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macedo ranch hanford - Air Cooled Hatchery TOM BAHRON BIG TYPE ENGLISH...
Air Cooled Hatchery TOM BAHRON BIG TYPE ENGLISH LEGHORNS. BEST . STKAIN Baby chicks and pullets every day, 2-OZ. batching CK=S ftom our special selected master breedmK pen. Turkey BCIS ani poulu evpry day. 3 to 6 weeks old; puJIeis for June delivery. Fair Leghorn Farm Hatch., So. of Fair. NELSON POtfLTHV FARM it HATCHERY A REAL BREEDING INSTITUTION KINGSBURG. CALIF. We can still boob a few more orders Iroro both our regular and «pecla3 mating* tpr April and May deliveries. . Individually pedlsreed chicks available after April 20th. ·__ BABY W; L. Pullets Or Straight Run White and Buff Leghorns, 91acfc nJnor* cas. Barred and White Rocks, Reds. New Hampshires and Orpinstons. Get catalog catalog from THE ARCHIBALD HATCHERY, HATCHERY, SOQUEL, SANTA CRUZ co.. CAtlF. Turkeys Wanted BIchest cash prices paid on the ranch for your turkeys at all times. See us before TOU sell. Prompt picfc-up service. Courtesy always. 1232 H St. Ph. 3-S514 ·WH.JTE LEOHORN Lay-Old Pullets- or Cockerels. New Hampshire.- Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks and Turkey Poults. FOSHTAfANN HATCHERY Box 63), PETAL0MA, Calif. M.. RAY- MOf.TD MARTA. Rt. 6, Box 505, FHESNO. --Fboiut 3-81902--Aeent. * MAMMOTH ^rcnse, JSarraBansett and white Holland turkey poults; late April 35c, May 3Dc, delivered. Also white Pckln ducklincs and 27 varlstirs of baby chicfcs. Redwmc Hatchery, 2040 E. Flor- eqce Ave., LOS ANELE5. FRSENO HATCHERY--PHONE 2-973? Pine quality cblcks, W. and Lceha,. Reds and Rocks of A-l layinr strain and l»r£e type, custom IiatchlPB, brooders. tacunstors and poultry supplies A- ROHRS. 2028 BELMONT BJERRA VENTURA HATCHERY--Chicks Irom our larco hens, tpated to males from .EnElsnd birds with trspnest records from 373 to 360 esfs; also Keds. Rocks and started chicks, all blood tested. Fa, 2-2240 642 Sierra Avft. WILLIAM CHICKS will make yo« monejr. Order now for Sprint del. Reds, Rocks', W. I^enorn. Sexed PuUetsv No better stock regardless of price or breeder. WTLLIAMS HATCHERY, CONCORD, Cal. THE SCHLOTTHAtJER HATCHERY are booking orders. Hatch every Thursday. Puliet chicks, 20c; regular. 9c. Cockerel chicfcs, 2c. All males are off the Eneland Strain. VISAUA, Route 3, Box 96. .WHITE LEGHORN PULLETS Raised right. Stock ripht. Prices richt. Peter C. Dauc, jRt. 3, Petaluma #00 W. L, baby cockerels, 2 cents ea. Sun., April 23th. after 12 noon. 1st house No. Jensen's store, west side Elm Ave. at EASTON. HIGHEST PRICES jaid for all Emo oi · poultry. Druairaond Robb P 3021 Belmcm Ph. 2-4412. FORMERLY Carl Howard Co VAiLjEY POULTRY CO.--HiChc5t prices paid for all kinds poultry, pick up truck Will call Ph. 2-6532. 2122 Elm. EGGS and poultry wanted. II It's poultrj feed we have tt. Route serv. Jensen it Pilecard. 610 6th St.. Fowler. Ph. 31. Laying MasD. 3.10 Sack . Hlchest cash prices paid for esss. CamPOpIano Bros., 94G Fresno. Ph. 3-7G92 4 AND 5-WEEK-OLD COCKERELS. 12c AL JONES POULTRY RANCH I block north. 1 block east Calw* School. TOR BALE--Bronze turkey e«s. 5c each. B. F. Gitcheli. -i mi. So. oi Caruthers Grammar School. PIGEOS5--Pen of Hcmers cheap: »ll blue . checks select birds: overcrowded, must sell. 4775 Mono. 3-3407. BABY chlx, custom hatch., turkey poults Elm Avc Hatchery. Ph. Fowler 9211. POULTRY WASTED--Hichest prices paid Phone 3-7533. FANCY FANCY broilers, 21C Ib.: also rouns hens, dressed free. Ph. a-2o60. SILVER-LACED Wrfuiciotte hens for tjreed- inc. Call 2061 BazpIiroM Blvd., Fresno. 500 GRADE A 12c chicks. Wed., April g S t h M c C i M v n ' s . Marks and Dudley. WANT 400 white Irchorn hens"l~»nd 2 '! rears jtId.^ceJBox67S25. · }[ MAMMOTH bronsc rouiis: R. "i.~Red " chicks; GSRS. P. O. 183, Fremc. 3-S1293. AUCTION AUCTION Guaranteed Dairy Cows Monday, April 26, At 10 A . Overland Stock Yards, Hanford On« consisnment of 19 springing Holsteln cows, many of them close-up, clean, and will be sold subject to a Tetcst. One consicnoient of 10 head cood Holstein rows in all stages of mtlking: federal tested. We also have R larte listias of fresh and apriatinc Jerseys, Ouersneys and Hoi- steins. The majority to be sold subject to a T. B. rettrst. Many middle milkerx, beef, veal and beef bulls. Also springinn heiters and hellers to turn out. Guaranteed breeding bulls, all kinds and ages. Visit The Valley's Leading Dairy Cattle Market A Safe Place To Buy Your Dairy Cows HORSES AND MULES We hare just received s messape from Mr. Van Vlcct layiBB he *-ill Q*. here with a load of work stock. aUo the usual eonMcuraeuis of matched teams and odd horses and mules. Oro. Bel! will sell. .HOGS AND SHEEP Feeders, pics, fat HOES, sows with pies and breeding stock: ewes and fat lambs. Poultry, Rabbits. Fruit And Vegetables All kinds of furniture, farm implements and small foals, oat 3-section John Deere' harrow, like new; two 2-w»y plows. 2 double discs, 4 mowing machines, corn planter and almost any kind of tool. . Closing Out A. D. Allen Estate Electric equipment, small electric motors, carpenter tools, 33-piete tenuinc Havlland china dishes, silverware, fancy hand-made embroidery and choche pictes; camp equipment and majr other articles. It '-Via Pay You To Visit ·'fate Great Market- Tues. April 27, 10 A. M,, Free 4 miles west of Hardwlcfc at end of Elra Avenue. 3Vi miles east and 2 miles south of niverdale, l mile cast of 'Hub Station. Si choice dairy cows. T- B- tested; all 1st and 2nd-calf cows, 100% clean; 26 top dairy cows, mostly fresh within last 60 days, producing over 1 pound fat per cow at present. This, herd is averaging 5 gallons of milk daily per cow. 24 heifers from calves to- 2 years. 3 bulls, service aircs. The public fi invite invite to inspect this dairy before day of sale. 5 A-i worfc horses and mares, sjuaranteed; 3 choice colts. I to 2 and 3 years old; 4 wagons, 2 mowers, 2 rakes, derrick complete, disc, scraper, scraper, sulky plow le-inch, 3 sans plows, disc plow, single plow, sprinB- toolh, V, ditcher, boggy, water trough, grindstone. Ail dairy utensils aad separator, etc.; 20 tons A-l alfalfa hay In barn, 6 tons oat hay. Complete closing out of the Clarence Macedo Oafry, known as the old Manuel Manuel D. Ma.cedo Itanch. 6o-acre A-l dairy ranch for rent. Plenty of cood buildings. Reasonable. See Clarence Macedo at isle place. CLARENCE MACEDO, Owner Thursday, April 29th, 1 P. M. li hillc west and 3% mites north o* Lanare: 5 miles west and Hi rnus of Rlverdale, at J. D. BareeUds place. 32 dairy cows. T. B, tested: retest retest guarantee 1 . Mostly all first-calf cows, producing i pound fat per cow ai present. !i fresh; all well bred and culled out; 1 bull. Mr. Barcellos ·will sacrifice this hard of cows as he, is leaving May 30th for Portusal. J. D. Barceilos. owner. Friday, April 30th, 1 'P. M. 1*5 miles northwest of Lemoore at the Peacock Ranch, !*/« miles west and I mile north of the Island School. 3 mile* south of Rocer's Store at Htverdale, then 1 mile east. 35 toad dairy cows and heifers, T. B: tested; 20 milking cows, 8 fresh and ^printers: l bull. H heifers from 4 months to springers, B of which arc springing: 5 Rood work horses and harness, mower, 2 rakes, wagon, scraper, sulky ploy, single plow, disc, harrow, disc plow, Jackson fork and other farm tools, etc Mrs Margaret scttcncourt (widow) owner. Tuesday, May 4th, At 10 A. M. Hot -lunch. 6 miles southeast of Visalia. 2 miles west and 'i mile south of FarmersviHe. Comrrfpte ctoslnc «ut of the Edward Eorba dairy ana f a r m equipment. T7 A-l dairy cows and hcifcrb. 40 Uead of choice clean young Holsttin cows, '1st- 2nd and 3rd calf, att of his own raUtop- ia head fresh in.past 6 weefcs; 11 Epnncers. balance, fn aJl stages. Every cow a nice individual and good producer. 37 head hellers from calves to sprinters. a!l In f!n» condition. Or.c S!:or:hcrn Durham :n!!/:ins Sal' This h-rd has passed 2 federal tests as IOOT» clean and will be sold subject to a T. B. retcat. 3 feeder hogs. 3 boars. 4 work horses. J mare to toai in July, l team mules and namess. rood saddle 3 wagons 2 mowers J rake, hay derrick complete, U-30 McCormick Dcerine tractor In fine condition. 2-12 and 3-1* Oliver plows. Oliver double-disc. Lev! dtsc. 4-H steel V.'Cultipacker. 2-section harrow. 2-H. and 4-Hi scrapers, about 85 cood redwood tics. 1-car tarsce, tractor trailer, water trough, milkhouse CQUipmcnt. Universal miHctng machine und many small tools. YOU are Invited to inspect this line h erd prior to day of sale. EDWARD BORBA, Owner. TERMS: S»c J. S. Garberson at Above Sales for Liberal Terras CAUFOKNIA'S LEADING AUCTIONEERS I.. LL BORGES Frcsnd Phone 2-2245 l 3 . 3ec ONE ONS FOR 9 FOR C. 1213 I i , j J, H. OVERIAND Hanford Phone 564 JACK .OVERLAKD Hanford Phone 568W \VH4j iM ^ hen s ; n o cood pricp for youne culls. Ph. 2-1033. tnd Turkey 5fttines, also 'h. 2-9253. 3355 Brlmont. rock 6-WEEKS-OLD White "Lcchonv cockc Ciifap. N. E. cor. Temperance and SI SfiA^^^^^^AupUn iis_ AUCTIONS Specializing la dairy cow and farm Mita: cbrapicte auction service with liberal terms to buyers. L. L. BORGES. Fre-no. 7-22*5 J. B. OVERLAND. Bsnford. 460. AUCTION AUCTION Wednesday, April 28th Wed., April 28th, 10 A. \% Corn. On All Livestock! 1 ' Kings County Farmers* KOR I GOOD Exchange nrt Of Htnford on HOT LUNCH AT Gttle Htchwaj dAiry cows and heifers. 103 choice dairy cows in nil. 27 springers and 30 strictly fresh. 4 p. B. bulls. 30 heifer*. 1 ant] 2 year.* Old: many sprineinc. This nerd bfcd UP for the PAS; 24 year*. For 3 rears 51,050 herd bull uwd. (he soa of SJr A«£!c DcKol Korndylce. dam pro- r^il 1 ?-"' *"_PO«Rfls of batter out of 3 A-1 h«ve som* choice dairy ' Goad beef 'heifers, veal and bulls. Horses and Mules h*is A-l dairy before day o: s'a'e""' 8 JissiciL CONSIGN VOCR BUTCHER STOCK ; So;r.9 Oord Matched Teams A; Odd Horses .0 a Kotfrncisnt-ar-provcd and bficdefi.' s;auttuer house. Before you sell. c«*. oar i pr;c*s. UACHLtN* MEAT CO.. one ol ih« _ West't ifadinjt fMiblfehmcats. ChureVFat Hoes and Feeders. Sherp and Lamb* and Fruit. Fresno. Phene- 3-72S3. lh! orfc ho;»rp. euaramtcd: All farm tools, and rqulirnitm. inciurtlns MeCcnnirk i tractor and tractor tools. A reserve bid = tracer sr.d tractor tools only: no Hogs and Sheep FARMERS AND CATTLEMEN. If rou »ant to set th* best price? for your butcher, stpeJc and receive » .*eiuftrf deal, call en Fresno Meat Co.. ear. Fie and North Avcs. EU 7. Box 26. Frr,tr.o. Ph. 2-3313. Farm Implements and Furniture oM % !«toclc. till Rt. 8, Bci itry, Fruit and ar.'l Small Tools V.'ASTED--Oifi hcrit?, Kvyif*. re* '?( priffs ir-is orsntc. 3-44T ! ^j Sale Every Wednesday Hay, Grain and Feed W. I,. TINS. A«.-:inr.r*r P. S. Mr, Linn will conduct sales anywhere. Arrange here. AUCTION Co.-nrr.ur.iir Ai:rt:tn at C h r r r y Avrm;* Auction Yurrt*. * : ; r^ilr.^ fp-iih o! J"rc*r.o on C.'irrry Avfr.-jr TCE5DAY, A r R I I j 2T7K. 10 A. M. LUNCH Ij. [J Ir^jjj sr.d Sftrr.e fcravy spnnRfr?. Br;'nc yea u:sti to sill P. Rjrwood. AUctioaffr AnS Met A RENT-AD Can Be Read- When A Sign Rfrr.err.bT. · sell Kll work s!c"»: *ith a '} «Tiar»aUe. Asic c» ahcu; it i-, MCMILLAN BROS. u Ctrner North and Cedar · PO 2-4341 NOTICE AUCTION Vill arrive Tu»id*y. a load of extra choice i marej and ccMms*- Any one 4es»rlnfi: ih? hfst or stoclt with the t u a r a n t r r ; tipn ahich the S'lrna 'Strtrk Farm *·*; fr.imdf d should tee this FiftrS Sold « s ] a*7-ays has been vlth a cuaiantcr it i rtprefrnted. Also Rflti^fdctfcn euvrati* [ teed on c»ch *ftd every animal EHLMA STOCK FARM. SELMA Monday, April 26th, Sqnite Deal Auet],cn i YardX, Comer Shields and Chestnux ; Avemirs. Special cftnstBTiment oi Mr*. Allen's on Mad'son Ave., 1 Majestic r«- d;f., 3 beds with J-prmc-s. 5 mat tresses, drpJSfrj. 2 dinlnr sets 5 riifis. If) cfid fhair*, 5 rockers, 4 S:Uhni t^hies. S icr boxff. 2 wood heater*, 2 librar? t n hs md other miscrUnr.eou* articles,. Cftmr* brine your friends. Brine anT- thine you wish tn *ell. Jimmle. tn*i v n-

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  1. The Fresno Bee The Republican,
  2. 25 Apr 1937, Sun,
  3. Page 22

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