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Gov't Report PURE tt PREPARATION FOR TH£ SPECTACLE, j GOING TO BE A GIGANTIC" FIGHT. the Gr*at n«et .S»II«! Cp from tbe Or a Buy-Out of All the Whisky Tru-i'i, L^ver Way. Uislnbutor.. CHICAGO, April 27.--By the action of a Todav was a holiday for all Xe\v York city aud tbe cities :md country round ·bout; but the day of preparation for this spectacle was scarcely less a holiday. Es- ijiantes ol the number of people who saw ibe fleet steam up the bay and river and take its position for the-review would be impossible. Every point of vantage from ·ibe lower bay to Kigbty-nintb street was crowded with interested sightseers. Tbe ·day was a perfect one. The first indication movement of the ships from their in the lower bay was the flash ·ci the national colors from Fort William, .followed, instantly by a flash of flame and » ltill boom at Fort AVadsworth. Up the narrows came the vessels and ,soon those with glasses could make out vhe Philadelphia and Blake at. the bead of the liue. governor's Salute?*. On they c.-une, keeping timeand distance like veteran soldiers, aud sooa t^he whole it spnctacle was iu view. As Governor's Island was passed the for: J s s boomed out a SJilute. and shortly after Miaiitonuiiiali thuiuleredaway in honor the uiiveilinsr of the stattiu to Kricsson, meeting of the directors of the American Distillers 7 and Cattle Feeders' association held at tbe Auditorium hotel it is more than probable that one of the most gigantic gigantic fights ever witnessed in the whisky market market has been inaugurated. This action was the determination to issue bonds no meet the necessary expenses to bay ( it the present distributors of the company's product, aud if this cannot be accomplished accomplished then, to make the company its own distributor and establish the plants throughout the country which such n step involves. How much che amount will be cannot at the moment be exactly estimated. estimated. fn fact the gathering adjourned to meet again next month, by which time those its- signed the duty will be able to present a statement making clear the point. There are, however, fifty-two distributors. The plants of ?ome of these, according to Mr. ··which had at that, momeut occurred at the Battery. The Biuke, w i t h her two great tapering butf-colored .sniokustucks and ma- j 3estic iiiieu, caught the fancy of the crowd. She moved along as if held in check, and appeared to be going slowly, although she ·was making nine miles an hour. She car- Tied a iruard flag (;i white tield crossed with ^ *· _. · crimson bars) at. her foremast-head, and (Ireechnr-. would be valued from-i^ to £300.000. Therefore it is pretty .safe to assume that the bonds will be issued for any .sum ranging from sKMHKVXHJ lHK.t.000. Air. (Ireeuhut frankly acknowledged acknowledged that the course now resolved upon is compulsory if the associaiiou of which he is president is to i n a i i i t n i n its position. He reported the swine lo the meeting held recently recently nt Peori;i imd tin? stockholders gave the directors f u l l ptwvr to ad. FEARFULLY FATAL. The Cyclone That Has Devas tated Oklahoma. SIXTYSETTLERS MEET THEIR DOOM List of Thirty-Seven Known To Be Dead and Reports Growing' Growing' Worse. !oreThau 11 Score of Uadly Woutuled Many Fatally Hurt -- L*JSS Serious Cusu- the M i i i u l n - c l -- Knorui«u» le- of Property -- Two Village* Swept .Entirely Away -- A Child Spared by the Wixid and Killed by Hail-- Wo- ful JJetuilS- GUTIHUF:, O. T., April 27.-- The very latest latest and most authentic information obtainable obtainable from the cyclone-devastated section of the territory is to the effect that from fifty to sixty human lives have been lost, twenty-live twenty-live people fatally injured and 100 others injured more or less seriously. Five distinct cyclones visited different parts f the territory between and That tlie result of the met 1 ting will Ie:id to a lengthy and biMer fight, would seem inevitable. The combine's principal opponents opponents are: The American DiaUHiiii; coin- it o'clock p. ru. Wednesday and it will be days before the full amount of damage will j known. The scene of greatest cntas- ophe lies about the little town of Nor- ;iu, near which two of the storm paths pass and a section of country two miles vvitU; and twenty Ion;* was swept, clean of fivvryt.hiug and the scene is now one of horror. I,irit of l i t e Kiioxvii Ueail. Tlie death li^t 41!ready foots up t h i r t y seven, seven, with a score more seriously h u r t , nearly 100 w i t l i lesser injuries and ten still Ainoii^c those k i l l e d are: Kd and three hired hundp; John O'Connor, Jr.: John O'Connor, Sr., and wife; Agnes and Nellie O'Connor, twins: Chavk'.s O'Connor: .laines O'Connor J o h n O'Connor. Jr.X c\vu children; Owen Ktm- miy; -Mrs. Kooney and two children; IVIiss [ A n n i e Heddens; David .Banks, wife, and THE BEAR ROCKS DISASTER. Five of th« Victim* Uead aud Tbr«« Other* rutHlly Hurt. SOJIKKSET, Pa., April ^T.--Five persons have diel so far as the result of the catastrophe catastrophe on the Bear Rocks railroad nud at least three others will die from their injuries. injuries. The names of the dead are: John A. Pile, farmer; Mrs. John A. Pile; Mary Pile, aged 12; Russel Xeff, aged I), and an Italian,.name unknown. Another unknown Italian is fatally injured injured aud will probably die. Engineer Xeffi, of the runaway locomotive, was badly badly scalded about his arms aud back and had a small bone in his left le$ broken. A number of Ita^n workmen were more or less seriously injured in jumping from the flying train. The .Bear Kock railway is the property of the Somerset stone quarry. It is only two miles in length and extends from Milford Station on the Somerset and Cambria railway to the quarries at Bear Kock. After the day r s work the train started fot-Milford station. John A. Pile, his wife and daughter were at the quarry at the time and they were invited by the engineer to get ou the engine and ride to the junction junction of the road. The engine wad hauling two loaded cars and started a*vay from the quarry at the usual rate of speed. Suddenly Suddenly the speed of the train increased, and ou applying the air brakes they did not work. The crash at the bottom of the grade was awful aud resulted in the foregoing death list. FOKTUNE HAS FLED Sioux City Enterprises Suffering Financial Chaos. rHREE MORE CONCERNS IN TROUBLE ALLEGED POISONER CONVICTED. A Celebrated "«\v York rase Kmls in i YOHK, A p r i l :.'.--Dr. Robert \V. , wlio has loen on trial fur the m s s n ; . prse. .floated the uaval ensign of (ireat. Britain at j pany a m i the f.Jlobe Distilling coiupauy, Ptkin. Ill-**; a new d i s l i l i e r y n o w being com- at Peorirv; one at JMlevillc: two in spankergaff*. Th? View from the Uattery. Those who were fortunate enough to obtain obtain a place on tbe Battery had a splendid vieiv of the naval parade, for they two children: II. C. Clemens: Rev. J. M. Carlo: David Brooks and wife; KllaUroofcs; Jerry lirooks. A rhild of Mr. Jtatenwn and eight of the )*eary family are umon t h e dead. by as they steamed into the river, it over in half an hour, for by that, time ihe two lines, closed by the Miantonomah St. Louis, the \Volz house and the Hammond Hammond housu; one nboiit to be operated at Oinah:i. N\'b,: one in t."uioiito\vn. Ivy.; two at Ciiii.'inn;iii: one in Portsmouth, U.; two in Louisville. Ky.: one at Baltimore, and onw at, P h i l a d e l p h i a . and liepublica, had gone h}" and the peo-I Thut t h e i r e o m p e t i t i u n is by no meaus who lined the shores and packed the I insignificant i« shown by t l i e action of the declivities of the river hanks were the la- trusr. in reducing the price of spirits and Tored ones, and they cheered themselves alcohol by one cent per Dillon, umkiug it jhoarse as tlie. white ships nf t h r i r own now $I.i:t. This waw done, O r e e n h u t acl- cavy. making 11 showing that was not. mils, for the purpose of meetiui; the prices alclipsed by the visitors, came into view #od passed. Ax the end of the parade was reached the .ships slowed down and at/ ti frooi the Philadelphia t h i r t y odd w anchors splnshed in the water ami Uie parade w.'tsfii- of t.lie evmcerns nanicd. ( i r e e i i h u r made t h o following statHnii-nt- after the meeting: "Dnr a c t i o n lias been, made necessary by onr BANQUET TO THE NOTABLES. Vnion 1 u « C l u b C r u i r d r d w i t h I^s.- lln^uished People. The banquet at nightaCfJie Union J^atfue V LI J clnb to the distinguished visitors was u -iitt-ing climax to the spectacle presented by ibe big ships sailing sailing up the harlor to their places in raidiucss for to- daj's review. All tranches of government government s er vice represented t h* 1 C M i ' d i H ' t ul' t h e (HstrihiUors in s at a r b i t rary prolits. This ivdnci»l trade by e n a b l i n g op|iosirin.i distilleries to undciell IIM. Of e o u r s c t l i o a i n o i i u t . re- q u i r e d for o ;r uurpt^u w i l l be la rye, but i; w i l l be raised. As to tin- general t'il'ect uf o u r a c t i o n -- i i - w i l l r h r a j i e i i u ,\iin A r b o -- naval, military, -civil, iind diplomatic--and diplomatic--and repre- p Ni:w V n f ; K . A p r i l *J7.- - l i u n m r s of a receiver receiver 1'or 'lit. 1 Tulu;M, A n n A r b o r and Xorl.h M i c h i g a n m i l n m i l have btuMi I'reely a r o u i n i \\".-iii .street, i j i i t . the of the c o m p a n y positively deny t h a t t h e i v isahy p r o l u n i l i i y of a ruoeivor he- cm th** oouwjii 1. and, it is I«.-ad rmd I5:i»lly H u r t . Threti children .'ire nnidentitled and also a family of five unknown. Qne living some distance from tbe track of the cyclone found two dead bodies in hi.s yard. A laby that escaped i.lie cyclone was killed liy hailstones. A t Jjiingston, east of here, T h i r t y houses were demolished and a child of A. Jones killed, a inaa named Howard family and ;v doxen others seriously in- j i ) red . Thy seriously wounded are: Charles Han- xvell, .Mrs. Kittridem and infant-. Mrs. .Snider, 11. P. llolliday and child. Thomas \VfavLT, John ] Joy k*, (ieor^e O'Connor, Mr. Moroney, Pat Omaley, Albert : Sinnox, Mr. (.iihnoiv and wife, four children of Mrs. Hfmks, frs. Calbert. Mrs. S. II. Wilkinson, Wilkinson, IJcnrjxe Ihi^hes and child. TWO VILLAGES WIPED OUT. past fe\v \veeks charged \vith tlie poisoninj; ! of his \viff, wiis found guilty of m n n l e r in { t h e first decree. The jury hat! been out twenty-four hours ami t h e i r lengthy ik-Iib- * ' * " * * " eration jrave t h e d e f V n i l a n t and his counsel the hope that they would at least disagree The verdict, \vas, in rhe n a t u r e of a sir- The H n c h n i i M n ease has excited i deal of interest horoabonts, f o l l o w i n g so clo-elv us it did t h t - cfi.-e of Carl vie "\V. H- * Harris, and was s i m i l a r in nuiny respt i c-trf to t h a t celebrated c-asi-. 1-inchatian niarric-d a woman much older ihan himself. This woman had amassed money through her proprieior- di«ordc-rly Jiou^** in Xewark, X. 7. The coup!'-* did not live very happily together, and when the w o m a n died suddenly suddenly under suspicious circu instances. leaving a \vill_ in whjeh .she bcfjuathed all her property lo her husband, an invcstijjn- Lion followed which resulted arrest and his subsequent, trial, ending in Conviction. Counsel h:is given notice of the usual exception* and an appeal. A chief cause of the surprise wns tin; m a n n e r in which the expert 1 * got. tangled. T h e i r evidence really wasn't worth a n v t h i i i L ? to t h e Heavy IJabfUtlofr in EncU Ca«*- unit the Loan ami Trtitft C«»inp;tuy*« DllHcultlei the Cause--The Whisky Trust Kesolvei on a Policy of \Vai- ou Competitors--A Fierce Struggle for Domination oa the Cards. Sioux CITY, la., April 27. T Xhree more fttensive failures have occurred here directly directly resulting from the Union Loan and Trusc company's assignment. The Sioux City Dry Goods company, by A, S. Garret- ron, president, made a general assignment. The schedules s)io\v assets of S3T1,109.04, consisting of the stock of wholesale dry goods, credits aud $30,000 on deposit with the Union Loan and Trust company. The liabilities are $:ji,(K)o, nearly all due to eastern and Chicago jobbers. The company company did all its hanking through the Trust company. It assigns to "U". F. Thomas and the business will continue till the company can be reorganized. Tlie Other Two Business Crashes. The Sioux City Dressed ."Beef and Canning Canning company, by its treasurer, Kd Haakinson, Haakinson, made a general assignment to il. J. Taylor, The as?ets, of the packing packing plnut-. ;i line of refrigerator cars, eta. ;i:*(r $l| $l| 'W J *#': liabilities are --^lo.OOO. of which ^it'.^ooo ij due to tbe Union Loan and Trust coin i in i! v. The Interstate Invest- A ·-- menr company deuded away about- S^OO,(K.K) of property mainly ro its own stockholder?. Its afruir? were r-omplioatod with those of the L'uion Loan ;md TruL company which it- · !"in-iVr.s. Mechanics liens lo --")".""! wen- HI I'd against, the * * It : own od by the .Sioux i \VjiivhouHc company. T'lixtrd I ' p w i t h ;i ! l n i l \ v : i y T -. · * - . ! . f "· * * -U * · All work on i h e d e p - J t lias i'v orsnimil and f *f ii sroppcJ, PURGING THE PENSION LIST, A C a m p a i g n A t f H i n s t Altered F r a u d n l * - n t iny ;ipjx.»inird. The iiitt j i*t tinted bonds '.s d u « on AUu M u t t n l , w i l l Itt' paid. RKAH A t U H K A L ive in e u w fa aU walks o f * life ^verc at the sables. President C1 e T e 1 a n tl uot present, in % -to ibe Trcnriitfsa ri*suIUiiy from hi.*! trip from the national capital. General llonice Porter presided, and ou *itlier side of him were t u t ; d u k e of \Vni- gtia, Aduiini! Karuadoroif, Itear Admiral iEonhmn, Secretary Herbert, A d m i r a l Hop- tins, Admiral f^lierm-di. ileiir A r l n i i r a l and all the foreign jiaval com- ar« Hiirt 1 . -'n\G carl and Tlie A l M - r d v f i !-;w Voi.'lv. A p r i l f'unnli..-s of Aberdeen and party, iiiLC of Air. Parsons, Miss S u l l i v a n , Miss UliAi'lH^ and Miss Hecketi, a n * .stopping at, t-he J M a x a hotel, having arrive;! by t h e Teutonic. The countess is the moving spirit of tbe J i i s h display fair. the World's Then there were Mayor Gilroy, Colonel McCIellan, t-x-Sfcn-tMi- T r a c , ( !M. Depew and otiicr Xcw ing the nieniln-rsof the c l u b who i-scurteu the guests 10 t hi- c i t i h Jintisc. Nearly 1,000 sat. tlou ii l o i l u - b a i u i u e t t a l f l f . ;unl ) a-U-fi f-il! ;it'i« s W o r l d ' s KaJr F u n d . X*;, Mich., April ^7.-- The Jii^htover the additional appropriation for the Miuh- ig;*n i-xixibit at. the World's fair has been brought to ;i. linish in both houses, a bill having been passed givin^ fc3,uou additional. additional. The opponents of c h u r c h taxation took possession of representatives ball and many ^^ were, made a a i n s t the taxation And l-'tirt li«;r Iveports nt Deail St:tt!*?rs-- JLatefct News tin; "X\'orst. The villay«s of Hansoni and Cimarroon wore wiped out and several people killed in each. Xear Perkins James K i r k W;LS fatally fatally injured and his boy killed. Thomas Culver had both legs and arms broken, A n t h o n y Mohan and d a u g h t e r were killed, and :L dozen ladl\- injured. The whole uonntry is slrickeu w i t h grief and horror, and awaits w i t h consternation the details nf (lie a w f u l havoc which hourly grow muni gruesome. The most daniaire was done in the vicinity vicinity of Norman in the western and central portion of the county. Passing northward northward and s l i g h t l y to the east it crossed tbe South Canadian river about midway between Purcell anil Xorman. Here it struck t h e thickly settled portion of the county, and only missed Moore by abour une mile. Seven dwelling houses and two school bouses were destroyed, besides machinery machinery and stock and n u m e r o u s outbuildings, outbuildings, fences and barns, The last and most destructive cyclone about Jive miles west and north of bill. ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. .Norman through what is known as "Ten .Mile Flat,* 1 along the Canadian river, the most prosperous agricultural vicinity of the county. Its force was spent a few miles further north. The loss of .stock and fnrwin#implew«tits {$ H .serious one. Absolutely Absolutely nothing \\jis left uninjured ahmir the track of the last cyclone, which was i i lie. severest ever witnessed. the meeiisiL ^. A n CHIC.V;«. M!s :.:nv No f r » i u i . Whitman Williams, of Wi Hi man tic, j Conn,, aged iK), made three, attempts to k i l l himself in three days and still lives. TJu- Nortb\v»;.st Swept Asruin. CHICAGO, April *'/.--A windstorm has swept over thit; city, blowing fifty- "\\"ASMIN.;TOX, A p r i l -. ) 7.-- Steps lmv t - been n by I ' e p u t y Commissioner M u r p h y t u .secure information relative to pensioners whose names s h o u l d b« stricken from t h e j rolls. The belief o l U a i n s o n t h e part of the I admiiiistrniion that the p«nsion lisr,s should be purged of t p i i r e a n u m b e r of names now on il, and an effort; w i l l be made to weed out nez'sons wlio are clearly not entitled to the benelits of m r pension laws. A circular letter signed by M u r p h y has been s e n t - t o all the special agents iu tlie fifth! dim-tin;; them to make i n q u i r y whcrt-ver they may be concernJnic fraud ou the part- of pensioners pensioners in the vicinity. Tbe idea is to collect, the local information information in various neighborhoods regarding pensioners, and in small towns it. is t h o u g h t there will be no ditticuHy in learn1114: learn1114: of any irregularities known iu the locality locality to exist. At the same l i m e agents must be careful in their inquiries and not, endeavor to stir up Tjialicious gossip. Postmasters w i l l also be a.sked to f u r n i s h any information they may learn regarding f r a u d u l e n t pensioners. INVITED TO MEET CARLISLE. Tlic New York linkers \ V i l l Confer witli t h e Secretary. XK\V YOI:K, April ^T.--Jthiis been learned that Assistant Treasurer Jordan has in- viced a number of the prominent hankers of this city to meet--with the clearing Fairchild while he is in this city, llearmed with the presi ddtitial party, and the understanding is that a conference, w i l l be. held this afternoon afternoon after the naval review is over. '·. of rhe I ' n i o i i Yards company ( w h i c h had already states that che company will have to he orjirani/.ed. Some lime at^o .here were ne nations between Che now disrupted syndicate syndicate that owns the Siuiix Citv Northern fc ** Jr« _ and Pacific :?hort Line railroads and the terminal properties and Cnioij station here, and President James J. H i l l , of the (treat Northern system. lookinir TO a sale of the property to Mr. Hill's road. Somehow the deal h u n g Hre, and the investment company company c o u l d n ' t wait. The Sioux City K;i.Lcine work« has MIM! the Sioux National hank for '1H',(.''.):). The engine company had ';r),00i) deposirod w i t h the Union Loan and Trust company. It demanded the money, ami wa* jjrivon ;i d r a f t on the Colu Colu m b i n N a t i o n a l b u n k , of rhiunifo, fm- the a m o u n t . 'I'hiswa^ plaoeil in the Sioux Nation Nation ;il for collect ion and i he. ( - o ! urn hi a bank refused to p:iy. The ^MO,(^Ht is the ' of t h e ^.Ti.'io-i d r j m ^ t and ^"i.iXKi t h e e n u i i u * work s 7 h i n k s dti** i t . NOTES OF TH£ WORLD'S FAIR. Jone* Is Uo Facto J o v e r u o r ,, ,, . , j four miles an hour, and report-s from the !·. Sehvvartx. a traveler tor llort]iwest . arti t l m t i n u c h p ro]H-rty was F i r k i n *!t lii*ooks, of ('hicayo, \vas arrested at Sr. Louis on a trleiiram from Port An- 1 tickers on ;^,y rjad, ;uid the i n d i c t - ! Kohert S m i t h inents were has.-fi on the theorv t h a t damaged and a few people h u r t . Small ·itrejiniftt are out of t h e i r batiks in this state. A p r i l :^r.--A n n m b e r o f i u'L'H' nmle.r i r u i i r t n i e n t for violating t h e .-late law w h i c h provide ! ^^Ies, \Vash., as an i^cuped i-onvict. 3-fe that onh r a u t h o r i z e d agents u l i a l l ' K r a i - was sente.nceil t o eiLchieen m o n t h s in prison lowed to sell ranm-id tickrt.s iiave secured for embe//.iing -^i/^fO from a h a n k e r at rhe %vm : r *- c t 3iijiis.trr Gray Warmly, their discharge «n ;t i f v h n i r u l i i y . The law ! l a t t e r place, and escaped. CITY O K M K M r o , A p r i l -J7.--The Anier- provides t h a t any a u i l n ' n x - d a^vnt may j O b i t u a r y : At l l a m i h . m . I I I . , Ceneral , iean colony here is making extensive prep- aired sil. At Melvcesport, f ararion.^ t u ^ i v e I^utc 1A (Jray a reception . . . .. . John 'i'rioh. a.^f^ Tii. A t Xtnv .)p- j upon his nrrival here to a.vsuiue his Unties iaw is violated if a person sell- t h e t i r k - E s -' K-nus, Hanker iiobert- .Muoiv, «wl *V2. At of Tnited States minister to -Mexico. Thos of a railroad couiiiany and is not a u t h o r - ( Oshkosh, V/is.. ich:;n M. I.»arkinsoii. a^ed K y a n whom he sucr-et-ds has received a by that p a r r i c u l a r company. Th.» j s",. Al Madi^nn. Ind.. ( ' o r m - l i u s V a i l , a-ed M t e r from Air. Gray a n n o u n c i n g t h a t he jud-^ i M t l a - (-a^ ltclaivil in -J. At Decaiur, I I I . . M a h K m Haworth, ! w i l l h-avo Indianapolis w i t h all IILS U i m i l y w w;^i:nr:.insi.t«M.-.n:i!. ,.i-ed S-i. A t Liurolnville. Ind.. Mrs. Jo- j r 0 r this city A p r i l *JO. H e w i l l a r r u v here Hrewer. ; C'apitcl l»v -.j ,, -. , r , ,. , , . ,, ,. t i M v -r, v v -i .,- -n -7 · - Xirs - K i n n i a J- Holmes ni Jiiver Kails, .MHM.roN. April S,.-Jhe pwaniont, j Wias ., has been mis,in- in Xeu- York city ·vice president and every member of rhe ! f 0 r f i v e weeks. j May "J. A banquet w i l l be te Gray May :* by Uu- American ec -cabinei ai-e now (»ut. of the city and w i t h the exception of pu^ioly two or three of latter all w i l l ^y u n t i l the eariv ** .The creditors of d'iles Bros., the, embarrassed embarrassed Chicago jewelry linn, desire the portion of next week. Tiiis leaves t h e con- iuct of the executive dcpartmcuus in the* j u, control of the assistant secretaries except! in where they also are absent. firm to continue business, and it is likel arnuigeinenr. will be to that Worth a .Ian'» Kife To I*« Juror. ^EW YORK, April 27.--K. M. Paradise, a juror in the Buchanan trial, has been removed removed from tbe jury room to the Astor House. He is under the direct care of two physicians suffering from hemorrhage ot xhe lungs, or severe bleedicg of the nose, which is supposed to have been brought on by mental exhaustion. Comptroller lick-;In OnallfieK. WASHINGTON, April 27,--The new comptroller comptroller of the currency, .Jnines H. Eckels, of Illinois, has qualified and entered upon Ihe discharge of the duties of his office. His bond of $120,000 was approved by Secretary Secretary Carlisle some days ago. " *^^ ST, PAUL. April' 27.-E«bert G. Hardy, *ae of the beak known real eatate men iu SC Paul, has made an assignment toChas. Bunker. fi?* liabilities exceed hia aa- by about $50,000. A strike of golrf h;is been made at Central Central Point, Ore. t in which there is $1,00*),- fXK) insight. Xuggetsas large as pease are not at all uncommon. An insect is destroying the pine forests uf West Virginia and the entomologists have found another insect that will dine daily and hourly on the destroyer. Damage to fruit crops iu southern Illinois by the cold weather has been found to be confined to strips, in some sases but a few miles in width. Sheriff Gooilale. at Newbnrg, N. V., turned over an important prisoner to a bogus marshal upon forged papers, the pretense being that the prisoner was wanted in the United States courts. The Democratic convention to nominate A supreme judge for the Second supreme judicial district of Illinois met at Vandalia, und Judge Jesse J. Phillips was unanimously unanimously agreed upon, all other names being withdrawn. ^ii"ie oil wells in .lay county, Ind., have been sold for $230,500. Dr. Curtis G. Hussey, Pittsburgh millionaire millionaire pioneer in the copper and steel in- duitrics, is l*»*uK In hi* 91st. year. -*^^- _*. ~ . ·*·-· --«- . * · --- -- ·· ndered Air. olonv. nan Kni]rror in ji i'arriajrc- "Wreck. ?.MK,'April -7.--The Uenrmn emperor had a narrow e.scnpe from n serious acci- ilcnt. The emperor was being driven in a. carrijige to the railway station at Fmsciiti, \vhich lies on ji slope of the A2ban mountains, mountains, about thirteen miles from Rome. The carriage wiis overturned at a curve in the road and the horses fell. The groom, vdio was sitting behind, was thrown off and the carriage "was damaged. The emperor emperor was not injured. Union J^a^ific Ofrectora. WASHINGTON, April 27.-- Among the list of government directors of the Union Pacific Pacific railway appointed by the presidentare tbe following: JJon M. Dickinson, of Michigan; Michigan; J. W. Doane, of Illinois. Otto Doe- derlin, oi Illinois, was appointed consul at Leips-ic. A teleKniiii from Detroit says that Dickinson will positively not accept. Ate a Foisonml UMA, O., April 27. -- While playing Nora Wood and Minnie Rhoda, aged about 4 yours each, found a pie and ate it. The pie had been filled with rat poison and placed for rodents. The children died in convulsions. liullunn Iron Hall CHSV. MAXApnus, April XiT.--The supreme court, of tlie slate haw decided the Iron Hall fcj-, sustaining tbe i X, A p r i l ^7.-- The Jones (or faction in tlie Choctaw trouble has subjitautiallr won a victory by appeal of the respective parties to the government. This news will be rather a surprise in view of tbe fact that, all the reports reports received here, both otlicial and unofficial, unofficial, have spoken of outrages ou the citizens by the -Tunes militia. The Jones party, however, is the de faetu government in the Uboctaw country and the president: took the view that as such he was compelled to nicoirnize it and could not therefore uphold uphold the other side. He will, however, see that all persons are secured in their legal rights. ________ _ Didn't, Look I t bat Had It. XKW YoiiK; April 'j;. -- Amony the unwashed unwashed and poorly iires?el immigrant:who immigrant:who landed from the Fulcia was Jean Fou- qiiet, au n^eil (.lennan. Stowed i\,\vny in an inside pocket of his blouse he had $10,000 American nionej". \VIu»n the immigrant inspectors cjiiest.ioned. him about his resources resources Jean drew forth his tull of bills. He was allowed to land. »r "Won the Chess Match. KuKOMO, lud., April 'JT.--J^asker won the chess match, taking the seventh game here. There were ten games in all played, three having taken place at JLogansporfc last fall, each player winning one with one draw. At this place Lasker won five, Sbo- waiter one and there was one draw. Had Outlook for the Farmers. ST. PAUL, April 27.--Reports from ]00 points in Minnesota indicate that the great storm is s»till raging. 'ot an acre of grain has been sown in North JJakota nor at any point in Minnesota north of St. Cloud, and there is no prospect that any will be sown in the nexb ten days. ZlliuoU Dlfcti Appointed liuU;ui Agent. WASHINGTON, April 27.--James T. Dickson, Dickson, of Illinois, and Thomas 1*. Smith, of Indian Territory, have been appointed appointed special Indian ngents for the interior interior department. I)emp»ey to right H i l l y Smith. BOSTON, April 27,-- Judge Newton has sent word to Captain Cooke that Dcinpsey has agreed to light Billy Smith for n $0.000 purse. S u m l n y O i U ' s l i m i ,\ ·_;.'»in t ' i in MH- d ui*sfou -- Tin; Liberty Hell. Cinr.\(.c. A]n-il J7.--The World's f a i r u a t i o n a l cuuni)i»iin liatl a long d i s p u t e over a proposition imruiliiced ly Commissioner Commissioner Kibn-k. (jf Iowa, to open t h e fair ou Sunday. Then- was much ^position on the trronmi that Uin subject \vas closed, but t h w proposition WHS rffrrrc-i t o t.iu* judicious judicious committrt. 1 . Ninety menibi-rs of th»* ladies* board heUl a ineotin.ii and Mr;-. Palm»»r ri-ad her report. whicli xvas a f u l l n-vi*;w nf the \vork iloiiM. Princt'.ss Scl:;unvsky, nf ]-;usin. was I) resent. The liberty bull h is= pa-.«frd Pittsburg on its way wesi. At e\vry .sration it is receiving receiving royal honors and crowds t u r n out ro see it. KlabuniU* preparations to rvtvive the bell have been made here. (Iforgo Washiny;tun" xvunl. t h e jn'ifperty of Miss Virginia Lewis, uf Haltiinore. lias arrived ro exhibit at r h e J'air. The Javanese baby born at tlie World's fair is iU-?id. l i v i n g scarcely a day. ^ -- L w The ex-strikers of t h e Santa Fe.'s mechanical mechanical department, /it Argentine c»-le- jrated their return toAvvork by driving the non-union men by force from the yards. John Adams, a New York man, wanted Lo attend the World's fair, so he stole a horse to raise the necessary funds. He will not see the fair this year. John and Matilda Boltinger. of Coles county, Ills., are KM and 304 years olU respectively respectively and have been married more than .seventy-five years. A ten-ton yacht is being b u i l t on the Koirc which is suul to be the iirst sea-go- £ vessel made of aluminium. TELEGEAPHTO_ MARKETS. Ouotattnn:* as Keported by the Press. CHICAGO, A p r i l 27, 1S93 VTheat -- A p r i l 71. M *" « *» f ay ' l ? s J J u l y 74%. Sept. Corn -- A p r i l .May .May Oats-- April 28^. May July Sept. 263J. Pork--April liJ.OO. May 19.05. July 1D.52U'. Sept. 19.70." Spare Riba-- April 10.37^. May 10.42^. July 10-60. " Sept. 10.80- Lard-- April May Sept. 10.07 Chicago Live Stock Market. Union Stock Yards, Chicago, Ills. April 27, 1898. OATTfcK. Receipts--14.000. Market active. Fair to extra--1.50 to 5.80. Stockors and feeders--2.60 to 4.60. Mixed COWR and bulls--1.75 to 3.80. Texans--2.75 to 4 65. noos. Receipts 26.000. Market active. Light--7.40 to 7.80. Mixed to medium--7.40 to 7.75. Heavy-- 7.55 fco 7.75. 8ITKKP. Nativofi--4.40 to 6.30. Western--1.50 to 6.00. Tex an A--3.75 to 5.50. ' BIT 1' Our Promises I h " , Exactly what we say here you'll find carried out in our Store. ALL KINDS Carp FURNITURE, SUCH AS Parlor and Bed Room Suits. Tables, Chairs, Lounges, Couches, Sideboards, Hall Trees, Made out of selected lumber, nicely finished we prom every piece will give satisfaction. *: O We can surely please you j ^ our Stock is complete. Brussels, Tapestry and Ingrain Carpets, The Newest Things, Elegant Assortment Baby Carriages, Sleeping-Couches. We are headquarters for these goods. You have a h ssortmeut to select from. R E Fit MS JER ATOIIS, r I The season for these goods is approaching. We supply 3~our wants. Easy Payments, No Extra Chars i U. tiASOr,i:V£ STOVES Si It e/ f^ f A. MECK 5 322 Brady Street, : ^: II : TELEPHONE 421. DAVEXPOKT. GOING TO THE ;f World's Fairl IF YOU ARE f Be sure to read the Work Fair Edition of the Srxix LEADKK, issued next Sundr It will contain large handsor illustrations of all the imp tant buildings, and scenes, j well as a birds-eye view of tl -White City." You will [ pleased to get posted on v you will see there. IF YOU ARE NOT, Then look at the fine pictures, presented in the next SUNDAY LEADER, and you will know what those who do $jo. will ^-*^ * see. The issue will be especially especially valuable and you should not fail to read it. !· BY THE WAY, his is only ONK of the mas Features constantly present by the LKADER, all of whi/ are of special interest. \ will not fail to be pleased wi this World's Fair issue or at! Sunday issue. In fact if 3'j want to keep posted on t events and doings at tj World's Fair, the world general, and read all the loc news, you should at once der Davenport's Largest, Brightest and Best daily paper. THE DAILY LEADER, only a dime a week delivered at your door. N,OW IS THE TIME To.send in your subscript! Drop us a postal, or call us by telephone, No. 203, or c at the office--No. Second street. 113 Do it now! .:V+J '/ 1 \ :l + '. * -v ^, .--*;* .--*;* s ^**' -v:. Kt \.\ i .f .Y\.\ V ,vu. X(*.*a -P . . -. i * ·' **· ^·JT .r-?. -r · j - '· ^ T- · ,- ',.'· , - - ' J ' .*.-..*,;·. * '-'¥$/:·*·, ,.' ·· ···'-.-·..v:-''-".'--\ W.4

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