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 - SUITOIJ VATSOH WILL Relatives to Contest for...
SUITOIJ VATSOH WILL Relatives to Contest for Money . Made in Notorious Resort. ESTATE NOT LARGE Woman Reared Her Brother's Largo Family in Great Luxury. Paraa la Kaikaket Coaaty Was Tsed as aa Asylaaa for Hoaaeless " - Little Proteares. ' Within a few days a suit will be entered In the courts of Cook county to break tho will of the late Carrie Watscn. who for thirty years was tho keeper of a Chicago resort resort which, trr It InxurfAn- InxurfAn- mnA 11ti Inv . r polntments. waa known from New Tork to San Francisco. - - Aa attempt will bo first made by those who are to contest the legality of Mrs. Watson's bequests to secure a compromise with the hlrs named In tho will. This falling, a legal nnuua wui do w wnicn win inu 10 ujra. !n open court a score of family secrets, aad '. give to the public several new cl r.pters in tho life of a woman whoso career was strange almo-t almo-t almo-t beyond bellff. William R. Payne and Ore E. Chapin are the attorneys for William Watnon and lira. Matilda Cox both of Chl. cago, brother and sister of Carrie Watson. Ur. Payne says that there will be an attempt to break Mrs. Watson's will, but declines to state whether his two clients are contest-' contest-' contest-' Everybody who knew cf Carris Watson's resort aad of its immense patronage will bo -surprised -surprised to learn that this woman who waa -supposed -supposed to bo worth upward of a million dollars. left an estate that la actual value win fall a little below one-tenth one-tenth one-tenth of that sum. The property which Mrs. Watson's will disposes disposes of consists entirely of real estr.te. and tBpf . . V that It m V. T n la In adrtikn.. hood of $24,000. Almost all of the property la in Chicago and is located on the South Side. There ars living In Chicago today the father and mother of Carrie Watson. They have been married for nearly seventy years and each is rapidly approaching the century mlic atone of Ufa. In her will Carrie Watson provided provided for the maintenance of this aged con- con- , pie during tho rest of their lives, for their . burial, and for the erection of a proper mo morial over their graves. Lrae-tea Lrae-tea Lrae-tea to Brother Ca lldrcau Most of I he remainder of the estate goes to tho children of a brother who-, who-, who-, died many, years ago, leaving a number of sons and ' daughters, none of whom was over 10 years cf aire. Upon the death of her brother. Carrie Carrie Watson undertook the entire support of her nieces and nephews, providing not only for their living, but for their liberal education. education. - ,- ,- - After her brother's death Carrie Watson placed the children upon a farm in Kankakee county and provided tor their attendance at school. She made It certain that nothing but the most motherly treatment should be ac corded her nieces and nephews, and that they should bo surrounded with every comfort possible, but she made it a sacred provision, sealed by liberal payments, that those who had the children in charge should never, un der any circumstances, give her wards-aa. wards-aa. wards-aa. inkling of anything concerning . their aunt'a mode of life. This compact, it Is declared. ' was sacredly kept, and the cblldren. now . grown men and women, if they know anything anything of their aunt's life, have learned it ' since they came of age. - ' Attorney Payne has learned through his'9 Investigations many facts concerning the life of Carrie Watson, particularly that part' which had to do with the Kankakee farm.!. Mr. Parne. in speakina of the surprise that would bo occasioned by the smallncss of tho , property left by Carrie Watson, says Is easily accounted for because the woman, had what amounted to almost a passion for doing charltaMe deeds. Moreover. eccordU-s eccordU-s eccordU-s to Mr. Payne, she never allowed people ta know of this generous side of her character.' "It was her custom." said Mr. Payne, "to pick up friendless children from the streets, to clothe them, and to send them down to tho Kankakee farm to live and to go to school at her expens for years. ' Her charities in ether directions were Just as numerous, and perhaps even more munificent,. .. . . ' Reseaed a Callforata Girl. One night there called at a mission ion; Wabash avenue a woman dressed in deep black and heavily veiled. She had with her a young grl not moro than 17 years old. To the matron of the mission the visitor said: "I wish you to keep this girl bere for a month. . Then she will bo taken away and cared for -properly. -properly. She Is anxious to stay." The vis itor then asked what the cost of the month a board would be, and when the modest sum . wss named, sho took out S200 from her purso ' and said: "Ton may keep the change. Tour . work here is worthy of support," Just about ' one month afterward a Callfornlan arrived at tho mission. He was a gray-bearded gray-bearded gray-bearded man and he asked to see the girl who, under a certain certain name which he gave, had been left there some time before. It was then that the girl which the veiled woman had brought met nor father and went back, forgiven and penitenr, to her California home. The woman who had taken her to the place was Carrie Watson.

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  1. The Inter Ocean,
  2. 25 Nov 1900, Sun,
  3. Page 45

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