/.emore, freshman, Superior State college, Superior, Wis,— Rodney Blocker, freshman, Florist Designers School, Denver, Colo.— Pamela Smith Town Methodist Sohool of Nursing. Nursing. De.s Moines -Sandra -Sandra Grove, third year. Evangelical Hospital School of Nursing, Marshalltown, Marshall-town— Marshall-town— Marshall-town— Rosalie Terllark, third year, Duthenm Draconrss School of Nursing, Mlnneaix>ll.s, Minn.— Thel-ma Thel-ma Thel-ma Gangestad, third year; Norma Jorgcnsen, first J'car, St. Joseph Mercy School of Nursing, Sioux City— Janet Sharp, fir:;t year; Cheryl Schult/., Jcrtnettc Henry, Juanlta Weir, third year, University of Iown School of Nursmg, Iowa City — Charlotte Johnson Wright, sonlor; J^ora Sharp, sophomore, If there are any omissions, the Monitor would appreciate voccivlng information, Edward I lesion of Kairlo Grove 'has filed a petition In the office of Mrs, 'Bessie Johnson, clerk of court, .seeking a divorce from ihls wife, Mrs, Thrleulla Heslop, Thev weru man led Sept, 5. 1032. at Web.stcr City, and were divorced Eel), 10, 1034; were remarried In 1037, Plaintiff states In 'his petition they are the pareut.s of thioo 'children, two or whom nro minors, He charges defendant with cruel and Inhuman treatment. He asks the court for absolute divorce, custody of two minor children, sole title to property In Eagle Clrve and sole title to household goods, .1, C, Jensen of Stoitn Lake Is seeking judgment against Glenn Wllllums of Engle Grove for $150, amount said to be due on ccitaln spraying equipment, Webster City Publishing Co, Is seeking, Judgment against Sum Klnssle and George Rengstorf for $170.7(1 'for certain advertising said to have been published In Iho Ercu-mnu-Journnl Ercu-mnu-Journnl Ercu-mnu-Journnl Ercu-mnu-Journnl Ercu-mnu-Journnl between Feb, 4 and Dec, 31, 105*. Drs Tlmluhoi', Stilt and Allen of Et, l>odge arc seeking Judgment for $287,10 against L, D and Naomi Speedllng of Clarion for medical service provided from Nov, 0, 1048, to April 2(1, 1 0 10, Republican Women Will Take Poll in Ward Two Sept. 29 Organization of Republican women women under a new natlou-wldo natlou-wldo natlou-wldo program program "Poll Takers of Amorlen" was announced today by Mrs, Mort Sam-s'on, Sam-s'on, Sam-s'on, vice chairman of the Republic, Republic, in county committee-. committee-. committee-. A public opinion poll on Issues of niL'Innjil rvirie.nrn u'lll on Sent. 20 of nil Mm vntovs lu-iim lu-iim lu-iim lii Waul 2 Clarion, Mrs, Paul Nam- Nam- sav has been nlu.l , -m -m ,( tho poll, 'lids location was chosen f of because of the close vote In the la>. election, The program to operate on a nation-wide nation-wide nation-wide nation-wide basis on the Sentember ditto originated (it the Republican .National committee In Wasninsrton V, C, and la under the direction of Miss Boi'lhn Atlklns, assistant to the Republlean National chali. man, The state program Is under the direction of Mrs. Child Robin son of Hampton, slain vice chair man, It Is estimated that 2C0 voters will ho coiUfielcd on Sept. 20, Approximately Approximately one and one-half one-half one-half million million citizens will be questioned throughout tho nation, Goodwill Truck Coming Sept, 20 The Goodwill truck from Wall Street Mission in Sioux City will bo In Clarion Monday, Sept. 211, Those Mi' ai'o

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