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Alan L. Zillmer - Traffic Cases - Traffic Cases "Hie following were, found "if...
Traffic Cases "Hie following were, found "if and penalized In <iounty ; Thursday for tfaKie viola* ttons In 'the city: Michael A. Asmtissen, 16, of 540 Holm Ave., following too close, and Steven H. Buchholz, 16, Altoona, Altoona, speeding, driver's licenses- licenses- suspended for 30 days; and James C. Gilbert, 24, of 606 Third Ave., speeding, fined $20 and costs. The following motorists pleaded innocent to traffic charges: Ricky E. ProUe, 18, of 634 Center St., reckless driving and attempting to elude a pursuing officer; Gayle V. Schroeder, 24, of 121 Niagara St., arterial violation; and Alan L. Zillmer, 25, of 313 Gray St., speeding. Their trials are set in September. Michael T. Easton, 20, Stillwater, Stillwater, Minn., forfeited $67; Sharon A. Manda, 22, Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio, and Leonard A. Geissler, 18, Rt. 1 Jim Falls, forfeited $47; and Patrick M. Trussoni, 20, Rice Lake, forfeited forfeited $37 for speeding. The following forfeited $32 for speeding: Carlton R. Grambo, Grambo, 20, Rt. 1 Elk Mound; Marion W. Anderson, 40, Zion, 111.; Donald A. Brown, 21, Rt. 1 Osseo; Herman J. Harms Jr., 36, Atlanta, Ga.; and Jack E. Kemps, 32, Schofield; Raymond L. Lyons, 30, Bucy- rue, Ohio; Kenneth A. Saucke, 19, Northfield, Minn.; Richard L. Schultz, 36, Davenport, Iowa; Mary J. Welch, 19, Elkhorn; Elkhorn; Kenneth V. Zutz, 20, Kimball, Kimball, Minn.; Frank D. Schreiner,-18, Schreiner,-18, Mondovi; and Clifford A. Wiedman, 42, Chanhassen, Minn. The following motorists forfeited forfeited $27 for speeding: Virgil L. Beavers Jr., 22, San Francisco; Francisco; Don M. Bourne, 31, Glenwood, Minn.; Robert P. Fladmark, 30, Pelican Lake, Minn.; Orville F. Giese, Cudahy; Cudahy; David L. Hall, 27, Dyer, Ind.; Darryl M. Maki, 18, Marshfield; and Richard A. Harrison, 22, Rock Falls, 111.; Richard S. Jones, 23, Nicholas Nicholas T. Paulatos, 42, and Howard Howard D. Stewart, 46, Chicago; Donald G. Johnson, 23, and Dennis M. Moriarity, 22, St. Paul; Paul J. Lindstrom, 29, St. Charles, 111.; Olive E. Martin, Martin, 65, Miami, Fla.; Judith M. Miller, 25, Harvey, 111.; and John H. Moorhouse, 52, Clear Lake, Minn.; Nicholas Myers, 52, Rockford, Rockford, 111.; Antonie Musatoy, 23 Haledon, N.J.; George L. Ot terson, 61, Omaha, Neb.; Da vid A. Pressler, 22, Ft. Wayne Ind.; Lucille J. Pugh, 43, Black River Falls; Frank Riepma, 76 Mt. Vernon, Wash.; Joseph C Regnier, 51, Akeley, Minn.; and Ernest N. Rindall, 33, Anoka; Anoka; Ronald J. Schildgen, 32, Lancaster; Lancaster; James W. Sikora, 32 Skokie, 111.; Edmund T Skorupski, 23, Rutherford, N J.; Clifford P. Sommerfield 56, Clara City, Minn.; Richard F. Wood, 52, Montivideo Minn.; Nancy L. Calder, 22 Silver Springs, Md.; and Da vid A. Converse, 18, of 435 Jefferson St.; James J. Weighter, 24, Ste ven C. Dinsmore, 22, and Tim othy J. Leaf, 23, Minneapolis Mitchel D. Sauor, 29, Grants bm;g; Lee Kelly, 44, Milwau kee; Bobbie G. Brawner, 32 Lansing, Mich.; John M, Wi liams, 23, Toledo, Ohio; Judit A. -St. Arnault, 26, of 251 Beverly Hills Drive; and Har low M. Bahr, 31, of 1016 E Madison St.; Dennis L. Bucholz, 21, Rt. Chippewa Falls; John W. Chris tofferson, 24, of 515 Water St atherine A. Forslund, 19, Duand; Duand; Patrick T. Gerkey, 22, f 1143 Pershing St.; Karl F. ansdorf, 41, Rt. 2 Chippewa alls; and Charles W. Lawon, Lawon, 34, Chippewa Falls; Benjamin H. Stone, 57, Long each, Calif.; Nancy A. Sem- ngson, 26, of 1011 Second ve.; John A. Dickson, 19, of 15 W. Polk Ave.; Diane M. effler, 20, of 107 Washington t.; Roberta T. Peterson, 44, of 406 State St.; Jeanne E. Stolp, 0, Rt 5; and Wallace E. ;runs, 38, Mankato, Minn. The following forfeited $42 or inattentive "driving: Rodey Rodey A. Becker, 20, of 721% Babock Babock St.; James L. Eggler, 23, Downers Grove, III.; John F. rtayheu, 18, of 2736 Irene Drive; and Larry A. Dahl, 20, Utoona. The following forfeited $27 or failing to yield right - oflay: oflay: Linda L. Christiansen, 20, It. 2 Blair; Roger D. Ruppelt, 8, of 840 N. llth St.; Charles Anderson, 37, of 720 Fall t.; Tony J. Trublic, 57, Milwaukee; Milwaukee; and William J. Zais, 2, of 516% Vine St. The following motorists for- eited fines for other violaons: violaons: Rudolph Kubly Jr., 60, tetertown, driving wrong way, 32; Mary P. Kroll, 18, of 2720 aSalle St., and Charles H. 01- en, 31, Rt. 5, unsafe devia- on, $27; and George W. Stock- rd, 52, Rt. 2, Carol S. Weller, Weller, 24, of 321% Third St., and jcorge A. Berg, 70, of 1213 ershing St., arterial viola- ons, $27; Kenneth E. Leindecker, 41, anesville, key ordinance, $5; ohn W. Coolidge Jr., 24, St. roix, too fast for conditions, 47; Robert D. Hahn, 24, of 10% Water St., non-registration, 17; and John Rosca, 36, of 816 Fillmore Ave., $39; Vernon Schroer, 53, of 1919 Roy t., $15, and David L. Lewis, 0, of 231 Chippewa St., $13, elinquent city parking tickets. John H. Reese, 22. of 623 'orest St., was found guilty on is nolo contendere pleas in ounty court Thursday after- oon on charges of driving af- er revocation of his driver's li- ense and drunken driving Hay 17 when he was involved i a city accident. Judge Gary B. Schlosstein of taia, substituting for Judge 'homas H. Barland, fined leese a total $170 and costs or 35 days in jail and sentenced lim to a mandatory five day n jail on the revocation charge He said Reese could serve tfce teborah L. Christopherson, 18, It. 1 Mondovi; John R. Dirks, Rt. 2; and Shirley A. Dor- ki, 18, Bloomer; Betty A. Franko, 36, of 1507 Drummond St.; LeRoy T. Gouette, Gouette, 57, of 215 Second Ave.; ugene R. Helgoe, 25, of 125 Chippewa St.; Me 1 v In L. Pong, Pong, 25, of 218 S. llth St.; Peer Peer D. Stacy, 23, of 637 Rlpley We.; Loren J. Hangartner, 24, It. 4 Osseo ;* James M. Koeper, Koeper, 18, of 1821 Rist Ave.; Daid Daid J. Soppeland, 22, Rt. t Elk /found; and Eugene E. Plante, 8, of 1216 S. Dewey St. The following forfeited fines violations: 22, of 127 iVestover Road, Terry H. Erickon, Erickon, 23, of 218 First St., and ohn F. Sanders, 19, of 2704 <eith St., arterial violations, 27; Red Wing, and Daniel L. Steens, Steens, 20, of 509 Doty St., fail- ng to yield right-of-way, $27. Scott A. Olson, 18, Rt. 1, al- owing an unlicensed person to rive his vehicle, $37; Gary I. vlahlum, 24, Rt. 5, inadequate muffler, $17; and William A. Baxter, 22, Rt. 3, $20, and Donald J. Link Jr., 20, of 2317 ordan Court, $17, delinquent delinquent parking tickets. A total $52.50 was forfeited or the following city parking iolations: 11 prohibited park- ng, one overtime, and 37 me- er violations. sentence under the Huber to contin Law, allowing him ue his employment. The following were found juilty today and penalized on raffic charges: Kent W. Dig by, 21, Rt. 3 Cadott, and Don aid F. Kappus, 45, of 1724 Got Ave., speeding, fined $20 and costs; and Theodore H. Moran 26, Springfield, Ohio, speeding ined $15 and costs; Dennis J. Fjelstad, 17, of 2302 Crescent Ave., failing to yield right-of-way, and Gary M Stokes, 17, of 128 E. Gran Ave., no cycle helmet, driver': icenses suspended for 30 days Ernest W. Johnson, 16, Rt. 5 speeding, license restricted fo work for 60 days; and Roy I Black, 41, of 533 Niagara St three delinquent parking tick ets, fined $7 and costs. Mitchell R. Olsen, 18, of 200 Rudolph Road, forfeited $32 an the following people forfeite $27 for speeding: Nancy J. As penson, 18, of 608 E. MacAr thur Ave.; Donald K. Berman 55, of 126 Gilbert Ave.; Harle The Eau Claire Eau Cldtre, Wisconsin Saturday, August 9, 1969 or other traffic ionnie M. Draxler, and Michael C. Stark, 44, Motorcycle Gang Threatens Town INDEPENDENCE, Ohio UPI)—The mayor and other fficials of this Cuyahoga ounty community of 7,00(1 rmed themselves and stood guard at the city hall Thursday ight and Friday follow- threats from the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang. The threats followed an viction raid on a condemned uilding where five men and wo women were arrested. One f {he women, aged 20, was ound lying nude in an upstairs partment, allegedly under the nfluence of drugs. She was given hospital treatment. At 11 p.m. Thursday night, alls were received, saying ; we're coming out now and we're going to blow your brains out." A few minutes later explosions were heard outsidi city hall, but they turned out to firecrackers. Mayor Joseph Kotabash, armed with a shotgun, the council president and the law director spent the night at city hall, but it was uneventful. Earlier, he led the raid on the Hell's Angels headquarters in which more than 30 policemen participated. Five rifles, a sawed-off shotgun, a revolver, ammunition, ammunition, a billy club, a switchblade knife and a quantity of pills and capsules were confiscated. Police boarded up the house and put it under guard. R. Colbert, 56, Rt. 2 Colfax APPLES > TRANSPARENT* i DUTCHES* John D. MclLQUHAM ORCHARDS

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  2. 09 Aug 1969, Sat,
  3. Page 18

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