City Asylums Oct. 19, 1878 TP, p. 2

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City Asylums
Oct. 19, 1878 TP, p. 2 - CITY ASYLUMS. Interesting Report aa to the...
CITY ASYLUMS. Interesting Report aa to the Number Number of 'Sick Inmates. Wants of the Inatltutlona The Orleans Central Relief Committee recently appointed a committee to inquire inquire into the condition, so far as sickness sickness is concerned, of various asylums. The committee made tbe following m-terthliirg m-terthliirg m-terthliirg report: Oklxaks Central Kellkf Com'tm,) Castom-Hoa-e, Castom-Hoa-e, Castom-Hoa-e, Castom-Hoa-e, Castom-Hoa-e, New Orleans, Oct. 15. 1873. To F. I. KieharflmjB. Bq., Cnainnaa. . and t'e m rabera ot Uie Oileaiu Centxal Belief Com-nslttee: Com-nslttee: Com-nslttee: . ' Gentlemen Tbe undersigned having been chotsen to vuitthe several asylums, be leave to report the following as the result of their work, following the route tbey made, viz : m ... St. Vincent's Home for Boys 83 children children : no sickness, but lost two Brothers of yellow fever. Clothinsr and bedding wanted. ' ' , House of Good Shepherd 304 persons ; have had malarial fevers ; 13 deailis. bat none from jellow fever; owes iOW for provisiot.8. . . - Louisiana Asylum for Girls, corner of Tonti and Hospital streets S3 children, of w hom 10 axe sick ; the most destitute of all the" asylums visited by us ; children children nearly naked ; in .great want of food and clotbing. La Sainte Famille, No. 40 St. Bernard street 25 old people, one of whom is in dotage ; 4 Sisters. La Sainte Famille, No. 350 Chaxtres street-70 street-70 street-70 orphans and 15 Sisters. La Sainte Famille. Bayoa Road, near Rampart 3 Sisters and 5 inmate ; altogether altogether 8. - . St. Mary's Catholic Orphan Boys' Asylum SCO orphans, 13 Sisters and 4 servants ; have had some 40 oases of fever, of which some 10 were severe; since epidemic lost 2 children, bat not of jellow fever; owe some 4000 for bread and meat. Immaculate Conception Female Orphan Orphan Asylum 125 inmates; some of the orphans as well as Sisters are down with yellow fever ; have over 30 Sisters in the Mount Cancel Asylum; Piety street's street's 4 orphans and 12 Sisters; 20 children bave had tbe fever, of which 13 are convalescent convalescent ; four of the Sisters have yellow lever. . House of the Little Sisters, of the Poor Have 150 inmates, both male and female, with 14 Sisters, of which 5 bave bad the yellow fever, and 1 has died btnee oor visit. Oat of tbe inmates 15 are blind and 6 are completely paralyzed. paralyzed. ' . . : This completed our urst 'day's visit, which took place on the llth inst. On this day we completed oar tour by visiting the following, to wit : Camp Street Female Asylum 145 children children and 12 Sisters ; have had 95 cases of fever and lost 1 child ; 6 or 7 are still in bed : tbe others are convalescent. ' St. Vincent Infant Asylum 193 children children and 30 destitute women, attended by 10 Sisters ; 100 cases o f sickness ; 2 h a ve died, and have had 8 Sisters sick. St. Elizabeth Asylum 155 inmates; bave had a number of yellow fever casts. . Convent of Mercy and St. Alphonsns Ab.yIodc 115 orphans of both sexes; 9 bisters: 15 cases of yellow fever, and 1 death. St. Joseph Orphan Asylam 203 orphans of both etrxes; 28 Slaters; have nvi 25 cams of yellow fever, and lost 3 children And 1 Sister ; 3 Sisters are still sick. Protestant Orphans' Home Seventh stieet 12U orphans and 9 employees ; bave bad 64 cases of sickness, and 2 deaths; children are now convalescent. Jewish Widows' and Orphans' Home 105 orphans and 3 widows ; have had 10 cases of yellow fever, ana one deatn. Protectant Episcopal Children Horns have 47 children and 4 Sisters: have bad 22 yellow fever cases, 10 of which aie still 6ick, and 7 convalescent. St. Marv Female Asylum Carroll ten have 20 orphans and 7 Sisters ; 1 cbild and 1 Sister have had the fever. The citv not bavins: paid tha monthly appropriations made to the charitable institutions lor tne last tnree, and nnblio charitv being in a great mea&nre exhausted, all the asylums are preai-ly preai-ly preai-ly embarrassed, and have to buy their encDlies on credit. We see no possibility of offering them any relief inasmuch as our rations are nearly exhausted, but hope the commit tee will erant them some ia case the Government issue new supplies. Victok Seek, Chairman. New Orleans, Oat. 17, 1878. To tto Pretttfent ana HenOers ol theorems. KHiel association : Gent le men The Asylnm of the Immad-nlate Immad-nlate Immad-nlate Conception, corner of Elmira and Rampart streets, Third District, is in great distress, a number of the orphans Dting down with tbe yellow fever, and tbe rest eadly in want of food. The inmates inmates number about 150. ' This institution has been heretofore self' supporting, bnt is now compelled to appeal for aid, and I assure yoa, gentle men, I know of no ladies more worthy in charge of any charitable inatitntion and no institution more deserving of assistance. assistance. Hoping that this appeal will meetyonr favorable consideration, 1 remain, with great respect, your obedient servant, L. L. Lincoln, 129 Grvier st.

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  • City Asylums Oct. 19, 1878 TP, p. 2

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