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Another lifetime - TO KILL INSECTS 60c Siie ALKA SELTZER Tablets...
TO KILL INSECTS 60c Siie ALKA SELTZER Tablets Pound EPSOM SALT §0 (limit II 25c Site BLACK DRAUGHT! Laxative . 50c Size MENNEN BABY OIL Antiseptic C 50c Size Carnpana Balm or Cream MdCUTT* Regular $1 Creomi DAGGETT RAMSDELL Softens skin. I?O C y 2 -pound jar O^ Cold or cleansing. HOUSEHOLD TWINE-4 PLY Have it handy to wrap { packages and parcels « 60c Size REM FOR COUGHS DUE TO COLDS 65e Jar Palmolive Bruihlets Shaving Cream kC 35c Size Dr. Schoirs Zino Pads Super-Soft Popular Ever-ready SHAVE BRUSH Hold-fast g.'Jc bristles.., O/ For longer service. HOLDER FOR TOOTH BRUSH Plastic. Ideal for travel. travel. Sanitary, handv.. ' New Chic DeLuw COLD WAVE PERMANENT Same ingredients as used in $10 "TC|C permanents, / w VALUABLE COUPON I /jbestos Unecf | 5 C POT HOLDER 'Coupon . V . 5 Attractive designs. BRUSH FOR VEGETABLES Sturdy-bristled brush r ' ttf scrub vegetables.. Tube of f2 r EX-TEEN TABLETS For Periodical' Pain Quick Killer Roach Powder Saves Cfothei PINT LARVEX Moth- 7-ounce shaker APEX MOTH CAKE Protects -woolen clothes 25c FLIT LIQUID Effective spray. Pint size BLACK FLAG Powder u i c k l y kills insects, 2'^-ounce. 60c PETERMAN'S Roach food. Kills easily ENOZ MOTH SPRA Easy to use. Handv pint size BED BUG LIQUID 1000 brand. 16-ounce » z e OH SALE THURSDAY FRIDAY tnd SATURDAY 33 E. C O N G R E S S RIGHT RESERVED TO LIMIT QUANTITIES I Detphia Writing Paper · 12 Sheets and I 12 Envelopes With Coupon Limit | ; Pkg. ,.. SAVE AT WALGREEN'S *''. \ Teen CAM AY SOAP 3 16 FOR THE COMPLEXION (Limit 3 cah,») f . . ^^ ·· ^^ MINERAL OIL 1 · « · HE4V1T, WHITE. P/MT BOTTLE qfmft/J EPSON SALT 5-lbs. lor Bath (Limit 1) 50° MOLLE BRUSHLeSS SHAVING CRSAM, JAR (Umit 1). !» SIMILAC ENRICHED IMBIT FOOD (Limit 1). . . RUBBER GLOVES Synthetic 7QC quality : I V for Your Garden Vegetable Flower Seeds 2 7c pkp. I Your choice of many varieties. 1945 Edition INCOMETAX ANSWERS Handy CAC book.... wV Modra's; solves your problems. Use Pore IVORY SOAP Personal Siie Just What Your Doctor Ordered With cart, precision and. integrity, your Walgreen Pharmacist fol. lows your doctor's w r i t t e n order exactly to the letter. B r i n g your prescription to Walgrccn's, where ' y o u c a n d e p e n d u p o n g e t t i n g "Just Whal Your Doctor Ordered" Depencfobfe Prescription Service of your neorfcy Wcfereen drug tlon SAVE ON EVERYDAY NEEDS H/ghesf Quality ASPIRIN TABLETS 2 Botti«$ 0(100 Feenonu'ntl Regular 25c FEENAMINT LAXATIVE Chewing A I gum faent I* I BIG MONEY-SAVING DAYS featuring special values in Drugs Everyday Needs. Get your share now. SM.TED; SPECIAL OFFER! Delfcfous Drink MALTED Milk POWDER Reg. SSc ICREAMJ * y Sctnf ed Soap-- 59CPAISLAYS SHAVE BOWL Year's JQ C «upp/y*i.;Tv NEED A TONIC? 59^^ .W*Mh J'IITM*'* |Vr««t n .lro«l Tfry Saybrooki YEAST IRON QBicft-Foom Typt LISTERINE Tooth Powder Regular A|0 25c size... m§m For Cfie»t Colds CAMPHORATED OIL--3-OUNCE I « 31 C A£GULAR69eVALUE PERFECTION HANDCREAM Jar / o r . . . For Limited Time ill Regular 50c Jar PACQUIN'S HAND CREAM Smooths the skin. Softens Handi JERGENS LOTION Regular Pinkham's Compound $1.35 size ..... CREAM TARTAR Sulphur tablets, Packatft of 3J. PERUNA TONIC Mild, effective, ll.onnce «J«e... BREWER'S YEAST Tablets. Olafien's. 100 for BAYTOL ELIXIR Pint 150 S. S. S. TONIC Easy-to-take, 10-ounce ilzc., NUTREX TONIC In handy tablet form. 84 for, JOHNSON'S PLASTERoec For back or chest pains ***** 8-oz. pLYCERINo ofjc And Rosewater. Now...» for***** Stillman's Actone Madicated Regular 81 To 3ufld HeoHh Yeast Iron Tablets 49c value. 80 for.... SYPUPOFFIGS Pleasant Keller laxative 16-OZ. WAMPOLE'S Tonic and bo'dy-builder . . ..... HAIRTONE Dressing OQc Grooms the hair. 5-o.z. bottle.. **** CASTOR OIL U S.P. quality . Tor POLIDENT POWDER 490 .'Cleans dental plateg. 60c sire. ^**.._ SENNA LEAVES ^ f£c Herbal laxative, l.oz... .*· for * V__ VICKS VATRONOt OQc For head colds. SOc size.. ****._ QT. BUG PIZEN OQc Pour.or spray. Kills easfly... '** % f_ ALMOND LOTION 29 C Snffens. beautifies hands ma** , Sfeorns Qualify Neo-Synephrine Emulsion *i *i / ounce. CAN ON WALGREEN'S 6 VITAMINS 3 MINERALS BE RITE. -15ft 100 for.... I -- BEZON B COMPLEX Month's supply....- Box of 56 MODESS SANITARY NAPKINS with Deodorant , SOc Siie , IODENT TOOTH POWDER' 37 C VITAMINS PLUS 6 vitamins., liver, iron. 18's... .' 100 AD TABLETS/ Olafsen's high potency,.. 30VITAMINETS QQ 9 vitamins, 5 minerals. Roche. **^ Zml SPECIAL CEI j OlAFSENAY-TOl ABDC CAPSULES 2 bottles of ^179 100 capsules. "· · f*t Reguicr 3.58 value. 29c OLAFSEM B TABLETS 19 C 1-rng. JOO's.. SUPER D COD LIVER OIL ; S-ounce.'. HALIBUT CAPSULES oe Plain, Vitamins A P. 100's. ^**^ VIDELTA EMULSION Qgc j Ledcrlc. Vitamins A D. 8-QZj_^___T VIOSTEROE. IN OIL Olafsen's. Sec for only...... WALGREEN'S . .. DRUGS WITH A REPUTATION 20 1 ;? rcd'eral ExciSftTox qnToilel'iies. Luggojo.and.Bl

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