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Marion  p2 - PREVAIL 111 Mil Continued trxsa Tage L Part 1....
PREVAIL 111 Mil Continued trxsa Tage L Part 1. though several thousand anen, women end children were present. ' The organization organization maintained by these men ts now exciting considerable Interest. Before attacking the jail, it has become become known, they met ia a billiard room on the north side of the public public - square and debated whether to storm the jaU. In this debate much stress was said to have been laid on the possibilities that Smith and Ehipp would escape the electric chair even though convicted and when it was finally, argued that under the statute the aw might obtain, paroles in , few years the determination to storm the JaU. wa unanimous. A leader, tall, light - haired and youthful, was selected. - : - . . The men went to the Marlon Machine Machine Foundry, near the Jail, where they demanded sledges and crowbars, ia said, from the night - watchman under threat of - raiding the place. After the Jail was stormed these tools were; returned to the foundry, and, it wa reported that none "cf them way missing. :J "',""". '.:;'"." "The funeral of 'Claude Deeter. age twenty - three, Falrmount. whose shooting shooting and the attack on his sweetheart. Mis Mary Ball. Marion. led to the lynching, was to be held this afternoon afternoon at. Falrmount,. Special. city policemen policemen and others were assigned there to insure, order. Falrmount was patroled last night by eight special city poUcemen, but - there wa no trouble. V. . j: - - :,.. :,: - . - v . - ; - T'nelJ "at Ceformatory ; v Herbert Cameron, who was returned to the jail by the lynchers on the plea of Sheriff Campbell that he had not - been definitely identified as a participant in the crime, and Robert Sullivan.: arrested as an accomnlice In other crimes attributed to the four colored youths, are at the Indiana Reformatory at Pendleton, where they were taken after the sheriff of Huntington Huntington county had spirited them to his JaU for safe keeping. It waa planned to keep them there until all Ganger of further Tiolence in Mario teas ended. - .. - :"; - t Li Report reached Marlon last night mat tne presence in M uncle of the bodies of Chipo and Smith caused the gathering of about 2,000 person near tne undertakers parlors, and . that M uncle police had some trouble dis persing the crowd. Plan were made to send reinforcement from Marion, but they were not called. The bodies of the two men will be returned here Sunday. - ..' - : .i - . p.?; - - v ,v, . - :;; The two companies of Indiana na tlonal i guardsmen, which were In camp at Camp Knox, Ky, were ordered ordered sent here by L. O. Chasey, secretary secretary to Governor Harry G. Leslie. at muianapous. :. - .: ; - - - 5, The order i for the troops waa given over - the telephone v bv Chasey to Major - General Robert H. Tyndalt commanding oftlcer of the SSth division, division, of which the Indiana national guard is a part, at Camp Knox, after Chasey had talked - over the telephone with Mavor Jack Edward and Sheriff Campbell. - .. - :: - : - MAjor - GenerarTyndall told him two companies cf iafantry would be sent to Louisville - by. truck and thence to Marion by special interurban. " ; The request, for state troops was made by Major Edwards, who - told the . Governor's secretary he thought the presence of the guardsmen would have salutary effect cn the situation and serve to Quell any further outbreaks. outbreaks. Chasey then called Sheriff Campbell Campbell by phone and asked him about the situation. The sheriff at that time said he did cot think the troops were necessary and Chasey ; announced announced he had denied Mayor Edwards' Edwards' request - ::.. I - - . vv.:,.. - r: - '..:. A few minutes later Chasey received a telephone call from Campbell in which the Grant county sheriff said he had changed his mind and had decided decided that it probably would be better better to send the troops, GCAED DEETEE HOME. ; . Special Police S went fat by Fainaoanll - : Marshal. 1 I FATRMOTJNT, lad, August 9 (AJ pecial police have been sworn ta here by Alcoso HUl,' marshal, as a precaution asamst nossihia race trouble. Hill said he feared an at - .empt at reprisal on friends of Claude Deeter, murdered Falrmount man. whose death and ' an attack on hi iweetheart provoked lynching at Marion. Marion. Hundred of person have been visiting the Deeter home and special precautions were taken in guarding the house where Deeter" body lies, - Bodies of Mob Victims at Maude,. MTJNC'fE, Ind, August (LP.) - The bodies of two met., lynched at Marion were hrougmt Friday to the mortuary 'of a " colored undertaker here. - Reports were that undertakers at Marion had refused to accept the bodies, but the Muncie - undertaker said he had been doing some work tn Marlon recently among colored residents residents and that he did cot understand that Marian, undertakers had refused the bodies. PEACE AND flRDER

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  1. The Indianapolis News,
  2. 09 Aug 1930, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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