Joseph Daglen drafted 1864

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Joseph Daglen drafted 1864 - THE MILWAUKEE NEWS, OCONOMOYTOC—KHBOLIKD 202 CT...
THE MILWAUKEE NEWS, OCONOMOYTOC—KHBOLIKD 202 CT 53—DRAFTED 106. Herman Grulke Nicholas Becker "WUiet Reider <••''• Henry Hitchcock Owen Albn Stephen Taylor Geo C Kirme August Bother John Wardlc L A Campbell Christian Lee Orin W.ilbur Daniel Simmonson James Baker Peter Gassman Theodore J Faas John P Brainerd John Hbretand August Borchart Lester M Peck Henry Baker Fred Wolsin Randal Myers Frank E Brown Gilbrand Jeneon Charles F Kendall Elijah D Parsons John Piper Wni Salter Judson Pelps August Bartelt George Cattrell John McMahon M H Jenkenson Henry Byrnes Owen Dailey C A Wadsworth Horace Hartell Jacob Fuller ; Henry Fochorst Miles Griswold ThorSheriba August Frior BEOOKPIEtD—BNBOLLED 231—DEFICIENCY 40— DEAFTBD 80. E D Lampman Ambroa J Craw MerrickE ThompsonWm Brust Charle* Hildoll Philip Daily Charles Bromon John Graham Abel Dickens James 8 Stewart Ole Halverson Ole Aalverson Wm Young Hans Holson Charles J Brown Halter Waller Wm Thompson Isaac Leqb T R Hayes David Herd Joseph Counsel Charles Partwell Andrew Fredericson Fred Euke John Farre Charles Thompson John Dawney Julius Myers ABDott Henry Holgerson Christopher Jewison Ole Erfckson George Ecker Charles Bertelt Ira Tremain August Thorn Fay Topping Frank Stevens, p m James Gallagher Thos C Fulmer Ludwig Roth Nels Larson Philip Landspreich. Wm Wilkie George Musson Sylvanus Owen Elias Ela Jacob Sanderson August Smith Cyrenas Morrison ; Ballan Conrao Myers John Norton James Peterson Wm H Feller Marshall Osen Charles Eake Wm Travis Fred Bender Bsyer Osen Gabriel Erickson Michael C.raney Roger McCormick Philip Olweli Thomas Henry Fred Zimmerman > Frank Thompson Frank Brunhkhorst David W Small Delos Carpenter SUMMIT—ENROLLED lUl—DEFICIENCY 31— DBATKD 62, j _ . Geo Coft ; Salomon Evans : S W Putney C C Palmer Wm Thomas FredSeifeldt Eugene Morris S W Frisbie G W Green Andrew WfxHes Roger St Helen Chas Easmon Christ. John Friedler Michael F Leary Carl Herman > August Bass Russel Richmond Martin Kramer Adam Hahn Richard W Gurnis Enis Nelson Reuben R Guernsey Horace Kelloeg J D Hartwell Henry H Hulsen Chas H Hartwell A B Becker S R Gage Wm Webber Michael Sibbling Henry Higgins Henry Spalding Fred Baile John Shellhorn Ebenezer Richards Isaac Thomas Clark Bryan Wm Allison Stephen Palmer Chas Beidoker Julias Zaphene James W Powell Wm Dodge Henry Wiseman Michael Manner Wm Fisher Samuel W Van Dyke Henry Braves Edward Steikels Donald Stewart John Hosmer Ammie Thomas H H De Garmo . Fritz Baling Barnes Holckheinier Hathew Evans Wm Pratt Timothy Balson Henry Newnbam John Prothero Geo Fiedler Marshall Leavitt Conrad Willower Geo Eyer Fred'Erick Geo W Warren Henry Humbart W D Biever ; Henry Gatz John Volman Edward Buell Charlie Cregg Joun Gunderman Leroy Stanton Henry Brown Geo Zahn Christian Veneka William Drehml Carl Volbrecht James Penrose Thomas Hill Martin Veronger Benj Van Eamp Joseph Leaman Fred Euntzman Henry Polls AuSust Fitz i Andrew Hosier John J Meisenhelm Eli C Buell Thos Tenny Charlie Taylor John Farber Chaslschtadt John Aswold Limon Groot Geo Grey •••. Grrdner Briggs John G Drehmel John Paulsen Wm Gillitt Wm H Cornish Chas Brown Geo William L R Bevier Wm Hicks HGrottenroth Monroe Phillips FredMathias Rioharn Bingham Thos Aitkin Christian Voele Sohn Felix Finsen Stener Abel Briggs William Ernger Jacob Hauser Barney Crogan Benedict Winginritt Chaa Rhamlon JohnLumb H N Mattison Henry Starky Wiliifim Decamp James C Bell , Leonard Gradler J W White C A WadswortljL Jeseph Deck Fred Guerke John Gradler John Hart Louis Cassell Geo Ramstack Chas Facenbacker Geo Meyer John Brown William Ten James Burns Henry Kuhn John Rodaban James Leonard SPECIAL OTTAWA—ENROLLED 181—DEFICIENCY 15 — DRAFTED 30. Michael Downey Botts Lemness Andrew Oleson Richard Parie MathiasMatson ; James M Forbes Michael Kathman Thoe Farrel Wm Benedict Roland Roberts Elias Ludwig Nicholas Kipp John Jones Lar: Geertson Alexander Stewart Warren Longlcy Phillip Graham Wm Lurvey Wm J D Williams Helger Helgerson Frank Smithers Bartholomew Smith Thos Waite Richard Meigs August Spindles Samuel Stewart John Reddan Jacob Brown Adam Smith Win Uglow MEXOMOXBE—ENROLLED 273—I 70—DRAFTED 140.' NEW BERLIN—ENROLLED 202—DEFICIENCY 27—DRAFTED 54. Henry Luke A L Church. Thos Falkner Below Farnham E J Loomis Michael Ajan Leabold Perner Joseph Daglen Samuel Daws Walter Sterling Henry Schley Ansel Stroung James J Punch John Webber Jacob Eom Jacob Kern . John Bremer Edward Gamble John Wallace John Haffner William Wolf Matifel Steal Chas A Lumber Henry Meyers Leander Philipps Theodore Lunth Wm H Hutchins Marcus M Cleveland John Johnson Mathew Loughney T A Smith Francis Granger Francis Alger Thomas Carrol Thomas Mnier Geo Balzer Jeremiah Murphy Emray Stell John Verbrick Christian Pollens A E Gilbert Phillip Irving Mathias Winter Paul Hilger John Keeper Christopher Deihl Joseph Holzbore Jacob Rhong Teter Kadyee John Minton " S S Clark Noah Pickle;| Joiias Bloss Seymour S Pickett Edward L Nfihs Robt 0 Burg Peter Clipsten Theodore B^indow Wm Morgan; Wm Bottle \ Anton Newhaus Henry Richard Peter Port Frank Yickerman Joseph Wild Peter Harte Michael Mitchell Wm Parnes Joseph Skipper Wm Boit John Baker John Clark John Klaire Chas Blande John Smith Joseph Will Michael Wick Dennis Costigan Conrad Smith James McCarty Rudolph Euper Chas R Winer Nicholas Yonker Isaac Storms John Ridgeway Patrick Burke Anthony Eilrew Conrad Heagerten Owen Murphy John Walter Wm Hud Franz Dredmau Jacob Kehr Anton Ulrich Wm Bancroft Peter Grode Jobn Gorman Joseph Husbaum Jacob Shaffer Geo Lentsner Frank Dalman Peter Musacger D B Bailey Joseph Brill Jesse Price James M Cady Reynold Bear Jacob Lainbard J0hn Youngblood Lewis Rabel Wm H Weaver Peter Higgins Wm Minor John Esser M E Milmore Thomas Barnes John Schmidt Cyrus S Davis Jacob Fuhr Mathivs.Bloss Peter Roets Berhard Gillery John Bramer Thos Pickle Peter Cadie Peter Foley Francis Lawendar Joseph Wix Jnlius August John Shear Henry Hose Sylvester Bancroft Geo Bancroft Chas E Thomas Albert Shealds Patrick Hickay A New Medical Dfacovery.^BiiE's Pills, for the speedy and permanent cwra of Sexual Disease, Uretteel Diacharges, Gleet, Seto&.'al Weakness, Weakness, Nightly Emissions, Incontinence, Impotence, Gimital Debility aad Irritability, Grave!, Stricture, wd Affections of tke Kidneys aad Bladder, which have been used by over ca<p ihundred';paysicianj with entir^ success — supercedins Cubebs, . .Copaiba, Capsules, orany compf^ndniibetto known. B«u.'8 Specific Fills tr« apeedyio action, effecting a cure is ft few days *hich Is '. permanent. Th«y ars prepared from vegetable extracts that aroharmlesc | to the system and never nauseate the Btomachor mpregaate the breath. No change of diet Is neces- ury whilst iMiogtaem. Nor does their action interfere interfere with buMneespmrsults. Kaca box contains si* dbien pills. Pricefl. Dr. BlU'S Treatla* on JJetninai Weasjiess, SelT- Abuflt, Lou of Power, Impoteace,Prematurt Decay, Besual Di»as«i, *c., ft pamphlet of; iixty-f our page* ontaialng Important advice to the afflicted, «ent ree. Six o*nt« renulred to prepay portage. Bent, lecure from observation and confidentially, by mail, post-paid, on receipt of the moo«y, oy / J. BBYAH.M.l).,TeC«datstreet,N.Y S. H. TESOH, Agent, SlUwauiee. iept!3dtwly . ; ; A Bod Breath.— Tne greatest curse the haaan family ifl heir to. How many loversit has separated, how many friends for «ver parted. Thesabject U so delicate, your nearest friend will not mention and you -are ignorant of the fact. To effect a radical cure, use the "Balm of a Thousand flowers," as a dentriflce, night and morning. It alaobeaatlfles the complexion, removing all tan, pimples andfreciles, leaving the skin soft and white. Price 60c. For lale by H; Bosworth & Sons, and by ail druggists. septSd&weoir ly Important to Ladlei.— Do _-t or UAS vat's Female Pills hare nerer yet failed ia removing difficulties : arising fram obstruction or stoppage of nature, orin restoring the system to perfect health, when suffering from Spinal Affections, Prolapsus Uteri, the White's, or otber weakness of the Uterine Organs. The Pills are perfectly harmless on the constitution, »nd may be taken bv the most delicate female without without causing distress — tha same time they act Use a charm by strengthening, iaTiaforatiag and r jstoring the system to a healthy condition, aaJ by bringing on the monthly period with regularity, no [matter from what causes the obstruction may aris>?J They should, however, Kor be taken during tke first 3 or 4 months of pregnancy, though sitf at anT other tiiae, at miscarriage would lie the result . Each box contains contains sixty pills. Price -51. DB.HASVBT'S Treatise oa the Diseases of Females, Pregnancy, Hiscarriaje, Barreaness, Sterility, Reproduction Reproduction and Abuses of Nature, aaJ emphatically the Ladies' Private Adviser, a pamphlet of sixty. four pages, seat'free to any address. Sis ceats re- (jBired to pay postage. The pills and book will b9 Beat by mail w'aeii do'&ireJ, securely sealed aal pre •paid, by -J. BRYAX, M. B., General -Agent, No. 76 Cedar Sweet, N. Y. : '. J. H. TESCH, Agent, Sli'.waukoe. septlSdlr - _ Our Letter A Family Sewln* Machine,^ with all the new improvements, is the best and heapest and most beautiful SeTring Michineiathe rorld. No other Sewiag Machine has so much cap&- sity for a great range of work, including the delicate and ingenious processes of Hemming, Braiding, Bind' lag, ErabrbUeriaj, Foiling, Tucking, Cording, Ga:h ring, ice. • The Branch OffioeS 1 are well supplied wi:b Si! rwi«t, Thread, Needle?, Oil, tc., .of the very bes Send for a Paraphlet. THE SINGEa MANCFAOTUSINO COMPANY, 453 Broadway, New YorS. MBT MU^ausee OBce, 17 Newhall House. octO-llj : DAILY 'MILWAUKEE OFFICIAL PlFEaM THE 1BTS Hfi RAILWAY TRAIKS. Arrivs, 9:00 4:20 P.M. 8:50 A. K. 4:05 v. n. 5:50 P.M. i = I 4:40 A. II. > MIL. AND PSABIE DU CJHKSJ 9:05 A. M. ) : WAT23TOTTN DIVISION. 6:00 A.M. J-DZTHOIT AND XHWfVSU. <{ THE MALLS. 5:00 8:30 ARRIVE. Eastern via Grand Haven 12:00 M. via Chi i; Mil. R. li... 1:15 A.M. Southern Way " i... 1:50*. M. » Through " .... 1:15 A. M. West'n Way viaM&Pdu 0 6:00p. K. "Through '< .... 4:30A.M. Whltew'r " " .... 9:25 A. M. OroBso Way,....; 4:30p.n. « Through 9:30A.M. Horican Way 4:30 p. M; WatertownTfay 11:46 A.M. Ozaukee Way.. 3:00 p. M. Eastern Mail by Qraad Haven boat arrives day. ; Post Office open on Sundays fr*m 1 9:00 12:45 SATURDAY 8MPTBMBBR 24. i County Nominations. FOR ASSEMBLY—FOURTH VTA3D. JONATHAN TAYLOR. To all Drafted len in this City. All men drafted in the city of are hereby requested to meet at Hall nest Saturday, at 2 o'clock n. the purpose of consulting about : tb,e : "!5200,000 voted for-tlie purpose of aiding men, or their families. i MAST DSAFTED CITIZENS o:> fistf" All city papers are requested publish the above notice. J: AiUon's \Vlne cHIalt— .Hontreal Whla- This celebrate waiskey rivals the finest and nost delicate Fsench Brandy. It is pare, mild, mellow, delicous and very wholesome. ; J. ALISON, No. 8, N all House, Sole Agent for Wisconsin. octai-di HeClelian-j Report. We have just received froa New few hundred copies of Mc"Clel!an : s report on the organization and the army of the Potomac, with his revision. They may be obtained NEWS Counting Room, and orders mail will be promptly attended to. -5c. Orders sent at once, last edition is-already nearlj TlIS DSAFT IX MlLVTAtTKE'E The -whole number of mea already in this county at the draft now is -,034. Bu:-seven waris an-.l five have been drawn frcni. The number drafted and the number preTicusi- substitutes. (Sec., since tie' presilent's in July, will foot up at not less than menr-a TCTJ respectable army for The •whole vote of the county does usually eiceed about three times this The -whole quota of the state, draft, was set down at abou: 10.000 The'whole quota of a Massachusetts sional district is but 2.100. Secretary Stanton told us a few weeks ago thas a- thousand men—only thirty-three number taken from Milwaukee "would give the finishing blow, to rebellion.'' Are we'not paying very for Lincoln : s election ? i But we done with the draft yet. Disease* of the Nervous, Seminal, Urinary and Sexual S jBtem*-—New and reliable treatment —in reports of the HOWAJB0 ASSOOUIIOH—sent by mail In sealed letter envelopes, free pf charge- Address Da. J. SKILLEN HOUGHTON, Howard Association, Association, No. 3 Soutb Sinth Street, Philadelphia, p a . marSOdly 9Uk Hots made co Order and Warranted to Fit—Mow Is tlw time to get one.' The Spring stylt baa just arrived, and U Is the handsomeet thing we have bad for a long time.. Also all the Spring styles of Clo«i Hats, Caps, Pett Hats, Driving Gloves and Ombrellas, for sale at A. L. BIVY.EB'3, aprUdtf. i No. 8 Wisconsin Street. THIRD WABD.—At a meeting democracy of the Third Ward last Alderman 'McGBATH was nominated for the, assembly. He elected by a vote nearly as unanimous. has served two or three years on the of aldermen, and has proved himself careful, faithful and capable representative the interests of his ward. He will constituents equally well at Madison. NKW Music.—Mr. Hempsted, street, has just published the music: "Two Popular Songs." by

Clipped from
  1. The Daily Milwaukee News,
  2. 24 Sep 1864, Sat,
  3. Page 5

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