Standen, Thomas & Buck, SW petition, 1872

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Standen, Thomas & Buck, SW petition, 1872 - J.OHAINCou NT v, Onio. To _/_ lt;_ qualified...
J.OHAINCou NT v, Onio. To _/_ lt;_ qualified Electors of Sheffield '???Fp-i Lorain County Ohio. N'OTI(.:K is liorf-by fll vtm llmt the folluv.-li'e reijucsl MJTIHMI by one hum] red ux pitying uh-rior:- ol's.'iiil township of ^heilicM has been made upon ::lic trtoiues oi'suld township. To the Trustees of Sheffield 1p. gt; Lorain County, Ohio. Tho miilnrsiKiied resident (;i.v puylng electors of said Lo\vn gt;bip or tilu'ttlPlrl, Lorain Countv. Ohio, one hin;.'!i-iM in miinher, rc lt;iju??(.fu]lr request that you construct a J{:iilrnad Jrnm n point on the soul.] lin.of siti lt;l town gt;hip. sir hundred and fiity-tivf I'ui'l tv.-ai rom iho lino 'Ifvhiiiitf lot* No. twelve and lhirtf?cii. mi the ,-oulli si lt;ti_ said township line am! west B)a lt;:k (liver, at a sutUtj nmrki'd quot;2-iys x 5-1, quot; tliencc in n norLli-^volerly direction to a .-takcon the west lineui'said town- Miip. four hundred and thirty loot houth tho hhoro line of Ul;ic.U River nitirkod **2 lt;M'.' x 07 quot; both Hai lt;l termini and all of tin: line of suid proposal Rallroitd buiMjr within the limits ofj::id tow nship hhtJliuld. Sai-.i KHUromt to be cou- sfructutl av near as may ho practicable u;tou tho lino snrvcyi'il and Jocatod through said township by Ihu Lake Erie, \Voostur amp; ^Luskingnni V alley It ail way Conipriny. Thiii yon appropriate therefor, and towards Ihe consi i-iu'iinn said Jlfiilroad ihe sum of t wel ve thousand dollar.-, such sum not excoudina1 flvt gt; pur [-cut. oftlu; asso gt; lt;cd valuation oj'tlit* real am! porsun;)! property of t-uid township She!'- UHd lii.-t made. That Siiid Mini ol'twelvi; ihousnnd dollars ha i:i bonds taid township, anil th;-.V said bond-i be ordinary coupon bonds, and 1 h;n. thi.-y and t!;o con - pons thci-etr) attache!, shall ??o payable in the (rivy ol New Vovk, and'that said bund's hear inter- i- gt;t HI tlie rate eight per con!. p lt;--r .nnuur.i. pay- ;;!,']?????? semi fiiiniinlly. on the Jlr.~t days January and .Inly ol'onch yr;tr. T'iial one-firui in armmnt of said bonds, llmt is In say. t lie. sum two Llu gt;r.,-and ruid lour hundred dollar:? thereof fchaM run sixunm years and he- cninu due und payable in quot;hb;l(H n years fro -a nnd after t he dato of their e.M'rul ion. Thai firth in :5nid horuls, tltnt I** (o .;.7 v- H|li Mmi o! lw?? thi'u gt;:ind juitl lour hundred dullavv i.,'; quot;1'i-oJ'f:haM run M-venleen yorn-s :md be- c.Dinu due and piP'-ibl ) In ccvcnliM-n years and aller the dnto of llif quot; osceutinn. Thai oni-- 111th i:i ?:nd hnnds. (ha)- is In sav. the sum of i wo th'.Mi lt;nnd and four himdred i:oll:ir?? ti;er??'fi!'.--hali run (.'i^Jiieen years and become dne'ar.d pnvaUle in eighteen years irom and ??!ier tlie. lt;bilf nf'tiieir cxin-.m on. Thai one-Jil'tii in amotnit of said bonds, that, Is t.o say. Uie of snin f.wu Uiou-^aiid :;ud four hun- i red 'dollars Ihfreof shall run nineteen yc':irs and heeinu'! due ami pay:Uile. in nintMoen years from anil a!'U gt;r thi gt; dixto Ihi'ii- i.- gt;:o(!u! -inn. 'i'halnttK-.iniJ in ,'iiiKninf. s;iid bnmK Unit J3 t.o s .y, tiiu sum of t\vn iliousaivl und four hnn- d quot;eil'doll:irs thereof Hhal! run tvrynty years and l-dwnu thu! nnd piiyabh1 in twenty, years J'rom und after tlu gt; d;\te their OXOIMI* ion. Tbut snid bends shall be executed in the usual and ordinary m tinner of executing township bonds hy tho Trustees and t'lerk h;iid (ouphip irheNiuld, .-nid signed by thuui. and .shall by in miters ;ind denomination.*) a^ follows : CitfhU'i'ii o,f said hmuls numbere lt;I consect ively fi'oui o:ie to oiyrliteou inclusive, of live Jinndroil lollar.s oai-h ; and thirty nf .-aid bonds n umbered '.onM.'tvjiively fi-uui one ) lt;??? thirry in elusive, of one hundrt'd dollars ejieh ; and t hat lo e:n:li and cvtiry of said lionds be attached the usual and neces quot;- ??????ary interesl, coupons, corrf.ppondinjj: in dale aii't nu in be r *, the bo nils In vlnY h tln-y at e attach ed. and whieh coupons shall bo sU-nod by the \\-iiUen si .fn titu re tlie (Jlerk uf amp;; iu tovV.thiu Of SlH'ffli'ld. 'J'hat you eiill ;i inoel i:i._r of the qn \ltfled elcc- tors of said township S!iel'i( Id, T.ivain County, Ohio, ul the lime and place In the manner )irov jdeil by law. on Sat unlay. November Mh, A t gt;. IST*., at (he usual place of holding elections in .-aid Lownshtp, and require- said voters at Die special election so io bu Jield, to vote I'm- or iiijaiiist thL'eonstnu'Lion ot Uie prnpo: ed T.aiJroa lt;l and (h??j other requests herein m ado. and that you jrive the notice of publication as required bv liiw. Tins request ismnde under (l;e provisions oi'an. Act, of the Uunorrtl Assembly nl'thc Stale of Ohio, (.'iilinod quot;An A.4-1to aut.hori/ocouiKies. cities, in- coruoraled villages and townships !,o build KaH- ???, and to leas-e. and operate Lhesnme. quot; jui^sed \l gt;ril-!o. 1S72, nnd for the purpose of'aTailinjj aid township of all the benefits, poivers und [irivile^es of said act. Ali/??st2S, A. 11., ISIS. Wm n Moot John Kfchni Jr 1 Ktii'L'L-^ rJanies Uny .Tames A tiVt in K K Kinncy Myron Ivijiney ???J iidson Jv inncy Win .J(jhii!-on II \V (..irilcM lt;-; W Moon John Townshend TI-.uniiLs Cali-y quot;\Valsou Calei' Fred Kuhlow John II Chamber! Jolin.J WiLsdon C I'uvjrart Jluihias liurgart \V ISur^rart Peter Wevcr J-'red Krieblo John /.ietrmnii KiKvnrd P }lurrell Hobins lUirrell Win A HaV Wm Hay I U Jtnrrell .)'nhn (,' HfMibcn 1'jil'i; Sylvester Kano Jle.iry Austin Ji??hu'l)nlL??y i; Day Austin KKDnv W TUnnK Hobert T.n\vpon John If gt;latlmws Milton C Port Joseph Furgerson lt;icorffR Jones ???lahel I* ul me r Kdward II Cun_ gt; Tim? standen S W Buck David llnaly Darius G lea son C Moore SI) Clre^e W Root M J??!at;icws Charles Jlmlilnrk John S ( iiinlx.lcr \Vm T;oot J A rliiitr ,\ustin J..seph Xiinmerrunn .r W CaUKhlin Peter Osier W H Hcevc S \V Mathews .7 I IMalliows Daniel 1J Wolcott (ioor^o ') liner U' .Moore Truman Moore Joseph Harris JnlinCatif-hlin 1'eter /immerm.iti John Oster IJeter .^humakcr John Miller UTiiliam Irish Clark Hiiteliin* Jacob Muycr J T, Case John W JJenucJk L Woodruff John Irish J I'/idlev Zophe11 I risli lt;i I! Kields II W a I Ice .lav Ten-oil ???r W Kitch (M Irish lt;ic-oB Crehora Cosbv Irish G Ka'ndall IT liandall 't'hos Farraglior -fohn Farragller Joseph Mlnglccook Cieorjze Uay Ilirnm Hiililiitt Thomas Fox I, ]?????? Parks X nay 1 gt;U GlivdinK lla'.scyGarflclil Chas Kont D 1 gt; Itcynolds X LCotlutt J A. llocoofc J A TaTt John Taft Hubert Day P I? Pnv I, .nulcy Joseph'tTcwctt O Root That in accordance irith snid request n meeting ??\ said electors is hereby called, ami a i?peo- \}\\ election for said purpose is hereby onlei-ed at the usual place holding elections lu said luvrn-

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  • Standen, Thomas & Buck, SW petition, 1872

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