Bemis, Martin Civil War reunion, 1906

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Bemis, Martin Civil War reunion, 1906 - LORAIN COUNTY SOLDIERS ADDRESSED BY LANING But...
LORAIN COUNTY SOLDIERS ADDRESSED BY LANING But Politics Were Not Discussed At Veteren's Reunion-Picnic Reunion-Picnic Well Attended--New Officers Elected-Ridgeville Gets Next Meeting An ideal day and one of the larg-1 The Necrology Committee reported est attendances in recent years mftd« the following deaths during the the twenty-eighth annual reunion year: aad picnic of the Loraln county sol-1 John Uriels, Avon; D. L. Conden, dlera at the fair grounds Friday an John Ginstie, Q. w. Ga«Wi W. H. enjoyable occasion. IParkVC. H. Potter, C. L. Whittlesy, The business session was held at George D. Williams, Elyrla; Dr. Geo. J»:30 o'clock In the morning and,Smith, Chas. Hopkinson, M. Wright, the afternoon was given over to Russia; Valentine Stang. A. H. Bab- speeches, The principle address ot cock, Loraln; John Good. Henrietta; Jasper Young, Rldgevllle; Hiram Harpster, Amherst; S. Crapo, J. Sherman, J. T. Gardenr, E. J. Watts, the day was given by Hon. Jay F. IsnlaaT of Norwnlk. H« stated that when the Civil War broke out he was too young to en- Wellington. list, and that by the time of the The resolutions adopted by the as- Spanlah-Amerlcnn war he had passed 'sedation read: the other age limit. Consequently be was unable to address the old soldiers as "Comrades," but he wa* glad to be with them and to speak to them. His address was an Informal Informal one and was enjoyed by n large number of people, many of whom had come out especially to hear Mr. Lanlng. Remarks were made by N. L. Cot- "Elyrla, O., Aug. 31, 1906. "Comrades:--During the past year our Great Commander has called to I the eternal camp twenty of our number, number, who shared with us In all the vicissitudes of soldier life, thus endearing endearing them to us by ties that no time can sever or space obliterate. Therefore, while we are .glaU they lived and wrought with us, we regret ton of Amherst and Qus. Baldwin D f , th elr*loss and shall miss their greet- Lorala. Mrs. A. F. Parsons, who | ngB and thelr . aye . Bt ro n-call, and was Auxiliary delegate to the Mln-| extelld our syni p.thies to their fam- neapolls encampment. Interesting ' , Ue8 and neighbors, reported that event. | .. Rego | ved( we tender our thinks Nearly 100 old soldiers attended to tne Ppe gi d ent and Secretary of the the reuinon and with their families | Agricultural Society for the use of made a crowd of considerably over' lhe8e grounds, and other favors. "Resolved, that we tender the the business session In ibe ithanki of tbto association to the morning the president, P. I' Reefy, presided, and made Tin ad- dres* of welcome. After the appointmen tot committees, committees, Charles Chandler, lecretaiy aad treasurer of the association, re- speakers for their attendance and voicing the sentiments and recalling the scenes of the past. "Resolved, that we tender our thanks to the comrades of the G. A. R. and W. R. C. of Elyria for re? ported soemthlng over »17 to' the freallni e n tg and conVtesIes extended: good. Ridgevllle was selected as the next place af meeting and the dat? was set for August 30, It07. At the election of officers the position position of secretary-treasurer was made a permanent honor and annual elections elections to this office discontinued. Or. account of his excellent and painstaking painstaking work in this office Mr Chanew Chandler was unanimously elected to tha permanent position. J. D. Cole of Rldgevllle was elected elected president for the ensuing year and the following township vice piesldents were chosen. Avon -- A. .1 Moore. Amherst-- O. Story. Black River -- George Moore. Brighton -- George Pea»ly. Brownhelra -- Peter Fiebach. Carlisle -- H. P. Chapman. Camden-- Charles McCoter. Columbia -- V H Osborne Elyrla -- John Langton. Eaton -- Warren Earl. Grafton -- Thomas Howie! t. Henrietta -- O W. Brown. La Grange -- Wm. Wllcox. lluntington-- T D Phelon. Plttsfleld -- A Hammer. Fentleld -- A. B Hayes Rochester-- Jackson Irish . Russia-- W. T. Hoblll. Rldgeville -- Frank Delderich. Sheffield -- U MInard. Wellington-- H. O. Flfleld The Rldgevllle G. A R. Post having having disbanded Its members were assigned assigned to Richard Allen Post at Elyrla. N. L. Cotton, L. A. Adams. R. C. Rowe." The reunion register showed the following old soldiers present: N. L. Cotton, Co. F, 103 O. V. I. Gus Baldwin, Co. B, 8th O. V. I. Jacob Hilller, Co. C, 19th O. V. 1. Wm. Turner, Co. L. 12th O V. I S M, Powers, Co. E, 1st O. L. A. A. Wells, Co. E, 72d Ills. V. I Adam Hammer, Co. D, 8ht Of V. I. Frank W. Mackert, Co 13, 42d O. V. I. M. Glnnte, Co. H, 125th O. V. I. Henry Walte, 9th Pa. V. C. G. W. Brown, Co. A, 21th O V '. Wm. Vaughn, Co. D, }78th O. V. I. L. A. Adams, Co. C, 124th 0 V. I. Martin Bemis, Co H, 8th O. V. I. Wm. I. Hobill, Co. I, 32d Mass. V. 1. John D Cole, Co C, 124th O. V. I. H. P. Smith, Co B, 7th Iowa V 1. K. O. Harvey, Co. K, 19th O V I. j A E. Squire, Co K, 23d O V. I. Chas. Jarvls, Co E, 6th Mich. Cav j Thomas Wllford, Co. I, 128th O. IV. 1. John Brlnker, Co. E. 42d O, V. Peter Flebaeh, Co. B, 128th O. V. I. J. V. Whitney, Co. G, 50th V. I. P. D. Reefy, Co. I, 19th O. V C. Chandler, Co. H, 103d O. V. Frank Bemls, Co. C, 176th O. Chas, Warner, Co. I, 8th O. V. S. B. Powers, Co. K, 8th O. V, James F. Gaboon, Co. D. 55th V. I. R. J. Cowley, U. S. Navy. Wm. Wilcox, Co. I, 8th O. V. D. Swisher, Co. K, 76th O. V. J. E. Hardy, Co. E, 42d O. V. John Langton, 15th Ohio Battery Llndsey MInard, Co.. C, 176th V. I. James Daniels, Co. .F, 184th O. I. Morris Cochran, Co. B, 76th PJI. V. I. ·R. .Wright, Co. E, 144th O. V. J. A. Brooks, Co. I, 33d O. V. H. P. Chapman, Co. H, 103d V. I. Orln Storey, Co. E, 124th O. V. Jacob Smith, Co. G, 107th O. A. E. Stiwalt, Co. G, 107th O. C. E. Calkins, Co. I, 14th O. V. L. A. Boughton, Co. K, 23d O. L. S. Smith, Co. C, 128th O. J. W. Blovelt, Co. G, 1st N. Y Dragoons. , John Brlster, Co. G, 19th O. V. W. T. Little, Co. C, 176th O. J. F. Redfern, Co. F, 103d O. Frank Hlgglns, Co. B, 128th O V. I. J. J Jameson, Co. H, 1st O. Geo. Grant, Co. C, 43'd N. Y. I. Horace Cahoon, Co. E, 42d O. W. G. Taylor, Co. H, 103d O. Wm. Henson, Co. D, 178th O. Geo. Crisp, Co. K, 135th O. V. I. S. G. Jones. Co. K. 2nd O. V. R. C. Rowe, Co. E, 16th Wis. W. F. Wolcott, Co. E, 1st O. John Blanc-hard, Co. B, 1st O. L. C. Williams, Co A, 96th N. Y. V. I. W. C McClaHin, Co. B, 44th Ills. V. I. .1. D. Bryant, Co. B, 128th O. V I. R A. Rowlee, Co. C, 105th O. V. 1. , Qeo. F. Smith, Co. U. S. Navy. Geo. Holcomb, Co. B, 42d O. V. I. W. A. Chamberlain, Co. F, 12th O. V. C. _ 'C E. Wilson. Co. H, 1st O. H. H. A. Smith, Co. E, 124th O G. H. Houghton, Co. F, 12th V. C. A. J. Moore, Co K, 135th O. Wm. B Veaber, Co D, 1 4 t V. F. .1. T. Houghtou, Co E, 1st O L. D W. Hyland, Co. F, 103J O. Jacob Decker, Co D, 178th O V E. P. French, Co K, L3IHh O Theodore Faxon, Co K, 135tfc O / I. Otto Albright, Co. F, 128tii O. W. Van Wagnen, Co. H, 103d V. I. Wm. Francis, Co F, 72d O V Chas. Swain, Co, C, 176th 0 V T M. McBride, Co. E, 18th N C. Chaa. Abbey, Co. H, 103d O V LABOR Lorain will have a big Labor celebration this year", and the Ely- rla locals will take part. The parade takes place at 8:30 Monday morning and promises to an excellent one. In the afternoon the sports come off. In the parade will be: Elyria Painters 1 local 1025, Elyria Carpenters'

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  1. The Elyria Reporter,
  2. 01 Sep 1906, Sat,
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  • Bemis, Martin Civil War reunion, 1906

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