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Marxism, communism in America, Part I Guest Column O n the night of Oct. 1, tlie Empire State Building, one of the most iconic American landmarks, was lit up in bright red and yellow lights to honor and celebrate die Chinese communist revolution and sixty years of communism in China. Despite local protests and tiiousands of phone calls, the celebration of communism continued. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated isolated incident. Is there a growing trend today in America tiiat accepts and even glorifies Marxism and communism? Over tiie years, I have met several individuals who have expressed a respect for and belief in Marxist ideas, specifically specifically communism. A few montlis ago, a repairman told me tiiat the "best system of government is communism" because of its supposed "egalitarian quality" Tliis disturbing disturbing viewpoint is more common than one might Uiink. Wliile attending classes as a student, and later as a professor, at Fort Hays State University University and elsewhere, I noticed diat some students, as well as die occasional faculty member, were strongly Marxist. A few of diem openly expressed a strong belief in class warfare, the evils of private property, the necessity of government ownersliip, etc. In die classroom, we all study the horrible atrocities committed by the Nazis, including including the six million estimated deaths in die Holocaust of Jews alone. However, there seems to be littie if any mention of tiie millions of men, women, and children who have died under communist rule in the last 90 years. Why? There appears to be a great void in die educational system across die country. Wliy are so many teachers ignoring the atrocities atrocities and oppression found in the pursuit of communism? This might explain die ignorant acceptance, or at least sympathy for, Marxist ideas in our society. For years, the communist revolutionary revolutionary Che Guevera has been made into a glorified countercultural symbol. Che was an intelligent revolutionary revolutionary writer, as well as a cold- hearted • killer. He aided Fidel Castro in die communist takeover of Cuba in 1959. During the Cuban missile crisis, Che voiced , his desire to bomb New York City and he openly expressed his hatred of President Kennedy and the United States. He was placed in charge of La Cabana prison, where Che personally oversaw the executions and brutal torture of hundreds of people at the prison and during die purges. Today, one can find pictures of Che Guevera on T-shirts worn by high school and college students across the country who ignorandy revere him as merely a "revolutionary hero." I have even seen tiiese shirts available for sale at the Hays Mall in the past. Obviously, most of diese young people are not communists; they are simply uneducated. What is next? Will swastikas, pictures of Adolf Hitler, and perhaps Joseph Stalin, be stenciled on T-sliirts for fashion statements? This could become a reality if we keep ignoring history. In April, several Democratic members of Congress visited Cuba, meeting widi Fidel Castro and his ruling brother, Raul. All of them seemed enamored with Fidel. On national television and in numerous articles. they extolled die greatness of the Castro • brothers and one congressman described ^ Fidel as "one of the most amazing humans I have ever met." Propagandist filmmaker Michael Moore recently released his new opus, "Capitalism; A Love Story," which became a box office success, in wliich he continues his mission to blast America and "capitalism" while, praising communism and socialism. Moo^ie expresses much respect for die Cuban government in his films, suggesting that we, should adopt that system here. Ironically, Moore lives in a multimillion- dollar pentiiouse apartment iri downtown . New York City, enjoying the fruits of the $ "capitalism" he deplores. In reality, Fidel CaStro has executed and tortured thousands' of people during the Cuban revolution, the; purges, and die rest of liis bloody rule during during the last 50 years. Over the past decades, tiiousands of Cuban Cuban refugees have risked their lives on flimgjj homemade rafts sailing through shark-' infested waters toward the U.S. hoping to find a better life. These refugees;know die ."J| truth about communist oppression, torture 'J anddeatii. Apparently, many members of Congres^j not to mention Moore, lack tiie sufficient ^ knowledge regarding the horrible reality of of communism and are rnislead^g.lSain);*-,^! people. " • The second half of this colurnn will ,,, continue in tomorrow's Hays Daily News/- i; Daniel Green has a history degree and qer: tificate in ethnic studies from Fort, Hays State University and a master's degree from Ryersor( University, Tororito. He is a local resident, w/hcj worked as professor of film at FHSU, and is currently worl<ing for Castle Resources Inc. and Austex of Melbourne, AustraliaJ I I

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