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 - Bedlam Breaks Loose At Wrestling Matches Bedlam...
Bedlam Breaks Loose At Wrestling Matches Bedlam broke loose in the third fall of the all-star wrestling main event Wednesday night at the 4-H Club Show Barn. As warned, Sir Charles Montague was on hand to see that "his boy," as he calls the Great Malenko was not mistreated. After Montague had interfered several times, Mil Mascaras could take no more. The scheduled match, Mascaras vs. Malenko, was changed to Mascaras vs. Malenko and Montague. Benny Matta, who had won the first match, came on in street clothes to aid Mascaras. The result was a four-man free-for-all which ended with Benny Matta losing his shirt and Montague and Malenko making a hastened exit from the ring. Referee David Cantu was forced to ring the bell. He disqualified Malenko and gave the match to Mascaras as the bout was -tied at one fall apiece. This was just 'one ot many disqualifications handed to the team of Montague and the Great Malenko. These losses seemed to mean nothing to the team as they say that disqualifications mean nothing. Montague justified this by saying that there was no three count and therefore there was no match. Malenko took the first fall of the main event with the use of a taped object which he used to batter Mascaras repeatedly. Of course, the object was given to Malenko by his faithful partner, Sir Charles. The use of this object was enough to give Malenko the win in the first fall. In the second fall, Mascaras was able to take the object away from his opponent and use it in the same style which Malenko had in the first fall. Malenko then tried another method of subduing his opponent, biting. This resulted in Malenko having his finger nearly torn from his hand when Mascaras returned the favor. The semi-final match saw Montague defeating Ron Etchison. Montague came on strong in the first fall, dipping into the "bag of tricks" which he and Malenko deploy in each and every match. After wearing Etchison down with his illegal tactics, Montague put on the finishing touches with a flurry of forearm smashes which stunned Etchison long enough for David Cantu to give the three count: The comical crowd-pleasing Etchison came back in the second fall to even the match. The Englishman, doing something he said he would never do in the ring, gave the fall after Etchison had hurt his 'right leg and landed him face down on the mat. Etchison took great pleasure in this, as did the crowd as Montague hobbled to his comer where he remained until the bell for the third fall to begin. Montague stalled the third fall several minutes, folding his massive arms behind his back, refusing to begin the fall. This move by the Englishman, was obviously an attempt to allow his leg to get a little stronger. This apparently worked " as Montague took the third fall, winning the match from the game Ron Etchison. The supporting match was won by San Antonio's Benny- Malta. Col. Stu Gibson got onto the crowd on his entrance to the ring, supposedly angered by the fact that the audience did not salute his rank. When the bell rang to begin the match, Gibson apparently wanted no part of the San Antonio grappler. Most of Gibson's attack was to complain to referee about hair pulling that didn't take place. Matta was able to win the match when Gibson applied a full nelson which Matta reversed to pin Gibson helplessly to the mat. This is the second supporting match victory for Matta in two appearances in Del Rio, plus an added show when he aided Mascaras in the main event against Malenko and Montague. As the police • escorted the four grapplers to the dressing room, words were exchanged between the four men. Wrestlethon promoter, Frank Brown, ended these words quickly by scheduling a tag team match pitting Matla and Mascaras against Malenko and his English partner. Brown, went further to schedule an exhibition with Montague and Mascaras set in an arm wrestling match. This was brought on when Montague began to show his massive muscles to the Mexican who believes, and not without cause that his muscular ability is greater than that of the Englishman. Brown also said that he will get to work to bring a couple of rough customers to a semi-final match on the same card. This is all set for Wednesday, . Aug. 26, at the 4-H Club Show Barn. Tickets will be $2.50 and $2 and will go on sale at 3 p.m. the day of the matches. DISCOUNT PRICES EFFECTIVE |Reg. 1.79 MISS CLA1ROL BASEBALL STANDINGS IKCUUU CCXO* BATH- By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS American League East Division W. L. Pet G.B. Baltimore . . 78 44 .639 — New York . . 66 54 .550 11 Pittsburgh New York Chicago St. Louis . National League East Division W. L. Pet. G.B. 68 56 .548 64 64 MISS CLA1RO1! Creme Formula Haircoloring 61 57 57 60 66 .529 .516 .463

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  2. 20 Aug 1970, Thu,
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