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Roy Johnson Commissioner of Customs - Greeley Daily Tribune, 22 Jul 1940, p1 - 9 their sentiment Monday may president leave...
9 their sentiment Monday may president leave committee Palm- knee Greeley Boy Named Collector Of Customs at $10,000 per Year Was Kicked Out of Greeley H i · ,,. W. Roy Johnson, above, as=d 44, who attended Greeley schools until high school commencement week, has been appointed United States collector of customs at a salary of $10,000. Japanese Bean Growers Turn Down CIO Plea Fort July 22. -- Japanese i 1 Uri LiUpLUlI, J U1J *·"· a«iJ»*iicow f y bean growers, who raise approxima- 'been steady. - Rise of Roy Johnson, 44, as Career Man, Has Been Rapid William Hoy Johnson, 44. the Greeley Greeley boy who was Saturday named commissioner of customs, the Wgiiest office fn the U. S. customs service, was expelled from Greeley li'S" school 25 years ago, a few days before be had been scheduled tor graduation. Now Johnson is drawing $10,000 per -car as head of the customs service if the nation. Well above tho average in his abill- les to absorb tmowledge offevrd at I Greeley high, Roy was irked by dis : cipllne and had GO much time on his lands above that reiilllrci for stt.dy that he could not "get along with school authorities. Since he Joined .the customs EDT- vlce 20 years ago,'however, Roy Johnson Johnson has been making it up, and a'lot more, by attending night school. He Is a graduate of New York and George Washington Universities. Entered Custom House Out of Army Johnson's dislike of discipline appeared appeared to disappear d u r i n g a three years enlistment In tbo U. "S. army during the World war. It was immediately immediately after his dlsclmrgo in 1920 that he entered the New York City customs Uouse service as a $1,240 per year clerk. Since then his climb has American Sailors Clash v/ith Nippon Police at Tsingtao (AiiatisK"! Press! Shanghai, July 22.--A clash between between U. S. sailors and Japanese policemen at.Tslngtao was reported reported today by Domei, Japanese official news agency, with the assertion .that Japanese authorities authorities took a .serious view of the Incident. Several of the policemen were' Injured. ; . . Dome! Dome! said the trouble started . iwlten two sailors left a cafe without without paying theirbill, then becama: Involved !n a fist fight with the owner and; Chinese bystanders. . · Four-Japanese policemen who attempted to arrest tho sailors .were attacked by a United States ' patrbf, the news agency said. and minor (5ca- Greeley ' and they -Public car truck, tely one half the snap beans grown for canninr; factories in the Fort Lup- After" Roy Johnaon was "cauiiEd."- high In 1015 he worked from Marine Patrol At Shanghai Is Reinforced July *-22-- United States -- --- ,, --, - . ' 7,;fi r "''f,;V'ih,, inte" Hirvev Park- marill ° Patrols were reinforced-In tho ton area, voted to defy what they con-[two winter? for till.late """e) * d I K American defense oector of tho.Inter- slder the unreasonable deman'ds of tbe:er at his Brueciyoll potato aoct. lie tlo - nal ScU!emcnt Monday and boily- CIO for bean picker's wages, at a | spent tho .two ft niters at i u e g o v t . r u - 1 ; fl provided foi Americans experiment farm In Pleasant ^-^ UI!C11 V calcl)cd by Japanese- dominated elements. : : Americans who have been threaten- meeting held here Friday nVht. I ment . forty Japanese growers attended j \ alley. the meeting called to discuss the CIO wage demand for a total of ?1.10 per cwt. for picker and straw boss; . , Enlisted in Army In 19 7 .In , 1917 Johnson enlisted in tho Because of eyesight He was un- vt for DicKer ana straw DOSS. t m m y . m,t..*uDu Ui w _.*.(,... ·-- .After .After much discussion tho'. meeting able lo eet.into the rcgu ar army end voted unanimously lo refuse to pay was assigned'to medical corps as ' clerk: . . · - , ' . · - · the ac- ed at Ford -·-·--- and Union touching car waa bos- in" have. Mathes, wefi .-car wilh rr'orc than $1.00 por cwt/Including the! clerk:'.. · - , . . ' . . - . - . · - . ' j 10 ceull for crew boss, wblciris 101 Shortly .aftor ho secured ,the- Job cents less t h a n the C!0-demand and;with the New York customs house in five cents more for.-the picker than 11920 : he started night school1 at hev( year's price ' " I'York University. He finished' tha j wilder'the price agreed upon, the high school course that had been sum- JAwi'ese'farmer gets ?1 for growing ] marlly ..ended at Greeley high ,and and delivering the crop and the ;pick-1 went on to: graduate in business -ad: · - · - - · ·-· -- 'ministration..-At- that .time: h e w a s ,-lng.n salary of the customs office. Loaned to .Wash'mston O f f i c e '-. In 1930 Johnson was loaned to tho Wusblngton customs office and t'nree months later ho was asked to kUe ihc work of customs agent -at J4.000 ed agreed to se.iYd'.a message to President President Roosevelt urging him to. I n f Japan that it would be held responsible for .thevsafety of '"Americana In China; [ er get $1 for picking-alone. .. i«ijmon.n.*..... ..» »...-.* ......... --- . . . -- It'was reported at the session that drawing.n salary of 52,400 per year nt many farmers in this area, are having "-- -··-'--- "'"-= their beans.picked for 85 cents and 90 cents per" cwt. .It was also reported that many pickers from the Brighton and .Denver districts' are willing to pick lor the price set by .the bean Ford ' «' r ° wer8 ' Rumanian Harvest Is One^Third of Normal Budapest, July 22--The lean crop prospects in southeastern Europe were emphasized' anew by \ a Bucharest placing Rumania's an- at 1,630,000 metric ".,,._,,..,,.,.·,,, tho av erage yearly .The situation caused by several re^ cent -incidents -was intensified Monday Monday wheii a Japanese embassy spokesman spokesman said that suppression ol terrorism terrorism i n " Shanghai depended on thQ, recognition by foreign powers of thd "realities" In Shanghai. . A" new Incident wns reported also by tab Japanese Dpmei news ageucy r - R e c o r d 22. Abe hurt- on this quest .ot tons-compared: to the average yearly production of abound 6 million tons. The situation-in Rumania is r.eflect- e:l in other, sbulheastern countries Tvhefe the poor prospects are expected to throttle exports, especially to. Germany.- Germany.- Last winter's unprecedented 'cbid'^ancjL.Jiie -later spring ploritirig irouglif'td'o'acute situation. '. : Wlieat oiperta hero figure Germany must import at least 2 million tona ot:wheat this year. Ordinarily Ruman- a'albhe could supply halt Ihis amount! " ' and Bulgaria the ^ But r in-Belgr!iue it waa announced u Yugoslavia would have to Import per .year. He -was scheduled lo ii8 counsel for the ecrvlce, but could not! accept It because-be-was' not n law graduate.' However, hla $4,000 per yenr pa-lary was better th'an that o( the attorney.; ; Earned .Law Degree at Night .. ; Johnson Immediately, began night classes 1 again, this; time at George Washington University, "and In four years ho was graduatEd in law from that'school. ' Six months after hla graduation lib was made acting chief counsel of tha customs", service.; In v another six months he was assistant to tho chief counsel at $6,000 per year. His jumps in this phase.were by half year pe- 1 rloda. In'another s!x.months he was chief counsel at $8,000-per year. ; ."·Eighteen montha ago Johnson wan made deputy commissioner the high; cst of.the customs offices under civil service. 1 1 rom J/ Tstngtao, up the coast. ' , . Japanese authorities,. tho agency reported, reported, are taking" a "strong attitude jortca, are laiang n stroiig u u i i t egarding an incident Saturday ulghl n which It was . complained that ( u American- navy men had obstructed; jB so nolice - - I because the things wo American sailors were lnvolv-|aro ed iii a brawl, the dispatch Bald, and four "men of an American nnvy.shqrp so wheat for her 'ovVn needs this yea and: Hungary -has Initialed official steps to assure sufficient grain for her own people.-- . ; -. _ Mri Esther Rehn Not_No_w-Under Civil Service .Now as head of tho service, Johnson Johnson draws 310,000 per year. This no Bitlou Is not under civil service. I Johnson and his family, which In eludes .wife and- J two v daughters, Jac quellne, 14, and Doris Ann;' G, last vis ited In Greeley n year. ago. Ho was born on a farm, n ear Korsoy'and came| to. Greeley with -his parents \ylien four years of ago. - - ' i a "not patrol-"obstructed" four Japanese no-, icemen attempting to arrest them. : : Doiuel 'quoted Japanoso as complaining complaining that one 'Japanese policeman was injured', biit It .was added that according to American' navy men the patrol'did not'use force, 1 ono iiroi uiu uwi. uou ivi\.c, i criiaui o . Members ol Iho consular corps, nt (al aa | a) a meeting Tli'uradny', plan to ask their o[ i OI '' Americans whoso "expulsion irum Shanghai 'was" ordcrc'd' by -tho Japan- d[d governments to co-operate to 'combat a terror 'campaign' .being- waged against persons in 'the International settlement who are regarded as friendly friendly to China or unfriendly to Japan. " - T h o men who , agreed t o ' a p President Roosevelt are Hallett Abend, New York Times correspondent, who was manhandled, several days' ago by Japanese gunmen', "arid, tho following Americans whoso '^expulsion' from onungnm ivus U L U ^ I C U uj m*. eaerdominated Nanking regime,'which ! t o has no control "over the ihleruatloimUj^g l n settlement: ' :.: "',-'·' } ~~.\ that Randall Gould, Excelsior, Minn., Y | c t or y." and .Oakland, Calif,, editor of tha

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  • Roy Johnson Commissioner of Customs - Greeley Daily Tribune, 22 Jul 1940, p1

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