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CITYJOLONS. Business Transacted in the Several Branches Last Evening. MAYOR HARBESON ON a 8 *ity Treasurers Report—Kxtendlng Mains on Locust Street—Fire Coupling** too Large—Arc Light at First, and Cumberland Cumberland Streets. Select Council. A regular session of Select Council was leld last evening, President Eckenroth u the chair. All members present except Hunsicker. Clerk Krause read the minutes of last meeting which were approved. City Treasurer's Keport. The following report of City Treasurer Moyer was read, received and transmitted to Common Council: CITY TKEASUREK'S OrncE. ) LEBANON, I'a.. Sept. 21. 'sil j To Select and Common Councils City of Lebanon. Lebanon. I'a. U ENTLEM EN : The following is a statement of he ereuit balanee in the respective .city accounts, accounts, viz: Balance to credit of city account * :i,4,5 64 ialance to city sinking fund accounts. 1,216 ft! Balance to city property accounts 3,IM7 29 italanee to water account (i.l«U 17 balance to watersinkingfuudaeeount Balance lo market fund account Total JiTisTT 38 Itespeetlully submitted, II. P. MOVER, Gity Treasurer. City Water Supply. Mayor llarbcsou submitted the i'olluw- ng which was transmitted to Common Council: MAYOK OFFICE, Sept. 21,1S71. Tn the President ami members or Select and Common Council: <;ENI LKMKN: \Ve owe it to the people of this city to pive the most searching Investigation as tti the charge made on the condition of atlairs alleged to exist at the City Water Supply dams. The water has been thoroughly tested to-day and it gives me pleasure to state that it has been found in excellent condition. The result, I understand, lias been laid before before the Board of Health, from which body, no doubt, an official statement will emanate. Respectfully submitted, J. W. I!AKiiESON,Mayor. Extending Water Afains on Looost Street. Tho following communication was read received aud on motion of G assert, seconded seconded by Rcbstock, the request was granted. To the City Councils of the City of Lebanon. We, the undersigned, citizens of the City of Lebanon respectfully represent that we are owners and tax payers of property situated ou Locust street in First ward, in the city of Lebanon, and labor under great inconvenience for want of water and for want of extension. The water has become impure and unfit unfit for use along Fifth street. We therefore pray the city council to extend the water pipes on Locust street from Fifth to Sixth street and to grant such other and further relief as your Honorable body may seem meet and proper, proper, and we will pray. Owners—D. 15. Long, J. D. Kreider, L. A. Gerberich, John A. Killian, P. B. Fcrnslcr, Henry H. Killiau, Geo. H. TSpang, George ISetmar, Henry Huber, Ein.aiiuel Lebo, Benj. 1L Huber, John H. Klock, Robert M. Stewart, Joshua G. Hintfirleiter, John Simmons, C. A. Hinterleiter. Hinterleiter. Tenauts— John Bainbridge, Patrick Murry, John 11. Moyer, S. K. Wanner, A. 11. Kochenberger, Geo. H. Krall, Matthew Scbwegler, Chas. McKinser, Jacob Youtz, John Fernsler, Hcury M. Bleistiue, C. E. Behny, Geo. M. Behny, G. H. Long, S. S. Ulrich. Water Hoard Recommendation. Four hundred and sixty feet; six hydrants; revenue from this extension would be $18 and the cost about $300, but we have the assurance that quite a number of houses will be built on bot)» sides of the street before long and that the ex- tcusiou would give the water a better circulation, hence we recommend the extension. W. D. RAUCH, D. WALTER, J. II. UHESSI.EK. Fire Couplings too Large. Chief Engineer Embich appeared and stated that the couplings recently purchased purchased were too large for the plug at Ninth and Cumberland streets, and exhibited exhibited one of them. He said there were three or four different kinds. On motion of Rebstock, seconded by Bohn, the matter was referred to the Committee on Fire. Itoard or Health. Mr. Gassert offered Bill No. 3, file of Select Council, appropriating $100 for the use of the Board of Health, which passed first reading: SECTION 1. Be it ordained by the Select Select and Common Councils of the city of Lebanon, that the sum of $100 be appropriated appropriated out of the city funds for the use of the Board of Health. On motion of Gassert Claude Leonard was confirmed as a policeman. Chairman Kebstock from the Highway Committee, reported that the Committee had recommended the appointment of viewers to widen Walnut street. Common Council. A stated meeting of Common Council was held last evening, President Mish in the chair. All members present except Allwein, Spotts and Swope. The minutes of last meeting were read and approved. Ou motion of Seidcl, seconded by Goshcrt, the following petition of 70 citizens citizens was referred to the Police Committee: Committee: LEBAKON, PA., Sept. 21.1891- To the Presidents and Members of Select and Common Councils of the City of Lebanon: tlENTi.r.MEN: The undersigned petitioners, citizens of the city of Lebanon, would most respectfully petition your honorable bodies to place an electric light at the corner of Twelfth and Cumberland streets, in the City of Lebanon. There is great need lelt for a proper Illumination Illumination of the locality, not only because of its proximity to the Cumberland street crossing of the Cornwall & Lebanon railroad, but also from the fact that this corner under the cover of the darkness, is often inspected by transfer and other persons of no morality or reputation who cause travel in this neighborhood to be attended attended by more or less danger. And your citizens citizens will pray, ite. City treasurer Moyer reports was read and filed. Mayor Harbeson's communication on the Water Supply was read and filed. On motion of Hammond, seconded by Hayes, the Water Board was petitioned tors. The Board of Health then should give the notice. Mr. Seidel—We might suggest as we cannot give orders. Mr. Gassert—I don't think there is much wrong with the water supply. The water is as pure and clear as it ever was. No filth there more than usual. Mr. Hammond—Do we'always have THF WATFR filth there. I ML ffrtlc.n. ^, , . VT , , Mr. Gassert—No more thau anywhere else. It purifies itself before it goes to the dam. Mr. Hammond—Do yon think the filth down there will purify itself on the surface? surface? Mr. Gassert—There is not much filth, as I was there to look at it. The water was tested to-day by parties and found as pure and clear as it ever was heretofore, heretofore, and I think the publication was uncalled uncalled for. People who have the interest interest of the city at heart, should not publish such things and throw it broadcast broadcast over the world. There is a larger percentage of sickness in Myers- towu and the country districts than in this city. These people talk about the sickness in this city, but they don't take into consideration the outlying districts around us. I know of some very serious cases of typhoid in the country. Mr. Hammond—This question has been raised and why not have it cleared away. There is no occasion why these shanties should be built so close up to the dams. The men can walk a mile aud a half to work and some men employed walk two and three miles. Mr. Gassert—That is all right, Mr. President, but if sickness had not been here this question would never have been raised and to put the blame, the unhealth- thy condition of the city, to the water supply, now will only be strengthened by any action of Common Council. There may be something wrung there, but take Philadelphia where they get the water out of the Schuylkill and it is no comparison. comparison. Mr. Hayes — Everything should l)c cleaned aud put in a nice condition. All the surface matter and things that arc not healthy should be removed. Mr. Hammond—When I read the first article on the water supply I thought it hard, and I reported the 1'act to Jlessrs. Fuuck aud Call and they said everything was clean, aud I believed them, but 1 don't believe their statement now. Resolutions as to F*-xMaypr Weimer. LEBANON, Pa., Sent. 21,1801. To the President and Members of Hie Select and Common Councils of the City of Lebanon GENTLEMEN: The committee appointed at the last meeting of the Common Council t< draw up and present suitable resolutions upon the death of ex-Mayor Peter L. Weimer, wuiili most respectfully submit the following resolu lions: VI'HEKEAS, It has pleased Almighty God, our ever wise and infinite Father, to call front tin midst of a busy life, frought with manifoli benefits to mankind, our late ex->fayor am rellow townsman, Mr. Peter L. Weimur, one ol Lebanon's warmest friends and the constant promoter of all that has tended to promote our city upon a worthy and lasting foundation therelore, be it Resolved. That the Select and Common Coun cils of the City of Lebanon, though bowing t< the will of Him who doeth all things well, havt heard with unfeigned sorrow of the death o Mr. Weimer, and keenly feel the loss of hin who. of all men. could best be called "Leba non's foremost citizen," Resolved, That, in losing for this life nur lat fellow townsman, Mr. AVeimer. the entire eolll munity and city have lost one wtmst- pluct- i will be very hard to fill, for it is not often tha :me man combines in himself the many sterling qualities and far-seeing wisilom which t'hai aeterized him. both in private and.public life Resolved. That we extend to his sorrow stricken family our unfeigned sympathy li this the hour when his loss is so keenly felt with the, assurance that they do not sorrow alone, but are accompanied by the grief of at entire city. Kesolved, That a copy of these resolutions b placed upon the minutes of the Select and Common Councils; that a copy be sent to his family, and that they be published twice in all the Lebanon daily and weekly papers. All of which is respectftlllv submitted. <:E(II:<;B w. HAVES, c. v. SEIIM.K. It. II. HAMMOND. Committee. In the matter of the petition for the extension of the water mains on. Locust, between Fifth and Sixth streets, action of Select Council was concurred iu. all of is AN IMPORTANT DECISION. today to immediately abate any and all nuisances nuisances exising at the City Supply dam. Mr. Hayes—I was informed to-day while at the 3 rug store of Dr. Geo. Ross & Co., that an analysis of the water had been made and that it contained less organic organic matter than is generally found at this season of the year. Seeemingly from this the former analysis of their own accord each year. Mr. Seidel—Well, that disposes of the water contamination for this time. Mr. Hammond—I visited the Water Supply dams aud found some filth around the shanty. The entire slope was used as a cesspool. And the water running through dam Xo. 3 was very cloudy, and where the streams of Nos. 2 and 3 dams join there is stagnant water, that was overflowing into dam No. 1. I move that the contractors remove this within 30 hours. Mr. Seidel said, he had been informed by members of the Board of Health that au order had been given to the contractors contractors one week ago to remove all objec- tional matter. I think this matter should be referred to the Board of Health as the act of assembly gives them the power. President Mish—I think Councils have the power as they engaged the contrac- The V. B. Mutual Aid Society Wins a Case IMsputed After Settlement—The Case to be Appealed. Judge HcPherson this morning handed handed down the following opinion. Messrs. Reiuhard and Strousc, declare their intention intention to appeal the same to the Supreme Supreme Court. Sarah Bord, for use, &c., "1 Lcb. C. P. Xo. C, Sept. IT., 1890. TS - j Rules to strike off sat- U. B. Mut. Aid Society. J isfaction. By the Court—After a careful examination examination of the testimony we are of opinion that these rules must be discharged. The assignment to Walmer is no longer of importaace, It gave him no valuable interest iu the claim itself; aud whatever whatever interest he acquired in tho judgment judgment fell when the judgment was stricken stricken off. The extent of the interest possessed by the plaintiff's attorneys is disputed, and we need not decide which view ought to prevail; for in any event there is no evidence evidence that H. H. Light had any notice, actual or constructive, of such interest, and in the absence of notice he might safely deal with the plaintiff as the apparent apparent owner of the whole claim. Actual Actual notice is not alleged, and the constructive constructive notice, with which he is sought to be affected by reason of the knowledge knowledge which his counsel may have possessed, possessed, lacks the essential element that such knowledge was acquired in the course of this particular employment. His counsel may have known—we do not decide that he did know—that the plaintiff's plaintiff's attorneys had an interest in the claim; but unless he gained this information information while engaged in the business ol his principal, the principal is not boun<i thereby. Martin vs. Jackson, 27 Pa., 804; Houseman vs. Girard, B. «fc L. Assn, 81 Pa., 250; Barbour vs. Wiehle, 110, Pa. 308. The evidence clearly shows that, whatever knowlege upon this subject was possessed by the counsel of H. H. Light was gained before he accepted the employment, and the above authorities are decisive upon the point that his prin cipal was not affected by such knowledgd We have every desire to protect the just rights of attorneys, which are too often disregarded by their clients, but there is no legal ground here upon which to rest an inquiry. The rules granted April Tth and May 25th, 1891, are discharged. JOHN B. McPHERSOx, A. L. J. Cement Pavement. The Cornwall & Lebanon railroad company company has given an order to Messrs. Pollock Pollock & Bell to put down a cement pave rnent along the depot on North Eighth street. It will be put down as soon as possible. Republican State League. Gen. J. P. S. Gobin, Andrew Meredith and W. D. Fisher, left this morning to attend the convention of the Republican State League at Scrantou. They represent represent the Republican Club of this city. P. £ R. Pay Day. Paymaster Guy, of the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad company to-day paid the employes .of the Lebanon Valley branch, in this city, and will continue his work along the branch to-morrow.

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  1. Lebanon Daily News,
  2. 22 Sep 1891, Tue,
  3. Page 1

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