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1855 - : slavery; This is the curse of our country,...
: slavery; This is the curse of our country, and the blackest record on her history. May the God of our fathers protect us from the curses attendant upon it I Did He who created all things design that those whom he had made to differ externally should be bought and sold like merchandise? Did lie intend thntjnan should buy his fellow-man fellow-man fellow-man ? and not only his body, but his soul, and confine him mentally and physically? Did He create man to live excluded from all the privileges of a domestic life ? Was it His design to separate tbe man from his wife, the mother from the child, or the gray-haired gray-haired gray-haired sire from tbe son of bis old age ? Does He create them, or any of His creatures, destitute of feeling? feeling? Must tbe mother of that babe leave her darling at early morn, and hasten to tbe field ? Must she check the tears that roll down her care-worn care-worn care-worn cheeks, lest the eye of the driver be upon her, watching for an opportunity opportunity to exercise his power ? And must that mother, at night, weary and worn, with nothing to cheer her drooping spirits but the thought of embracing her child, must she return to her cheerless cabin to find it deserted? And must she, after a night of anguish, resume her labor, sick at heart and almost driven to despair ? Must she, beneath the stern gaxe of tbe iron-hearted iron-hearted iron-hearted overseer, work with double diligence, lest one symptom of emotion should bring the cursed lash upon her? And does not every feeling of hatred and anger existing in her ; bosom arise when ber master passes by ? Is not this hardening the heart, and does not every every such scene add one more coating of darkness around her soul ? Would not ihat mother, think you, allow the lash to torture her to death, if by so doing her child could breathe tbe air of freedom ? Were these, I ask, the intentions of the wise Creator of all things ? Nay ; else how were all men free and equal ? Was this the state of things our fathers fought for ? Waait for such things as these they left their homes to become free ? Was it for this they endured hardships and trials that man should buy and sell his brother 1 America ! America ! tby sun is eclipsed so long as the galling chains of slavery remain within thy borders. Thy stars and stripes no longer wave over the land of freedom, but are bedimmed with the sackcloth of sla very. ; - . KATE CLIFTON.: City of Peace, 1855.

Clipped from
  1. The Liberator,
  2. 20 Jul 1855, Fri,
  3. Page 4

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